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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The world will come to an end when....

a steel bird can fly, a steel snake can slide and steel tree can blossom. Huh? What la, why suddenly bird, snake and steel tree become the prediction of the dooms day?

I was told that this prediction was done years and years ago, way before development took place, when everyone were still having their "bomb" hair with damn ugly pants. -.- This prediction was done by a WISE MAN in olden days. -.- Apadeh.

Anyway, are you just as puzzle as me about those birds, snakes and trees? I was asking her, what is steel bird, steel snake and steel tree la?

So here's what.

Steel bird - aeroplane. Damn, can fly. *kena satu*

Steel snake - MRT or LRT. Damn, can slide. *kena dua*

Steel tree - Lamp post. Can light up, so can blossom? *die, kena tiga* (by the way, when she say blossom I thought lol, nowadays kan we have flower lookalike lamp post? =P)

Like that our dooms day are near? But then again, these things have been around for quite some time eh. If like that how? I not yet become rich, not yet pak thor leh. T.T I don't want die!!! I not yet finish watching TVB drama series la~~~ Ok la, damn potong stim la I.

So, you believe ar? I don't really believe lor. After all, those representations for the mentioned steel stuff are own assumption. Mana tau it's not those right? So, work la, what? Dooms day come don't want work ar? Want every day sit at the beach there see rubbish sun rise and set ar? Night time see hazey sky full of stars ar?

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