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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Superstar 2008. Pictures

All pictures taken from

As I've said I think Kay was very pretty on the show that night. So I'm just going to post up pictures of the show.
She can dance though. Looks very natural and very her.

See, the guys carrying her like effortless. =P Sure damn ringan.


Cute guy. Kevin ar his name?
She even look nice with that hair. If the previous years' girl winners come out with this hair, I don't know how it'll look like. O.o

I think she has the look la. And she can dance. I find her singing okay what.

Kay and Hau. Seriously, like it or not, I think Hau win with his voice but lost with his looks. I am sure he will win if Kay is not that pretty and he is much more handsome. Look at previous years.

Kay Kay. I don't care if people gonna say I tengok pretty girls. I like to look at her.

Hoho, cute guys can look good, even with yellow pants? On the stage only please. T.T Don't wear like this go out. Adrian and Eddie, the two cute ones.

Handsome Adrian. Can you wear a yellow pants, that tight to walk around? Not in Penang. Walao, if you are not good looking enough even worst. T.T But fashion leh.
Adrian and Cliff. Cliff, I hope you left this pants in KL. Don't wear it in Penang, geli la.
Eddie and Will. I like all of them!!!!!! Eddie a bit sombong but I can't deny, he is cute. Win, when he smiles got look like Rae Von? But he cuter la.

Henley. Don't really like this outfit.

If I think Henley looked ridiculous, John is even worst. That specs on the head is ugly la.

I don't know why suddenly Eddie's pic is here again.

Kay. Don't you think she is the prettiest out of the 3 season's girl winner?

Hau is less good looking. For the past years, the winners might not sing the best but they are handsome. And they all won. You cannot deny this fact though. Hau can sing, but is not as good looking or as tall as the previous ones.

I think this outfit looks ridiculous also. I think the designer is playing a fool with them la. T.T Why are all the guy's outfit so er...special??

She even looked ok here. I mean not that nice but not that ugly also la.
One of those who can take the "bomb" hair without looking damn hidieous.

She looks sweet here.
Another one.

Another one. =P

Kay and Guang Liang. Skinny la she.

Guang Liang. Man, looks like a kid I know. =P

Hau and Guang Liang. Eh, this pic like photoshop Hau or Guang Liang into the picture one. =P

Kay. Lol. messy la this hair. But pretty also ma.

Des and John. That dress macam aunty a bit lor.

Henley. Drools. Handsome...


Cantik what...... =)
XinYi looks ridiculous. T.T Why purple hair?

After winning. She continued singing ok? Even after thanking the sponsors.


Swee Win said...

hmm abit kua.. rae von cuter leh. mwahahhaaha

Mrs Chong said...

he more handsome lar...

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