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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Two years ago, it touches hearts

ps: this poem is dedicated to everyone who once loved n fall out of love. Hope it captures exactly how you feel and touches your heart.

12th February , a day to remember ,
What happened to us, i wonder,
I thought absence will make the heart grows fonder,
How come it doesn't work for us, I ponder.

Sometimes you make me wonder,
Is your love true or are you just another player,
Everyone ask me to let go or I'll suffer,
But no one knows how it feels cause I thought it was forever.

All these while to me you are true,
And with time, my trust for you grew,
Though u lied to me like I am a fool,
But i always thought our love was beautiful.

Hurt me no more when we break,
The pain is too much for me to take,
But I'll stay strong for God's sake,
And I swear, I'll never make the same mistake.

Forever , love and trust you taught me,
Those are the things I no longer see,
Leave me alone and set me free,
I'll find my way back to where I am suppose to be.

No more tears and no more pain,
Care and love, I have gain,
I will stand up once again,
Love and trust, I am still in the game!

Rain falls like the tears in my heart,
But now, I promise I'll do my part,
For mum, I'll work hard,
And for you also,who are drifting apart.

Leaves will wither from the tree,
Sun will rise from the sea,
Those beautiful things i shall see,
Just that you won't be standing beside me.

All our memories will fade with time,
Till one day your wedding bells chime,
You will smile and your face will shine,
But I know, till then,you are never mine.

Now that we are no longer together,
I am sure we will find better,
We once shared tears and laughter,
Now all we can do is remember..


I've decided to post this again. My first and most favourite one. =) The first post that kicked started this blog. Posted back in 2006. October the 14 to be exact.

Last year, on July the 5th, I posted this.

16 months passed in a blink of eye,
Our story ended so long but did the flame die?
No matter how convincing I sound, we all know its a lie,
But what do you expect? For me to admit and cry?

Why is it that you are the only one I see?
We all know it has never meant to be,
We were not like honey and bumble bee,
We have even stopped feeling happy.

Each night I find myself reminiscing our history,
How I loved you, your mum and even your family,
How I used to laugh and sounded so contented and happy,
And how I wish that in years to come you will still remember me.

There's one question I longed to ask,
'Do you remember?' if I must,
All those beautiful memories that's so fragile, just like glass,
Though not alive, but they all lasts.

Your disappearance got me all worried and sad,
But your existence make me even more upset,
I don't know what I want or wish to get,
But right now, these feelings are making me mad.

July '07pingping

This year, on February the 12, I wrote this.

3 years later,
Will we still remember?
The good old times together,
The tears and the laughter,
Have the leaves on the tree withered?
Have we moved on for better?

The pain is lesser now,
At least I no longer frown,
Instead, when I think of you, I smile,
I guess it's cuz the new life we both found.
I admit I do miss,
The good ol' times, the memories,
It is over but it was a bliss,
Bright future ahead for us, I wish.
3 years ago it was our story,
3 years later, it belongs to another party,
I'm not sad but glad,
For the good times we once had.



Swee Win said...

u wrote those ? i suka. excellent! lol.. cnt say not bad

Doralin Lee said...

Wah! You really gifted in writing touching sentimentle poems lla very good... not like me only knows how to merapu and loyar buruk only. hehehe! Keep up the good work!!! U still have that poem that you wrote for my Dad? I love that poem too, publish it here la very beutiful leh...

Jen said...

T.T made me emo only

Mrs Chong said...

win: aboden??lol, i still got our last year national day assignment..muahahah..

doralin: yea, I still have it. Will post it up. =) By request. Ha-ha. I am a emo person. Thanks though.

jen: Yea, yea, that's what it does, make people emo. =) My sis tot I sedih la cuz I some more go sing "Wo Yao Kuai Le" at night cause I like that song. T.T I bukan emo la. I saja saja.