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Friday, October 22, 2010

Chick Bii

Have like mad obsession for chickens ever since my friend created a story about chicken cuddling together early in the morning cause of cold and also a chicken that pokes.

Don't you think it's super adorable? And my friend drew this on MSN chatbox okay? Super talented. I can barely draw a proper smiley face. Anyways, after I saw Diana got her Miku, I wanted it so bad cause it's cute!!!! I call it Chick Bii, cause it's a confused chicken in bee outfit. Although S&J label it as a duck, IT'S A CHICKEN TO ME.

 Hai, I iz Chick Bii.

Squeezing Chick Bii's face. =)

 Chick Bii's first meal, Secret Recipe's Raspberry Yogurt Cheese or something. Super bahagia.

 More camwhore pic with my Chick Bii.

Berbonding with Chick Bii. =) My Chick Bii is so super duper cute.

Chick Bii at his first Jazz Band concert. Super bahagia la. Got cheesecake, Jazz Band concert all. Nonsense.

That's the end of my Chick Bii's first day out. =) By the way, I sent Chick Bii to his nanny. Staying with the nanny. If you spot him around somewhere, he's with THE nanny. =P

Thursday, October 14, 2010

5 things that cheers me up

#1. The girls in PKA who makes me laugh.

#2. The chicken that pokes. =)

 #3. Beach and the girls I went with. <3

 #4. Beautiful beautiful beautiful sceneries. Seriously, God, how You do that?

#5. The sister + family that I loveeeee so much.

End with the mulut tutup cause now I got flu. T_T The package one with sore throat, slight feverish and everything else. Yay. NOT.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I iz a neglector

I neglected my blog. There's a lot of things I want to do, but because I somehow got myself busy with something else, I kind of neglecting everything around me.

I need to get back on track. Still have some work to do before I finish my semester but I'm just a bit lazy today. However, need to get it done cause one of it is due, TOMORROW. Yep, Ping Ping rarely got this OH-NO-TOMORROW-HAND-IN-HOW-NOW-BROWN-COW situation for a long time now.

=) It's nice to feel it once again. NOT.

Anyways, I wanted to upload some pictures but because I'm just so lazy like this, I decided not to. So what's happening in my life? Let's see... I'm happy, I'm sometimes busy but most of the time, I'm happily enjoying my semester. Fine la, I got work to do, but I'm too lazy to do it. I scare myself a lot with lots of presentations but guess what? Semester is coming to an end and I'm finishing my Spoken English. When I finish all my presentations and stuff next week, I'm gonna celebrate it by.......drinking Shandy I tell you. Ok, maybe not, Shandy expensive.

I'm just gonna be the happiest kid on earth la. Apart from the two assignments due next week and the week after next, I'm this close to finishing my first sem for my final year. Ok, typing this is making me very happy but I still have work to do that I have to submit tomorrow. Let me finish that up and get some other stuff done. Can't wait to be all chirpy and happy next week and the week after that. =) I'm happy now. Will be happier then.

I didn't know it feels so good to be happy. =)
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