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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I am praying hard

that none of the people from my church ever come across my blog. I don't care about hits. T.T

You know la, they are all very holy kind of people while I haven't even finished a chapter in my bible. I bet the kids know better than I. And well, I think I did blog about them before so lagilah cannot let them read. And then I don't know if I used any harsh language.

Boohoo... I is scared. But now, I is sleepy. VBS has officially ended and OMG I love that little boy. So cute. He cannot wake up early for few days already. That's why he always come with sleepy face.

And his mother got me a present, a t-shirt to be exact. M size. Thank you for thinking that I can fit M size, I will try harder. During VBS, they give me L size shirt (I am a XL size for as long as I can remember) and now the kid's mum gives me M size. It was really sweet of him and his mother to thought of me though. And I'm very happy cause he wrote the message. One cute boy indeed.

Will blog about it more when I am fully awake tomorrow. Besides, I got no pictures with me. So... =)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

OMG I got fansee

My mum and eldest sis say they will visit my blog many times a day because they forgot they checked or they thought I would have updated. OMG like how I will open pinkpau, sweatlee and audrey's blog.

I ada fansee. =) *beams* *throws confetti - Wedding Dash*

*goes to bed happily*

ps: Last day to take care of the kids. I am so going to miss Xin Yu cause she is the cutest and the most kuai among the other small kids.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Blog hits jatuh mendadak

And I am too lazy to layan anymore. It's like below 50 at times now. I no strength anymore.

It's never meant to be high anyway. I mean you either have a clique online or you have freaking lots of fans. Else, you'll be just another blogger trying hard to make people know you but to no avail.

I kinda like how it is now, when I can update or not whenever I like. Ok la, there are some people bugging me to update. Close friends to be exact.

Eyes cannot open already, I bought a baju and a pair of shoe already. HOW AR?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I have no mood to blog

Firstly it's because I don't really like the pictures we took the other day.

And secondly it's probably cause I am tired with all the running with kids and telling them not to do this or that.

The kids are so cuteeeeeee. If my kids are as cute, I don't mind having some. Really.

They are so intelligent for their age and I am actually amazed. And they are all way too under-sized for their age.

I was speechless cause everytime I want to tell them a lie or work out some imaginative characters, they just have very adult-ways to point it out to me. I mean where got a 6 year-old kid telling you, "No, he is not lightman. He is just someone dressing like lightman." He is LIGHTMAN. JUST ACT LIKE YOU BELIEVE LA. T.T You are 6 okay?

Buat malu I saja. Ok, if I can get any pictures, I'll post them up.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What's your answer?

What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

Look at the clock and go back to sleep. Really. Even when I have class. I'll put the alarm slightly earlier so that I can roll on the bed some more before I have to go to class. Isn't this the best feeling ever? To wake up just to find out that you still have few more hours before you really have to get up and you get to pull ur comfy comforter (that's what they are for right?) up to your chest and sleep. Breeze I tell you. BESTEST FEELING EVER!!!!!!

What bout you?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

How do you want your wedding to be like?

Do you want to have the YAMMMMMMMMMMMMM SENGGGGGGGG type with 100 of guest you don't know because they are the families' friends, sok pak heng tai, yi ma ku che? Aiya, typical Chinese wedding la.

Or you want to have a smaller one, with people you are more closely related to? And instead of having course meals, you'll have time for dancing, playing, having fun and not sitting on your VIP table, eating and smiling to people?

I think wedding is more about ME and not the other way round. I think yam seng wedding dinner is pretty corny but if I really have to have this kind of wedding, the host MUST NOT be speaking corny mandarin proverbs. I get chills. And I think the guests should be more respectful to the person performing so FOOD should be stopped when there's a performance. And host MUST try to get the audience to watch the performance. AND PLEASE, NO PILLARS THAT BLOCK THE GUESTS' VIEW.

Man . . . Wedding dinners get more and more meaningless and boring. They actually starts at 8.30p.m. and finishes before 10p.m.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Do you or do you not love BSB?

(ping)^2: says:

(ping)^2: says:
wtf la

(ping)^2: says:
dun u love bsb?

weiwei says:
used to wtf

weiwei says:
not now

(ping)^2: says:
come on...bsb is like every girl's love..and westlife...if u are born in the late 80s, you'll love them

weiwei says:
no i dont love westlife

(ping)^2: says:
seriously...and you freaking grow up with their songs..sometimes it's not just the songs but the memories that come flooding back while listening to it

weiwei says:

(ping)^2: says:
OMG FREAKKKK cuz i love westlife wtf

weiwei says:

weiwei says:
coz westlife era

weiwei says:
was when we have grown abit wtf

(ping)^2: says:

(ping)^2: says:
i did not

(ping)^2: says:
i was lost

(ping)^2: says:

weiwei says:
what do u mean by u are lost wtf

(ping)^2: i am a cook. XD says:
when everyone was walking on the bridge to adulthood, i was lost amongst the kids?

Friday, November 21, 2008

My dinner tonight

T.T It's actually my supper. I know. iSad. Diet plans begin . . . tomorrow. XD

Finally I got a reason to blog. My supper dinner is spaghetti. I cook because I craved for it. Wanted to have it as dinner yesterday but my spaghetti rotten already. So when we went grocery last night, I grabbed some pasta and Prego sauce.
I will teach you cook spaghetti my way. It's freaking easy, everyone can cook spaghetti. It's canned sauce for goodness sake.

First, prepare carrot, sliced, and tomatoes cut into cubes. I love tomatoes so I usually put a lot. I put less cause that's all I have in the fridge. Oh and I cut the carrot into slices because I hate the raw smell of the carrot.

Cut sausages into cubes.

Prego sauce!! I love this flavour because got basil. Yum yum.
This is a MUST in our family cause sisters love it slightly spicy.
Tomato is to balance the chili. I don't know why. I always do it this way. I am not a cook. T.T As long as my family loves it, I think I am doing okay.

I am lazy to use kuali. So had to hold it so that it won't stick on the sides.
Magic!!! Sudah lembik. XD

Boiling boiling.

Put the sauce into the pan (the spaghetti taken out and set aside) and add in a can of water- use the sauce can to measure the water. Let it simmer, add in carrot. Add in tomato and let it simmer a while more. Before serving, add in sausages.

There you go. Ping Ping's spaghetti. I can never be a good wife cause I only know how to make spaghetti and bee hoon soup.
Supposed conversation with future husband.
Husband : What's for dinner darling?
Me: Bee Hoon Soup lor
Husband: Yummy. What bout tomorrow?
Me: Spaghetti lor.
Husband: Yay, the day after that?
Me: Well, you can choose between Bee Hoon Soup or Spaghetti. =))
T______T No worries, no boyfriend. XD

And these are my pictures with spaghetti.
Camwhore with spaghetti.

My sister and mum are happy. I think I did an okay job this time.
I purposely say spaghetti very easy to cook although it's a universal fact because then I can ask people who wants me to cook for them to cook themselves. =)
ps: I changed all the spelling for spaghetti. I can never spell it right. T.T

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ping's Evolution

Apart from seeing my evolution, you can see yourself (if you are in it) and bring all of us back on a trip down the memory lane. I know you people for 7 years already. Goodness!!! Man I love our yellow badge
I think this was 2002/2003. I can't remember. I don't know why at that time we all hung out at the telephone booth. Ah Win should be the one taking our picture since she is not here.

2003!!! TCII Our first camp together and I think Ju-Yen took this picture for us. OMG I love you guys. We cook, play, sleep together. And yes, that's my mother's hairstyle.

2004 in Putrajaya KL. It was the Maths Club trip. Apparently the hairstylist thought the only way to satisfy my mum is to cut my hair according to my mum's style. Hello!!! I am the one who have to live with that hair!!!!

This is 2004/2005 already. See the RATC shirt? Anyway, this was taken at Melody. We were there to do 'kerja amal' for Moral project. Yes, we do everything together. We walked to 1-stop then to Gurney together, we go bowling together, we go camps together, we makan together, we do 'kerja amal' together. I miss everyone. =( Let's reunite in KL.

Us in our Interact Club uniform. We even joined the same clubs. And attend the events together. I practically grow up with you girls la. How can we ever grow apart? Even if we do, PLEASE remember to turn back okay?

Our Prom together. I was kicked to another table with Diana because of some reason and so we did not get to eat together. But we never failed to take pictures together. First time wearing formal.

2005. Our last day in school. Don't ask me why Yuh Jen hugged the tiang. Until today I still can't figure out. This is the most complete version of Emmoes. Sha is not in though. Why we've never taken a picture where EVERYONE is around?

2007. 6AV1 ma. So 2007. This was taken on the 14th Feb, Ling Ling's birthday. We had Sukantara so we couldn't hang out with her.

This is my Form 6 gang. No more Form 5 gang. I HAVE to put this up cause when we were taking this picture, our teacher saw us and laughed. Why we stopped doing things like this? I love doing funny stuff with you girls and emmoes. I know why. Ah Win is not here.

This was taken during SGGS Food Fair 2007. That's Jen with long hair. XD

Ah Shan's birthday!!! We were at her house, singing and playing and straightening my hair. Shan with long hair.

Then this is Hooi Shan's birthday. She was busy sleeping or playing cards I forgot. We did get some sleep so we went to the pool area to take pictures. That birthday girl played cards whole night. Too weak to come with us.

Annie's birthday. I think that was the last time I saw Yi Yin. And Swee Hong. OMG. I have long hair ever since I got into Form 6. The only difference is my fringe. I sometimes get a Khoo Chee Bee fringe and at times have it long. =)

Me and my two sisters on the ferry. We look different, I know. But I look like my mum. So I am very sure I was not picked up from the garbage. I can't say the same for my sisters though. XD

Woohoo. KL TRIP!!! With beloved sis. In Sungei Wang. Eating gui ling kou. This is before I know the beauty of contact lenses and the make up. XD What? I was 19+ okay? XD

This is me and Ju-Yen at autocity to see Daniel Danell.

And then us in Crepes Cottage. Bad experience then. OMG I MISS EVERYONE.

Picture of us before my baju got colored. Taken after we got our STPM results. Don't ask about the result.

Me birthday!!!! On my birthday. 7th April. My hot anak. XD She is coming back tomorrow. See, my fringe is long. =) And messy.

My first Singapore trip. Can you spot that shark? I love it. =)
and I got it trimmed before I go KL last June. Best trip ever cause I get to see Angeline after so long and Su Ling. OMG, can you just don't hide in KL?
And after months of not having short fringe, sis pestered me to get it cut and here I am with short fringe. She loves it, I won't comment.

And this is my current picture. Perhaps I did not change much in the recent years. But I hate my donkey years hairstyle. Seriously. I HATE IT!!!! These pictures make me want to fly to KL now and pull Ah Win together. XD



She told my grandma she wanna bring us back to our old house, and then go buy groceries and go pasar malam. Ah Ma asked her, "Uh nya boh nya?" (True or not one?) My eldest sister is famous for her cakap tak serupa bikin. She always promise this and that and then never do it. I've kena many times before. HAHAHAHAH She is like the boy who cried wolf. XD

Sis say behind Ah Ma's back, "Boh seong sin mien ki." (Don't believe no need go.) HAHA. Behind her back la. Always like that kacau her one.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coming up next

Ping Ping's evolution. And haha, you can see the rest's also. =)

Stay tune for hairstyle like my mum, muka retarded *my friend said she thought I was DS *down syndrome* when she first saw me in form 1 k? T.T All because I was too fair*, and well, lame pictures with friends. HAHA. And no, I have never been pretty, pretty. So, no pretty pictures. =)

At the mean time, I go look for pictures.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things I am looking forward to

Well, since holiday has officially started although mine kind of started from the study week. I know la, haih, I wished I studied more. Anyway, sad things aside. As usual, we plan our holidays way before study break even began. And we made so many plans, or at least I made so many plans that I got a few clashed and have to choose one to attend.

So here are my plans

17-21 Rot until Win comes back

24-30 Church VBS

1-6 Rot at home again. Will try to get some things done like sorting out my notes

7-14 KL babeh!!! with people I love most apart from my family

15-21 Back to reality. Register courses and pack bag to go back to USM. T.T

Holidays feel so short now. It was supposed to make me feel happy. But I am feeling crappy instead. But it's okay. It'll go by. I am feeling much better in my course I think. I know I am shallow cause I did not leave any blanks in my exam paper so I feel better. But who cares. And I got three weeks to enjoy being at home. Four and I am so gonna make it fun.

Off to clean up make-up cupboard. =)

ps: Please date me on weeks that I am free and at home and rotting. =) Gurney new phase is opened and I am craving for sushi. =) I had my Big Apple yesterday.

Monday, November 17, 2008

700th post

In this 700th post, I have to say goodbye to my RM500. T.T

According to one of my friend, if the students from my school get into Dean List, we get RM500. I don't know if it's for one sem or you have to be in the list for few sems consecutively.

But aiya, I'll never get that RM500 liao la. I didn't know HBT 104 which is Contemporary English Studies or something is another killer paper. I died in there woih. Harder than my BM I tell you.

So that's all. Party time babeh. XD And yes, lousy 700th post. =D

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm dead.

I have not studied HBT 104 and I'm sitting for the exam this Monday. I think I am sipek dead.

Walamak. I hate adverb clause more than I hate......... raisins. Really I HATE raisins, okay. Not anymore.

I hate adverb clause (and friends) more than I hate coconut. No no, I can never hate something more than coconut.

Oh by the way, I went for this meeting for our VBS (Vacation Bible School) for kids end of this year and they actually have this column that states the kids' allergies so that we won't serve them with stuff that they are allergic to.


Lol. Actually they are not allergic to it, just that if they take too much, they'll fall sick-duh?! and the parents decided that they don't want the kids to have them. And that guy say that these people are totally misusing the term allergic.

I feel lonely there cause I don't know much people there while everyone KNOWS everyone. I stood there alone like bodoh and dance lor. Haih..... And I am scared of my Crew Leader cause I don't know him. =( I am scared.

Of HBT 104 and VBS. Bah!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I am even more bored at home

I've been shaking legs, changing channel after channel, and rotting at home. Thank god I have to study for my exam this Monday. Else I think I'll die of boredom. Yes, your eyes not expired yet. I am happy cause I have something to study. =(

Anyway, random pictures. Not of me.

I AM VERY OFFENDED WITH THIS. =( Oh and I throw away that purple shirt already. =))

After playing for the XX th time, I managed to feel better about myself cause I am not that stupid after all.

And I am off the Bus Driver name. =)
OMG...after seeing this for the don't know how many times, I still find it funny and laugh hysterically every single time I see it. Haih, why am I hopeless like this?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


At 6.15p.m. But still. I can't believe I brought so banyak barang lor. OMG, I'll die dihempap kotaks. T.T

Miss me people. Miss me bad. =)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I have officially brought stupidity to a whole new level

I was spotted suspiciously walking at every floor in my hostel today. I swear there's this one indian lady thought I'll walk into her room cause she left it open when I was at her level woi. I look like pencuri meh? Chieh.

Now, why a normal person like me ronda at every level? Cause I cleverly promised a senior that I'll get books from her today. And? As stupid as I am, I forgot her room number. If that is not enough, I don't have her number either. Now you might say normal la. I hereby declare the stupid-est thing someone like me will do, I don't know her name!!!

I was seen walking at each level, trying to find her by searching for her picture -we have to put our picture at our door. And no, I didn't manage to locate her

I iz not motivated

I am so sick of phonetics right now. Why did I take English as minor anyway?? I suck at it. T.T

I don't know la, no mood to study the phonetics at all. It's like I can't get them into my head but I really should cause there's 30 marks of phonetics tomorrow.

And that Chao Ah Beng complain that I did not update. I am busy WOKAY?

/e/ eh open-mid front vowel?
/^/ ah -open - mid central vowel
/a:/ open back vowel.

I iz suck. I see notes. =(

I can only remember a few
/p/ bilabial plosive
/t/ dental alveolar plosive OMG I just realized I got it wrong. =(
/f/ labio-dental fricative
/h/ glottal fricative

=( I iz scared tomorrow exam.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Facebook's New Game

I am already imagining my marks.

If you know me well, you'll know that I suck at Geography and History.

But I want to try it out cause I am a facebook game lover. XD

Come join me.


True enough. I suck better than baby suck lollipop lor. Even though the places and flags ARE THE SAME. They just repeatedly show me THE SAME ONE and I choose wrong. I iz suck.

Songs long forgotten

I almost forgot how Backstreetboys and Westlife used to cheer me up or cry with me. It sure feels good to listen to them again. I filled my playlist with songs from BSB, Westlife, M2M, Britney Spears, O-Town, SClub7, Mariah Carey dan lain-lain because I really really really missed them. It brings me back to my teenage years *which is not very far back* and I’m glad it did.

I have been listening to songs from as old as BSB’s first album and it just feels magical. How every songs makes me want to smile or cry or both at the same time. It brings back memories and I’m loving it. I name my playlist emo me cause they are all love songs and I felt emo.

I am back in USM. Have to start packing cause I’ll be leaving on Wednesday. Have to carry everything back. Phew…. Sure gonna take few trips up and down the stairs before I can finally get everything into the car. I’m glad to survived for one semester. Seriously, this whole semester has unbelievably changed me. Until I can drive, I am half a grown-up. Although I may not exactly like/enjoy the life here, I am glad I am here. Weird I know but I really am.

So what about you girls? Are you guys enjoying or suffering? Come on, comment. XD Desperate as I can be.

I think my tummy is bloated cause PMS la. Bah, but it suck. I hate that feeling.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I wanted to saimeng

about Haagen Dazs. Mana tau this morning I woke up and vomitted for 3 hours. I mean I was trying to vomit for 3 whole hours. Finally vomitted and was so drained, my hands were shaking.

I don't know what caused it. Probably my old sickness. I've always have bad tummy. I cannot take windy food and maybe ice-cream was too much for my big tummy. Bukannya kecik pun.

Anyway, I am better now. Hopefully I'll be fine. I have paper to conquer tomorrow. Till then, I go drink Milo.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

A day at PBA with Shan

Long postponed post cause I was busy studying. HAHA.. Laugh all you want, I finished that two killer papers.

Last last Wednesday, after days of procrastinating, I've decided to go PBA and join Shan to study. Seriously, I spent 5 days rotting at home. I knew I had to do something and I decided to go PBA. =)
This is Ah Shan. XD Like always, very rajin studying.

These are my mess. Just like always, very messy. -.-"

This is our donut. Not like always cause we don't have Big Apple back then. =P Speaking of which, you know what our Ah Shan did? She very pentingkan 50cents. Probably cause she no money liao. Cause hor, she paid the parking ticket RM1.50, she gan cheong take the balance until she forgot the ticket. Luckily the two guys behind us came to our car and passed us the ticket. I was so blur blur I ask her "Oi, lu eh ar?" (Oi, Yours ar?) Leaving the guy standing there for the next two minutes while we recover from our shock. Siao.

This is me. Looking lazy as always. I know why. Cause of that three dogs yang always sleep at PBA. Benci. When I have to study, they sleep. I miss you all even more after that very Wednesday. =( I see many couple come study. Young couple. Bnci.

This is me again. Don't miss me. Bye bye.

Friday, November 07, 2008

I'm half merdeka

I'm half merdeka. Half because I got 3 more English papers to sit for.

But I've finished the two papers that I am so so so worried of. The BM and the translation paper.

Although I did shitty translation, it's over.

I love myself. *hugs self*

Now everyone should say congrats to me. Lol, not that many come in daily.

Have you ever have this feeling?

Like you've studied for your exam. Everything was OK, not excellent but OK. You were busy consoling people who are scared.

Then suddenly, eh, I think I am scared la. And then yes, you became scared and you started panicking and all that.

Have it ever happened to you? Or am I weird?

I mean I was alright at first until I think I am scared. Then I became scared. Why like this? I am scared now. Suddenly I feel like I don't know anything.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Library day 2

I thank God and other human kind for the creation of air-cond. It rained but it's not enough.

Anyhow, I got my Translation and Interpretation coursework. I got a big fat C+ congratulation to Ms. Ch'ng Ping Ping. What to do? Everyone got almost the same grade. Either a B-, C+ or C. I guess we should always be grateful.

Besides, I've never had high expectation for this paper anyway. I suck at it.

I suddenly think of past. You know, like friends - from primary till secondary, school, YOU *real good friends who are reading* and many other things that happened before this. I'm so tired (i don't know why since I don't study much) that at one point, the thought of giving up is so so so strong. I wish I can blend in better with the class. The very one thing that I'll never be able to do. Or perhaps I'm slow at adapting? Slow mo Ping.

Whatever, I am starting to hate the pile of notes that I am not sure whether it'll be useful or not. Friday faster come and go. I want my freedom back!! Not that I study extra rajin pun.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I have lost my macho-ness

No doubt about that.

A friend came over to my room and while chit chatting with me, she spotted a lizard on my wall.

Then the lizard went to my curtains and well, I excused myself and moved far from the wall. Then she give the curtains a shake and the lizard was seen storming down from the wall to my bedside.

What did I do? I screamed. Yup. I SCREAMED. And my neighbour, a lovely Malay, opened her door and said this, "Ping Ping, nampak cicak ker?"

So, she recognises my voice and know I am totally hopeless when I see lizard. *yes, despite my size, I still don't know why.*

There goes my macho-ness. I can jolly well wave goodbye to it and close my door.

Of all things, why lizard? Why some pest that you can never ever ever get rid of? Haih....

Library day

Haha, I come here for the air-cond actually cause the weather is killing me and I am dying of hot-ness. If only that means I am hot,hot. Anyway, I am there and I am supposed to act very innocent and hardworking and *ahem* study.

Wait, Wei Wei is staring at me. Ok, I go study.

Bye bye.

*buries my head into the pile of i-don't-know-got-use-or-not mia notes.*

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

BM was bull crap

Enough said.

I don't even know what they want.

What ancaman siber? How I know how to say ancaman siber will merosakkan infrastruktur?

Bah. My popularity better be correct. Else I'm so dead. Have to retake.

**ps: I mean I wrote on being popular has been a trend Malaysians are adapting.

Monday, November 03, 2008

I am not feeling that well

Must be angin in the perut again. Probably due to tom yam or late lunch/dinner or just nervous system going haywire.

Hopefully I'm all well tomorrow. I don't need cold sweat and stomach upset for exam. Not during exam. Thank you.

I got A- for my 40% BM

and when I was about to celebrate, Ah Sir told me, "Don't think this result will guarantee you good results in the end. Better do your essay properly cause all these course-work, you get to prepare before hand."

*&%^%#* Happy a while cannot is it? Chieh.

*Buries my head into pile of books. T.T*

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hanging out with the sweetest people on earth

Last Saturday, Diana, Jen, Yi Lin and I went Gurney for a movie and Crepe Cottage for pancakes. Win, we ordered the right one this time!!!!!

BBQ Korean is so much yummier now but fries freaking a lot.

#1. We ordered four sets and a soup. It's really good. I love the food there now. But yea, fattening. So.... =))

#2. That's Yi Lin and I in the first picture, Jen and Diana in the second, Diana and I in the third and me making faces in the last picture.

#3. Jen, YiLin, Me, Diana. I love them.

#4. We went for a movie, House Bunny after dinner. I managed to grab a tank top from Padini before that. In the first picture, I was trying to imitate that mouse. Fail, I know. I was cuter. HAHA.

#5. We decided to take one last shot before going into the cinema cause we thought we will be able to take in there before they off the light.

#6. After movies, they were thinking of getting a drink or so before going back. But Lecka-lecka chap lap already. So we went Crepe Cottage.

#7. Us having our drinking picture. Diana refuse to take one.

#8. And since we don't take no as an answer *sound so bimbo and mean* we decided to FORCE her to drink. Ok la, pretend only. She was on the phone anyway.

#9. We waited freaking long for the pancakes and we do what we do best, we CAMWHORE. =)

#10. We got the orders right this time cause we order by the name and not the number. We ordered Flap Jack with Orange Sherbet (1st picture) , Sunburst (the mango one) and Plum and Strawberry Crepe, and Mango Slush.

#11. After a long wait for the pancakes, you MUST camwhore. Anyway, we think the Strawberry and Plum Crepe was fantabulous. And we think the ice creams are home made.

#12. After satisfying our sweet tooth cravings, we went to the sea side to take some pictures.

#13. And again, Diana accidentally cut Yi Lin out.

#14. I actually love this shot. =))

#15. Our shadow. I wanted to take many more of this but someone JUST have to play firecrackers near us and we decided to head home.

#16. Diana sent us home in her car full of soft toys.

#17. And that's the dorky me on Sunday after church service wearing the baju I bought the day before.

=)) The End.

I am thinking of 17th November already (paper ends on the 17th.)

Oh and darlings, we are going to KL on the 4th or 5th kay? =)) Further planning and itinerary will be sent out after exam. Woohoo.