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Monday, April 30, 2007

The house

After months of house hunting, this is one of the nicest that we've seen. Others, bad surrounding, small rooms and not so good facilities. Pao, this is dedicated to you cause we need you to give your opinions. Might go to some other condo to have a look and keep you updated alright? Empat sekawan are invited to have a good look too. =) There's guard at every floor of the parking area leading to the lift.

The view from the road. Had to park outside as visitor's place were full

As soon as you walk pass the guard house, this is what you will see. Real fountains. Not like the one Swee Win do on the sink in class. XD

I skipped a few pictures along the way, but this is at the pool area.
The pool and chairs

This is the jacuzzi.
The pool and a small fountain.

The chairs along the poolside.

The barbeque pit
The gymansium. I did not go in cause there were people in there. It is opened 24/7
Beside the gym is the toilet. There's sauna in there and you can bathe right after you swim without having to go back to the house to bathe, so you can bring your friends back to swim and bathe without worrying the mess at home. Some more can sauna.
The view from the gymnasium. I was outside though.

The lift waiting area.

The three rooms are almost equally big. Master bedroom. Its smaller here than it appears in real life. Blame my bad skills.

Master bedroom toilet. Got bath tub

Got a sink too. =)

Ah Ma's room. Actually it is not square. There's some spaces behind the door and behind the wall. Can't capture the pic well.

Our room. We can put two single bed. In L shape. To maximise the spaces in the room.

The toilet beside our room. Also big.

The kitchen with a store room. Small store room only.

The living room and balcony.

The living room and balcony.

Outside, on the road, we got some visitors. Che's friend. =)


Tagged by Vege. Look for his link on my blog friends list la. So many tag don't want to tag me, tag me with this one. =(

Rules: For those who are being tagged, you are required to write a story about one of your crush, be it a current or previous crush. To be exactly different from the common tags, there is no questions imposed this time. All you have to do is to write a story about him/her. Also, five persons will need to be tagged at the end of the post. This tag is originated from Truly***Mic ( You must post up these rules before you start writing.

I do not have crush on people la. Okay, I like guys with strong jaws. And these strong jaws are defined by me. Heh. If people ask me, why you like him? I say cause he got strong jaws. You know Kevin from BSB? I used to like him. Strong jaws!! Anyway, when I was in Form3, I went to a camp. It is not a crush actually. That very year, almost the whole Emmoes went for that camp. So at that time, we were all choosing which Exco we like. So I guess that's how the whole thing happened la. I did not really had crush on him actually. Just that he had these strong jaws, he was humorous and he talked a lot. I guess because I enjoy talking, I like people who talks a lot too. However, he was among the not so handsome ones. Hah. There are several with real pretty boy faces. But I chose him because of his strong jaws. That's all ler. Never see him after the camp. He don't know me, I know him. End of story.

At that time, during the whole camp period, we actually sat down in our campsite and curi-curi peep at these Exco. I think the emmoes will remember who they like. =)

Sorry vege for such a short answer. =) I can't really remember the whole thing

1. Pao
2. Ah Shan
3. Wei Wei
4. Chen Seng
5. Alisa

Have I changed?

How much have YOU changed in the last 10 years ?

April 1 1997

1) How old were you?
8++ 6 days to 9

2) Where did you go to school?
Island Girls School

3) Where did you work?
In school. I was a prefect. We worked hard. XD

4) Where did you live?
My home la.

5) Where did you hang out?
Home, in the school bus, school.

6) Did you wear glasses?

7) Who was your best friend?
Angeline, Gowri, Wei Wei

8) How many tattoos did you have?

9) How many piercings did you have?

10) What car did you drive?
basicar. *bicycle. At that time I know one you know?*

11) Had you been to a real party?
Got got, my birthday party. It was real, with lots of goodies. =)

12) Had your heart broken?
Nope. =)

April 1 2002

1) How old were you?
13++ 6 days to 14

2) Where did you go to school?
SGGS in 2 Intan with June, Su Ling, Ju-Yen, Jennifer

3) Where did you work?
Still in my school. At that time, be office girl for Pn Tan Lay Leng.

4) Where did you live?
Still home sweet home.

5) Where did you hang out?
Home, malls in penang, arcades

7) Who was your best friend?
Diana, June, Su Ling, Angeline, Ju-Yen

8) Who was your regular-person crush?
Form 2? Don't have I think.

9) How many tattoos did you have?
None =)

10) How many piercing did you have?
1 pair

11) What car did you drive?
No longer a basicar. Because I do not know to cycle after a fall.

12) Had you had your heart broken?
Nope, too young to know that.

April 1 2007

1) How old are you?
18++ 6 days to 19

2) Where do you work?
In school. For Bowling Club, Rangers and Yoga.

3) Where do you live?
Still in my own house.

4) Do you wear glasses?
Yes.. =(

5) Where do you hang out?
School, library, home, Shan's house, sometimes at the mall.

6) Who is your best friend?
Emmoes, Bentengs, Empat Sekawan.

7) Do you talk to your old friends?
Yes, through MSN, in school, when hanging out. It feels just the same. Nice.

8) How many piercing do you have?
Still 1 pair.

9) How many tattoos?
None. I am not a fan of needles.

11) What kind of car do you drive?
A cute little red kancil. But heh, only sometimes.

12) Has your heart been broken?
Oh yes. =) And mended.

Forgot to tag people. XD
1. Shan
2. Wei Wei
3. Cheng Ling

3 enough la. Anyone interested to make this tag a siau one, please do so. =)

Just me.

Below is just a post where I venture the anger in me on Sunday and nothing else but extreme anger. If you do not want this to spoil your day, read this other days. =) I am not that angry anymore, cause I don't think I am at wrong. Well, I am not the president, so who cares if she gets screw up by the teacher?

Ok. First of all, the stupid school. What you mean by the table we took was the wrong table and if anything happen to the table, we must responsible for it. First of all, we took the table, walked all the way to the stupid padang which is so far away and we actually wake up at 6.30am on a Sunday morning to come to school and sell things to get money for the school. Is this a way to say thank you? It is a Sunday morning for God's sake. The day before, we even had to take MUET exam. Waking up early on Saturday and Sunday is fun is it? Because we have been in this school for 7 years, we tried our best to help and be there to give a hand and make this stupid money-eating activity a success. And here you are telling me that we have to responsible for that god damn table? Bullshit. And what you mean by if we cannot hit the sales target, we have to pay the money to the school? Isn't this mean that even if the sales were not good, the school will still get the amount of money that they expected to get? Is there logic in this? I mean we will try our best but you just have to accept whatever amount of money we earned from this isn't it? It is not that we are going to take the money or what. We get nothing for being so kaypo you know? I regret waking up so early on Sunday.

Then there is this 3 girls who made me explode on that very day. Of the 3 girls, only one I think has the right to talk to me with that tone. Wait a minute, she has the right to talk with that tone but not on that certain issue. Let's call them A, B and C. Okay, A is my club president, B and C are her best friends of other clubs and these 3 clubs are suppose to combine to make this thing work out. So the thing is, the drink which was suppose to arrive at 8.30am, was late. A did not buy straws, plastic bags and the drink was late. And she told us she got everything done the day before. So there we were, standing when others starts selling. Then the sir came and nag nag nag. As A was afraid of being nag again, she walked away. Yes, a president walk away from the stall when there's lots of problem. All she does was putting her gan cheong face but nothing was done.Her junior had to carry all those ice, my friend and I had to take the garbage bin, we had to settle the tins, we had to clean the table, put up the banners and stuff. We even had to call the person who was suppose to deliver the drinks and rush him. And we got the number from another girl, C and not our own president. Crap. And when he reached, she was nowhere in sight. My friends, none of us have high post, had to carry the drinks with the uncle. The drinks were hot and heavy I tell you. Then to our horror, she did not tell him that she needs the ladle. No one dared to enter the ERT room to get them from the teacher because they were afraid of getting scolded. At that time, all they were scared of were the teachers scolding for god's sake. So no choice, my friend and I had to go in, got ready to be scolded and asked from the teacher. Luckily the teacher was not angry and we got what we needed. When we come out, we started selling. Somewhere during the selling period, she came back and just act as though nothing happened and she was there all along, settling things. I was so angry when I asked her why there was so few members on duty. She told me, " Our club will be responsible for this shift. Because there's so few people on duty, that is why I am going to be in-charge for every shift." In-charge my ass. Where were you when the problems arose just now? Chickened out somewhere I think. So-called president. Some more dare to say as though she very mulia. But that was not the reason I burst. Let me go on with another two girls.

B was okay. She was there in the morning, her members started cooking and everything was okay. She did her things, everything was ready. The most organized one among the three. They were panicked as the drinks and the pies are not there yet. So I suggested that she go to the house of C and get the pies. The important thing was the pies at that moment. So she went and everything was alright. I even helped B to sell her things when the other two items were not there yet.

C was horrible. She reached the school late. Around 9 something I think. We were suppose to be there at 7.30 and there she was, at home, cleaning her house. I really don't understand these people. Are they responsible enough? Luckily B went to get the pies and soon enough, she came too. B's member were also very independent and they can do things without B.

Okay, time for me to burst. They decided to sell 3 things as a set for RM6. It is cheap because club A will get RM1, club B RM3 and club 2 RM2. And according to A, we have to hit target sales of RM1500. That means, we had to sell 1500 packets of drinks. And with the size of package my friends were packing, it is impossible to reach that target. Therefore, a few of my friends told A that we must sell at RM7 per set. At least the club will get RM2 instead of RM1. And the only thing she said was, it is so expensive. I mean everything else there are expensive. This is a food fair for god sake. Nothing is cheap. She was busy kaypo-ing around and since we told her bout it, we thought it is alright to sell at RM7. We even told her when we wanted to change the price on the menu. She said nothing. So silent is consent, no? We started selling and everyone was alright with the price.

Then Diana came and asked coupons from me, so as I was passing the money to her, C asked me to give change to a girl. I told her there's no change. And she started scolding me for not setting aside money for change. First of all, we are suppose to seal our tins so it is understandable that there's no change. Then two people had to take care of 3 tins that were not sealed. You think we can handle so many things? Attending to the customer, handling the 3 tins, dividing the money into the tins when people buy in set and keep an eye on the money that are suppose to be kept for change. If someone took the money, who will they blame for the missing money? The person who took care of the money right? I was angry already at that time. And my aunt and mum came and they started talking and then A and B in unison scolded me and me only for changing the price. I mean not that I want them to scold my friends, but I was already angry. A was stupid enough that she don't see the point of selling at RM7. B and C have nothing to do with the RM7 because even at RM6, they will earn just as much. But A will be earning less. I guess what she was thinking at that time was she wanted to show her power. Her power of being in charge but running away like a chicken when something happened. Whereas for B, isn't it rather inconsiderate to think of your own club and not the club of your so-called close friend? I was very angry at that time and my aunt was getting on my nerves, so I burst, took my things and left. I felt that it was useless to help them since they did not say a word of Thank You when we were there to help them and started scolding me when they felt that their power was being challenged. I guess I am hopeless in working with others.

My sis started teasing me that I can never be a Event Organizer, a writer or a journalist or worst still, not even a teacher because I cannot control my anger. I so need an anger management class. =( But I hate these 3 to bits and I hope that they do not hit the sales target and get screwed up by their teachers. *pray* This is me, I will only be good to people who are good to me. If you step on my imaginary tail, you are so dead.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Down lately

No, not down as in down syndrome. Lately been feeling a little weird. I don't feel like doing what I always do, don't feel like doing much, been really emotional as in cries very easily * I actually cried while watching tvb drama just now.* , been feeling really tired and feels like giving up at any point. I suppose I am reaching the peak point according to my MUET textbook and I don't know any ways to distress. Actually, the main problem is that even though I can distress, it'll come back in a snap. And then I will go through all the I-wish-I-am-dead process again. I hate that feeling and I hate feeling that helpless. It makes me moody, makes me lose a lot in life. I don't want to be like that. But can I fight STPM without feeling this way? It may take me about 8 days to complete STPM. 8 days at least and I am hoping that I can fight this like a man girl. I am feeling all the giddy giddy nausea thing again. It is scary, seriously.

Can suggest ways of keeping stress at a healthy level? Share your experiences with me. Lately, many things happened and it is breaking me down even more. Seriously, I am even breaking down because of some reality show contestants didn't make it through. And I have been really worn out. I mean I dream every single night, mostly a forgettable dream or worst still, night mares. I wake up in the morning feeling like I have not been sleeping, having dark rings around my eyes, I rarely have that. There are nights when I can't sleep and have been thinking a lot. Thinking is not a good thing for me because I tend to think of rubbish that I should not even be thinking. Consequently, I have been late for school pretty often lately. I hope any SGGS prefects read this and forgive me for being late, stress is catching up with me. =(

When I am unhappy, I enjoy listening to songs. Chinese ones. And if you are also into Chinese songs, you would have known that they have lots of very sad and touching songs which triggers my tear bud. I am close to crying and I just don't like it. When I feel sad, I tend to hop onto my bed and sleep. Even if I can't sleep, at least I can drop a tear without being questioned by people. I hate being questioned. I am not dealing with my stress well and I am not ashame to shout out loud that I NEED HELP!!! =(

Friday, April 13, 2007

My List.

We are all on our way to be famous. Well, maybe a little bit more famous than we are now. The purpose of this My List thing is to help Malaysian bloggers gain exposure and ranking. It helps to improve Pagerank and Technorati rank of Malaysian blogs. Although I read it thoroughly unlike Mr. Itchy, I still do not really understand. =( I just do whatever this blog says. Don't know correct or wrong. Just follow blindly. Let's hope it is the right way because Ping Ping wants to be famous!!! XD

My List Participants

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Fame is just a click away. =) So, let's be famous.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Benteng rocks,

Emmoes rocks too. =) Bentengs is my form6 clique. I love them to bits. They got me present, not buy, but made me a present. I love it. It will be the first deco up my wall when I move into new house alright? I really love them and I am really thankful to meet you guys. Emmoes and Bentengs are the best things happened to me after my family. I enjoyed your company so much that I start to wonder how I will pull through my Uni life without you guys. I hope any one of you can be with me in Uni. Then I would be so so happy. =)

Anyway, Emmoes are my form 3 till now clique and I love them to bits. However, today's topic is on Bentengs. I felt something was fishy for a week already. They started giving Annie their personal pictures but they did not ask from me. Its either I am no longer in Bentengs or they are doing something behind me. Then they started passing around papers and Annie started asking things from Win. NO ONE ASKED ANYTHING FROM ME!!! ='( Anyway, I thought my birthday is over and I guess they are not doing a present for me like how they did for Cheng Ling. Hee, the perasan me stopped being so perasan. So I go to school like normal, kacau Win like normal, laughing like normal until they don't even let me open Annie's wallet. I mean if you get to hold a friend's wallet, a close friend, sure open one right? Swee Win was so panicked when I wanted to take the wallet. I feel something is fishy again. I started complaining that they are doing something behind my back and stuff. Then Shan asked me to go toilet with her. I followed her. When I got back to class, teacher was in there already, I hurried to my table and started taking out graph papers. Then she gave us questions and I have to clear my table to do my work. My table is always in a mess. I realized that my table is extra messy today. XD Imagine, a messy table is extra messy today. No eyes see. Anyway, I realized something is on my table. A green box. What is that green box doing on my table? *will put up the picture of the box later, have not taken the pic*. I opened it and tada! *update with pics later. Lol, damn potong steam*

So they did me a present and I love it. I love the pictures and it will definitely be one of the deco in my room. Go till where oso bring ok? Hee. Anyway, this is the present

Front view is their picture *don't mind the messy room*

Back view is the messages. Fits my deco plan which I have in my head. =)

I am so lucky to have all of you in my life, to color it, to add spice in it. I guess I did good deed the past life. Love you guys. =)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sushi Outing

Our school had been the host for the Chess Competition recently and there are guys all over our school. It is really weird and hard to have guys in your school when all your life, you grew up in an all girl school. Anyway,I brought illegal things to school and so I had to keep them in Annie's car. Decided to go Sushi King with Shan and Win after school as there's promotion on. All on the belt at RM2 per plate. We were rushing like mad. Actually, I was rushing like mad. Running from the class to find Annie, got the car key, run to the car, get my stuff, run to Annie and return her the key, run with Win to find Shan Shan, Win led me to the wrong way, and then run back to find Shan Shan. It was a runny day. Hee, ignore my language. Anyway, Win bought karipap and we shared one karipap before going to Shan's house. Got to her house, bathe, run like mad again, changed, run down to her car and she drove us to Prangin. Her dad sat beside her.

My model-Swee Win. With her sushi

Reached Prangin, look into Sushi King, I love empty Sushi King. It wasn't too crowded and we made our way to Sushi King. Sat down, started eating. RM2 on the sushi *rice-based*. Win was acting rather crazily. No Sam, I did not take much on the food because we were busy comparing which sushi is bigger. *Win's idea.* Our eyes were on the belt and nowhere else. =P

Just like this. Hee. See? She did not eat the one she took and she was eye-ing on more sushi. Like they are free. =.="

We ate bout 7 plates each and we were too full to continue. Probably because we were laughing too hard at Swee Win's lawak acts. We then left Sushi King for a short shopping. There's nothing more attractive to Win than advertisement banners for food outlets. If you are a Penangite, I am sure you've been to Prangin. If you noticed, they have all those banners with pictures of food, their menu and stuff right? That was what caught Win's attention throughout the whole time we were in Prangin. She will go, " Ah, I want to eat this. Eh? Sure don't want to go to eat tom yam? Hey, they sell this, I think sure tasty one." Tell me, where to find such a cute friend? XD *have to put this else she will scold me for putting up her pictures*

Swee Win with all our plates. Yummy.

Then my mum came and they left shortly after that. It was a great outing and I love mixing with Win and Shan. If Cheng Ling went, we would be the empat sekawan. Bentengs rawks!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Presents presents presents

Got a present from Su Ling today. Wan Mei passed it to me. It was a lovely pink pencil box which I will never put a pencil in it. Am thinking to use it as something else. Pencils and pens will make my pink pencil box turning black. I love it. It is from Extreme and I guess Su Ling patronize that shop quite often lately. I can suddenly feel that we are all grown up. We used to chip in like RM 5 or RM10 per person to get a present especially for Emmoes. We used to grumble if we have to pay too much. Things are so different now. We used to think that if there's party, there's present, no birthday celebration, no present. No matter how we love and enjoy mixing with each other, that was what we thought is the right thing to do. When I found out that Su Ling got me a present despite no invitation to any birthday party whatsoever. Life is pretty hectic lately and I don't even have time to gather my friends for a birthday eat out. If I can go, I have some other friends who currently are taking some exams in their college. It is so hard to get everyone together. I have yet to plan any belated birthday party. I have no time for it. It sounds funny coming out from me. Anyway, I was really surprised to get presents from Win and Su Ling because they are the members of Emmoes and this is the first time I think, I get personal presents from them. Will treasure them like my baby, I promise. Again, thank you Su Ling from the bottom of my heart.

My pretty in pink pencil box. Love it. So pink and pretty. Me likey.

So nicely wrapped up present.

So after school I went to mum's office and we left shortly after that. We went to pass some documents and headed to the Padang Tembak post office. If you have remembered bout the surprise my second sister gave me in the previous post *click here*, I went there to collect the parcel she sent. I reached there slightly before 4 and got my parcel.

My parcel. All the way from NZ. Safely reached Penang on the 5th of April and safely in my hands on the 10th of April. =) I don't think the postman touched it. Thank you Mr. Postman.

I found things that I like in there. It is really touching to see them because it may be random but it shows that my sisters actually do listen to me when I tell them what I want even during normal shopping outing. They listen and they remember. I love them so much.

Things in the parcel.
:: Two boxes of jelly powder which I love. My sis say NZ's jelly powder is nicer. Hee
:: Two boxes of dessert powder, Vanilla and Choc. Who want to try? I cook then I belanja you guys. I love the cooking part.
:: MISO SOUP!!!!! I tried looking for them in Penang but I can't find those in small packages like this. I love MISO SOUP!!!
:: A homemade ice-cream powder or something. I am so excited to try that. Never tried cooking ice-cream on my own.
:: Three gorgeous looking necklaces. Though my photography skills might make it look less attractive. But I love them. Did I miss anything?
:: A love letter. Not the biscuit. Is a real love letter from her. So sweet. I love them all. Have yet to try any of the things yet. Who wants to try the stuff? =)

Back to the presents. I only take pictures of the two necklaces because another one seem to have a very thin chain and it keeps getting tangled up. Mum is still figuring out how to fix it. This is why I was so tired that day. Couldn't even update my blog. I spent 2 and a half hours fixing it and it got tangled up within minutes. I love the crown, the skull, the whole necklace, but the chain, so lembut. Will try to fix it and wear it. Love you Pao, thanks for the prezzie. I was and still am definitely showered with presents, love, hugs and kisses. Love them all.

ps: If you think you saw the necklaces before then yes, you did. They are from Diva. But mine are from NZ Diva. Still cost a bomb and my sisters spent a lot for me. Thank you darlings. =)

pps: My mum is so funny. She insisted on buying me things. The conversation was short but funny.

Mum: I want buy something for you.
Ping: What you want to get for me?
Mum: Bracelet maybe?
Ping: But I got lots of bracelets already. And I do not find any new bracelet that I wish to have
Mum: But then I want you to take picture of the presents I give you and post in your blog. Pao and Ying's presents are in there. *making her muka merajuk*

Lol. So I think blogging is good. I can get lots of presents like this. Hee

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Post birthday.

Note: I have updated the 3103 is love with pictures. Click here to see them. Leave comments ya? The best feeling about blogging is having people to leave you messages. So please, make me feel good about blogging. =)

Now that my big day is over, it is Ee Ming's big day pulak. Every year, when I stopped being excited over my birthday, he starts his. So yes, I wished him last night, when my day is over. Here again I shall say...

He doesn't read my blog either. Hee.

I am gonna thank these people.
Not in proper order.

108 . wah keong . wei wei . win . Diana . che . mum . dugong . ling ling . su ling . june . grace lim . ah shan!!!!!! . win’s mum . ju-yen . ewe yan . angeline . chih heng . jas lyn . ngiap ai . cheng ling . yi yin. ying mei. su ching. jin ping . shu xian . swee hong . wan yin . yi lin . cheng yee . sook yee . penny . hui min . illy . pao . Kelvin . Alicia . kah min . aunty puppies . kla hooi . ter ren . siang ling . yuh jen . cuddly . mae hoe . jia hui . michy. everlyn . ee ming . chen seng . shin sar . sevvy . aunty jean . ostro . hooi chen . kaising . karen . tracy . susan . gopi . mugun . julie . monkey cousin . uncle . aunt . sun *the gf * . phei chuin . sharon . ee ling .those who sent me friendster testimonials . those who came into my blog and wish me . those I forgot to mention . those who wished me in MSN . Thank you everyone. It has been a great day and a great week for me. Thank you cause I can feel the love!!! * to be updated still*

Special thanks to Diana, Win, Cheng Ling, Jas Lyn, Yi Lin, Ngiap Ai and those who wishes me many many many times on that day. And let me be tai sai . Thank you Diana for featuring me in your multiply blog. Thank you Win and Cheng Ling for the necklace and card. Thank you Yi Lin and Ngiap Ai for letting me play the Poke-The-*insert your name* game. Hee. Thank you Jas Lyn for keeping my Doreamon tupperware. Thank you Che for the cake, the presents and the lovely dinner. Thank you. Can feel your love from here already.

I shall re-update my Birthday list here. Check out if you got me what I wanted.

1. The Fahrenheit Book RM 39.90 from Popular. But I decided to make it my Mid Year Reward gift. So can cancel this out. =P
2. The hokkien book. The one got proverbs one. RM 20++, MPH
3. Ang Pow *lots of them* (got three quite big ones. =)
4. Surprises ( Lots of surprises. I am a happy girl. Eldest sis, Pao, Win. You guys rawks.)
5. Lots of love and huggies. *Got it from sis and mum*
6. One nice and a bit more expensive one bag. (got it from sister. read here.)
7. Birthday party with loved ones *friends and family* (Had one with family. Read here. )
8. Something that comes from the heart.

CD List.
1. Lin Yu Zhong's In the Rain
2. Eric Lim's Left Side.
3. The Prince Yul one. John Hoon
4. the list goes on...
What I did not list but I got.

1. The red necklace that I thought of buying myself
2. A Mickey watch.
3. Presents from Pao

Some pics update. Don't ask me why I got messy hair. I didn't know when I was taking the pic. Besides, messy or not, it is still me. =)

Yi Lin, Win, Me, Cheng Ling, Jas Lyn *behind*
*front* Cheng Ling, Win, *behind* Me, Yi Lin
*same as above*
Us with the banner for the gathering. Win, Cheng Ling, Me, Yi Lin

Us in front of the spiderman, superman, shrek, banner.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

My birthday

Well, the day started with a slight disappointment. I went to the post office but they were not open. My mum said its because it was the first Saturday and thus they won't be open. So we went to fetch Cheng Ling, get mum's thing and then go to school.Cheng Ling gave me a Birthday card and I love it. Cheng Yee shared the card too. I like Cheng Yee. She is very cute. Anyway, the message in the card was really sweet and as usual, very well written. As you know, Cheng Ling’s English is very the powerful. When we reach school, I was greeted with smiles by Ngiap Ai and Ying Mei. They wished me Happy Birthday and I went to see Illy at the front gate. There, she greeted me and made me listen to her oral. Then Cheng Yee and Sook Yee came and they wished me. This is so overwhelming because everyone starts greeting me. Swee Hong teamed up with few other friends and sang me a Birthday song. It is kind of shy for me but I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. The day goes by like that. Win was asleep when I called her. She reached school 25 minutes after 9. She came in with a present in her hand. For ME!! Another surprise of the day. She keep on threaten me that if I kacau her, she will take back my present. Eeee buruk siku mia. Lol. Siau kia lai. Anyway it was the red necklace that I wanted to buy with her. In the Abu’s family box that she once said she wants to buy for me. So sweet. It was wrapped in 4 layers of newspaper. She said her Mum helped her. Thank you Aunty Judy *or Julie*. Inside the Abu’s box, there’s lots of tiny little paper stripes with words. She wrote them and wanted me to rearrange it. Will do it soon. Thanks for the effort and the thoughts put in. I love it. Seriously, I wore it for dinner.

That girl that I say is pretty jeling me. So now she is not pretty anymore. A bit also not pretty. Hmph. Then at bout 11.40a.m, Shan came to school and we go find her. But she got no time to layan me also. So nevermind la. We left and enter hall again. The gathering was fun although we cannot enjoy our day cuci mata-ing cause they are all very young. Oldest also at the age of 17. I am already 19 on that day. So it is kind of weird to look at kids. Yi Lin say I tai sai on that day and I start poking people. I am scared to go back to school on Monday now. TT I hereby declare that my Birthday is 365 days. So I am tai sai every day and I am free from being poked by many many people. >=) It was a fun day. At least I get to spend it with some bentengs. Oh by the way, I got a card from bentengs on Friday. Made by Annie. I love it. =)

Went home, online a while and then got ready for dinner. By the time I am done, it was already 7.30p.m . We reached Pinktail at bout 8.00. My cousin, her girlfriend, uncle, another cousin, aunt all were there waiting already. We walked in and I got ang pows from my aunt and uncle. My grandma gave me at home already. We ordered our food and got served pretty quickly. Everyone was enjoying their own meal and Sun *cousin's gf* was nice. I mean I do think everyone in the family will start liking her soon. Luckily she is very friendly and cin cai, everyone kind of having nice things to say bout her. I guess we will just have to keep quiet and mind our own business. Especially when she is a not bad person. In the middle of our meal, we heard birthday song and someone brought a cake to a little baby. We clapped to the beat for him/her*to young to know the gender*. I was terrified already. Because the song has this line, " How old are you now? How old are you now?"

Hee. So as soon as we finished our meal, my cousin started singing.

" Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Ping Ping,
Happy birthday to you.
How old are you now?
How old are you now?
Are you 81?
Or is it 91?"

So embarassing kay? I mean he mentioned my name, and then ask me things like this. So shy!!! I can feel my face burning. So shy I tell you. He is a little loud and was kind of making noise pollution but it was fun. Heh, at least it was special right? Anyway, soon after that they brought me cake. And played that song. I made a wish, took some pictures and blew the candle. There's a scoop of ice-cream with a chocolate cake. Very tasty but we were very full already. We then went back to my cousin's place to cut cake. A love shape cake that was decorated by my eldest sister. It was kind of plain and she decided to decorate them. It was alright. The cherries were a little messy because my aunt insisted that my sister use chopstick to put the cherries on the cake. My eldest sister is famous with her no-chopstick line. She cannot use chopstick because she is left-handed. It was still nice looking though. Then I had another surprise. A piglet bolster from Sun. I had one last year but it is dirty already. I stopped hugging it because it has turned rather black. Heh. So ngam that she bought me a new one with the exact shape and colour I like. She is rather shy but hey, I really love it. So it is alright.

Went back and got a call from Lemon. He forgot my Birthday okay? So sad. But nevermind. Hah. Anyway, Swee Hong called and clear things up. That's the end of my beautiful day, my birthday. Now, picture time. in school hall 0704 morning.

Birthday present from win. Wrapped in newspaper.
From win, lovely box. I love it.
The necklace. Not made of pearl but it is really nice. And she took the effort to use glass paper to wrap them. Thanks win.

Abu's family box. Yes, Abu is a boy. And Win is the frog on the far right.

The cake from Pinktail. May not look as yummy as it taste.

My heart shape cake. Self decorated by sis. The cherries and tiny love is done by her.

Enlarge this and see the red circle. I put that. Hee. Nice leh? XD
Imperfection is beauty. All the fault of the chopstick. Hee

me.birthday cake.mummy.che. The rest busy watching tv. =.="
Given by Sun. I am keeping it in the closet. Will use it when I move into new house which is still nowehere to be seen. XD