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Monday, November 30, 2009

The beginning of many great times

As I've said, this is my 1000th post, so cheers to 1000 random post and my ramblings of life. It records 3 years of my life, keeps the most secret in my life, shares my ups and downs and contains my not-so-funny lame stuff. Anyway, as I've said I'll write about how this blog come about and highlight some interesting things that happened to me along the way.

The blog started of on the 14th of October 2006 with a poem. At that time, I was a super emo kid. Probably with something happened in my life. I managed to walk out of it already. V(^.^)V

At that time I had many blogs. I have two in blogspot, one in xanga and another one in myspace. Only this stayed on. It was an on off blogging for me at that time until my house got broken into and I gung-ho blogging to earn money. After joining Nuffnang, I began to write more because I won some prizes such as CDs, perfumes, make-ups, money, movie tickets and passes to parties. I even earned some pocket money from advertisement.

Blogging has become a part of me since then. I'm too lazy to tag each event. Please click on the label Nuffnang for the parties I've been and contest for the prize I've won.

Anyway, one of the nicest thing is that when I look back on my older post, I laugh at how childish and ah lian I used to sound like and how I've changed and became a better person (I hope). I guess I've grown up fast when I enter uni and I have no regrets. My blog changes from writing a lot of personal things to random things to school life and then now to uni life. It grows with me and I love my blog!!!!

Happy 1000th post to!!!!!!!

Phew, I need to get this up so that I can blog about other things. =P A bit lame and boring but I'm lazy already. Sorry.

ps: This post was left hanging for almost two weeks in my draft as I was so busy hanging out with fun people, having slumber party, going for camp and hanging out in Cameron.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

PMS sucks big time

I hate PMS. I have worst PMS ever. It'll be there like entire week before your relative comes and insane la. One whole week ok? Cannot like one two days ar? Or three days. Must be one whole week. And I get very grumpy because my PMS includes:-

- tummy cramps (and that's when I stop knowing when I'm hungry because I don't know it's hungry or just another cramp)

- Body aches (from head to toe :- as though you just fought with a dragon or lion or tiger like that insane)

- Headaches

- Uncertainties (because you know that relative of yours is just around the corner but you don't know if she wants to come in kinda thing)

- Discomforts

- Chills

- Flatulence (bloating and all but I got that most of the time so...bad tummy I got there)

One of the days when being a girl sucks big time. =( Exam 3 days continuously, then I'll come back and blog my 1000th post. Since it's the 1000th post, might do some walking down the memory lane thingie and celebrate it la.

Let me just curl up and hate self for being a girl. Oh cannot, exam, crap. And there's a lizard staring at me. Sucks.

Hardworking Ping Ping studying. Till then.

ps: I'll be glad to be a girl when I get to dress up, make-up, scream while watching horror movies, scream when I saw a lizard, and whine about being moody.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Never look back

Been a long time since I last updated with any pictures at all despite having quite a lot of things happening in my life. I am less an anti-social now compared to my first year and I can finally say I do quite enjoy USM. And I've only got 3 years so really, if I'm going to hate it for this 3 years, I will never get the chance to re-experience it when I finally miss them. That aside.

The title of the blog post is actually for the new me with colored contacts. I've contemplated for quite a long time before I decide to get myself colored contacts. Also because Master Yoda threw away my contact lense by mistake so I kinda get to er, claim two boxes of colored contacts. HAHAHA Adequate and more than sufficient consideration (some law stuff).

I think for those who had colored contact lense, you'll never look back. Seriously, colored contacts make your eyes bigger *yay* and more lively.

Camwhore pictures I took in Shan, Hooi Shan, Ju-Yen and Yi Lin's 21st.

I edited the above picture so it's fairer.

And once you learnt how to put on make-up, I think it's hard to look back. Putting on make-up to me is a luxury la. I don't do it on daily basis because I'm too lazy and Ping Ping is almost blind without specs. With contacts, she's half blind. I took pride in my camwhore skills ok? So it's ok if people say I sometimes don't look like me in the picture.

It takes lots of practise, patience and skills to be able to look somewhat different in pictures. It's all about the angle, which angle is your best angle. I enjoy dressing up and putting on make-up because it's just so fun to do it. But it's so hard to do it in uni because I walk a lot so I need my sport shoe and you can hardly dress up with bulky sport shoe. Then it's so hot so everything melt, including you. And as I've said, I'm blind without specs and half-blind with contacts so wearing contacts to class is not an option because I need to see well in class.

This is how I look like daily in uni.

Crap I'm such a boring person already. T____T Like I always am. Anyway, exam is ending in another 8 days with 5 papers to fight through. I've been studying hard, sleeping late and being a student. Mummy will be proud. Except that I slept in the library, on top of a pile of dictionaries, carefully stacked up to form my 'pillow'

Before I end my sad post, I shall show you food picture!!! Yay!! Be prepared to feel hungry after all these.

From various outings- Little Cottage, Max Gourmet, Crepe Cottage, Coffee Island. See, life is quite happening one, blog not happening only.

Main dishes

Ensalada pollo y huevo (Chicken and Egg salad)

Pollo (Chicken)

Pescado (Fish)

Pollo y Gamba y Spagheti (Chicken, Prawn and Spagheti)

Pescado (Fish)

Tan Tan Mian (Tan Tan Noodle)



Pickled ginger in pink is <3

Sakae Sushi is <3


Mango something from Max Gourmet

Crepe Cottage is 2x <3

Yellow umbrella is <3 if people don't lick it, put it on their ear and then put it in people's water *shakes head*


Yay!!! Malaysia Bolehhhhhhhh.

Hungry already? Tummy having orchestra playing inside them already?? Mine is beginning to play. Active band members I have in there. HAHA.

*** Writer's attempt to make her post less boring and less of whiny stuff.***

I just realised I got A LOT OF food picture. So I'll probably throw in one or two after every whiny post to make my blog more colorful and happy. =P

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Side effects of exam

*grabs nearest choc bar*
This is bad!!!! I mean *munch on choc* I don't usually crave for chocolates and I've been eating lots of them today. I've been snacking a lot. Every few minutes I'll unconciously walk to the fridge or kitchen and look for something to chew on. Corn flakes, chocs, oranges, anything. As long as my mouth is filled with something.

Then I keep having this I-MUST-BUY-SOMETHING feeling and it feels terrible to not buy anything. I just want to grab something but good thing that I have sisters because I'm so used to asking them for their opinion before I buy anything *which explains why I've never managed to buy anything online*.

Besides I have this weird habit of wanting something badly, but tell myself that I'll be ok without it also and force myself to walk away from it. Then I'll return to that shop every single time I'm somewhere near it to look at that thing until it's sold out or something. I don't know, I'm always like that to things I like.

So there's a lot of disappointments in my life because I do not take that very first step to put my hands on them. I would even take it up, walk to the counter, stop like 5 more steps before the counter, turn back, put it back and walk away. I'm weird but I'm like that.

So...should I buy that dress??? Why is she always working? =(

*Expected conversation.*

Eldest sis : BUY girl, BUY *super encouraging*, nice, we can share. =D
Master Yoda : Er....actually ok nia girl, not that nice la girl. You want meh? If you want, buy lor. Can try ma.
Me : Er...not nice ar? Ok la *closes page*

Friday, November 06, 2009

To cut or not to cut?

It's always been a dilemma for me to choose whether to cut my hair or not. I was soooo close to make up my mind to cut my hair because I'm so sick of it being long and dull. It doesn't help that I've never thought of coloring it as I'm a poor student and I cannot afford retouching the roots from time to time.

I kind of decided to cut my hair to a shorter long hair until I took my bath and blow dry my hair. I love my hair and I'm afraid that there's complications when cutting my hair like how there'll be complications during surgery. Then how? I don't need bad hair year.

Need to consult the sisters for new hairdo. Guess who's home? =P Ah~~ Did not study but life at home is a bliss!!! Until I have to mop the floor though. It's not a bliss when you have to mop the floor. I'm such a homely person.

One week to madness

And I should feel it already!!!

*Eh, bencilah Singapore drama lah, Taiwan drama lah, Korean drama lah. Stop so lovey dovey can? Such guys don't exist la, come on, stupid meh? Come back to reality.*

See? Nonsense okay? It's exam time, I should feel the stress, I should feel my blood rushing up my brain, I should feel all that. But no, I know it's there but I don't know, I'm scared but I just can't feel it. It feels like I don't know what I've studied this semester. I've slacked too much.

I need you girls to come back and bring the Ping Ping you girls know back. She is a bit down, a bit out, a bit not here. =(( And she knows exactly what made her feel like that and she's allowing it.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

I feel like crying

really. I was all happy, chirpy and bubbly before 12.50a.m. Then I decided to google this UTAR boy, James Khor, who was from Penang and was drowned.

I read through the posts his friends wrote about him and suddenly I felt like crying. I mean I know God has His plans for us (I don't know if the boy is a believer), but it makes me feel so. I don't know, like we won't know what will happen tomorrow. He knows best but sometimes one just can't help but to wonder, what's in store for tomorrow? Will I wake up tomorrow, walk to library like I always do, meet up with a friend or two, share jokes and laughter? Will all these happen?

Suddenly I miss all of you all over the world, my friends, people who stood by me through thick or thin, people who accepted me for being Ping Ping, people who love me so dearly.

I know, I'm so easily affected but it's just one of those days I feel life is very fragile and even if we know we will eventually go back to Him, we are still human and we will still have love and heart for those on earth.

I should get some sleep.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

DL day *don't-know-how-many*

It's so hard to stay awake in the library when I'm surrounded with notes, notes and more notes. In between those gung-ho studying session, I do sms and lie around my table and stare blankly on something.

Now I know how it feels like when someone is concentrating on something and other people talk loudly, ignoring their feelings. It SUCKS. Seriously man, I am not taking your course paper, you don't have to read out loud your notes. We don't need to know. At least if you want to discuss, do it softly.

What's with reading out loud the notes for the whole what? 2 hours? Seriously man. I was a bit upset that I moved to another place to continue my revision only to sit beside another group of people. One of them actually stood up and stamped his feet ok? WALAO EH, you cannot remember ur fault la, scare me die only.

Compromise is very important. I left the place shortly because it was too cold for me and I'm beginning to be unproductive.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Always fall for the wrong guy

W.R.O.N.G. So wrong.

Good thing that I saw saranghaeyo so many times today. Sorry wei, pinjam a while. Need it to make me feel better.

1 down, 5 more to go.
*turns on study mode*
Since I've given up on finding the one, I need to study hard to get good results, secure a good job, earn a lot of money and cheer myself up.

Ok la, I just want to earn a lot of money because I saw one super nice house and now it's my dream home. If I cannot marry a rich husband to get a house like that, I'll just have to get it for myself.

Quote Wei Wei: One paper done nia, macam whole finals finish.

Lol, all the sleep early, throw notes away is happening already. I gave my book to my friend already. HAHA.