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Saturday, January 31, 2009

My forgetful-ness is expensive

I forgot to renew my book again. This time I am overdue for 5 days. T_T There goes my RM1. Just the other day, for that same book, I paid 80cents because I forgot to renew and I was too lazy to bring to library to renew as well.

This time around, once again I forgot so I cannot renew it online since books that are overdued cannot be renewed online. T_T I shall remind myself to renew my book. Till 23rd March when we have to hand in our assignment!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Gems of Life

First of all, nope, not talking about the drama. I did not watch that drama. I am talking about my friends!!!!! Finally, two days that is filled with activities. I can easily be placed on the table with other steamboat stuff k? Was almost turning into a mushroom already.

CNY Day 3
Was supposed to meet up at 1pm but as usual, the drivers are late. I said drivers instead of driver because Ah Win was fetching me to meet Diana and we were to change car.

Anyway, at about 2p.m. or so, Diana came and we hopped onto her car and off we go to fetch Jen. All acting coolio like that. Not very cool only. =P

Ah Win's expression is always priceless. She was 'hoi-ing' me for taking her picture.

After we fetched Jen, we went Queensbay and decided to have our lunch at Sushi King. As there was many people at that time, the wait was almost unbearable. We cancelled a few orders and left la. We went shopping and walking around.
And taking pictures!!!!!

We had to take these pictures ourselves as in 4 people 4 people ala our KL style because we dare not approach anyone to ask for help. =P Finally, with Diana's long hands, we managed to take one where 5 of us are in it.

At about 6, we got bored and off we go to Pos Laju to get Diana's stuff.

And then we went Jemputree for dinner. The food was alright, the ambience and atmosphere was ok but it was the mosquitoes that I cannot stand. So we hurriedly finish our dinner and lari lintang-pukang. Jen was like, "kira the money in the car la," and we ran off (literally).

This is the only picture that I managed to get everyone doing the same pose. Usually Diana and Yi Lin tak layan us one. T_T But everything is fine now, we have successfully convert them into camwhores too.

Lots of silly pictures of me and NICE PICTURES OF JEN. How can? Her sis put make-up on her so nice k? Her lashes and all. Ours were insignificant compared to hers. =(

And you think we are satisfied with just dinner? We went Sunset Bistro shortly after that for makan angin and also some beer session. I had Ice Blended Mocha only okay? We walked along the pasar malam to since we were already there and took picture at The Ship. Lol.

CNY Day 4
Our Yeap Shan Shan yang selalu tak kira with us invited us to go to her place for lunch and K session. Boy, was that K session fun. Anyways, she told us we were going to have fried noodles and she served us with steamboat. Haiz. Why she like that? And I got 3 ang pow that day. La la la. I thought my sesi ang pow sudah berakhir for tahun 2009.

If you can see, see Ah Win's face. So cute. Sibuk makan. She kept saying "very full liao" and continue taking more noodles and more food.

After filling our stomachs with food, we became singers. =P They were all singing with emotions.

And while singing, you camwhore too!!!!! So we sang and we camwhored.

Took group pictures with mic. Yes, I am always holding the microphone because I refused to part with it. =P I was in mood for singing I supposed.

Swee Win and I decided to give the rest a good show by singing and moving at the same time. T___T We got caught on candid camera.

I love these people la~~


ps: Family also very important okay? Aiseh, I actually missed the emmoes outing to Kek Lok Si for family steamboat cause family is very important. T______T Next year you all still want go Kek Lok Si or not? I never been before leh. Whoever who've been there, don't 'sia' (lure/tempt) me. =(

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is this how CNY should be?


That's me with my aunty hair looking at my eldest sis fixing the 'chai'.

Ah Ma's offerings to our ancestors and god I think.

As my eldest sis had to work and we finished mopping the floor late, we did not go to my dad's place for reunion dinner. Instead we had our reunion dinner outside. Nope, not restaurant. Not even hotel. We went to eat Nasi Kandar for our reunion dinner. Actually, my family never had reunion dinner la. We don't practise that. =P So Nasi Kandar was it. Then we went back to our old house, grandma made offerings, sis and I just hang around our house and our neighbour's.

Me in my new baju and pants on CNY eve.
It says Little Miss Bad! =P
The old house where I stayed was much 'lau juak' (meriah, happening) compared to my current place. So we had fun looking at fireworks and people playing firecrackers. Saw many of the youngsters that I've been seeing since young and gosh, we've all grown up and going on REALLY different paths.

The super bising firecrackers. Imagine standing there with these firecrackers blasting off one after another as other neighbours too join in the fun and play more of them. Deafening.

CNY Day 1
My house deco. So red!!!!I like. =P

I love this area. Love the flower!!!
Wake up pretty late as relatives will be visiting our place and not us visiting them. And to think that most of my relatives are not a morning person and having almost half of them sleeping at 6am cause they went around 7 temples to pray, I guess waking up at 10.30 was pretty safe. True enough, the only one who came by early was my dad. We waited until about 12 before one aunt came with my cousin-Anna. Then the next batch was 6.30p.m.
Pao and I.

So basically my sis and I played pictionary the whole day, eat, watch television and even slept. When we woke up, we continued playing pictionary. That's how our first day went by. Cool huh?

CNY Day 2
As for today, my second sister woke me up at 7.50a.m to go to Botanical Garden with her. Yes, on the 2nd day of CNY, we went exercising with hundred over people. All who probably stuffed themselves with too much food on CNY eve and CNY day 1 and decided to burn some fats.

I doubt I burned any since I still got huge tummy but yes, it was a good work out. =))

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Say yay to new clothes!!

I am going to do the traditional everyone-has-done-it thing and wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year!!

1. Collect lots of ang paos k??? And keep them in the bank or hide them in places people can't find. I learnt this the hard way kay?

2. Indulge first, diet later. =P

3. Wear all the new clothes and buy more after that cause finished wearing already. =P

4. Chill and watch more TV. Especially to those who will have to go back hostel and be deprived of television's presence after this one week.

5. Do your assignments. Damn potong steam. But..

Ok la.. Happy CNY!!!!!!! =) No pictures cause I lazy. House not yet finished decorating. After we finished I'll take a picture okay? =)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The day I became a beautician

WAKAKKAKA. A beautician without beauty or licence. =P But I was given a some sort of long explanation by a beautician and since I am going to share my knowledge with you all, I shall call myself a beautician as well. For the next 5 minutes. =P

I am going to talk about the two products I heard of recently. I have another batch of facial products that I heard of the other day but I will blog about this first!!

D'sance is a new product brand that I've tried the other day. I've been getting comments that my face look a bit 'chan'. Perhaps cause my face tarak itu glow. Like very dull like that. So when I was introduced to this Radiance Créme, I decided to give it a try. My eldest sister and my aunt each bought one too cause this Radiance Créme can help to remove 'or pan' or freckles too.

D'sance's Radiance Créme 10ml (RM148)

- Aloe vera, jojoba and grapeseed helps in cell renewal.

- Give your face glow so that your face is not dull. Some people have great features but somehow, their face are a little dull.

- Grapeseed, pineapple extract, lemon extract dsbnya makes it suitable to even sensitive skin.

- Is good to reduce "or pan" (hokkien) or freckles.
- A bottle can last you 3 to 4 months since you only dab a little. It cost only RM148. So kira-kira less than RM40 a month.

D'sance's Rose Water 60ml (RM48)
- It has healing purpose for those with scar but the Radiance Créme can do a better job in that.
- Helps to create glow on our face. Many of us have dull face and we need to make up to look less tired. This product is good to create glow which is something I really need now. Boo
- Works as hydration water as well. Best for those who always get to be in air-cond room (chieh)
- For better effect, use it with Radiance Créme.

Can ask me anything here or email me at la. =))

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

As I grow older

I guess I know the world do not revolve around me anymore. Somehow, deep down inside, I rather sacrifice, so that the rest will be happy.

I am sad. I was happy but... All I want is for everyone to be happy. Even if that means I have to sacrifice for it. I need everyone to be happy.

More often than not, my family or even some of my friends will scold me for allowing myself to be in such situation but if you were in my shoes, I bet you'll do the same. Unless of course there's only one person who'll be correct at all times and that person is you, yourself.

Give and take, that's what we need. That's what we really really need.

I wish I can go back now. Take care of the people around you.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I think I am an ant-eater my past life

If not how come wherever I go, I got ants with me? My house got like billions and billions on ants like we are living in their city like that and now I got ants crawling all over my table at my hostel.

Can you believe it? My hand was on my mouse and then I felt something. WHAT THE ?!! Got ants crawling on my hands just because I did not move my hand on top of the mouse. Madness.

I dare not find the source of the ants because I scared I'll see corpse of a stupid lizard or something.

And then again, maybe the main and only reason I got ants wherever I go is that I am sweet. =P *turns on metal skin mode*

ps: You know what day is today? It's MONDAY!!!! And tomorrow?? It's TUESDAY!! It's not just Tuesday but TUESDAY!!!! I am going to McD tomorrow with a bunch of my coursemates and then comes Wednesday and it's not just any Wednesdays cause we'll go paint Captain Ball League's flag. Then it's Thursday and it's not just any Thursday cause I AM GOING HOME!!!!! I love uni. =P

Sunday, January 18, 2009

How to keep yourself going?

Especially when assignments are piling up like mad and you have insane time table. I know most of my friends are having crazy time now juggling between classes and assignments. The only thing that kept me going is the thought of going home. For those who cannot go home, I guess for now CNY holidays is the thing that kept us going.

So...I am booked on the 4th day of CNY. Yes, satu. yat. ee. chit. uno. one day only. T.T

And after CNY, only got 10 more weeks before we can finish sem 2!!!!!!! I know, 2nd year will be worst but then, I don't enjoy this sem lar!!!!! And I know I'll hate many other sems too cause this course is getting on my nerves now. I don't exactly enjoy what I am doing but it pays well.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Of Vivian's house

Small talk: Not to be rude to post this in a post that is titled " Of Vivian's house" but this one is classic!!!!! Canto swearing. Look for the last line. Too horrible to translate....BWAHAHAHHAHA...

You can call me 'sampat' or mempersiasuikan. I don't care. All I want to say is, THE HOUSE SHE DECORATED FOR WAS INSANELY HUGE AND PRETTY!!!! I've seen the house before it was renovated (another unit) and I've seen the one she decorated. Really, she turned that place into a more classy and expensive look, not that it doesn't look expensive or classy on its own. That freaking place worth more than a million k?

This is the grand entrance (pun intended). We were walking around the house and we went to the maid's balcony area (yes, they have maid's balcony) and we can see the house below it. That's when you'll know that not all big house looks classy and grand and expensive. Even if that place cost millions. You really need interior designer's help. If you can afford that house, I'm sure you can afford ID lor. It's like you see a hotel's entrance and a flat kinda entrance. Such vast difference.

The 5 year old girl's room. She got a HUGEEEEEE wardrobe that she doesn't even need with a toilet. SHE HAS HER OWN TOILET OKAY? And gosh, look at that Cinderella looking bed. And that lip shape chair, and that light, and that curtains. Sigh. Why am I not rich?

LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS LIGHTS AND CURTAINS!!!! She has my dream room. I hate her whoever she is. =(

Gosh, my princess bed. T.T

I KNOW, so selamba-ly sit on people's chair and take picture some more. =P

The dining area. THIS IS A FREAKING SHOW ROOM K? I mean the style. The kitchen is like the one you see on television where there's a bunch of ladies pretending to make salad and praise the fridge like it has a brain and a soul on its own.

The living area. And my CG members. They are sure young at heart. Or I am old at heart. No la, the former la though Wei Wei will say it's the latter. Tsk. Heartless. LOOK AT THAT CEILING AND LIGHTS. T_T I thought hotel and restaurants will put such lights only. And the chair, it's solid alright? You can hear the waves from here. No wonder some of my CG members almost fall asleep.

The walk-in cupboard. WALK-IN CUPBOARD! I am not even greedy okay? I only ask for a normal-buy-from-the-shop cupboard. And they got a walk-in cupboard with a make-up table. MOU TIN LEII ARRRR.

The bath tub where you can see the sea on your right. You can mandi and tengok laut sekali.

My sis and I and another CG member. She was taking a picture of the sauna. Yes, they have sauna in their own home.

More of our shots because the mirror is just so big.

My final take of the toilet. They got two sink alright? Nicer than hotels. =P

A closer shot of the dining area. The maid is going to have a hard time cleaning the chair.

And finally, our CG members. Our CG was on the 16th and 17th that night. We were about to go home when suddenly they say, "LET'S GO THE COVE!!!! SEE THE HOUSE VIVIAN DESIGNED FOR." We are sure random.

I had to put this up. OMG ECX WON THAT BATTLEGROUND!! Other than because the leader was so attractive and gosh, talented people are simply irresistable *like linyuzhong*, they really got me interested and chasing this show every single week. I mean I am not a dance kinda person. I am more to the singing-competition kinda person because I know crapshit about breakdancing or hip hop let alone popping and locking which was pretty new to my dictionary. But really, these few groups got me wanting to watch more and more of them. They might not be the handsome-to-death who make heads turn but they were talented alright? You cannot deny their talent, you just can't. Those who have missed Battleground '08, I think you really should try to watch the replay or something. IT WAS AN INCREDIBLE SHOW.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I am home already

Actually I came home yesterday night. I wanted to stay in Fajar till today before coming back but it was so hot, I was so depressed.

But it's the lizard that hit the jackpot woih. I was doing my assignment, feeling hot and lonely and I spotted IT.

THAT HUGE LIZARD!!!!!! I was terrified I almost cried. Don't say I am a chicken la. I am like 100 times bigger than the lizard but I have scary encounter with them and I really CANNOT stop feeling scared. So I called my mum and asked her to fetch me yesterday. So here I am, doing my assignment at the comfort of my own home while watching Journey to the West on Astro.

It's amazing how it feels that time passes so slowly. It used to fly past just like that last sem. Okie dokie, I will go do my assignment and finish up my sister's worship songs for tonight. Then I can go kai kai when she's back. =)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Have you ever felt like a survivor and a weakling?

And I mean you have that feeling together.I have just survived a 6 hour class today. Before this I only had 4 hours class on Wednesday but this week two of my tutorials started and so I got 6.

I've been out there going from one class to another since 11. I don't know why but my brain seems to be tepu already and I cannot take in anymore information after that. I decided to skip PraySing cause my head is spinning is BT 156 is super alien for me and I don't know how to get there.

I am Queen of Sesat-ing even when I go to places I always go whatmore this place that I've never heard or been before? I am slowing regaining my brain cells now. Most of my classmates too have that many hours of class and I'm the only one who seems to be so worn out.

I feel like I am so weak compared to them and I ought to be stronger la. I cannot continue complaining cause everyone else are not. I mean everyone else are MUCH more busier than I am and here I am complaining. It's so frustrating that I can't complain nor be sorry for myself because I am counted as lucky already.

I want to go home la~~~~

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am still struggling to get through the week

And they say year 1 is nothing. It's when you get into 2nd year that your head will burst.

I think I won't have the chance to wait till 2nd year. By then the pieces of my brain would scatter on the ground that even maggots come and eat them and gone already. T.T

I think it's all because of synonymy. I can never find a synonymy that I am confident enough that it's correct and not worried about it. It's like it seems like it is. But then again, it doesn't seem right kinda thing and I am not being fussy. I found my transposition and modulation just fine okay?

I even mispelled struggling.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I hope I can stay sane till CNY

We have 2 assignments that we must hand in before CNY, many assignments given to us but we will only have to hand in on February but still!!!!!!!

I don't know why but this semester seems to be squeezing my creative juices and all my energy out from me. I self-declare that I am a weakling. =( I hope I can stay sane and intact till this whole sem is over. Life seems to get harder and I don't think I am ready for all these yet.

Basically now I have 5 homework that I have to finish by next week and it's only the second day of the week. I have another two days to know if my homework remains at 5 or will increase. I have one book review to do, one assignment on some creative thinking shit to do. Let's pray that I can pull this off man.

I don't have time to relax also. I got back at 5.30 today, bathed and have dinner till 6.30 and I took an hour off cause I'm so worn out. I have to work on my assignments now and hopefully, hopefully I'll be able to go to bed early today.

at 10.21p.m., I've just completed one draft for my assignment that I have to pass to my coursemate tomorrow, my English work for tomorrow and almost finished preparing for my presentation on Wednesday. You might think it's nothing but I've been working on it since 7.40p.m. and just now when I was doing it, my brain almost burst. T.T

It's like I put too much stress on my huge head, petite brain. I am going to rest until 11 and see if I want to continue with another assignment. Just get it started.

Now I know why when I am back home, I prefer to stay at home and not ronda here and there. I am exhausted. I hope I can make it till Wednesday and relax~~

Thursday, January 08, 2009

The day I become a 'shakes' lover

The shakes I mean here is Usana's Nutrimeal la. I had quite a few hits and misses with shakes.

I tried Sunseed or something like that and that one was okay. Then I've had a few other chapalang brand that really, yucks!!!!!!! I even tried Herbalife but I am not a big fan for that.

It's super obvious lor. I mean when I found out Usana's Nutrimeal finish already, I no mood want to go make ice-blended Herbalife. =P

And usually people will think, walao, shakes or replacement meal, damn sad one leh. But if it taste like ice-blended chocolate then it's another matter altogether right?

I never thought I will be so happy to drink shakes in the morning lor. Even back then, with Sunseed, there are times when I just don't feel like drinking. I will choose to skip. Or the final bits gets me gagging.

But when I drink Nutrimeal, I some more suck suck for more. Anyway, I should give you some basic idea about this Nutrimeal thingie la.

It's best for DIET or RESET which is something like detox la.
It is high in protein and calcium, has low glycaemic index, contains fibre so that you can pang sai, and has vitamins and minerals.

Ini brand overseas. So I think it's very reliable lor. Besides, the bestest part about it is, IT TASTE FREAKING GOOD!!!!! Especially if it's cold or u blend it with ice. Heaven I tell you. Taste even better than the ciplak RM3.50 ice-blended chocolate you have outside.

I lain kali promote itu Fibergy cause I belum try. Sis just bought it and if it's good then I promote sekali la. But woi seriously, this thing over here is super good!!!!!

Especially if you want to diet. At least your diet plan won't fail cause this one is yummy!!! If not when you want diet, think of that sad food also tak lalu already.

Anyway, tomorrow is a happy day cause I am going home. Go home get to drink ice-blended Dutch Chocolate.

For more information or to order Usana's Nutrimeal, you can either e-mail me at or my sister at .

I am stuck in the library.

I actually have one class only today which is from 9-11 am and it's right opposite my hostel. Then why did I walk all the way to the library which is about 5 minutes walk instead of going back to my room which is like 1-2 minute walk? I have to give allowance of 1 or 2 minutes cause I have to cross the road. If you know me well enough, I suck at that. T.T

Anyways, I cannot go back to my room yet because the people there are fixing a steel bed for us. Good, now my roommate can hear all the squeaking sound I make when I twist 'n turn in bed every night. I don't know why they want to change it into the steel one. I suggest they change our mattress and not the bed frame. Seriously.

So right now I am a homeless person and I am going lunch with Yi Lin at 1p.m. After her class. I am hungry already. =(

Yesterday we had fire drill. I sempat change pants some more. =P

The end of my boring post. I wanna post about this shake I am drinking. Later when my room is done. Imma post about it. YUMMY!!!


T_______T The room is dirty like siao. I will probably take picture of the condition of my room some time next week cause I don't have a camera with me. =) I had to sweep, mop, wipe. It's even dirtier than the first day I came. And I am so worn out now. It is supposed to be my day to relax k?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Oh the joy

Of sleeping before 12 and waking at 9.

I love my Wednesday. But a long day ahead. =) Just an hour break in between classes.

Everyone is enjoying their life in their respective uni and I ought to enjoy too. Let's just start off with the social-life reviving plan first. =P

Anyways, the plan to keep my budget below RM5 is somewhat successful. I have been spending roughly about RM5-6 every day for my food cause I can't control the price that the aunty want to charge right? And I've been diligently eating lots of vege and loving it!!!! Let's just hope I don't start to have self pity cause I see other people eating meat and fish and other yummy food while I eat veges, veges and more veges to keep my budget low.

Let's pray too that I won't gain weight. T_____T Damn scared. If cannot lose I not that sad, gain la yang sedih.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

When a stone was asked to be creative

After writing about 4 paragraphs of the similarities and differences between sounds that animals' produce and human's language, I am now facing the computer, thinking of 5 names for soap products.

T_________________T I actually kinda like her creative ways on asking questions to make the class interesting but I guess I only enjoy the part where people are creative and I'm just there, sitting and staring and admiring. I am the last person in the whole entire world that you would call creative or interesting or whatsoever. I have lousy arts skills, a kindy kid can draw much better, I don't have any creativity in writing stories or interesting speeches or being interesting myself.

I hope this will help me to unleash the creative part of me and OH, my lecturer opened the written task segment for us to submit again today. Thank Lord. Now I have to go and think of 3 more soap names.

I put Hunny Moon and Aloha Burst. T.T Haih, have to go and make a fool outta myself now. Baiz.


I added 3 more. Berrilicious, Lemonice and Cupcakes. Baiz.

Monday, January 05, 2009

I want cry liao!!!!

My lecturer put some assignments and homework on the website and I did not see them because I am noob like that and I am quite lost in the website. Mana I tau got assignment??? Boohoo. When I see don't have pun. Or I thought they are all the same??? BOOHOO...

And hor, there's this writing assignment that we must hand in by 10 tonight. When I read about it, it was approximately 10.06p.m. T_______________T

And the ELLS students are participating actively in the forum but I did not cause I cannot think of a smart think to write there. I hope she allows me to write tomorrow cause creative juices like this must be squeezed out. Especially when mine does not produce much juices.

And I rushed through the quiz and got 7/10. Haih, I am such a terrible student la. I guess I have to go find the lecturer tomorrow and see if she will extend the due date. Furthermore, she asks questions that needed us to think out of the box and I have been a square person for as long as I lived. I only know how to read/answer whatever that is stated in the book or somewhere.

I guess I need to put on my creative cap. =P Must be full of dust now if it ever exist.

Adakah patut dia tumis sambal?

Ok la, I don't know she tumis what but she is definitely tumis-ing something.

In USM, we cannot bring electrical items such as hair dryer *I KNOW!!!*, iron, water boiler, rice cooker, toaster, microwave, aiya faham-faham sendiri lah~~.

Anyways, I ALWAYS see my seniors displaying their rice cooker or water boiler. I mean they put them in such a manner that you'll definitely see it when they open their door.

And if that's not enough, they won't use their rice cooker to cook things like super yummy maggie mee. They use their rice cooker to cook things like Indian curry, nasi lemak and the likes. And we all know how fragrant such food and how attention grabbing these fragrant smells are right?

And today, they made sambal tumis, AT 9AM! I am sure it's not from the canteen cause the canteen won't start cooking that early. While they are busy cooking their sambal tumis, ironing their clothes, drying their hair and boiling hot water, us juniors are so scared whenever we heard the word SPOT CHECK! You never grow out of it I guess.

Oh and if cooking and all that is not enough, some cook enough to even sell. T.T

ps: No picture of sambal tumis for you cause USM internet connection PMS.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

When to say shit?

- When that's what you want to do.
- When you fall down or drop something.
- When something taste like it (if you have ever tasted it la)
- When you beh syok something.

And finally,

- When this Friday is 9th of Jan and you have not done your assignments!!!!!!!!!

***UPDATED!!! Assignment is to be handed in on 19th and not 9th. BWAHAHAHHA. Paiseh only.

I am dead alright? Oh and I am pissed of with someone cause she sold me a 3rd hand book at an unbelievable high price and she tried to make me feel guilty cause I made a big fuss over it when I found out. WALAO EH!!!!!!! I respect and trusted you because I never thought you'll be so daring or tak tau malu to cheat a junior who DID NOT EVEN GO TO YOU TO ASK FOR THE BOOK!!! You came and offer me the book and I am supposed to SHUT UP even when I am SERIOUSLY CHEATED?

That's the first and the last time you are ever going to get your books sold cause NO ONE FROM MY YEAR OR THE YEAR AFTER WILL BUY YOUR BOOK!!!!!

I was ok before this but I am very angry now cause SHE PROBABLY EVEN EARN AFTER SELLING ME THE BOOKS.

I have never met someone as tak tau malu as that. Respect MY ASS.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

I forgot about Tang Yuan

Lol, I think I did mention that I want to blog about Tang Yuan but I forgot. So here it is. =P

This year after our Datin mogok makan, she fell sick and couldn't be the leader for this time's activity. Therefore the naib leader, my eldest sister took over and we made a mess out of it. =P Never trust a younger generation at this. =P

We started off with the white one and production line were all very efficient. Sometimes jammed a little but everything goes on well.

Then ta-da, second sis decided to put some peanut butter cause NO ONE EATS THE SMALL ONE LA *quote Pao*. Besides that, focus on the tang yuans. Look at how messily they are arranged. When our Datin is around, she made sure we put white ones with the white ones, pink with pink, yellow with yellow and stuff. But when the cat is away, the mice comes out to play. We will roll it and put it in ANY PLACE THAT IS EMPTY. We don't care la if it's the pink's territory.

Ta-da. Our campur campur tang yuan. Lol, looks so messy and inconsistent. Like us. =P Sekejap besar sekejap kecil. Some even got the peanut butter peeking out. =P No wonder Datin no eye see. We did not even use the ones we made to pray cause we broke some rules. =P Those who celebrate Tang Yuan should roughly know la.

Can you see the white one with brown spots? That's peanut butter ones. =P And this year's dough was very hard. Tak sedap. =( The aunty who made the dough tak pro la. Not us.
That's the end of our Tang Yuan celebration last year. I am glad I am home to do it with them cause I thought it's on Sunday night but last year they changed to Saturday night. =))


Friday, January 02, 2009

Someone messaged me

and told me that I left my book in DK I. I had a class there on Tuesday but MY BOOK? There? A notebook some more. Is it mine?

Because he said there's my name and phone number on the first page but I don't think I left anything there leh. Besides it has my name. I don't recall writing my name on any of my book this sem. And I don't recall leaving back anything in DK I.

I will go check it out later. Perhaps it's my friend's book since it's pretty absurd to write my own name and phone number on the first page. Damn syok sendiri like that. Whoever that Eugene person is, thank you.

Crap lor. Scare me only. HAHAHA.


It's my senior's book. So no admirer, no people arm luin me unfortunately. =P

I was thinking, poor Eugene, must have thought this Ping Ping girl is some hot chick. Future architect some more *my senior has all her papers and notes in there*.

Second day of 2009

It feels so unreal. I mean 2009 already!!!!!!! I hope I don't write wrong dates =P

Anyway, I don't know what my future lies ahead but I hope I don't screw up as much!! As I grow older, I somehow feel certain stuff no longer mean anything to me. To others, it's like a severe sickness cause YOU CANNOT NOT CARE OR THINK ABOUT IT but to me, it's just another phase in my life that I have enough. I've grown up/old. Take your pick!
Ah Win has left Penang island and is now in KL. She'll be going back to Labuan tomorrow and we'll have to wait another 4 to 5 months to see her. I wished I spent more time with her now. Boo. I hate reality, they sucks. =( To the rest who are still here, I think we should spend more time together cause I don't want to regret when one by one leaves Penang.

I LOVE THEM!!!!! And my eldest sister. Muaks.

Hee, hiding behind the menu. Siao po. =P

Camwhore. From every angle. I love this picture. =P

Seriously reading their menu cause they write in Hokkien and that's the best dialect in the whole wide world. =P At least to me. I simply love my own mother tongue so much, I wish I can see it more often. These pictures are taken in Perut Rumah. I love the environment and I think it manage to preserve the history in there. =)
Super random. I am just bored. =P