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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Places I want to go before I enter Uni

Lol, while people are aiming for places they want to go before they go six feet under ground, I pula make a super realistic, super easy to achieve dreams. I just have aims for places I want to go before I enter Uni. And I think I got about a month and a half before I am entering Uni, so friends, ajak me go these places.

- Bukit Bendera (can't even remember if I ever been there before.)
- Kek Lok Si (And I call myself a Penangite. T.T Damn sad la weih- can during CNY next year also)
- Spice Garden (seems nice, but don't give me a fast driver, nanti I motion sickness)
- KL
- Shan's house or Redbox. Both for the same purpose. SING!! =P I can't sing.

Nah, 5 places nia, fast fast, ajak me go. Sien la~~ Siapa tak kerja dah, faster ajak me go.


Jen said...

i nak pi!!!
where is spice garden?? =.="

Mrs Chong said...

er...teluk bahang ar??near butterfly park.. is it??lol..

sHaN sHaN said...

haha..i tot u wud be goin dwn to kl... be patient.. my hse or redbox gif me a date... waiting for you guys.... is best if you guys can make it this weekend coz i won't be here next weekend and maybe next next weekend...

Swee Win said...

then toy museum dwn d ah !!???
if dwn i sendiri go.hmph !!

Mrs Chong said...

win: la..that one i oledi got u to teman me mar...when u free???when u tarak kerja we go la...faster ajak me..cuz i muz follow my sis to the supplement talk at must appointment lor..

shan: let me know ok??I think this saturday I am pretty free but I want go qb to see artiste. =P