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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I think I'm sick

and stressed up. My shoulder aches and that shows that I'm stressed. My shoulder ALWAYS aches when I'm stressed.

I got assignment lining up till the end of the sem.

Week 10 - Kamus
Week 11 - Law analysis
Week 12 -
Week 13 - Glossary
Week 14 - Seminar, Komik Bersuara, Etimologi

Aiya, I don't know la. Janji got lots of work and I have not received my minor's assignment. All that assignment above is on top of the ones I have to hand in every week. Want me die meh?

Ask you la, how to see the beauty of USM when my eyes is all covered up with assignments?

That's before I realized I got so much work.

Signing off,
Stressed Ping

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A girl can always dream right?

Right now, to be like Jen is my dream. Not as in be as pretty and tall and thin la. That's Mission CONFIRM Impossible already.

Ok, my dream is like Mission Most Probably Impossible. Better than confirm impossible la, there's still a teeny wheeny hope.

To be like Jen, I need :-
1. A boyfriend (level of difficulty - 10)
2. A boyfriend who is nice to my friends (level of difficulty *if ignored the difficulty of getting a bf* - 4 cause my friends are all so lovable)
3. A boyfriend who'll make me a freaking photo album of memory (level of difficulty *ignoring the difficulty of getting a bf in the first place* - 1000000000000000)

*initially, the maximum of level is 10, but #3 is so hard, I need to add some zeros to it. I think I pressed on the keyboard a lil too hard /shy.

Mission Most Probably Impossible. I give money also no one wants to do. T_T Oh wells, Ping Ping is too busy for all these petty matters /act cool. I've got more important matters to attend to, like my assignments.

Green Eye Monster.

ps: can't find a picture that shows my green eye clearly. Just pretend it's green. It IS green, you just can't see it.

Mad angry

1. PMS - sucks
2. Mountain high assignments - can die
3. Hot weather - can die two times.
4. Ants and bugs - can die three times.
5. Late nights - wrinkles' best friend.

I hope my sir is not lying when he say he lost weight cause weather in Malaysia is mad hot and he sweat a lot cause right now, USM, Penang, Fajar Harapan, girl's block is mad hot it's like FOC sauna. And I just came back today. T_T If I'm gonna suffer under this hot weather, I should at least get the consolation prize and lose some weight, no? Sigh, Ping Ping and her attempt to stay positive.

On the bright side, all these (1-5) will one day pass and Ping Ping will still be Ping Ping. =) *until someone starts changing her into pong, pingpong, pongpong and any other name they think it's ohsocute.* /glares.

Attempt #1 to stay positive, SUCCESS!

The nerd.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Awesomest friends on earth

If a married woman is blessed to have a doting and loving husband, then a single girl like me is blessed to have so many awesome girl friends and family members.

True friends are those you know you do not really have to control yourself or pretend to be someone you are not because they know who you really are. Not only do they know, they accept you for who you are.

Thanks for the awesomest time I had this CNY break with few different groups of girl friends but all as awesome as the other. No, not awesomer. Cause you girls are all AWESOMEST. =P

I miss you girls. I wish I'm back in SGGS, walking into class, sleepily, grumpily but when I see you girls, my face lit up. On days like this, I don't care if I don't have a boyfriend because I'm so filled with your love, I could barely fit another person's. Ok la, self-consoling HAHAHA.

But still. Love you girls to the brim!!!!

Thanks for being the awesomest ever!!!!

ps: Uni friends are awesome too ok? Just that, I'm bored of uploading the same ol' Family Camp picture. =)

Friday, February 19, 2010

CNY 2010

It felt like yesterday when I was a small kid, loving CNY and being all excited for it. Now, as I grow older and as I changed and mature *although some would deny this*, CNY is no longer that exciting and fun. The fun only lasted for 1.5 days. And I almost finish using the ang pow money already. Don't tell me that I have to keep it till the next year or what. I did that two years ago and all my ang pow was stolen nicely. T_T

Basically CNY is about eating, taking pictures and mingling with cousins and friends. I did all that. Just that it lasted for 1.5 days only.

Monkey's house. He has this newly built attic so we all went to his place for some games. Learnt mahjong like so awesome.

Dengan penuh keobviousan, we posed for the camera.

Then took some goofy pictures with cousins.

And got a little serious.

With the bfs and kids.

Family potrait!!!

After all the camwhoring, we went to Monkey's attic to play some Wii.

We did some exercise like playing tenis.

And golf.

Super love his attic cause can camwhore to the max!!

Uncle's house. Went there, eat, got chased around by Georgie - the dog, take some pictures then left. I don't have the picture. =s

Went out with the girls. <3 Everyone looked so good now and just love!!!! Hee

Buying cake for Su Ling, our baby heee.

Yum yum

Nice hat. =P

Ah Win says look like bunny. WHERE GOT? T_T

Ze girls. <3 muchie muchie.

Went Sunset Bistro after that and then to Bird Shit for supper.

Love going out with them cause they are the funnest and camwhorest and sweetest and most lovable girls ever!!!!

Lou Sang with Pao, her friends and Win.

Flawless skin. Blackcurrant is like ze best. =P

While waiting

Pao and I

Lou Yee Sang at Sushi King

Lou ahhh...

Today going out with Bentengs. Can't wait. Assignment all didn't do, lagi can't wait. T_T

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year 2010

CNY 2008 , CNY 2009

I only have this two version only. =)) Look at the picture, our house seems to look almost alike. Hehehe.

My sis say I have the collection of how our house look like during CNY so I decided to blog this.

Our room.

Che's room

Love the red-ness

My eldest sis put up this curtain. Damn scary k? You'll know if you came to my house before.

Love floral pillow. =)

Happy Chinese New Year.

ps: Have a great break and celebration. =) A lil late as I was busy and lazy.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Charlie got me. AGAIN.

Sigh, after an enjoyable weekend, I realized Mr. Charlie, not my dad, got me again. =( Itch itch itch. Wasted my one hour at the clinic today.

Let's not talk about sad stuff, let's talk about...SHOPPING!!!!It has been almost half a year since I last shopped for shoes. I am so happy I got 3 pairs of very much needed *looks at my old pecah shoe* shoes. Seriously, any girls who hang out with me knows how badly 'injured' my shoes are. Hehe.

Not to mention we spent quite a lot at the Parkson sales on Friday. Worth it because we did not buy those things we don't need. Bought neccessities. =P But then, it did shred my sister's pocket. Poor girl, face use such good products, what to do?

6 days to CNY!!! Can't wait. Need to go back and clean room love love. Lots of work to do during the break but still, holiday is love. =)


Wheee sunglass

Love love love the lighting. So fair. Happy.

ps: Camwhorer is back. Camwhore in toilet and camwhore in the car shamelessly, that's the key. =) *waves*

Friday, February 05, 2010

I just chat with my eldest sister for more than 10 minutes and thought she's my second sister-she was using my second sis's MSN. Of course I did not hear the voice, I just saw what she typed but usually I will know it if it's my eldest sister.

I should have known when she say

Che: Eh, I heard Charlie is scared of Shirley. Try putting Shirley's picture, then maybe Charlie won't disturb you anymore.

HAHAHAHHAHA Charlie is my dad, Shirley is my mum. Coincidently, the bug that I am terrified of is nicknamed Charlie too.

I should have known it's my eldest sis when she say I am like pengemis. My second sister usually won't say things like this.

Before she said goodbye, she say, ok, I'm getting out of this smelly room to go back to my princess room.

Yes, unfortunately, my second sis and I sleep in 'smelly room' while mummy and eldest sis sleep in princess room. IN YOUR FACE THOSE WHO SAID I'M PAMPERED. I did not get princess room or a big wardrobe ok? I get smelly room with a falling apart cupboard. T_T Poor cupboard, cost quite a lot of pain on my sis wallet but still doing a lousy job.

Teehee, before my sis offline, I told her, "Wheee, Saturday shopping. Make sure enough cash okay? I want to buy 3 shoes." Teehee. I'm going home tomorrow. =)


Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Got blister on both feet cause of that flats. Sigh, mm chang hei.


On this day, God wants you to know...

... that you are not to shut love out of your life by saying it is impossible to find and keep. The quickest way to find love is to give love. If you want it too badly, you will not find it. The most secure way to keep love is to give it space and care to grow. If you hold it too tightly, you will lose it.
Awwwww... =) *cheers up*