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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

3 years later

3 years later,
Will we still remember?
The good old times together,
The tears and the laughter,
Have the leaves on the tree withered?
Have we moved on for better?

The pain is lesser now,
At least I no longer frown,
Instead, when I think of you, I smile,
I guess it's cuz the new life we both found.
I admit I do miss,
The good ol' times, the memories,
It is over but it was a bliss,
Bright future ahead for us, I wish.
3 years ago it was our story,
3 years later, it belongs to another party,
I'm not sad but glad,
For the good times we once had.
I guess 12th February will forever be a very special day to me. To my friend, I hope we are still friends


sw said...

u tulis wan?? not bad not bad hehe

Ping Ping said...

yea...i tulis is not is GOOD!!!!! =P

Anonymous said...

eleh..yala it was superb ?? no ? lol

-sHaN sHaN- said...

is very very nice...thumbs up for our future journalist...lolx...