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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Updates for the whole week (Part III) - Prom

I was pretty lazy to update this but because my second sister called and I am guessing that she is very eager to see how I looked the other night although I was among the simplest one in the whole event. Yes, no gown or nice jewellery for this prom night unfortunately. I am not suitable for it.

So yea. The prom was on the 23/6, Saturday at Gurney Hotel. As the Queen of Datang Lambat, I reached late. I reached 15 minutes later than I promised. But I was not the latest. Win, Wan Mei, Annie, Ngiap Ai and Yi Yin was later. =P I wanted to fly there but it was rather impolite to wear my panties outside that day. So no Superman act. Yi Lin say I crap. Hehe. Anyway, got there, had some drink, and took lots of pictures. One by one I see my friends reach. So pretty. Like little stars shining brightly. Seriously, most of them wore gaun and I wish I can be like that at times. But I am me and I will always be special in my own way. *Just to console myself*

We went in at 8.00p.m and settled down. The seating was pretty bad as I mentioned in one of the post. We were practically shivering the whole dinner but we got a little warmed up when we were eating. I want to sit with them in any friend's wedding. So fun. =P I sat beside Shan Shan and Yi Lin. The food was alright. The performance did keep me entertained but it was the company that matter most. I do not mind even though that lucky draw is not mine because I had a splendid time. I am glad I went. I really got nothing much to say about the Prom. I am bad at this. =( But I really enjoyed looking at most of them. Oh so pretty. Even my classmates looked gorgeous. As for now, life resumes and we have to start studying again because trials and STPM are coming fast. Now it is already end of June and I only got four more months to get everything finished and in my head. Oh God, please help me. Pictures up...

The Empat Sekawan. If add Yi Lin then we are the Lima Wira or something

Bentengs with Yi Yin. =)

Bentengs and Yi Yin when we finished makan-ing and was singing.

Yam Seng!!!!! We actually did our own yam seng after that and everyone was staring at us.

The ballroom. I like the decorations. Blue and purple goes well. And please, I am talking about the balloons.

More pictures of the venue. Dark la I know. I lazy edit can?

The one and only food we managed to capture. The rest goes into the stomach before I can even click. So. First dish. =P

Us with the table number. Right after we take picture of this number, they called out for us cause we got the lucky table thingie. Lucky!!!! I was half shouting because I was quite blur.

This was how cold we were.

Us in the toilet. You can camwhore anywhere. =)
L-R Yi Lin, Shan Shan, me, Cheng Ling

Us under the star in front of the main door.

What's the use of attending Prom with star as their theme without having picture with the deco right? Win and I.

Next update would be the Xing Kong cast in Queensbay on Sunday.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Updates for the whole week (Part II)

Merentas Desa
This is going to be a long one. Seriously. Well, as usual, being the 'Queen of Datang Lambat' who gets 3 demerits already, my gelaran don't come easy. I was late for everything for god's sake. As long as it has something to do with school, I am late. I reached at 7.40 a.m I think. =P Luckily no prefects. Haha. Anyway, got there, meet up with the rest despite having flu and a little fever. Pinned my number like I am sure to get top what? 20? Took some pictures because we were the last to be send off running like maniacs. Like I ran hor? =P Anyway, I was well-equipped! Lol. No la. I was not. Not like Kenny Sia the pro runner. I brought my mp3 along only. To play Daniel's and S.H.E's song over and over again to push me walk faster. Yes, I walked! Anyway, we got super salty burgers to feed us after that. The monkeys had their feast too. Good. =P

Us, getting all ready to run!!!!!

See? We are walking all the way. Syok to the extreme.

Walk also tired okay? The road was steep. =( Long time no exercise. Can see from my size. =P Anyway, I couldn't even smile. Because I was merajuk-ing with the photographer la. They are our friends. We thought they are right behind. Mana tau, they stood there and take pictures, didn't walk also. Cis.

Us turning. Like this also they take. Dah-lah letih nak mati. Some more far. They take picture.

Oh finally, up the hill d. Can start to walk down. Yippie ya ya.

Oh definitely have to put up the super hero pictures.
We actually took risk when taking the picture okay? The monkeys were staring at us as though they are going to take our bags, we got one teacher actually saw us and started laughing. We risked our bags, our face to take this picture. But I love it. Look at how serious Swee Win was. =P
We are actually super heroes!!!!

Look at Win's serious face. Lol. Unleashing our power!

Okay, updates on the Prom and Xing Kong cast tomorrow. See? Don't want to online also cannot. Too late already. Need to rest. Been typing and chatting for hours. To feed your curiousity. This is how we looked like on Saturday. No, I did not wear a dress because I do not want to look like a dumpling. Dumpling season just passed. And yes, they are all super gorgeous. =)

Updates for the whole week

Note: A bad way to start my Monday. It rained like mad this morning, got there late just to find the class in darkness. No electricity. Helped teacher carry tables, got back class, lessons start. Then 1.20, off we went to the language lab to finish up the show Heaven & Earth. I kind of like it. I like the main actress. Pretty girl.

First of all, I found out that the so called individual lucky draw is not mine. How sad? It was not a hamper okay? Thank god it's not a mp3 or handphone, I will cry myself to sleep if it is. =P Anyway, because of my own carelessness and my own tak kisah attitude, my friend and I took the wrong ticket. The story is like this. One friend collected all 10 tickets to register for us and well, I did not remember my own number. The first time I saw that ticket was when they pass it to me and the last time I saw it was when I shove it into my handbag. No, I did not check the numbers and no, I did not write down my 'lucky' number like Yi Lin. So I just take whichever ticket that is left on the table after everyone took theirs. And it so happens that another friend of mine don't know her number either. So very the ngam we took the wrong one. She took mine and I took hers. Her friends to whom I passed the ticket to earlier realized that we got the wrong ticket and that means the lucky draw is not mine! So not lucky afterall. No wonder I did not bump into Xing Kong cast in QB makan-ing. =( Anyway, I am not that greedy la. Returning her the gift tomorrow. Kira I ambil on her behalf lor. =) Yippie ya ya. A bit shy though. =P

Yes, yes, pictures coming up. Lots of pictures actually. But then I can't possibly put all the pictures in here right? I mean there's like 5 days of pictures. You will go mad if you were to see each and every one of it. Furthermore, I actually put up the same picture in friendster. Anyway, just a brief update to keep my own memories in record. I love this whole week in fact.

Let's start with Tuesday.
Today, we decided to all go to Kepala Batas as the representative of our beloved school (whose prefects gave me another demerit for being late, AGAIN!) We entered only first two period and off we went to Kepala Batas. All ten of us went. Yes, Bentengs plus Yi Yin. Well, instead of selling products, we camwhore more I think. But nevertheless, we do work more than some of those juniors who went just to sit around and waste their time and skip school. So yea, we sold some products, camwhore a lot and ate a lot too. We bought jagung, some kind of jelly and we get free nasi kandar or something like that. So we ate at all the odd hours.

Then we go around laughing at people's presentation because they had this funny way to express themselves. So yea, we were pretty entertained. In fact, most of us are very satisfied with the amount of camwhore we did because we did so many crazy stuff together as a group. Fun I would say. Definitely worth the skip school and the Heaven & Earth show. =) Pictures. 5 only.
We took this in Kepala Batas on Tuesday which was 19/06. So warm. Love this picture the most.

I lose control when I see this little creatures. Too bad teacher just have to sell them at RM4.50 and no discounts. =( So no, I did not get them.

Pretending to work hard. Er, do we look like we are working hard? Shan's lappy. =)

And that's Wan Mei and Swee Win doing their rockstar thing. Cute bunch of people la.

The 5 Mutiara we get for the Ko-op. Got my reflection. lol. Shan taking the picture.

Wednesday was a day of boredom in school. Annie, Yi Yin and Swee Hong went to the Ko-op thing but we did not. I need to get the bowling board thing ready, so decided not to skip school. Besides, I can't afford skipping so many classes, I am getting real bad for my results already. Teacher's probably going to say that I talk a lot in class. For the past 16years, I think my mum is used to it. Yes, 16 years. I began this at the tender age of 3 or 4. Since kindergarten. I am such a senior in this talkative community. =P Okay, back to Thursday, our KK day.

Thanks to Swee Win and Yi Lin, I managed to get the board done. I was very nervous and thank god the whole Benteng came over and gave me a hand. So many hands really help a lot. Shan and Cheng Ling chipped in to help. Ngiap Ai too. Really, thank you. How I wish all of you are my committee members. I am so disappointed with the whole Bowling Club committee.

Anyway, sad things aside. The red bowling ball is painted by Swee Win, the one who claims she enters drawing competition. Not bad la hor? We spent bout 2 hours at the bowling stall before leaving it to the almighty vice. We went to take our breakfast, ate ice-cream, went to take picture with our oh-so-famous whale and tortoise which I think are starting to lose their color after such heavy rain this morning. Went to the gadgets of which I was scared to death that I will fall down from there and took lots of pictures. Had fun. =)

And when I go back laman ko-op where the stall is suppose to be, guess what?The stall is empty. I did not plan to go to the stall. Initially, I wanted to go and watch the performance in the field right in front of our stalls. But oh well, even before someone come to take over her place, she is gone because time's up. How responsible is that? And she dares to ask me to retake the club picture because it is stupid that the vice is not in the picture. So funny that I never hear those words when there's stuff to do. She will go," Eh, that's not siapa-siapa mia job ah?" Really, she is getting on my nerves. There's many occasions where she expects me to do her job, and her friends'. And to add to that, she even dare to come and act like she is the boss to ask me about it. Argh, if I am going to talk about it, I am not going to finish talking about it. See? SAD THINGS ASIDE!! So yea, at about 12pm we kept our things and move those tables and chairs back to the class. Then YAY! We are freed. So we went to the library for a while as Kakak wants to close the library already. Then we went walking around and went back class. Took some pictures and KRIIIIIIING!!! End of school. Pictures up next.

Us in front of our Bowling board. Lol. I did not know it was an exhibition actually. I thought it was like last time where we expect people to register to be in the club. Oh well. =)

Us in class. Taking pictures. =) Close friends rocks!

That poor little huge tortoise that now has kulit kurap.

The whale who got in touch with water this morning but starting to lose its skin. =( I thought whales need water. Oh well.

Updates on Friday and Saturday next post. =) Read on. Haha. Bored leh?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Time really flies.

Even without having to wear panties outside. We were all so eager and looked forward to the Prom Night and now, it is over. All those 'What clothes to wear? You going to make up? You go saloon do your hair?' and other minor stuff like nail polish were being passed around and now, it has all come to an end. Everyone who talked about their hair, their outfit and other things that looks good on them can now leave that all behind cause it doesn't matters anymore.

All those hard work by the Students' Council ended glamorously tonight, where all the Georgians' shine and yes, I only saw happy faces. I enjoyed the whole event. I like the decorations. I love the stars. I like the food. It was better than 2005. I do not like my seating though. It was right under the air-cond and no kidding, we were freezing. I enjoyed the clip prepared by Liani, I loved the lucky draw because I get both the table gift and the individual one. Was a surprise because I never get anything except the set of glasses I got back in year 2000 when I was in standard 6. I loved the performance, seriously. I mean the Malay dance was good. The Indian one also not bad. But that's the only two I really saw because the other time, we were busy attacking the food. =P I sat with Shan and Yi Lin. It is amazing how I am so close with Shan although we just got to know each other better this year. Last year, we barely even speaks. Suddenly we are like buddies.

Swee Win was cute. I liked her hairstyle. Very cute. Cheng Ling very gorgeous. Shan our Cinderella, Yi Lin was beautiful too. Honestly, I kind of like the image everyone potrays tonight. Very beautiful indeed. And did a good job on the hairs. =P

I know I know. I got lots of pictures not updated. I will update them together with my whole week mia events. Right now, its time to go back to our books. No more resting. The clock is ticking away and time waits for no man or woman or girl for this matter. How I wish there's no examination. I loved what they wrote bout Mr. Koay. "Peperiksaan ialah guru yang malas yang mengambil soalan lama dan mengubahsuainya menjadi soalan baru untuk menguji pelajar." Something like that. Cute.

Currently falls in love with the song "That's what friends are for" and "Time after time" and "Lean on me". Anyway, I think I shall talk a bit more on prom. Well, we got there at 6.45p.m or later and we went up to level 3. Stood around for a while, took loads of pictures and then went in at 8pm I think. Food presentation soon after and then Ee Leen came out to sing. Loved her performance. Illy looks like a bride. Many of them looked like bride. Pretty ones. =) The food are Chinese set. Okay, finish elaborating. Pictures and everything up by tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Friday, June 22, 2007

So this is?

1st look. Like the 'tai yee long' or better known as Finance Company fliers right? Even the befrienders have the same type of card. So confusing la. They went to the same printing company perhaps. At first when my friend brought it to me, I thought where she got the Finance Company's card since it was the school's KK Day. I am sure schools don't invite these people to have exhibition right? Or they do?

And they had this exhibition of the weapons that criminals use. Me likey.

I even told my friend I want to leave my Bowling Club exhibition and go to this exhibition stall. Then I open another stall beside it and write ' Kelab Kongsi Gelap . Untuk senjata yang kami gunakan, sila rujuk pameran sebelah. =) ' and recruit members. Save all the time from preparing what to exhibit. Hiak hiak. There's lot more to update for the past 1 week where we were busy doing lots of things and not study. So I think I will update that soon. Probably by today or Sunday.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Everywhere I looked, I see messages and post about Father's Day and it makes me feel bad because I did not put up one. It is not that I don't have the time but I just don't have the inspiration. My dad is not the worst dad in the world but he is not the best either. People often tell me that my dad is an irresponsible person and that he does not deserve our concern.

I hate that whenever people started talking about it. It is because I feel that I am old enough to know what is right and what is wrong and I do not need people to tell me whether my dad is good or bad. I mean he is my dad, not yours. Of course you don't feel anything when you label him as "useless", "irresponsible" or much harsh words. I hate to go out with 'them' because that's practically what they say in the car all the time without thinking of our feelings.

I admit that my dad is not someone I can really be proud of and show to the world that THIS IS MY DAD! But no matter what he does, he is still my dad. HE IS MINE! NOT YOURS! I cannot say that I do not blame him or feel frustrated with him for what he did before but that is my problem. I can hate him or be angry with him for all I want and you got no rights to control me.

At times, I feel that my dad is a very pitiful person. I mean I felt horrible when we sent him back just now. He is old and late at night, when all of us return to our house, he had to return to his sister's house. But I know, he will suffer even more if he really moves in with us. There's too much gossiping and bad-mouthing in the house and some people just enjoy making other people's life miserable. It hurts me to see him like that but I cannot stand by him because whenever I tried doing so, he seems to manage to scar his name even further by doing something we are not proud of.

I do not understand why he did that but he just does it all the time. I lost hope and I gave up in standing by him. I rather to be on the fence and just keep quiet. I am after all the youngest and I get to escape from all these without problems. My eldest sis suffers the most and she felt the impact the most. This is because when my dad left, she was old enough to know what was happening. I was just a stupid 6 year old girl who adores Barbie. She spent the longest time with my dad and she got the most love which in the end hurt her more than ever.

This year's Father's Day, we went for a normal dinner. We intended to go for Japanese Food which did not include my mum and grandma because the latter does not like my dad very much. Too bad, the restaurant was full and we paid RM1 for the parking. So we decided to walk a bit to the nearest shop. My sis wanted to eat US Pizza but my dad seem to like the rice more, so we gave in and had a simple dinner with my mum, grandma and aunt. The food was nice. Seriously, every dish was great and we sent our dad back after that.

This year, no present for him. I really really hope that one day, he will realize that we will not give up on him and behave himself. Sound like a mum talking to a son? Well, I really hope that he will not do something that will disappoint us. He has done a lot and I think he should begin to stop everything. I really hope one day, everyone will see that he is not useless. That he deserves love and he deserves us to be with him. I never think that he is useless. Perhaps I am old enough now to know that we cannot blame him entirely. I was once a very innocent girl who believes what outsiders told me. Not anymore. I began to see things from my sister's point of views. I really hope that one day, we can all live together again. Although he did not take care of me very well when I was young, I do not want to do the same thing to him. That is not right. He did mistake and we should not do it.

Anyway, Happy Father's Day to all dads. Whether you are a good one or a bad one, you are still a dad.

This may not be the grand-est post on dad for such occasion but hey, I do not express myself that much in real life. I talk nonsense but keep important things inside. =)

Ho Chak!

Well, I am sure many of us know about this programme where they bring you all around Malaysia to look for food. It is a very nice show actually. It helps us to understand our own country better. I mean I do come across many places in Penang with good food that I never know or heard before. However, one bad thing about this show is that they do not have this list whereby we can download or copy the details of the places. Perhaps putting them in categories or by state. I am sure that will help us tremendously and at the same time, boost the effort for Visit Malaysia. Besides, they can also put the 'HALAL' label to assist the Muslims to enjoy this too.

I heard that they have it in Mandarin but there is no list in English. Hey, THERE ARE BANANAS OUT HERE LA! Here! Here! *jumps frantically*. I think they should think of Malaysia as a multi-racial country and start putting different language for the list. I mean I understand that they might think those non-Chinese might not be interested but at least put it up. Who knows? They might like it. I so hope that there's a proper way to convey this to 8tv. I don't know which email I should send to. Furthermore, I lost the interest to chase it every week cause I can never remember where they've been with good food.

Another thing that I do not like is the host. I don't like Ah Yoon. To me, she acts like she is the boss and always pick on Rickman. And from a viewer's eyes, it seems as though she did it to show her power and to prove that she is much more experienced and superior to Rickman. I do not like it. She also oftens say that she is pretty in front of the camera. I mean you guys can say that it was just a joke or she said it playfully but no, to me, she seem to believe in that very well. I rarely complain much about the host except for a few because I cannot tahan people like her. Poor Rickman seem happy to be bullied. -.-

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Daniel's Album

Looking more matured and grown up

If you are going to say " What? Daniel again?" you can skip this whole post because it is going to be about Daniel, his album and his songs. If you don't know, Daniel released his second album on the 13th June which is 3 days ago. Having to prebook his album, I manage to get it on Friday from my friend. It only cost me RM30 which I think is really worth it based on the packaging of the album, his improvements and the songs.

The tracks in the album are:-
Track 1 - Because Of Love (Yin Wei You Ai) 因为有爱 9 30.00%
Track 2 - Love Is Under The Sky 11 36.67%
Track 3 - Forgive Me (Yuan Liang Wo) 原谅我 14 46.67%
Track 4 - Are You Happy On Your Birthday (Ni De Sheng Ri Kuai Le Ma) 你的生日快乐吗? 6 20.00%
Track 5 - Running Out Of Time (Lai Bu Ji) 来不及 8 26.67%
Track 6 - Devastation (Wan Nian Feng Huo) 万年烽火 8 26.67%
Track 7 - Portal (Sui Yi Men) 随意门 10 33.33%
Track 8 - Unavoidable (Duo Bu Guo) 躲不过 8 26.67%
Track 9 - Everytime 11 36.67%
Track 10 - Angin Malam

There's also a poll whereby the Pinkies aka Daniel's fans from voted. I guess you can judge the song with the help of this poll because it shows which song is our favourite.

YippieYaya look this time.

I wanted to recommend some of the tracks but then I realized, the song that I will recommend will be the songs I personally love a lot. =P So no need la. I personally love Track - 2,3, 6,7,8,9. These tracks are really nice. However, after listening to it few more times, I fell in love with Track 4 and 5. The tunes are growing in me and I began to like it more and more each time I listen to it. I like track 1 but I don't love it. Just merely like it. I feel that this album is so worth it because of the nice songs. I rarely manage to get an album which I like each and every of the songs. I often get albums and end up liking just one or two songs. You might say I am biased because I like Daniel but no, I like lots of artiste but his is just special. I mean his first album, there's no song that I do not like or will think of skipping to the next track. The same thing happens to the second album. Its either he is smart at picking songs or his voice is so unique, I like each and every song he sang. For God's sake, even the Ai Guo99 song is like a hit to us. No doubt there are many other artiste who sang real nice patriotic songs that I love too. =P

Something like Royal England or so.

I am super not loyal if you are going to use the word loyal in this fan-idol relationship. I got so many artiste I like that I will go chasing although Daniel is not there. But if loyalty and only-one is used in this relationship, I think many artiste will die of hunger or their talent will not be discovered. You guys should really listen to his songs, even if you don't like him. You might find a few favourite tracks I tell you. And please, support original. You know why Malaysia entertainment industry is so far behind Taiwan's and Hong Kong's? It is because Malaysian do not support original. I agree to Albee when she mentioned it in the forum. We are always buying those 3 for RM10 or 6 for RM20 cds or worst still, we download them right from the Internet. I admit I do the same thing but hey, support local artiste la. Okay, I am contradicting myself for I have lots of songs in my computer that probably ripped by my friend's ori album but hey, at least support local ones.

Seems like he has a lot in his mind.

Buy original album. I think RM35.90 is a very reasonable price and if you have popular card, you can even get it at RM32++. Definitely worth every ringgit you paid. The packaging is like a book and you get to see gorgeous pictures inside. Besides, he is such a cool idol for you to idolize. Seriously, his determination to be special, to outdo other people and his perseverance is something we should look up to. It is not easy to be labelled as someone who only looks good and couldn't really sing by lots of other people who do not like him. He even have Malay songs and English songs to cater to his non-Chinese fans. And guess what? Bananas can sing along too because they include romanized lyrics in each album. Go grab a copy now.

credits to Lilywhite for the pictures and for the informations and poll.

visit to get to know Daniel and when you get in there, you will know, it is not just Daniel we are talking about. Have fun browsing. =)