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Monday, May 12, 2008

Blogging, what it has made me into?

Sien, I miss not blogging for days and don't give a hoot about it. Nowadays, if you don't blog and put it on innit, your readers drop like mad. Aiya, I got no loyal readers ma. I mean not that much. Most also my family and friends. Don't have a bunch of bloggers who tak kenal siapa saya who comes and read daily.

Everytime I go online, the first thing I do is go to Nuffnang and check my analytics. And everytime it gets low, I get grumpy. =( But then what can I do? I cannot churn out interesting stuff to blog every single time. And even if I can, sometimes I am so caught up with friends and family, I got no time to blog about it.

And I realized I am so addicted to checking my analytics, I force myself to blog at times. And it's not helping lo. Imagine when I get back to Uni, I will not have that much time to blog and then what? Ah~~ Sien, I go bathe. Going out with friends later.

ps: Got tips how to keep your readers keep coming back to read? Ah Leng, mau tolong me? =P


Anonymous said...

*In a very kiddy voice*
Do like me! Do like me!
Leave comments everywhere in blogs that you visit!
Even better if you leave a constructive criticism or somehting funny

Mrs Chong said...

hey..thanks for the comment.. =) the only way I get to other's blog is through innit. easier and faster.