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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Temptation is sin

It really is.

For my case, Bakti Permai's canteen is sin.

ps: Makan maggie mee for dinner again today. Banana, spent RM4.50 for lunch.

My friend say Chinese Club meeting that we are going later provide dinner or something like that. Nyek nyek nyek~~

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why emo?

She is very sweet.

But somehow, though I smiled, I frown almost immediately.

It has been quite some time since I am so down. PMS? I don't know.

I need rest I guess.

I don't know I'll hate something so much

but I really do.

Is it because of that person or is it because I suck at it and I HATE IT!!!

Do you know how I feel? I feel as though I am trapped and I cannot breathe though I am trying hard to. No one is there to help me and I cannot even shout out loud cause no one will understand.

Monday, July 28, 2008

In the lab

I finally know how it feels like to be onlining in the lab.....


But....but.... I do it because my lecturer asked us to keep ourselves occupied as she needs to fix something. Lazy explain. Scary lor, very tension la. Scared she come back and read my English. Am in English class lor. Her English damn power one.

Run first.

ps: Luckily did not leave my blog link in this comp. I use google to find.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I shall not bring so many things back

Week 2
Bring one hand carry luggage and 2 other plastic bags

Ping Ping: I will not bring so many things go back uni already la.

Week 3
Bring one to school bag with laptop bag with 3 other small plastic bags of stuff


Week 4
One laptop bag, one school bag, one handbag, 8 plastic bags of stuff!!!!!

I shall keep my mouth shut.

My Hectic Life

After reading Swee Win's hectic life in uni, I actually felt better!!! XD So mean la me. But yes, hers is very hectic. Mine is slightly better. Hmm.. I'll just summarize mine la.

Tutorial, Classes
- Yupz, ours are the same. We arrange which paper to take (but there's like suggestion which actually is COMMAND to follow), register for it, take its time table, arrange them to make sure nothing clashes, snatch tutorial classes, arrange them.
- No changes of class YET but yea, we basically walk here and there to get to classes.

- They will give you FREEDOM to analyze the topic and do it. I HATE FREEDOMS!!! They will not teach you how to do it, just go to the library and cry while looking for books.
- Basically we are given a course outline where we are being told what we will learn for that course and when will we be having our exams or test.
- There's also what we will learn for each week and we will follow that list as closely as possible. There's also a whole list of reference book for us to check out in the library.

Waking up
- I wake up one hour and half before the first lesson, bathe, take breakfast and then walk to classes as they are all nearby.

Washing, computer
- I wash my own clothes. =D
- I uses my laptop IN MY ROOM. We have free Wifi.

- I don't need them and I rarely uses them. I walk everywhere (weight loss programme =P)
- They are pretty frequent though

- Bearable but gonna get tired of it soon

Ah Win, don't jeles. XD But ya la, I am much more free but there are homework and assignments as well. AND PRESENTATIONS!!! BENCI.

My busiest day is MONDAY! CLASS AT 8. Siao.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wa masuk tv

Walao, Jen banyak kali. =P And Jen asyik smile to the screen. Pandai. XD

New instructions for safety

Belt must wear like this one lar.... No wonder so many accidents la. WE HAVE DONE IT ALL WRONG ALL ALONG.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I always sesat in USM

And do you know what is even worst than sesat??


Hopefully I won't get lost again tonight. Or else, T.T I don't get to go home la.

ps: I ate biscuit and mee cup for lunch and breakfast. Er, I took my breakfast at 11 which is the mee cup and I am another two hours away from dinner only!!! *chants* spend less than RM3 today. I eat biscuit to tahan lapar. =P BUKAN DIET.

SHIT!!! I was reading food blog and I am drooling over CHICKEN, FISH, ANY MEAT. So swt right? Why am I torturing myself? OH I KNOW, CAUSE I AM KIAM SIAP!!!! And...time to lose some weight.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Raining days make me gloomy

It just makes me emo-momo. I will have to carry my umbrella and THEY ALWAYS seems like they are flying away because of the strong wind. And I have to jaga my laptop. Why my umbrella so weak like that? Must buy some pou pan (herbs and stuff) let it pou pou har (canto- to help to enhance body's function usually with herbs).

Swt, there's no Cantonese to English translations right? If there is, I will be out of job even before I begin. XD

The truth is, I cannot go for Light House Watching. Cannot check if the fishes (whale, sharks, dolphins, Nemo, Ikan Bilis etc) are in "danger" or not cause my vision will be covered. Aiseh, don't understand nevermind.

Operasi Budget Bawah RM5

Lol, OBBR??? No la, sounds salah. Nevermind. Anyway, I MADE IT!!!

I spent RM4.20 yesterday for the entire day. I bought a bread at RM1.40 but that tak kira cause it's for today. So no fruits today. =D I am still very happy.

Lunch = RM1.20
Dinner + Fruits (so health concious la me) = RM3.00

Today I eat the fruits provided at the dinner place la. =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mixed feelings

I don't know should I be happy or sad. I carried out my Operasi Mengikat Perut during my lunch just now by not going to the chinese stall for lunch. You must pay AT LEAST RM2.20 if you are to eat there and no, RM2.20 is too much. Plus the juices and other drinks over there are very tempting. Temptation is bad.

Anyway, I went to the malay stall at my hostel for lunch hoping to pay less than or about RM1.50 for lunch. I took ONE type of vege and one bendi with some fish CURRY. Curry only. It cost me RM1.20 (that girl who took one whole fried fish paid RM1.70, but over budget la.)

Anyway, it turned out that the vege was extremely bitter. You know the vege we use to cook "chai boay"? That one. It was so bitter I couldn't finish it. In the end I only had bendi and the rice as lunch. Sakit hati la, paid RM1.20 for those. But I managed to melancarkan my OMP wor.

Don't know should be happy or sad. But hopefully I can maintain that for a few days. Ping Ping can do it!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Operasi Mengikat Perut

I am going to launch OMP tomorrow!!!

I just realized, uni life is not all sugar, spice and everything nice. My purse has been very thin lately and I feel bad for spending so much. I don't know la. I think I can spend like RM10 on food a day and that is like RM50 for a week.

How can I spend RM50 a week when I can barely earn RM10 a week!! Nuffnang helps but, aiya, not enough. So, yes, OMP will be launched tomorrow. No more two to three dishes a day. One enough.

Walao, imagine the amount of money I can save. Wait I count.

Now (with two or three dishes) : RM2-3.50
Soon (one dish): RM1-1.50

With drinks
Now: RM5

Without drinks : RM1.50

If one meal I can save RM 3.50, two meals I can save about 6 ringgit (dinner RM2 flat rate), then I am RM30 richer!! Siao, I should not take so much dishes already.

Semoga saya berjaya. (Like exam like that. -.-")

Monday, July 21, 2008

So you think

English is easy, fun, interesting and everything nice??


Do you know how it feels when what you think is correct all along is actually very wrong? I can tell you that feeling in just one word, LOST. L.O.S.T.

ps: Go find Yi Lin later.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Just one question

is it worth all the pain?

I can't believe myself

I actually got LOST trying to bring my friend from Prangin Mall to Penang Road.

I walked out and put their lives in risk!!!! AND I GOT LOST!!!!! T.T Why la like that?

After that I went for facial and massage cause that girl very pandai, ask me do it while waiting for my sis, cost me my sis RM38 only. But ma ma mia, luckily I say normal for the massage, else I'll crawl out. SO PAINFUL CAN DIE!!!!!!

Eh, suddenly feel like going for bowling. Oh well, no one in the family loves bowling.

I never thought I'll say this


USM's internet connection is even BETTER than my own house one!!!!!!!

Seriously. It has been like a tortoise the whole morning and I am not very happy.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Learning to survive

I, Miss Ch'ng Ping Ping, is learning how to survive among people with TOTALLY different attitude and keep myself cool. You know me la, very fast angry one, I shall meditate more. Uhm....uhm.....uhm....

Meditation cannot work lor. T.T But I'll be okay la. I shall learn how to be patient. Nothing is impossible. BUT I FREAKING MISS EMMOES AND BENTENGZ LOR!!!!!

Why no one come and tell me they miss me pun? Aiseh, kesian saya. Nowadays my updates are that mundane and boring lor, cause I do not have pictures here lor. I go home and take some pictures. HOI!! Here to study or to update blogs? Aiseh, really tak boleh lor. Tsk tsk tsk. I am a good student right?? Right???

Oh oh, thank you for reading my blog. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Touring USM

I'll try my best to use my handphone to take pictures and post here la.

I'm touring it tomorrow. =)

I ask myself

Why? Why do it? Why even think?

*hate it when this happens*

I need sleep....... or something.

Time flies real fast!!! It's THURSDAY!!!! TGIT =)

Tomorrow no class, going to walk around in USM. =) Go sit the bus and ronda the school. XD

ps: It was supposed to be an emo post. Until I remembered it's Thursday. =P Oh oh oh...and when I think of how scarce the population of guys here and how rare I see a super cute one, I thought of Yee Theeng, my neighbour.

Quote this from her. She spoke in Mandarin, I translate.
We must be persistent to fish a deep sea fish. Those we see earlier and caught, they are all fishes from shallow water.

T.T Something like that.

Note to readers and to self: Fishes from shallow water ARE NOT shallow people wokay? Later all come and shoot me bertubi-tubi. Just that they are easier to be fished!! *runs to wear her bullet proof vest*

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thou shall never reject a tag from a good friend

Ok la, I lied, I am just bored and I thought, aiseh, she so good tag me, I should do it. Some people will rudely say they no time do tags one la (no, those who stated in their blog before is not rude). Like they have a million dollar job like that. I stopped tagging people after that.

7 facts about me:-

* talkative
* generous with my smile. Seriously, I was told.

* youngest in the family (for now, until I got nieces or nephews)
* am both stingy and generous, depends on situation and pocket's condition. XD
* am pretty smart and completely an idiot, depending on situation also.
* loves blogging because of the er...extra that comes with it
* am thankful for the life I have now.

7 things that scare me:-

* sickness (flu, stomach ache, ah..hate the discomfort)
* ants, insects, ah...all of them
* to love, i am totally fine of being loved. XD

* being shocked, including those dogs barking, balloon bursting, cockroach flying and lizards falling unto you cause he/she loses control *roll eyes*
* uncertainties
* getting dark

7 songs playing in my mind:-

* I Want To Grow Old With You
* JJ's 1000 years later
* Wo Men Hui Zai Jian
* Hold Hands (translate lar) by Kenji
* Write Poem for you by Kenji
* Why Do I Love You?
* I am lazy (this is not a song)

7 valuable THINGS in my life:

* my laptop (courtesy of the sister and the mother)
* my watch (courtesy of the sisters)
* my handphone (full of love kay? Whole family chipped in to buy for me)
* my new Nivea Whitening Milk Repair which is supposed to repair my dark skin tone.
* my new OHP pen. Cost me RM4 kay? T.T
* my jacket. without it, matilah i kesejukan dalam bilik kuliah
* i shall be real nerd by saying, my two uber expensive dictionary. My rice bowl k?

7 'first times' in my life:-

* leaving my comfort zone, where my family and everything i know are. Ok la, I am still in Penang la. XD
* wear contact lense
* settle my own stuff (uni changed me, I AM AN ADULT NOW. lol so drama)
* er...writing a poem
* wash my own clothes *shy only*
* walk to class and walk back 'home' (WHAT? My room is my home now)
* study with guys. aiseh, although 4 only. I was from all girls' school okay?

7 words/things I always say/use:-

* lol
* hehe
* tsk tsk
* huh?
* ok la
* er....
* good morning. lol, i lied for this.

7 friends that I wanna tag:-
- I am leaving this out to avoid crude replies


*tears of joy*

Finally I am connected to the outside world. And I saw my picture in Nuffnang page, lol, Malay Mail.

Ah Win, Yi Lin, Jen, Sam, WE ARE FEMES. =P

Ok, now I shall mandi and tidur. Tonight I am meeting up the CCB. =)

Semua tak jadi. Tak jadi tidur, eh, jadi mandi. And tak jadi meeting up with the CCB. Transportation Minister of the night got meeting. What can I do without her?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

1st time

I stood up and walked out of the classroom!!!!

What?? I was not being rebellious or whatever you are thinking of calling me okay? Class cancelled la. Not exactly a good news since by the time I realized there is no class, walked out and walked back, it was almost 11.50a.m. My class would have ended lor. Ok la, maybe 10 minutes earlier, but still, I would have avoided replacement class!!!

Anyway, year 2 students so cool. Next year I'll be that cool too.... if the teacher really doesn't come in la. If she comes in after I walked out, I lose attendance lor. I think I don't want to be cool already. XD

Year 2 students just stood up exactly 15 minutes after the scheduled class and walked out. I sat there for another 5 minutes before leaving the class and walking back to my room. Presentation again tomorrow, on simple ,compound and complex sentences. Wish me luck! By the time it is for my oral presentation for another English class at week 6, I would have gotten over the fear of speaking to what? 18 students? Sigh, I am pathetic.

August is a month of fear, no?

And Yi Lin, Chi Way and his gf is coming to USM!!!! Ok la, most excited about Yi Lin. Yi Lin and Mr Lim itu will be taking Management while Mr Lim's gf taking what I am not sure. Yi Lin is coming, people, be jealous. Neh, Swee Win and Shan Shan tu~~~ XD I am finally not ALONE! I miss Shan, Win, Cheng Ling, Jas Lyn, ANNIE, 1Mei, Diana, Su Ling, Ju-Yen and everyone else. T.T Lol, all not in Penang except Diana.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


and I am home. I decided to come back since I got no class on Fridays and I am having a terrible cough. Going to see doctor tomorrow cause I'm sick of walking to the clinic in USM to be asked to wait for almost 2 hours though there were only like 15 patients ahead of me and to walk there just to see the TUTUP sign.

Anyway, I took English as Minor and I felt smart. VERY SMART! Cause that means I'll have speaking/oral presentation every single class and that makes EVERY SINGLE DAY FROM MONDAY TO THURSDAY!!

T.T I am scared.

My course needs frequent reading and practicing on my language. Decided to take English as minor cause I think it'll help me in becoming a journalist like I want to and also to improve my English Language.

My coursemates are mostly taking Japanese but this kaypochee over here decided to take something else. But I get to go back on Thursday night cause I don't have classes on Fridays. XD Jealous leh?

ps: Thank you to those who still reads. =)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

I dislike Sundays

Cause it will be the day I have to go back to USM. T.T I know, some people are dying to be in my position where I can go back every single weekend and then return to university on Sundays but to be able to sleep past 8 hours and not have the feeling "WHAT TIME LIAO?" is a freaking good, I don't want to return to school. But of course I misses the friends there too. So okay la.

I'll be starting my classes on Monday and man...I have even more things to bring this time around compared to when I first went. Realized this tak cukup, that forget. I AM LEAVING FOR USM D!!! Will bring my bag and stuff and then go jalan-jalan. Cukup masa they send me back. T.T Maciam masuk kindy. So kesian one.

Ok la, bye bye. See you next week. Hopefully I'll get my laptop by then. Oh and I do not have classes on Friday. Yipee.. =)

Friday, July 04, 2008

I'm BACK!!!

It has been 6 days since I last saw my blog. Serious, I did not even got anywhere close to computer to catch a glimpse of it. I was too tired to even think about my blog or internet or even computer. We did not have 5am-run-up-the-hill orientation but we did have the lompat longkang route to get to the hall where we were fed with dosages of sleeping pills.

The hall and that is Zabri or something. Lol, our PPMS who helps us not to sesat. WHAT? I sesat when they stopped bringing us okay. T.T So scary.

My teacher-to-be friend. Very funny and cute girl. Also my neighbour.

I was too bored and I found out my handphone can take such shots. Syoks.

We can now sleep as soon as we get in the hall, with or without the presence of sleeping pills. Trained for it already. XD Lots of walking, running around, rushing to bathe, rice, washing clothes, listening to talks and fishing, in the hall. =D

Bwahahaha. Those big shots in USM. =P

Living in USM during the orientation makes it seems like I am in another state, another city all together. No one speaks to you in hokkien there, there's no hokkien mee or any other chinese mee there, you practically eat, shit and sleep there. Thank god it is only for the orientation.

Some Canselor. XD I don't listen in hall la.

Me, my friend Chin Wei and another one who shares room with me, Huey Chian.

Chin Wei is not a photo girl. Always look elsewhere. Three new friends I met. Xuan Yi, forgot, Yen Loo (super cute with her Johor slang hokkien.)

Lol, Xuan Yi dipotong.

And one thing that got me very surprised is that my blog visitors still remains around 70 plus because I expected it to go down to like 20 people a day which is a very sad case la. I'll be starting my class next Monday. Just got to know that my course is not interpreting

and translating what artiste or any big shot says but more to translating a book which is shitty la. T.T Science book leh. But salary is good, so yes, considerable. I major in BATI(Translation and Interpretation) and minor in English which will help me to improve my English~duh.

The Longkang.
Us during the Walkrobik event. Won cheering which got me sore throat and voiceless now. Yee Theeng, Sook-Yien, Pei Wern and Ping Ping. All my neighbours, right and left. =P Now pindah far a bit but still one row.

Me and Vivian. Another super hot friend. =P

I miss Emmoes and Bentengz. T.T Seen quite a few familiar faces like those from Chung Ling, Gracie, Wei Wei, Diana Phuah, Li Ling etc etc etc. XD But yes, am loving it but well, still a long long way to go. Now I should go market for breakfast. =) Will get a laptop and online in uni very soon. Cannot not blog.