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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Review of 2009 resolution and resolution for 2010

Review on 2009's resolution, again, probably half of it achieved only. I'm more socialable now, I talk more now, I got more friends from my course. I think I am no less grumpy or sensitive, I still continue my Operasi Budget Bawah RM5 but I seriously did not get better results. Phew, finish. =P

I think I'm gonna make a more realistic one this year-like what I say every year then when I don't achieve it, I feel it's not realistic enough. =P

1. Lose some freaking weight. I know, I'm typing this while eating my bread. Breakfast la~

2. Improve my freaking grades. Seriously, need some concentration.

3. Socialize more and fellowship more with my friends. There's more to life and uni than assignments and exams. Had a good start on this. Let's hope I maintain.

4. Be a better senior and try to make new junior friends. To stay young at heart. =P

5. Keep my close friends close. It is so important because they are the ones who shaped me and people I love dearly.

6. Take effort to be more caring, understanding and approachable. And also put in effort to approach people that I usually won't because I just want to stay in my comfort zone.

7. Un-boring my life by not hiding in the room all the time. I realized I did not see much of the first year juniors (any first years) around because I was in my room way too much.

8. Read bible more consistently and work on my spiritual life with Him.

9. Blog more often and make my blog alive again.

10. Be more generous to give people my time, maybe some money, and also whatever I can offer.

May your year have a good start and be fruitful throughout.
May this year be better than last.
Let the awesome year ahead come into your life now. =)))

I don't know why but as years go by, everything seems to lose its excitements, its fun, its meaning. I've began to feel numb of things around me. Somehow, it's not the same anymore. I think I should go to bed earlier. Night world.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 3 in uni

Classes have been pretty intimidating. I dropped one paper to give myself some space to breathe and also I felt there's no need to rush to finish all my papers because I still have time. I do not want to squeeze everything in and make myself exhausted. There is more to life and to uni that just classes, assignments and exams.

I need to give time for God, for fellowshipping with others and for a life. So I decided to drop a paper. Thank God I did because my minor class's time was shifted an hour earlier which means it'll clash with my English paper anyway. So all that done, and I've got 6 more adult literature books to read. Have not bought them but what have I got myself into? Why did I minor in English? T___T

And those books sound so wrong. The title is wrong enough to make me feel, what the crap is this? But we'll see what's in it and share here, if it's not so wrong. Heh, editted the word so that people will not come into my blog when they google for their erm..'things'. =P

Classes are scary, intimidating but I'll survive....I guess...Oh well, life of a student. I need to learn to love my subjects to do well. I need to buck up. And I need to socialize more lest I regret when I graduate.

Till next boring post,
Ping Ping

Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 1 back in USM

Class was alright (only one today as language classes has not begun yet).

I came back after lunch with coursemates and carrying 2 boxes of my stuff from my store room. I should lose like 1kg already. I've been running up and down the stairs ok?

Anyway, I get to take a 30 minutes nap, bathe, wash clothes and then off to dinner with Mel, Dan and supposedly Mike. Supposedly because Mike did not turn up. He came later to meet us up in Tesco.

Grocery shopping was fun but a little too long for the impatient me. I don't know if I'll be a good house wife because I'm not the type of person who'll compare prices for something and stand there for hours, thinking if I should get them. =P I know either one of them will read it. Nevermind.

Maybe because I wasn't buying anything. That's why I was bored and a lil impatient. If I was buying something, I would be better. But then again, I'm proud of myself for manage to control my shopping urge. RM7 for meals today. RM5 for food and RM2 for drinks. Hot day la. Give the Ping a break. =P

Missing you girls. <3 See you in....3 more days HAHAHAHA

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back in uni

room is all squeaky clean. Or at least I think so *shifty eyes*. Please do visit if you want to this week. Next week no more. Room stays clean for a week only.

Bought some essentials like IKO biscuit, and some random stuff like water bottle wheee, water and toilet slippers. My toilet slipper's one size (or two) too big. T____T Never buy things in haste.

Tomorrow only one class, then I can come back and wash my clothes. No hanger. Two more boxes in the store room. Pray for no lizards hiding around my box.

Time to sleep. Life of a student, oh well. Has been a long time since I last slept at 11pm.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Packed my bags and ready to go

Actually...not really packed and not really ready to go. T___T

Arghhhh hate to go back and clean up the place. Anyone want to come and lend me a hand??

But it's a good exercise and staying home is getting wayyyy too boring.

Still, packing is a i-hate-you-go-away relationship to me.

Cheers to a new semester!!!!
Cheers to new resolution for the semester!!!

ps: Really red wine ok? Just that I pose only, did not drink.

Can't wait to meet my friends in USM though. I can't believe I am actually a bit excited to go back to USM.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Have a blessed Christmas to all readers.

Christmas is not just about colourful decorations, presents, Santa Claus and fireworks. It's to celebrate Jesus's birth. He is the greatest gift God has given us so let's celebrate this day by giving to others too, be it time, love, helping hand, presents. Let's spread the love around.

Jesus's birth is also God's plan to forgive our sins so forgive those who have hurt you for God has forgiven us first.

Have a blessed Christmas, spread the love around and give everyone a big big hug. *hugs* /shy

Gonna have a quiet little Christmas celebration with family. Just hanging out and chill. Age is catching up already. Too old for crowded place. Apparently, many of my friends feel so too. (Either too old for crowded place or too old for the crowd. =P No leng chai kap already..Cause all way too young for us.)

ps: I'm ok the evening after I got my result, just that I was too lazy to update. I've been really really lazy to update my blog. Will try to blog more when I get back to USM.

Ping Ping

3 days to USM.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Results are out

Finally I know how it feels to be the one expecting to see nice grades but got a terrible one instead. It's not like I've been getting nice grades but I wasn't expecting for nice grades when I was in secondary school. Basically because I did not really study for exam before. But now, somehow it makes me feel like all the effort I put in is not shown on the result paper. I won't deny that I am disappointed.

I shouldn't have put high hopes. I shouldn't have let myself under the control of my results. I hate this. It's ok that I did not get 3.5, I did not expect to get 3.5 again this semester because seriously, none of my papers are really the paper I thought I scored but I am disappointed with several papers that I thought I did okay but the result did not show the same.

I'm so sick of judging myself based on my results. I hate this shit. =( So what if I got 3.19 for this semester? So what if my CGPA is now 3.45 only. So what? Is that the end of everything? I still have to go back to USM and study for the next semester, I still have to take the next paper. I still have more disappointments ahead.

Not in the mood to joke around or be joked around.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ayam back

5 days of waking up early, walking and sleeping late, I'm finally home!!!!! Had so much fun!!!! <3

Will update soon. I'm a bit too tired to even upload my pictures now. Too many to upload. Lazy. =P But it was fun.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

When I'm gone

don't miss me. Stay strong.

Will update when I'm back. Gone on a holiday la, not gone as in K.O, kong ka khiau la...ish...

Will be back even before you know it.

Monday, December 14, 2009

It's here again

Every single sound, every single little thing is getting on my nerve. I need to space out before I get angry at people.

This sucks because I'm packing and when you are in such a foul mood, packing will not be a good thing to do because everything will just seems wrong!!!!!!! I hate this shit.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I really should practise driving

Especially changing gears and controlling the clutch and accelerator. I don't want to be scolded again on Monday and hear him saying mean things to me.

It can be quite a heartache to hear people step you nicely without bothering how you feel. I hope everything will go smoothly on Monday. =( I hate this more than anything!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

My favourite alphabet for the day is P!!

I love the alphabet P.

P for Ping Ping
P for Pao Pao
P for Phuah
P for Pretty
P for Panda
P for Penang
P for Pandai
P for Purple
P for Pancake
P for Papadom

I love P for all the above reasons but today, it's for PASS!!!!!!!

P for PASS!!!!

Yes, I pass all my past semester's papers!!!!!! I can have a good night sleep now. =)) I can enjoy my remaining holiday nicely now. =)) Nights.


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Back to basics

and I suck badly and miserably at it.

Remarks from uncle:

- I think it's better you get an auto car.
- Walao, you always like that, what I earn from you is not enough to repair my car okay?
- I told you to step the clutch all the way.
- You have to balance the clutch and the accelerator one.
- You know, there's 3 groups of drivers. One-Keng, Two-Normal, Three-Lousy. You belong to the group 3.

T____________T And I've got another 2 hour lesson with him tomorrow. I hate driving. I'm gonna be rich and hire drivers!!!!!!!

Ah Ma to the rescue

Not only did she cook me huge huge prawns for lunch, she rescued me!!!

It is so hot in the afternoon and I could not switch on the fan.

Because I forgot which switch is for which. And we have a spoilt light which will trip the whole house's electricity. So I was literally bathing in my sweat until I asked her if she knows.

Ah Ma is the house manager. She knows her way around and she switched it on. Oh, the joy of cool breeze.

Thank you Ah Ma.

ps: I am a very prawn person. =)) <3

Monday, December 07, 2009

My first Family Camp

It's a Christian Fellowship camp, not a camp with my real biological family. It was my first because being me, I avoided attending last year's camp because I had no friends back then. Also because this time around, I'm the secretary for the camp and thus it's a must to attend. I actually thought of not attending but they insist that all committees must attend so I went.

I'm glad I went though. I learnt a lot about God, me as a Christian and also about the PKA-ians. It's a great time to berbonding with the rest, especially the girls because I seriously need some girl friends in campus to girlify myself. I've been locking myself up in my hostel room for wayyyy too long because I'm too lazy to bersosial.

Pictures!!! Just because I'm lazy to type further.

When we first arrived at Cameron. My first time!!! So excited.

I find this picture funny. I was carrying my bag la. Not posing pun.

Me and Wern Pei during one of the lunches.

Love the staircase. Hehe, I saw him taking picture so I posed.

One of the indoor games where we had to make a vehicle.

Super got strength mia arms.
Me, Rou En, Sandra on the spiral stairs and Han Yang hanging on the stairs.

Point there!!!!

PKA-ians being goofy and fun.

During one of the breakfast. My group!!! Carmel is love.
Standing: Wilson, Esther, Me, Chee Yong, Derek
Seated: Sandra, Dawn, Joanna Grace.

PKA family picture. =P <3

The Family Camp Committee.

Love the sky and the spiral stairs.

Family Camp Committee again.

Dorm 2 girls!!!!

That's the highest I can go on the stairs. /legs shiver.

Us with Rachel.

Complete Dorm 2 girls. Being retard. Dorm 2 girls were the noisy ones.

Mel and I during the station games. Lovely balloons.

Me and Abel's self-created balloon with face.

Us after the Fellowship Night.
I think there's more pictures but they have not uploaded it.

Had fun fun fun. Glad I was in the committee which in turn made me attend the camp because I had no choice. Enjoyed myself a lot and learnt a lot bout Him and me as His child.

ps: The blue shirt we wore is our PKA shirt. Nice. Me likey.

More on Cameron in the next post if I am hardworking enough. Don't put high hopes but if you kacau me enough to update, I might. =P

Saturday, December 05, 2009

What happened after exam?

18th Nov

19th Nov
Tesco shopping for Family Camp.

20st Nov
Gurney with friends for makan and arcade. Slumber party which got us sleeping at 7am the next morning and waking up at 11.30am to rush for a meeting.

21st Nov
Meeting then pack everything to go home. & started packing for Cameron.

22nd Nov
Back to friend's place to stay over.

23rd Nov
Bertolak to Cameron Highlands! Cameron for the first time!! Camp starts and had great time.

23rd-26th Nov

26th-28th Nov
Stayed back and hang out with funny and happy people. Had even more fun.

And have been staying home since. Went out with friends yesterday though.

Can't wait for Hatyai, KL and Melaka before uni reopens. I know, damn boring right the post. Nothing about the places I went in details but I'm just a bit lazy. I'll do it in between bag packing ok? I still need to collage pictures to put up more pictures. =P Excuses.

Crap, just realized, 2009 is coming to an end. Time to review my 2009 resolution and see if I even go near to any. Not even dream of touching them. I don't even know why I make resolutions. I guess because other people are doing it also. Will review it...later... =P

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Take a break

I think I have bloggers' block. It's a nicer way to say I AM JUST PLAIN LAZY.

I just realized, blogging is no longer one of my favourite past time. This is bad.

I need to start writing again soon. Yes, soon. There's lots of interesting and happening stuff in my life but I just couldn't be bothered to write. On days like this, I love being the insignificant, no-one-cares-about-you blogger.

Imagine if I were to have hundreds and thousands of people reading me daily and I just don't feel like blogging. Then blogging will be like work, you will begin to detest it because it's something you have to do. Something you are doing out of obligations. That doesn't sound nice.

Let me continue with my drama and I will be back, soon. I hope. Maybe tonight if I could. Been slacking a lot, snacking, drama-ing, sleeping. Not a very healthy thing to do. At least when I type, I am exercising my urm...fingers. =P and brain.

But then again, when I watch dramas, I'm actually exercising my tear ducts. Ping Ping cries while watching dramas, so what? No big deal. Ok, typed too much for a bloggers' block post.


Monday, November 30, 2009

The beginning of many great times

As I've said, this is my 1000th post, so cheers to 1000 random post and my ramblings of life. It records 3 years of my life, keeps the most secret in my life, shares my ups and downs and contains my not-so-funny lame stuff. Anyway, as I've said I'll write about how this blog come about and highlight some interesting things that happened to me along the way.

The blog started of on the 14th of October 2006 with a poem. At that time, I was a super emo kid. Probably with something happened in my life. I managed to walk out of it already. V(^.^)V

At that time I had many blogs. I have two in blogspot, one in xanga and another one in myspace. Only this stayed on. It was an on off blogging for me at that time until my house got broken into and I gung-ho blogging to earn money. After joining Nuffnang, I began to write more because I won some prizes such as CDs, perfumes, make-ups, money, movie tickets and passes to parties. I even earned some pocket money from advertisement.

Blogging has become a part of me since then. I'm too lazy to tag each event. Please click on the label Nuffnang for the parties I've been and contest for the prize I've won.

Anyway, one of the nicest thing is that when I look back on my older post, I laugh at how childish and ah lian I used to sound like and how I've changed and became a better person (I hope). I guess I've grown up fast when I enter uni and I have no regrets. My blog changes from writing a lot of personal things to random things to school life and then now to uni life. It grows with me and I love my blog!!!!

Happy 1000th post to!!!!!!!

Phew, I need to get this up so that I can blog about other things. =P A bit lame and boring but I'm lazy already. Sorry.

ps: This post was left hanging for almost two weeks in my draft as I was so busy hanging out with fun people, having slumber party, going for camp and hanging out in Cameron.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

PMS sucks big time

I hate PMS. I have worst PMS ever. It'll be there like entire week before your relative comes and insane la. One whole week ok? Cannot like one two days ar? Or three days. Must be one whole week. And I get very grumpy because my PMS includes:-

- tummy cramps (and that's when I stop knowing when I'm hungry because I don't know it's hungry or just another cramp)

- Body aches (from head to toe :- as though you just fought with a dragon or lion or tiger like that insane)

- Headaches

- Uncertainties (because you know that relative of yours is just around the corner but you don't know if she wants to come in kinda thing)

- Discomforts

- Chills

- Flatulence (bloating and all but I got that most of the time so...bad tummy I got there)

One of the days when being a girl sucks big time. =( Exam 3 days continuously, then I'll come back and blog my 1000th post. Since it's the 1000th post, might do some walking down the memory lane thingie and celebrate it la.

Let me just curl up and hate self for being a girl. Oh cannot, exam, crap. And there's a lizard staring at me. Sucks.

Hardworking Ping Ping studying. Till then.

ps: I'll be glad to be a girl when I get to dress up, make-up, scream while watching horror movies, scream when I saw a lizard, and whine about being moody.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Never look back

Been a long time since I last updated with any pictures at all despite having quite a lot of things happening in my life. I am less an anti-social now compared to my first year and I can finally say I do quite enjoy USM. And I've only got 3 years so really, if I'm going to hate it for this 3 years, I will never get the chance to re-experience it when I finally miss them. That aside.

The title of the blog post is actually for the new me with colored contacts. I've contemplated for quite a long time before I decide to get myself colored contacts. Also because Master Yoda threw away my contact lense by mistake so I kinda get to er, claim two boxes of colored contacts. HAHAHA Adequate and more than sufficient consideration (some law stuff).

I think for those who had colored contact lense, you'll never look back. Seriously, colored contacts make your eyes bigger *yay* and more lively.

Camwhore pictures I took in Shan, Hooi Shan, Ju-Yen and Yi Lin's 21st.

I edited the above picture so it's fairer.

And once you learnt how to put on make-up, I think it's hard to look back. Putting on make-up to me is a luxury la. I don't do it on daily basis because I'm too lazy and Ping Ping is almost blind without specs. With contacts, she's half blind. I took pride in my camwhore skills ok? So it's ok if people say I sometimes don't look like me in the picture.

It takes lots of practise, patience and skills to be able to look somewhat different in pictures. It's all about the angle, which angle is your best angle. I enjoy dressing up and putting on make-up because it's just so fun to do it. But it's so hard to do it in uni because I walk a lot so I need my sport shoe and you can hardly dress up with bulky sport shoe. Then it's so hot so everything melt, including you. And as I've said, I'm blind without specs and half-blind with contacts so wearing contacts to class is not an option because I need to see well in class.

This is how I look like daily in uni.

Crap I'm such a boring person already. T____T Like I always am. Anyway, exam is ending in another 8 days with 5 papers to fight through. I've been studying hard, sleeping late and being a student. Mummy will be proud. Except that I slept in the library, on top of a pile of dictionaries, carefully stacked up to form my 'pillow'

Before I end my sad post, I shall show you food picture!!! Yay!! Be prepared to feel hungry after all these.

From various outings- Little Cottage, Max Gourmet, Crepe Cottage, Coffee Island. See, life is quite happening one, blog not happening only.

Main dishes

Ensalada pollo y huevo (Chicken and Egg salad)

Pollo (Chicken)

Pescado (Fish)

Pollo y Gamba y Spagheti (Chicken, Prawn and Spagheti)

Pescado (Fish)

Tan Tan Mian (Tan Tan Noodle)



Pickled ginger in pink is <3

Sakae Sushi is <3


Mango something from Max Gourmet

Crepe Cottage is 2x <3

Yellow umbrella is <3 if people don't lick it, put it on their ear and then put it in people's water *shakes head*


Yay!!! Malaysia Bolehhhhhhhh.

Hungry already? Tummy having orchestra playing inside them already?? Mine is beginning to play. Active band members I have in there. HAHA.

*** Writer's attempt to make her post less boring and less of whiny stuff.***

I just realised I got A LOT OF food picture. So I'll probably throw in one or two after every whiny post to make my blog more colorful and happy. =P

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Side effects of exam

*grabs nearest choc bar*
This is bad!!!! I mean *munch on choc* I don't usually crave for chocolates and I've been eating lots of them today. I've been snacking a lot. Every few minutes I'll unconciously walk to the fridge or kitchen and look for something to chew on. Corn flakes, chocs, oranges, anything. As long as my mouth is filled with something.

Then I keep having this I-MUST-BUY-SOMETHING feeling and it feels terrible to not buy anything. I just want to grab something but good thing that I have sisters because I'm so used to asking them for their opinion before I buy anything *which explains why I've never managed to buy anything online*.

Besides I have this weird habit of wanting something badly, but tell myself that I'll be ok without it also and force myself to walk away from it. Then I'll return to that shop every single time I'm somewhere near it to look at that thing until it's sold out or something. I don't know, I'm always like that to things I like.

So there's a lot of disappointments in my life because I do not take that very first step to put my hands on them. I would even take it up, walk to the counter, stop like 5 more steps before the counter, turn back, put it back and walk away. I'm weird but I'm like that.

So...should I buy that dress??? Why is she always working? =(

*Expected conversation.*

Eldest sis : BUY girl, BUY *super encouraging*, nice, we can share. =D
Master Yoda : Er....actually ok nia girl, not that nice la girl. You want meh? If you want, buy lor. Can try ma.
Me : Er...not nice ar? Ok la *closes page*

Friday, November 06, 2009

To cut or not to cut?

It's always been a dilemma for me to choose whether to cut my hair or not. I was soooo close to make up my mind to cut my hair because I'm so sick of it being long and dull. It doesn't help that I've never thought of coloring it as I'm a poor student and I cannot afford retouching the roots from time to time.

I kind of decided to cut my hair to a shorter long hair until I took my bath and blow dry my hair. I love my hair and I'm afraid that there's complications when cutting my hair like how there'll be complications during surgery. Then how? I don't need bad hair year.

Need to consult the sisters for new hairdo. Guess who's home? =P Ah~~ Did not study but life at home is a bliss!!! Until I have to mop the floor though. It's not a bliss when you have to mop the floor. I'm such a homely person.

One week to madness

And I should feel it already!!!

*Eh, bencilah Singapore drama lah, Taiwan drama lah, Korean drama lah. Stop so lovey dovey can? Such guys don't exist la, come on, stupid meh? Come back to reality.*

See? Nonsense okay? It's exam time, I should feel the stress, I should feel my blood rushing up my brain, I should feel all that. But no, I know it's there but I don't know, I'm scared but I just can't feel it. It feels like I don't know what I've studied this semester. I've slacked too much.

I need you girls to come back and bring the Ping Ping you girls know back. She is a bit down, a bit out, a bit not here. =(( And she knows exactly what made her feel like that and she's allowing it.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

I feel like crying

really. I was all happy, chirpy and bubbly before 12.50a.m. Then I decided to google this UTAR boy, James Khor, who was from Penang and was drowned.

I read through the posts his friends wrote about him and suddenly I felt like crying. I mean I know God has His plans for us (I don't know if the boy is a believer), but it makes me feel so. I don't know, like we won't know what will happen tomorrow. He knows best but sometimes one just can't help but to wonder, what's in store for tomorrow? Will I wake up tomorrow, walk to library like I always do, meet up with a friend or two, share jokes and laughter? Will all these happen?

Suddenly I miss all of you all over the world, my friends, people who stood by me through thick or thin, people who accepted me for being Ping Ping, people who love me so dearly.

I know, I'm so easily affected but it's just one of those days I feel life is very fragile and even if we know we will eventually go back to Him, we are still human and we will still have love and heart for those on earth.

I should get some sleep.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

DL day *don't-know-how-many*

It's so hard to stay awake in the library when I'm surrounded with notes, notes and more notes. In between those gung-ho studying session, I do sms and lie around my table and stare blankly on something.

Now I know how it feels like when someone is concentrating on something and other people talk loudly, ignoring their feelings. It SUCKS. Seriously man, I am not taking your course paper, you don't have to read out loud your notes. We don't need to know. At least if you want to discuss, do it softly.

What's with reading out loud the notes for the whole what? 2 hours? Seriously man. I was a bit upset that I moved to another place to continue my revision only to sit beside another group of people. One of them actually stood up and stamped his feet ok? WALAO EH, you cannot remember ur fault la, scare me die only.

Compromise is very important. I left the place shortly because it was too cold for me and I'm beginning to be unproductive.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Always fall for the wrong guy

W.R.O.N.G. So wrong.

Good thing that I saw saranghaeyo so many times today. Sorry wei, pinjam a while. Need it to make me feel better.

1 down, 5 more to go.
*turns on study mode*
Since I've given up on finding the one, I need to study hard to get good results, secure a good job, earn a lot of money and cheer myself up.

Ok la, I just want to earn a lot of money because I saw one super nice house and now it's my dream home. If I cannot marry a rich husband to get a house like that, I'll just have to get it for myself.

Quote Wei Wei: One paper done nia, macam whole finals finish.

Lol, all the sleep early, throw notes away is happening already. I gave my book to my friend already. HAHA.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

My face is ruined!!

Was not pretty before this. Then now become ugly. T____T

Like got chicken pox like that. I got the shock of my life when I see myself on the mirror. Those who are about to see me, be prepared ok? Don't get heart attack from seeing me.


Friday, October 30, 2009

A flying lizard

T_______________T Today marks the day when I'm most scared. Even more scared than watching horror movie, even more scared than taking an exam, even more scared than, aiya, just scared-est la.

I just got back from bathing and I opened my cupboard, I heard some swooshing sound and saw that thing in my cupboard. Great I thought, so what should I wear? Will I see it on my baju when I put it on? So I, with my shaking hand, tried to remove one by one of my baju out of my cupboard into my plastic container. I was using hanger and when hanger can't do what my mighty hand can, I used my hand.

Ok, one, two great, not in sight. Finally, the final stack of clothes, this is it, I move to that stack and flipped my hanger. Lo and behold something brownish black flew out. And landed right in front of me. I screamed, shouted and woke my room mate up. T___T It ran away and I got wobbly legs now. I think my hands are still shaking and I'm still in fear. And I'm late.

I hate you!!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who is the boss?

My phone gone crazy already. It'll call people sesuka hati even when I just leave it on the table with my hands FAR FAR FAR away from it. Then it'll interrupt me when I'm sms-ing people by sending it when I'm halfway. So rude. So today I couldn't really sms anyone, not even to avoid awkward situations like walking to Anjung Budi alone for lunch and bumped into saranghaeyo *swooons*.

I ended up staring at my siao handphone like siao lang. T____T There goes my image in front of saranghaeyo. Anyway, my phone kept calling my sister because I put her name first in the list (luckily!!! smart me).

The worst was just now, when I called Wei Wei to talk to her about some serious matter (hahahahhhahaha- KAS matter meh?) and.....suddenly, eh, why quiet ki? Rupa-rupanya my phone bertindak sesuka hati (chi pa chi wai) put Wei Wei on hold and called my sister AGAIN. Mad.

I can't set alarm on my phone, I can't message anyone, it's hard to call people I want to call, it's hard to change my phone setting. This is bad.

Looks like someone needs a new handphone, again. =(

There's this really old teaching/belief that I was taught ever since I was a child. You know how we always get sore toes or cuts on our legs because of wearing new shoe? There's always this problem we have to face. Anyway, according to old teachings, we are supposed to give the shoe a bite (as in really bite it before you wear it) and you'll not get cuts. I guess it's like showing it, who's the boss here.

I don't practise it though. Anyway, maybe I should bite my new phone/ current phone (if I can repair it) to show who's the boss.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DL day one

DL stands for Dean List la. I don't think I'll get it this semester (unless everyone did just as bad or worse =P) so basically it just means that I'm studying and not exactly 'pia-ing' for DL la. I've never pia for DL anyway.

Anyways, today was a rather productive day. I'll be doing the same tomorrow and the day after. I woke up at about 9.30a.m., bathed, changed took my breakkie and walked to HEPP office to clear some doubts. Then I walked to the library, studied a bit, lunch, talked a bit (ok la a lot, but studied more, serious). Then rested a while and walked back at 6p.m. I think it's a good thing that I got out of my room la. At least there wasn't any cat naps or dog naps.

Only books, books and occasional chit chats. I will be going alone tomorrow so probably less chit chats and more studying.

Bentengs changed me. I wasn't the study Ping Ping. I was the playful Ping Ping and the one who never finished reading her book from cover to cover. Not even once. It was in Form 6 that I feel the sense of accomplishment when I finished reading my books (a few times some more). When I'm in uni, it's the sense of accomplishment when your results shows your effort. I used to study and score worse than when I don't. Weird.


Turn to DL mode, tie a white cloth with 'JIA YOU' written on it (not in mandarin cause I half-banana) and start DL-ing.


加油 Yay I know mandarin. Actually copy paste nia. =P But YAY!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kickstart the day

Let me get things straight,
- I only replace this as breakfast (not that gung-ho to replace lunch or dinner-can't think straight when I'm hungry)
- Not torturing myself with food like this because usually people think aiya, meal replacement, treat yourself better la. Why drink stuff like this?
- It is not only to lose weight (if can, even better) but also to improve my digestive system.
- It is actually quite yums but I think I put too little powder, too much water today =x first time ma.

Anyway, I've tried the meal replacement from this brand last year and I love it. It's very fragrant and quite yums. I only drink this for breakfast.

For lunch and dinner I'll only eat less meat and oily stuff. It was ok although I did not see much weight loss but it was a good breakfast. It's RM130 for two of these and a bottle of protein. I did not mix with the protein today but would do so tomorrow when I need to go out.

I drank for a few months last year then we stopped because smart Ping Ping lost the membership card. Been wanting to continue this as I cannot exactly afford USANA's and USANA's taste nicer if it's blended with ice. So last week I dropped by QB and bought this (with mummy's money hee).

Hope I can drink this every morning for breakfast (cause I'm the only one in the family drinking it now and I have to finish them). I admit, you can get quite sick of it.

Gosh, I found out people have been reading my blog and it feels...I don't know, exposed? It's insane to have the thought since I used to want readers. I no longer know who is reading. So please say hi if you are reading ok? =P

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Study break

Time flies and I've finished my second year, first sem. Ok la, not really finish as I've not taken my exam but yea, it's almost the end of it.

It has been a semester of ups and downs. Much happier I suppose. With more people in my uni life and my social life. Closer to Him, closer to the people in CF and definitely a growing semester for me.

Time seems to pass too fast so I will really appreciate this time together in USM la. Although I dislike going back (note the usage of word, I'm using dislike instead of hate). My blog is getting more and more boring because I kinda have the writer's block once again.

No interesting things to read lately. No interesting to blog too since I stopped blogging about outings and all. Wait, let me get back my blogging mojo.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Officially missing you ♥

I'm officially missing you. ♥

Love this song a lot. Prefer their version and they are pretty!! Sigh, I can listen to this song whole day man.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm so sick of

people in general.

Seriously, this world would be a better place if people think before they speak.

Never use words on people that you wish no one would use on you.

But oh well, this is life.

Everything is over now

So so glad. It has been a tough semester and I think I'll become crazy studying all the notes for finals but I will cope. He'll be helping me. =)) He'll guide me in studying and nothing is impossible with Him around. I've learnt to lift all my worries to Him and He promises me He'll make sure I'm alright.

Been into down point in my life these few days but everything will turn out ok. I'm sure they will. It just takes time. But everything will fall into place eventually cause He has control of everything. Everything will fall into places He has planned for me and His plans are always good plans.

=)) I'm blessed with really good friends who are there for me. Friends that I did not appreciate enough last time but really really do now. I feel loved. <3

My sis says she's gonna bring me for good food. Hmmmm... Is Korean Palace good food? =P *hint hint*

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's just one of those days

I just want to break down and stop being the tough girl.

Stop being the girl who'll say 'It's ok' with a smile. Stop being the girl who'll be bubbly and chirpy all the time.

It's just one of those days, I wish I could let down my burden and cry a good cry.

=)) It was a bad day for me I guess. Tomorrow will be better.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday night : Tu Vida En 65'

It is the Spanish Film Festival week and we'll be watching two more movies, hopefully. Anyway, I liked the movie but not the ending. I don't get the ending. However, I would say it's a nice movie with good enough jokes and humour here and there. And lots of vulgar words. =P

Liked this part because I think the girl sang pretty well. Amazing. I sound weird if there's no music and I'm singing. Right, you'll say I sound just as weird with music right? Sigh, friends.. This is what you get from good friends.

The three guys. I wonder what happened to the other two in the end. HAHAHA Did they?

Watching the washing machine together-gether. Funny sial.

¿Por que? Why? Why? Why? I don't get it. I'm not satisfied with the ending, I'm sure most of us were. =)

Off to get my CD cover done and my Spanish oral studied. T___T

Thought you'll love to see this link. Regarding the show.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekends came and gone

Sigh, another week back in USM. Will be back in a while.

I should be happy. I have friends there. Just that, sigh, going back means there's another week to busy days and another week to test, presentation, classes and all those things.

I guess it's the things I have to do there that's not fun and not the people there afterall.

Nevermind, I stocked some happy food to bring there. Yums.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Too much la

The weather is too much la. Hot till want die. It doesn't help to have a tasik beside your block.

T______T And I think I have to spend almost the entire of my study week here in USM because I've been slacking too much, I need to study doubly hard to pass this exam. Not even score ok? I screwed up my assignments, I screwed up my tests, I've practically screwed up everything that's screwable la.

And I need to start filling up that student exchange form or I'll never get to go anymore. And I've got two more assignments, one more oral test (I HATE HATE HATE THIS), one more test, one more play recording, one more presentation. T____________T Oi, this is week 15 ok? Next week is week 16 already ok? Why is this semester so packed? Doesn't help that I suck in every single paper this semester.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Can you feel the heat?

From the weather and from the fiery eyes of your lecturer, waiting for your assignments?

I can. And I can so feel the tension in the air for everyone and everything.

Let's hope I survive. Slack too much this semester.

I'm super duper duper sleepy but I need to study. =(

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday Diana Ngoh Sui Lin

To my buddy since Form 2.
To the girl who taught me that snails can be pets to. (Even if they are depressed and died from starvation cause they refuse to eat the grass we plucked for them)
The girl who draws well, creative and cute.
The girl who comes telling me, "I don't know how to do la the paper" and come out with 98%.
The girl who can do everything from Science to Maths to Computer.
The girl who promised to create a solution with my name if she ever be a Chemist.
I think now you have to create a program and name it after me. =)

To that girl who camwhores with me and camwhores with my camera all the time.
The girl who drives me around and pampers me.
One of the mango addict in the group.

Happy 21st Birthday!!
A bit late to join us but welcome nevertheless.
Last on board? =P
Ok, now our cruise can start sailing. Eh wait, Su Ling not yet. =P

Stay funny, bubbly and wobbly. =))

May all your wishes come true. (I know one not enough.)