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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Penang Shanghai World Star Quest 260408

Last month, on the 26th (remembered cause change contacts), I went all the way to Auto City to see Daniel. It has been a long time since I last saw him. He is a real sweet person and I think he improved a lot compared to he first won the title. And he is gaining weight. Even my sis and mum said so when they saw him on the television.

Anyway, this competition is like the one held in Shanghai where talented singers from many countries (about 23 contestants from 13 countries. Malaysia sent Shila and Frankie Yu to compete) are put together to compete. It is also to show that music has no limit. Actually, it has limit la. Some of them, sing their own language and I don't know mat tong tong, so I got pretty bored. =P Teruk la me.

I don't know the singers but I will show a few I like la. Some are pretty easy to forget. And sorry for the lousy shots. The best I can get already. You can always go to Daniel's Forum for better pics of other contestants.

We were there since 4 something I think. Went there makan-makan and took our seat at 6. 1st row. We need to sacrifice to get good seats. =P

See, they are still doing soundtest and practising. We super awal, super power. =P

I thought the guy in blue was pretty cute. Until well, he took off his specs. Eyes are so important!!!

There, we sit there. So depan right? Behind the judge only.

Pink and more pink. Aunty Swan look selamba in this picture. =P

The host came out and say a few words. The lady is Lynn. Guy tak kenal.

Some pro musician from China. He has super long hair like the horse's tail and he play that traditional instrument with drum beat.

Judges sit there.

All the contestants came out to sing their group song.

The first contestant from China. Don't ask me their names. I only remembered a few.

The 4 guys who dance and sang to BSB's song. *Don't look up there, look down there nicer.* T.T I meant their face not cute but their dance not bad.

Same group dance dance.

I don't know what she was singing. ZzZzZz

Ini even worst. T.T

Her again.

From Hong Kong/ China I think, sang Jolin's song. Uncle IH suka. =P

This one, singing not good, act rather funnily on the stage. Pengsan.

I like this one most. I love her voice. From Philipines. Small lady with big voice.

China guy kua. Not sure.

Frankie Yu from Malaysia. Good stage performance, wrong choice of song. Gary Cao did it better.

From Japan. Won the best dress. Singing so-so nia.

I can't even remember her. Oops.

Got me yawning. T.T but won 3rd place hor. Not sure

Korean guy. Not bad. But heh, not cute.

Some guy from K...I don't know their country name. Damn long one. Ostro had fun dancing with them.

Misha Omar. Sang 3 songs. Why is she wearing her braces at such old age?

Kat Pui from Hong Kong. Ju-Yen suka. =P Kat Kat.

From Thailand, lots of glitters. Nice pose. =P

Shila from Malaysia. Sang Oops I did it again.

Sang the song Aska made popular, Xing Bu Liao Qing. From Hong Kong.

From Korea I think. Or Japan. Not bad.

The three guys from Singapore

The guy who send Ostro to his dreamland. =P Okay la, the other ang mo guy also. But this guy send all of us to dreamland. =P

From Thailand. All glittery too. Not bad.

Man-U. Pang Pua Liap. =P

Daniel, the reason we were there. =)

We were busy screaming and cheering and singing along.

Penang Pinkies and Daniel after his supper, before ours. =P Sat at his table. lol.

With KL Pinkies. Uncle ih aka Daniel Tua jaga table for us. So paiseh.

The last picture. Daniel go eat nasi kandar after that. lol. the colleague say one.

Daniel singing Yin Wei You Ai

Daniel singing Everytime.

Last song Mimpi+Fei

It must have been his best performance cause I had the most fun. We all did. And I sat first row, meaning, they will see me on television. I didn't know that. T.T But I had fun. That's for sure.


Dragon said...

wah, u manage to take photo with daniel ar? cool wor.... happy bo? sure happy ka siao.... hahaha.

Mrs Chong said...

dragon: not first time d lor... =P Got another time take with him alone.. Muahahah.. Happy la... He is such a down-to-earth kind of guy.

Dragon said...

next time u bring me there la, i also want to take photo with him. hahaha.

Mrs Chong said...

dragon: okok..ada chance I ajak u along...but not everytime he come penang also got chance take pic with him one...

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