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Monday, May 19, 2008

Is this a concert?

I don't know what they are doing but I know they are certainly not enjoying themselves. Click on the picture to know what they are doing.

I respect those teachers who covers for their students or those parents who shielded their kids so that their kids live on. I don't know if I can ever have the courage to do those things. And according to my sis, when the kids were afraid, their teacher taught them to sing Tong Hua by Guang Liang. And when Guang Liang found out, he cried. Isn't that the biggest achievement an artiste can get? And, Guang Liang CRIED! I thought he a bit kayu. Please click on to read more.


Anonymous said...

guang liang cried?! omG

Mrs Chong said...

yea..gam tung mar..bcuz the kids sang his song when they were in fear...and sad also la..

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