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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Having MY time

It has been a while since I last do nothing, sit around, watch shows, do my work and just chill. I miss doing this. I used to spend every meal alone in my room and spend the entire day doing MY thing. But now it's more like OUR time, OUR thing.

I love having MY time. Went to meet lecturer just now and got my draft back. Need to rewrite the story but I'll settle the things I have in hand now first before attempting to do the others. I have quite some items on the list that needs urgent attention but I'll be okay. I'll pull through.

Me at beach. =) Such a blessing to have a boyfriend who is good at taking picture. Then I get to dress up, go somewhere and take picture. FOC dating. But I have to remind him again and again to take picture of me and not just of the place because he tends to neglect me when he saw beautiful views or interesting thing to capture. What to do? I not interesting enough ma.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Was trying to slimify myself using photoshop with the help of Daniel. The picture not with me but it was darn successful. As in I'll be contented if I got that face. Smaller a bit but I'll be super contented already. Anyways, after that I realized, I'll look so much better if I'm like that. So I'm determined to exercise and try to diet. *ties red bandana on head*


Thursday, February 17, 2011


I had 6 days of steamboats at different houses, cooked by different family and they all taste different. I know, you might be thinking, steamboat is just soup and those ingredients like fishball, fish, prawns, meat, vegetables right? How can it taste different?

Every family has their own way of cooking the soup and they are all yummiliciously different!

2 days before CNY I cleverly suggested dinner at Bar-B-Q

My ATM was there. <3

Nom nom nom
The night before CNY had reunion steamboat at Chih Heng's place.

1st Day of CNY steamboat at Ah Win's

Making Popiah for the first time.
 2nd Day of CNY was spent at Sis's Godmum's place where I had another round of steamboat - tomyam and clear soup but I did not take picture.
3rd day of CNY, I had my steamboat at Shan's new place

Nom nom nom ice cream.

And the final one was at home but I don't have the picture with me now. So CNY has been of steamboats. Not that I'm complaining. I love anything soup. And homecook ones beats anything out there.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Valentine's Day

It's my first and probably the best ever!!!

The boyfriend did this. Lantern all over, handmade flowers. I'm loved.

 Whee lanterns.
 More lanterns before the candle finished or they started to burn off.
 Some successful shots with the lanterns though it was dark.

 This is when the lanterns started to burn off and there's no flash.
 Then with flash.
 My cute boy.
 Poor boy, have to clean up after that some more. Hard at work.

 Handmade flowers. <3

I am poser.

So this is what he did. He fetched me from Fajar since I thought he had cg till late and I was half-drenched from the rain earlier. So he drove like mad without stepping on the brake. I was shocked and I didn't know where we were going. Then he led me to some place which I don't know but it was scary with wet grasses. Then I saw that, that little place all lit up with these lanterns and I melted. I am loved, well-loved. =) And I am happy.

That boy has been running around all night trying to pull that together and it was raining but it stopped and he made it. He has to be the sweetest guy I've ever met and he's mine.
And nah, tonnes of useless photos of me just because I like it. Can't wait to go camwhore at some beautiful place with that flowers he made. Flowers that wil not wither.

Highlights at Monkey's House

Discussing about the puppy

Mahjong with no money involved. I can't even read the characters for goodness sake.

Faster faster.

Adorable kid

Happy climbing up the stairs. /melts

Happy and Lucky. SO CUTE


The tiny Happy

Taking care of it like a baby

Big Lucky

I want both!!!

Add caption

Nom nom nom

Making sure the pups are not coming up

Guard at work. =P

Group picture of the day

Puppies up

Kiwi and Lucky

my cousin and I, with Kiwi and Lucky


Lucky still active.
Chinese New Year check list.
Family - Checked
Laughter - Checked
Camera - Checked
Taking pictures - Checked
Food- Checked
Firecrackers - Checked
Ang Pows- Checked.

It was a great one. I had fun. And it was that faithful day, my grandma forgot my ang pow. =( All is well now.