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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Singapore Zoo

Since there's this promotion now that Malaysians who go to Singapore will have to pay half the price other people have to when they go travelling and visiting several tourists spots in Singapore. Sentosa and the Zoo are also in that list. If you were to ask me which you should go, as a person who likes fishes and sharks more, I'll ask you to go to Sentosa and visit the Underwater World. However, the Zoo is worth going too. Since there's promotion, go both la.

It was a Sunday when we went to the Zoo. We took a bus to Ang Mo Kio mall and then took another bus to the Zoo. The Zoo opens at 8.30a.m. but don't go la 8.30a.m. Go at 10.00a.m should be alright. Below will be pictures and more pictures.

Us waiting for our bus. I don't know what's the number of the bus. T.T Can ask me if you want to know. I can go ask my sis's bf.

Sit on the besi while waiting for us. Ass pain. T.T

Beautiful entrance.

Busuk but can really swim. =P Apa style pun ada. Hee. This one like dog one.

Back stroke ar?
ROAR!!! I dare not look at it too long. Later can imagine it gets up and makan me. T.T

White Tigers.
Babi hutan I think. Not a pretty creature. T.T
I don't know what is it or what is it doing.

Used to call it Hippopo otumus. Er..too many po?

Snakes. Benci.

Oi, they taking our picture er. Chieh, dowan let them take.

Show you my bare ass.

Sis's bf loves this one. Keep taking picture of them nia. Comel wor.

Monkey mind its own business and having their lunch.

Sis made me take this. They do funny faces I also have to do funny faces. Got uglier ones. T.T

Sis: Eh girl and Hern, go sit there take picture.

Me: Ok.. *runs and sit at one of the statue*

Sis: Oi, why you go there?

Me: You ask me sit ma.

Sis: At the stone la.

Me: Nvm la, just take.

Comel black monkey..hehehe..

Sis's bf kacau them sleep. So bad. Use flash some more.

Nah..all the furry furry, small small one he likes. -.-

This is not a normal cat. Cheetah ar? Or Jaguar? Tak tau la.

I hate these. Benci.

This one also benci. The cicak at home also benci.

This one also don't like. All got lizard mia shape I hate.


People mating they kacau. -.- Teruk lah. Tangkap basah lor. Sis's bf got so excited and started snapping away. Soon, 10-20 more people came and all started snapping. Kesian them. And they continued. =.="

This is one smart king kong or big foot or something. Can smile some more. But now busy makan.

Polar. I love this one. So white.

La la, see my butt.


Sis's bf love this one. So....hehehe.

Stunt stunt. Poser la this monkey. See, like model pose nia.


Simply love this one. So cantik. The sky, the monkey, the pose, the trees. Love them all. Sis's bf or sis took one. I am a lousy photographer. =P

The end. More pictures with me but don't want to post all. Lazy. Go go, go to the Zoo. More fun. And then you can take pictures of whatever you like


Swee Win said...

wah... so syok go zoo..cis !
eh i oso benci those big big lizards.. lol except for the crocodile..lately im obsessed with them. tht day pi bird park got crocodile jugak ! thy r such cool creatures.. haha

Mrs Chong said...

COOL??? You know what is cool?? Shark is. I am not a crocodile person.