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Friday, November 30, 2007

Freedom is just few steps away

Freedom is coming in 6 more days. Its coming. I can already smell freedom already. Do you know how does freedom smells like? It smells like the things we love. It can be of peppermint, flowers , fruits, stinky socks (I don't think anyone like it but oh well, this is something real subjective. so...) or anything you love. As long as you love it, it smells like that.

I was asking Wah Keong koko if he knows how does freedom smells like.

Me: I can smell freedom already.
Him: Yea...
Me: Do you know how does freedom smells like?
Him: Har??? I don't know. I am thinking of sleeping only.
Me: -.-" Everyday also sleep.

Adakah patut? Freedom smells like sleeping. Then I was having freedom during my exam also lar. At times I am so tired, I had 8 to 9 hours sleep when I do not have any papers. I once had 12 hours sleep okay? That was before my PA II. So morning wake up, kelam-kabut lar.

Anyway, as I've said, I practically merdeka-ed after Econs paper and went for shopping. My merdeka mood was still on this morning which will be very very very bad for my Accounts. I shall now kick off all the merdeka spirit and start studying. Go away, come back in 6 more days please. Thank you. I got myself a bag as I've said and I love it.

My bag. Adidas. I love the Nike one too. But this one is more special.

See la. The three dogs. Every day like that lor. You study like mad, they sleep so syok. =( Tidur mati one er. With angin sepoi-sepoi some more okay?

Swee Win and I. With the sweets she bought. From Germany kay? But too bad, got laxative effect if taken too much. *grins* I love the peach one.

Swee Win took a picture of me studying. I was really really unproductive today.

I should pack my bags now. I chose few clothes to bring along already. =) Packing packing. I first time pack stuff into that huge luggage bag okay? Usually mine will be like two baju, two pants, settle. Cause will go near near like K.L for two or most, 3 days two nights. Very long d okay? =P I am a happy girl. I promise to take lots of pictures. =) I love camwhoring. There's no rules that only beauties can camwhore right? Oh I love rules!!!!! -.-" Got people karaoke-ing at my place. I bet he is some uncle la. The song also like 50s. =S

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I had an expensive celebration.

All thanks to my expensive cravings for sushi lar. I went looking for it on Tuesday, then Wednesday. Both day also to no avail. The sushi lady that I enjoy buying from at the Pulau Tikus Market was off. The sushi cost me RM1 for one piece. -.- Today, after Macro paper, I went to Prangin Mall with my mum, sis and aunt. And of course, we had sushi for dinner. Not cheap lo.

Prangin Mall= Shopping Complex
Shopping Complex= shopping
Shopping = Money
Just finished a paper= Double spending
About to go on a holiday= Triple spending

Money really not enough ah. Mum and I got our walking shoes for New Zealand. Then I bought a long pants. Then we walk here walk there, I found a bag I like. Buy. Saw Barney, bought for Brian boy. All on mum. I am such a bad girl. I buy so many things. Not with my own money. Felt so guilty. But I really really really like that bag. I've wanted one like that for a long long time. Whereas the shoe, I will return mum. And the pants, heee, mum buy for me la.

This will be my post-STPM celebration which I celebrate earlier. So how should I put it? Pre-post-STPM celebration? Something like that. No, I've not finished my paper. Two more next week. =) Accounts.

Then I should pack my bags and hop on to the plane, hopefully the right one cause this will be my first time, to go NZ where all the milks and cows and sheeps and green fields are. I promise I will take pictures of many many cows like those models in Fernleaf ad. Hoi, human in ad, we call models, cow also call models lar. Anyway, I hope the cows there are pretty like those models too. I hope those cows in the ad are like normal cows and not selected ones for the ad. You know how they choose exceptionally pretty, thin and stunning looking models for human? I hope that don't apply on cows because I really really want to see those beautiful cows and sheeps.

I'll blog, I'll blog. I couldn't keep my hands off the laptop keyboard. And I hope I am able to announce something very very exciting soon. Cross fingers and bless everyone who is taking exams. All sorts of exams. =)

Oh ya, Macro was alright. But I am not that sure lar. I really hope I can get A for it though. But I shall not pressure myself like that. The questions, I read before already okay? I read the whole Q&A book which I think all STPM takers who are taking Econs in future should have. There are about 4 to 5 questions familiar to me. Too bad I couldn't really remember. Or I would have scored A for it, hands down. Hope lady luck is with me and will be with me until the result is out. Let all the examiners have a wonderful time with the family, be all happy and chirpy and leave their grumpiness until they finish marking our paper. PLEASE......... Oh, and please, make them be so happy, they smile while marking our paper but please don't give zero. Don't too happy until no mood mark, cin cai give terrible marks ok? Happy marks, anytime.

And oh by the way, I just want to clarify that I do understand the person in the previous blog post's feeling. I was just really tired and pissed. But I understand and I really really wish not to be to involve in this whole thing. You may think that I am such a brat who refuse to take any sufferings, I don't care. I just think that I would be happier that way and I really really need to feel happy bout myself. I am old enough to know what is right and what is wrong. I hope he is not too hurt about it but I really hope he read the post, understand and not take it wrongly. In fact, I don't know what to say. I am speechless.

7 more days. I can see freedom at the end of the road.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Time really heal all wounds

I thought I would feel sad, angry or at least hurt. I don't. I was disappointed. If he thinks that what he is giving us is really a lot, I pity him for his naive-ness. Just do some light calculation, RM5 per kid, three kids, RM15 right? There's 365 days in a year and for 13 years already. Do this simple calculation. And for God's sake, I am estimating this at its minimum. Does raising up a child cost merely RM5? Perhaps 30 or 40 years back.

Our studies, our education, our welfare. Is it merely RM5 a day? I am glad I have a mother who is as strong as a bull who raised us up herself and never once because of lack of money, neglect our studies. In fact, we probably attended more tuition classes any rich man's daughter would. If I do not have this bull mum, I might end up not able to continue my studies and just take up any job that came my way. Of course life is not a bed of roses. I have a stronger than a bull mum with a temper probably worst than a bull. =P Nevertheless, I love her. As for the other person, I have nothing much to say anymore. I am just disappointed. Enough said. I'm so tired of expecting too much from him. The respect, the love. Its normal for human to do mistakes but there's a limit to everything. And the limit to my patience? Its almost zero.

I have been away from all these problems way too much. I choose to ignore, I choose not to know too much because I know that the effect of knowing too much is suffering just as much. I began to listen more now cause I thought that so many years had passed. Definitely something improved. I am too tired of listening to empty promises. From now onwards, I am so out of this whole thing. Don't ask me, don't tell me and DON'T MAKE PROMISES TO ME!!! I don't care anymore.


Micro was alright. More to the theory part which is good cause I love theory parts. I still got the hand shiver like mad syndrome cause I do not have enough time to complete everything. I am glad the paper I am usually good at is over. Macro is not my strong subject but I hope I do okay for it because I want A. I am going to continue studying later. Wish me luck.

On the side note, there is this one girl that not much people in my circle of friends like. I don't know why. I am neutral to her cause I don't know her. Anyway, with full respect, I am going to salute her cause she did not wait for her boyfriend to get her the chair. Even when the boyfriend go and get it with her, she carry her own. And she went to get the chair with the boyfriend running to her behind her. Meaning she did not even wait for the boyfriend. I really respect her for this. =)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Exam students are like pregnant ladies.

When you are having exam, you are so stressed up, you crave for lots of things. No wonder exam period, sure put on weight. Although you claim that you don't eat at the times you always do, kgs by kgs or pounds by pounds will definitely be piling up. I wonder if it is because of pressure or just because you are too free. You will crave of things you usually don't and you will eat lots of junks like sweets, asam, chippies, KFC, crackers, biscuits. Anything you can nibble on while studying.

If you don't want to nibble on food while studying, go library. Do not go PBA. Because you are allowed to eat in PBA and not in library. And then again, we smuggled junk food like sweets and small small packets of keropok. The 20 cents per pack one. And sometimes Cloud 9. So actually, doesn't make much difference. Just that you can eat secara terang-terangan in PBA and not in library. And you can put the food all over the table in PBA but not in library. Besides, everyone else will have junk food on their table, so you feel less guilty.

I prefer PBA because I have more freedom there and I get to lepaskan geram by nagging the dogs there for taking naps when I have to study. Lol. And PBA got more place to sit, the time is more flexible and you can eat there. Unlike library, no place to sit, cannot talk, cannot bring your bags in, cannot eat there, nowhere nearby to go for lunch and the worst of all, GO TOILET ALSO BEH CHENG. Cause the aunty who washes the toilet always scold people. Want to go toilet or walk around also worried. Worry will bump into the aunty and got scolding for no reason. Really mou tuin tuin get scolding one.

At times when we go PBA toilet we will think of that aunty and get worried also. Phobia already. One bad thing about PBA toilet though. You have to check, double check and triple check that you do not have extra friend in there with you. Yes, the black creature with blardy long tail. =)

Some people do obscene things in public one lor. -.-" Go study, you study properly la. Why do all those obscene stuff? You kiss my hand, I bite your hand. Super beh tahan. PUBLIC leh.

Anyway, mum just told me something really funny. I am so very the useless. You know kids like it when you promise to give them presents if they do well in exams right? They will at least try to reach the aim and then get their goodies. Yours truly here don't lo. Er Mei Ren will offer me things like if I do well, I'll get this and that. Even before she finished her sentence, I will tell her a BIG FAT NO!!!! Lol.

Damn no kia su. Cause I rarely win anyway. Numb already the feeling. I've never been the brightest or the most hardworking student in class. Maybe one of them but definitely not the 1st. Maybe third or fourth providing that the other students in my class are just like me, more to the not so hardworking side. I would yak yak yak in class and not listen to the teacher. If the teacher is a little fierce, I would be drawing little ugly creatures on papers or table. UGLY is real one. Really not pretty and the UGLY was not on purpose lo. So sad. =(

On the side note, Maths Paper 2 was so so so much easier compared to Paper 1. Probably because I can't do even a question for Paper 1. I am glad Paper 2 was better. Tomorrow is my Econs paper. 4 more papers to go. As much as I love Econs and do better in it, I am freaking worried that I will forget everything when I'm in there. God bless!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Good Bahasa Malaysia.

Don't even know what's the message trying to be sent across. -.- So good one B.M. really waste paper to printout. Because no one will understand also.

5 Reasons to bring your boyfriend to study

Especially if you are going to places like library or PBA (Penang Buddhist Association)

1. To carry chair for you/ To find places for you to sit
There are people standing there waiting for their boyfriend to finish packing and carry her chair. I wonder if she is handicap or something. -.- She just stood there waiting.

No one will kidnap you before Christmas. Don't worry.

2. To accompany you to toilet.
I've seen girls who go to toilet a lot and the boyfriend will always follow and wait for her. One of the reasons might be that she is sitting at another corner which is quite far from the toilet. But I think people won't kidnap her lor.

3. To carry your books.
Carry chair already, come back, carry books. Kuli ker?

4. To drive you to and fro.
Private driver. Drive you there, carry your books then your chair. Walao.. You ngan ngan kiok (shake legs) wait can already. Take care of your long long hair.

5. To bring you go lunch.
Transportation also lar. Hungry already? 11.30 a.m only wor? Nevermind, go eat. Later can have snack some more. So fun. Study at PBA with boyfriend sure more fun than study at home.

I not green eye hor. Cuma at times cannot tolerate such behavior. As if she cannot carry her own books and chair. Need the boyfriend to do it even when the boyfriend has not cleared his stuff. So pah pai.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Meet Skwanky

I'm too lazy to edit the post and post Skwanky up. So here you go. Skwanky, my post-Maths mood reliever. Chehwa, post tinggi nih.

Siap posting ini.

8tv and Hotlink Youth Tour 241107

I went to PBA at 9 something and then left at 12 something hoping to catch a glimpse of Daniel and Desiree before going back to study. I was there at about 1 and waited until almost 2 before I met the other Pinkies. Then Aunty Swan and Uncle IH came and the rest came along. The "glimpse" was a very very very darn satisfying one. Imagine to be able to see your idol just two steps away. It was THAT close. I was in cloud nine and they then said that we can let them sign.

WHAT??? I can let them sign, personalize everything and I did not bring Desiree's EP from Superstar and Buddies' CD??? How am I suppose to know that cutie Kit was going to be there? I was very sad but well, I got the Buddies' graduation book. You can let your friends write in the book and I am giving Bentengs the privilege to do so. Kit wrote in my book!! Without my name but its okay. I am happy. I am always like star struck when I see them. I will become numb and dumb, I won't say a word. Blardy boh lor eong. But its okay. The Buddy Graduation book came with two other songs of theirs which are very very good and I love them. =) Enough of talking, pictures. Oh by the way, they had this mini concert at 5 p.m. So I failed to go back to PBA to continue studying. I watched the concert until 8p.m. Had a blast with Pinkies. Together the pictures, will be some short description and stories of the day.

The meet-the-fans session was held in a small area where you can almost touch the artiste if you really want to. It was really really really MEET the fans session. I've never been so close to an artiste before. Seriously. So they had this chit-chat session to talk about what they've been up to and it was awesome. Although I did not hear what they said cause I was busy taking pictures, I had a fantastic 210 beautiful pictures.

Four of them. Kit was not in some pictures. But no worries. More of him later.

Kit Zhang from Buddies. Blardy cute I tell you. SO HANDSOME!!!

Photo session. Lol. Real candid. Daniel seems like dancing in the last picture.

I was in the first row. Perfect pictures. I suka.

Some of them look into my camera but not all four. Still I very da suka.

Daniel looking into my camera. I was at the first row.

Daniel looking into my camera again. Seriously, I think he never looked into my camera before lor.

Kit, Vick, Daniel, Des

Candid picture of us with Belinda. A proper picture is in Ju-Yen's camera.

Grandma with Belinda Chee. I used to think she is very cocky. Its either she is a good actress or I am very wrong. She is pretty, friendly, funny and Ostrova is IN LOVE!!! She is signing on a postcard by the way.

Ostrova dancing the Come Come dance probably choreographed by Kish himself. We shouted Ostro's name when Kish was looking for someone to play with. lol. Don't kill us. Chun ran after him. It was funny.

While waiting for the show to begin, we stood there and played some games. Cuddly's bf recorded for us. Will post up when I got hold of it. Anyway, that picture is Ostrova playing with the Hotlink guy. Kish or something. I am not so sure. I have few more pictures with Ju-Yen. I took one with Belinda and one with the Chio Bee Bee Jie Mei. The 8TV people. The friendly looking one.
Belinda Chee sitting with style.

We then proceeded to the stage area to get the first row and people started standing behind us. It was then when I took pictures of Belinda sitting there so cool-ly. How come their Quickie girls are so pretty? No wonder Ostro can go crush hopping here and there having crush on Marion then Belinda. They are very very pretty. Belinda is pretty. Seriously. Very classy also. And for me to think she is cocky. I don't know. I don't know why I used to think she is cocky. But I guess that one meet changed my perception towards her.

At about 5, they kick started the show. First up was Sandra's bf with this guy. I tak kenal.

Sandra's bf on the stage. Belinda and Kish had to dance too.

Oh and Ostro did say that Farah was at Komtar. Then he called her to come over. She did come over but she just stood at the backstage. I took a picture of her. She is slimmer now.

This hor. I not sure who are they. I think they are Couples. Their song? Ok la. I never heard any of their songs before.

Next up. ENTAU KIT!!! He sang few songs. First is the ever famous the I not someone one. And then he sang the Yao Ji De Wo. I LOVE IT. He did not mention why another Buddy is not there.

Vick came out next. He sang a Malay song, Hui Lai and Where is the love? Nice song
I took two pictures only because its hard to take pictures with his eyes open. Lol. I am kidding. I was tired.

Desiree!! She is so much prettier in person. She wears Tinkerbell. She sang Hurt by Christina, Christmas is not Christmas and finally, Wo Yao Kuai Le. I enjoy singing along with her. She is very very friendly. I suka dia.
Finally. Daniel!!!! I suka dia paling paling banyak. Lol. He is very very very photogenic. And he always has a lot of facial expression that makes all our collection of his pictures very special because he is not like those who got the microphone took over his face. I think his pictures is like the biggest satisfaction although I may love many many other singers.

Daniel!!!! I love Daniel. He sang Everytime, Duo Bu Guo and Mimpi. Suka dia la. He might be leaving for Taiwan. Hope he remembers us. But then again, he don't even know my name. How sad?

Don't you think this picture is very errrr.. Romantic? Pink, with mist and Daniel. PERFECT.

OAG sang too. They sang the Gol dan Gincu song. I suka. I spent 7 hours in Gurney. I felt guilty but I had fun. So... Tomorrow gambateh!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

I'll never grow up T.T

I was busy denying it while looking at my facebook profile. T.T Then, sis came back with this!!!!

Ya la. I was like OMG!! And name it Skwanky right away. I don't know how the mata skweng is spelt. But this beautiful baby's name is Skwanky. =) Skwanky is a Xmas teddy and no it's not my xmas present. I REPEAT!! NOT MY XMAS PRESENT. Diharap pihak yang berkenaan nampak mesej ini dengan jelas dan tidak menganggapnya sebagai hadiah Hari Natal. =P It was for the bad Maths Paper I had. Yes. You read it right. Bad Maths Paper also I get present. How can I claim I am not pampered, not spoilt and can grow up? But oh, teddies make me smile. Just that I got no more place to put them until I move house. But they are all on my bed top now. I specially bought a few for my new house. =) Some will be left in the old house and I will decorate the room like its mine and mine only. =) Macam holiday villa. Just that its errrr.. Holiday Flat. Lol.

Enough of those. I heard that many people even those super genius had problem with Paper 1. Let's pray that the rest of the papers are good. I need good Econs paper. I really do. *pray hard*

Christmas list in the making. =) Will update that very very very soon. Pihak yang berkenaan, sila ambil perhatian yer? =P I need lots of presents to be put under my Christmas tree and ready for Boxing Day the next day. So friends, if kotak kosong, baik jangan bagi la ya? Sebab nanti tak jadi pula Boxing Day I. =P

Oh by the way, tomorrow I will go to PBA to study. Then I am going to see Daniel at Gurney. He is not continuing contract with 8 Unit and might venture into Taiwan Market. I guess this will be the last chance to see him before he goes off. I am so excited!!!!!! Suka you la want to say I gila ker, I merapu ker. I suka cukup la.

And my sis is like the ulat dalam my perut la. How come she knows I want to eat this barley tek ga kee soup?? I cuma say I mau some tong sui. I love barley tek ga kee.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Maths paper

Hard until I cannot recognize my mum.

Blardy hard. Don't even know what they are thinking. Give us so hard, they get what? Satisfaction ah? A bunch of weirdos. Goodbye Maths. Hopefully I won't fail. Haih. I never think of getting A for Maths though. Not even B. If I can pass it, I will thank God already. So please God, please grant this humble wish of mine.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Things you say you won't do.

Or in my case, things I say I won't do. Like blogging. I grumble when I have to blog. I hand itchy when I don't have to. Why is it that human always do things they say they won't? Or is it just me? I said I won't online, and I onlined in the morning! I said I won't blog, but I am blogging now.

I have nothing to say actually. Oh yes, I got this, I think Pao should be interested. Not that she wants to kahwin already. But it is quite nice to just look see look see. No price to pay right? Lol, one day I am so gonna get into trouble with this phrase. So check this out.

I should talk about the papers. Paper 1, I am not a good Paper 1 candidate to begin with. I always get the ugliest results for my Paper 1 not that my Paper 2 or 3 is any prettier. But still, worst of the worse. I slept at 8 last night thinking of waking up at 9pm. BAD MOVE! I woke up at 2.30 am. I got headache and crawled back to bed at 3.30am. I managed to check my P.A answers though. 15 mistakes. Man, I AM SMART!! Seriously. I've never expected it. =P I expected like near 30 mistakes kut.

Then, Paper 2. Too early to be happy I guess. The questions I spotted, came out half as an essay and one as the Bahagian C and last one, as Bahagian E. Not a very happy sight. But I manage to crap my way out. Too bad my graph is a little melebih-lebih because hee, I am melebih-lebih one orang mar. I draw extra line graph la!!! One line, I do four. -.- Screw this paper pulak. Out of so many times of exams. I got about 10 minutes to analyze, think and write for the last essay. So I basically do like shit for my Bahagian E.

Let bygones be bygones. I've got more important things to be worried of. MY MATHS!!!!!!! Maths is coming up next. As I've told CL, we should say, " PA only ma, we can do it. But when it comes to Maths, MATHS AH!! DIE LIAU LAR!!!" I love Maths. I love numbers. Numbers are so me!!!!!! Die. Cannot tell lies. God won't help people who tell lies. Tomorrow another day in the land with rats in the toilet a.k.a PBA. =)
On the side note, I began to fall in love with Jay Chou's Cai Hong and this is the Romanized Lyrics (Pin Yin) . Whether it is right or wrong, I don't know. I copied from my favourite site.
I love the part in red. I love it!!!!!! =)

Cai Hong
Jay Chou (Zhou Jie Lun)

na li you cai hong gao su wo
neng bu neng ba wo de yuan wang huan gei wo
wei shen ma tian zhe ma an jing
shuo you yun dou pao dao wo zhe li

you mei you kou zhao yi ge gei wo
shi huai shuo le tai duo jiu cheng zhen bu liao
ye xu shi jian shi yi zhong jie yao
ye shi wo xian zai zheng fu xia de du yao

kan bu jian ni de xiao wo zen ma shui de zhao
ni de shen ying zhe ma jin wo que bao bu dao
mei you di qiu tai yang hai shi hui rao
mei you li you wo ye neng zi ji zou

ni yao li kai wo zhi dao hen jian dan
ni shuo yi lai shi wo men de zu ai
jiu suan fang kai na neng bu neng bie mo shou wo de ai
dang zuo wo zui hou cai ming bai

kan bu jian ni de xiao
yao wo zen ma shui de zhao
ni de shen ying zhe ma jin wo que bao bu dao
mei you di qiu tai yang kai shi huan rao huan rao
mei you li you wo ye neng zi ji zou diao
shi wo shuo le tai duo jiu cheng zhen bu liao
ye xu shi jian shi yi zhong jie yao jie yao
ye shi wo xian zai zheng fu xia de du yao

Then I went looking for S.H.E's lyrics. And I found some I love!!! S.H.E's 100 songs!!! I love!! I love S.H.E like a lot a lot a lot now. I have not thought of my Christmas presents but I will soon. Even when I am in NZ. I will think and blog about it. I will give you people time to get it. =P I think only my sisters will buy for me. They love me to bits!! I am spoilt. So what? =P
My lucky cookie for STPM!!!! Even grandma spoils me, Ah Chim spoils me, Mummy spoils me, Che spoils me, Pao spoils me. My list is never ending one. Everyone has been like so nice to me. I get to eat what I want, I get little gifts, they wish me luck every single day!! I am so spoilt!! Pao is enjoying herself now but I am sure she is waiting to spoil me in NZ. I am now officially a spoilt brat. I never knew this. I loved being spoilt like this. I love spoiling them too. *hee* We'll see. Lucky cookie from Che.

Such adorable cookie to wish me luck. I love adorable cookie.

This adorable cookie is so adorable, we finished it!! =P

Choc fillings. Not my favourite but I love it cause its adorable!!

My sis even got me the choc biscuit that Win and Shan had. I had too. But I finished it with my family, not with Bentengs. Sorry buddies. =)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The battle has begun

So it is understandable if I don't update. Check back on 5th. I will update on 5th before I leave on 6th. I am going into the gruesome battlefield. I will fight our enemy, the papers. Whether we win or not, this is an unavoidable battle. Right after the paper, I can celebrate immediately. Please, bring me out to dinner my lovely big sis. We can go over to the new house for a look if we manage to pack our bags earlier. Please. Celebrate for me. I will be strong this time. I will not fall like when I was in Form5. I will try my best. Ch'ng Ping Ping is not a loser!!!

On the side note, while I am not a loser, Cheng Ling is a warrior and Shan Shan is a superwoman. Cheng Ling accidentally killed a rat in PBA toilet just the other day. That black creature with long tail was in the toilet with Cheng Ling. I would have died in there but Cheng Ling fought with it. She screamed, shouted, splashed water and in the end came out, unhurt, just that she shivered badly. But she is a warrior now. Apparently we should never rebut toilet with friends. =P Shan is the superwoman cause she helped Cheng Ling to get the kayu to open the toilet door. I was outside of the entire toilet, not only the cubicle okay? No la, I was taking care of their handphones. Oh yes, I was.

Second sis has been calling back a lot. Every other day I think. =P Poor girl, bored there. I am not any better. I am so suffocated with so many facts and worries. Like it or not, this is my battle. I have to fight this alone. Alongside with other exam students but hell, their results are not going to be in my slip and their result will not to affect mine. If only I can get all the smart asses's marks in my paper. Still, I should do this. So meaningful. I should not be blogging. I am still lost in P.A. I don't know why I cannot remember those facts. Too many perhaps. And the exercise book I bought does not help. It has the most peculiar and unexpected questions ever. I have never seen certain term or facts in textbook but at least I learn more. Its okay if I got it wrong, as long as I can read back later with the answers and remember. Its the STPM paper that matters isn't it?

Thinking too much has been like my trademark. I will think of what if I can't answer at all? What if I sit there not knowing what to do? What if the essay questions turned out to be something I don't know? Right now, I wish I can convince myself that whatever will be, will be. I've put in my effort, might not be the best because I am the most indiscipline person on earth. But I did. I hope it pays off.

To all exam students, be it SPM or STPM. This is our battlefield!!!! Let's fight!!!!! I'll be back!! =P

See you all. =) I'll be back, stronger, wiser and errrr hopefully, smarter. Blood will spill!!!!!! Pen ink will dry up. Seriously, they will. With my writing, apatah lagi? Reminder, keep me in your prayers.

When I am stressed, I will get funny dreams. Just the other day I dreamt that someone wanted to kill me and I ran and ran and ran in my dreams. Made me tired when I wake up. Then today, I dreamt that we are all graduates or something now and that we were waiting for people to call our names to get up the stage. The funny thing is, I heard the person calling Chan Zhu May. Zhu May is my friend but she is not taking Form 6 wor. But she sat beside me. Weird. It was then when I woke up and realized it was a dream. I am sure you are thinking why do I dream about Zhu May? Its all the committee at my housing area's fault la. They were having this blood test campaign since the pilihan raya coming. They were calling names with microphones. That explain why I dreamt someone calling people's name to go to the stage. Another thing is that he was calling the C names, the Chans. =S No wonder.

Then they had singing session where a kid, I assume from her voice, singing Ni Shi Wo Xin Nei De Yi Shou Ge by Selina and Lee Hom, and Beautiful Girl by Sean something. The blood test was from 9-11 but their singing session lasted until 1. :-s So noisy. Da Mei Ren ask me to call triple 9 to report that someone is screaming his lungs out at the playground. Lol. Spoil her beauty sleep. I will have to go eat my P.A books now. =) I might not have time to remind everyone to buy me Xmas presents. I will update my Xmas wishlist pretty soon. Look out for it. =)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Exploring my camera

As I've said, I bought Canon IXUS 860 IS and I played around with it to check out its function. Er Mei Ren keep asking me to try out the functions and hopefully, with my lousy skills, I can take a better picture for her during her graduation cause she did not hire the photographer. Save money for us to go sight-seeing I guess. Anyway, how can I possibly take nicer picture than the photographer? I guess I can only convince her that I can do it with my lousy skills because I have a beautiful model. I hope she likes people kissing her backside.

So Er Mei Ren insist that I post up the pictures I took while playing around with the functions to show her. You can comment and teach me how to take nicer pictures but please do not "step" me too kuat because I am an amateur only. I can take light criticism. And I mean L-I-G-H-T. Don't la so harsh to me. Like YOU LANGSUNG DON'T HAVE TALENT!!!!!!

The picture where only the object focused is colored while the rest are in B&W

The blur Shan. I mean the picture blur lar.

Random picture. Its like one turtie telling another one. Haiya! Brader.

Where only the front object is focus-ed while the rest behind is plain blur.

Another one. I specially like this teddy. It's Joanne's. =P
ps: I need guide on
-how to take pictures where I can capture the beautiful sceneries and still not make my sister look like a midget.
-how to make her look slimmer and taller
-how to make her the most gorgeous lady alive.

And no, I don't care if she is not very tall in person. I want her to look tall although it is not really so in reality. And yes, slimmer please. If you are thinking of diet, forget it. I want the magic of camera. =P

pps: My current nick in my MSN is

i say: Madame Kuan, please bless me with inteligence or better still,easy papers!!

If you do not know Madame Kuan, she is Kuan Yin lor. =( I seriously need an easy paper to boost my confidence. Its amazing how I am so freaking scared when this is like the very first time I actually prepared for an exam. I am still wondering how I managed to crawl all the way to STPM when I don't study for my exams. UPSR, PMR, SPM, all easy come easy go. =P

ppps: Pao, I spent hours doing this for you cause blogger merajuk-ed with me. Refuse to let me post my pictures. =(

And I was told that I don't look good in sunglasses. Hint: The nose.

To Pao: Ms. Loo's wedding pictures