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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Should I

tell my dad that my name is Ping Ping and not Pin Pin?

eat that kitkat on my table?

go to bed early?

write more informational, or fun to read or at least meaningful post?

continue to try connect to MSN?

You know what? I think I should continue with my assignment that's due tomorrow.

I think I should not tell my dad my name is Ping Ping and not Pin Pin. Haih, he doesn't even know my name, you think he knows my birthday, my age or which year of uni I'm in?

I think I should not eat that kitkat on my table cause I'm going home on Friday and I want my sisters to have them.

I think I should not go to bed early cause I've not done my assignments.

I think I should write more informational or at least fun to read with pictures post. That'll have to wait till I'm home with proper connection.

And I think I should continue trying to log in to MSN cause I'm so socially dependant on it. I need my daily dose of random chit chats with my friends.

Rindus. =) Can't wait to hang out on Saturday.

Rindux2 *Esp the girl in green and the girl beside her. Awesome people

It felt like years although we just met last Feb.

Workload makes me miss you girls more. It just reminds me how we used to study together, take test and exams together. I miss high school.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Not kaypo la.

Ayat phatic-communion adalah ayat 'cakap-cakap kosong' yakni kata-kata yang diucapkan oleh kerana kalau tidak diucapkan, kita berasa serba-tak-kena. Greeting adalah sejenis phatic-communion.

Sebagai contoh, jika saudara kebetulan berselisih di tangga pejabat dengan rakan sekerja, kalau saudara diam sahaja, saudara berasa serba-tak-kena, lalu saudara pun berkata, "Hendak ke mana?" Dia pun menjawab, "Keluar sekejap."

Kata-kata itu bukan aktiviti suka ambil tahu urusan orang lain. Kata-kata itu adalah phatic communion. Jadi, tidak boleh diterjemahkan menjadi "Where are you going?" dan "I am going out for a while."

excerpt from an article in
Interesting much?

Awesome Friday and Loved Saturday

AGM was funny, Combined Easter Celebration was awesome!! Diana, Yi Lin, Yi Lin's friend June and Su Ling came over. At first I was worried that they might not enjoy it but the drama was so awesome they actually had fun.

I was glad when they talked about the drama after it was over when I had the time to talk to them. You know like the usual discuss-bout-movie-after-get-out-of-cinema thing. If it's not interesting, you wouldn't even bother right? I tried to explain the story to them again so as to make sure they get the message. Then we went for supper at Kayu. Diet plan goes down the drain.

No pictures because my line is super lousy. =(

Anyways, Saturday began a lil gloomy with me having lunch alone, walk to library alone and saw Saranghe there, alone. Then do my work and since it's my first time perhaps in library on Saturday, I didn't know it closes at 4pm. So I packed and came back, napped, did a lil more work. Then mum and che decided to come over and fetch me for dinner.

Loved max. Pampered max. *happy* Awesome friends and family. Despite feeling down with my assignments, I feel loved, I really do. =)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wrong course!!

I think I'm in the wrong course. I hate this shit.

5 more days before I embarass myself in front of the entire class. I'm sick of doing things I don't know crap about.

Drop out la. =(

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Thorn Of Lion City

Just finished a book just now. Took bout two hours to completely finish the entire book. The title of the book is The Thorn Of Lion City by Lucy Lum and it's almost like Chinese Cinderella. I'm a sucker for books like this cause somehow it reminds me again and again to be grateful and thankful to be born in this era.

Anyway, initially, I wanted to use Chinese Cinderella for my assignment but I spotted this when I was looking for the book in the library and I borrowed it and finished it. Am still contemplating whether I should use this book or Chinese Cinderella although I think Chinese Cinderella will be a better one as there's a stepmother in the book. For my literature, too lazy to explain why.

I really should get down to business with my other work instead of reading a story book, for leisure some more. Glad I took the time to read this awesome book though.

*off to read serious academic books*

Monday, March 22, 2010

No Sweat

A lot of work to do? No sweat la, can one la.

Weather damn hot? No sweat la, go curi air-cond from library or DK.

Gonna get scolded by lecturer? No sweat la, *prays hard that he is in good mood*

Of course I don't have a friend who actually say no sweat cause our standard one is just, relax la, why so tension? Or sap sap water la...

Anyway, right now is my super sweat moments. With hot weather, tonnes of work to do, and a kinda strict lecturer plus course, it's very hard, almost impossible not to sweat, be it from the heat or cold sweat due to fear and stress. In fact I sweated like I just came out from shower today. Twice some more. I think with such weather and work load and lots of walking, it's impossible la to not sweat. Unless you don't have the liang peluh la.

If you can't help from sweating, I guess a good deodorant like Adidas one might help. I actually heard that those spray-on with cold cold feeling one is good especially to keep yourself dry. So while you sweat badly on other parts of your body, keep "certain" parts dry to prevent from smelling awful. Not so good la if you have to share class with people.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at

**I actually have not got the opportunity to watch Project Alpha Season 2. Gonna catch up on that after I finish with all my no-sweat-assignments. I totally love the first season cause got Audrey. Heh

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Birthday Wishlist

"Ask and you shall be given"

1. Cash *ka-ching!* to shop more.

2. A bf  Kekekeke just kidding

2. New sport shoe *but will probably get it with my hard earn cash - so pray that I get a job during break*

3. Anything that makes me pretty or feel pretty
ie : make-up stuff, bangles, accessories, hair bow, contact lense

4. Whatever that reminds you of me. ie : diamond, pearls, house, car. HAHAHA expensive ma me. =P No la, whatever that makes you say "SO PING PING" when you see it. =)

5. You reading my blog. So that I can get more UV and earn more money.

6. Messages and love from people who really cares about me and I about them. =)

As I grow older, I think my wishlist gets shorter. I'm not gonna say all those everyone be healthy and happy kinda thing cause that's not a birthday wishlist, that's an every day wish. =)

As for what I wish for myself,

1. To be more determine in losing weight and really do it.

2. To read more of His word and have a stable relationship with Him. To grow more in Him.

3. To be a less bad tempered, moody, grumpy person I am sometimes.

4. To grow up and mature.

5. To be more confident of myself and my capability *kalau ada*

=) Do not worry bout presents ok? I'll be just as happy if you remember to wish me.

A soon-to-be birthday girl deserves to camwhore a lil.

The soon-to-be birthday girl.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I believe I am born a complainer and a whiner. =P I complain and whine about everything, which I'm sure you probably know by now and sometimes, my uni life drives me up the wall. The assignments actually but it's just the same anyway.

Of course after all those complaining and whining, I still go about doing my work. In fact, sometimes I go around whining and complaining WHILE doing my work. I'm so contradicting and ironical like this.

Anyway, despite the amount of workload on my shoulder and on my table, I believe I'm here for more than just studying so I took the chance to get to know lots of wonderful people in uni and being in PKA.

And one of the events we are having is this :-

It's an Easter Celebration event that 3 CFs (Christian Fellowships) in USM are having. Being a Christian for two years, I admit that there are times I take it too lightly and just shake-leg (ie relax) But well, we can shake leg and also get to know Him. So, come to our Easter Celebration. There'll be performance which is a sketch to tell you 'What Easter is all about'. It's not about the easter eggs and bunnies only. I know!

And with this event, we need to fundraise because we are poor students and we cannot afford the sound system, lighting, printing and all without any help. So we are selling :-
Super duper cute badge at RM3. Totally love the design and it's worth to keep to remind you this event and also to help us out.

And the super good quality notebook at RM10 RM8. Buy notebook + badge at RM12 RM10.

This notebook is a great gift for friends as a diary, or as your auto book although I'm not sure if people still do that now. Thinking of it, maybe I should get one more and let my seniors write something. You can even give it to boyfriend or girlfriend and write your love-journey inside with pictures- make a scrapbook. See, I give you idea some more. No need pay me for the ideas. Good quality okay?

I know, super long didn't update and all I do now is promoting but it's for good cause. Do let me know if you are interested in the stuff okay? And do come on the 26th March in  DK U, USM. 7pm-10pm.

Release stress a bit mar =)

Diana - budak loofah.
Ping - budak emo
Jen - budak kepo
Win - ? budak kecik. HEHHEHEH

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Damn motivated

to lose weight wtcrap!!! All cause Lesley say I will be pretty prettier if I'm thinner.

Tomorrow morning, exercise. lalalala ~

Kasi support sikit k? =) Like buy me a really nice dress. HEHEHEHE Kidding. Just don't give me chocolates okay? Replace that with apple or orange. Yums. =)

*semangat berkobar-kobar*

see below, even tag as "serious" okay?

*Must clarify, cause Lesley say I'll be prettier and more stunning if I'm thinner. Which means now I'm pretty la, but will be prettier. Woohoo. Lagi motivated. Happies. =P I know, so easily pleased HAHAHA

pps: =) I need to release a bit of the tension la.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Counted and almost fainted

At least 13 more to go. And I even decided to make the number smaller by assuming my 3 weekly recording submissions as one assignment only.

Do tell me jokes and make me smile. I really do not want to have wrinkles and white hair and worn-out face too fast.

1 month
4 weeks
13 assignments

Pray for me. I'll work doubly hard to reduce the number. Hard to have a sense of accomplishment or be proud of myself when I have so many assignments staring back at me.

BATI-ans are like damn superwoman/superman la. How we survive all these work? At least I'll be proud of myself and not feel like I've done nothing the whole sem. I hope I still have the energy to pat myself on the back when I'm done with everything. If I don't have the energy, do help me to pat my back ok? And of course, some chocolates, some cold drinks, herbal drinks, and a sweet message will cheer me up too. If you can give me massage, LAGI BEST.

Back to work. One week feels like a month. I've been doing so much, I forgot it's only 4 days ago I left home to come back here. One more day before I'm home again.

Putting on make-up makes me happy. Maybe I should do that tomorrow.

A still surviving uni student.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

If you can't answer their question,

make their question to fit your answer.

=) Learnt a valuable lesson today. Actually is don't know to answer but still trying to act like I'm oh-so-humble. Luckily the interviewer didn't insist that we must answer it.

Question: What's so good about you that we have to send you overseas?
*lots of I'm this, I'm that and I'm like the bestest ever!!!*

Answer: Well, I would prefer to see it in another perspective. How by going overseas, I'll be better and how it'll enrich me. *totally out of topic*. Bla bla bla for another 60 seconds, telling my 'prepared' answer.

Got out of that room. It's over. =)

Oh lessons lessons lessons. When I walked out of that room, one problem solved, 294894284 more waiting. Assignments. T_T I love uni life .... NOT.
Tomorrow, the sky will still be as bright *even if you don't want it to be*.

Tomorrow. =) The reason that got us moving each day.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Things we totally should remember

I think with uni assignments, commitments and all, there are times we felt so pushed to our limits, so suffocated with things in life, we tend to forget what's important in life. And I believe this is what we should keep in mind at all times. I'm sure with this, we'll be able to cope with uni assignments better, cope with people around us better, whine less and be grateful each day. =) Copied from Shan's blog.

The Daily Survival Kit

1. Toothpick
To remind you to pick the good qualities in everyone including yourself .
(Like totally!!! It helps you to feel good about yourself and make people feel good about themselves which is super important.)

2. Rubber band
To remind you to be flexible. Things might not always go the way you want, but it can be worked out.
(Come on, life is too short to be petty over small things and be too particular.)

3. Band-Aid
To remind you to heal hurt feelings, either yours or someone else's.
4. Eraser
To remind you everyone makes mistakes. That's okay we learn by our errors.

5. Candy Kiss
To remind you everyone needs a hug or a compliment everyday.

6. Mint
To remind you that you are worth a mint to someone known or unknown.

7. Bubble Gum
To remind you to stick with it and you can accomplish anything.

8. Pencil
To remind you to list your blessings everyday.
(grabs a pencil)

9. Tea Bag
To remind you to take time to relax daily and go over that list of God's blessings.
(Above all, thank Him for each and every day for He made them all possible for you)

10. It's ok to make goofy faces if it makes you happy.
(I add one. Cause I feel happy when I make goofy face)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Uni changed me

I used to be able to churn out something to blog about. Whether or not I have readers, it didn't matter (I used to have delusion that I have lots of readers la).

Now, I don't care if I don't have readers. I blog lesser and lesser, I can go on five days without thinking of updating my blog because my blog has finally taken much less important place in my heart and I do not want it to be that way.

This blog keeps my deepest secret and lots of my memories. But uni changed me. With loads of work, loads of activities, loads of real-life social life, I've more or less stopped sharing in my blog. I wouldn't sit in front of my laptop, talking about places I went with my friends, bombarding my blog with pictures because my friends would be able to see them in Facebook anyway.

And I only euphoria-ly put a picture of myself each time I blog to make this blog less wordy although it's just mere illusions. I wish I have more solid proper things to blog but those who are still reading, thank you. =) I appreciate it much. Even if I receive the smallest ever attention, I'm glad, because you care. You bother to read because you do care.

See what uni has done to my eyes. Eye bags. T_T although heh, got one aunty say my eyes pretty. Make me shy and hide behind the wall only.

Ok, I euphoria-ly share my story here since it'll sound so tak tau malu on Facebook. You can already tell I'm quite excited and happy right? I rarely get praises so let me indulge in my euphoria moments can?

I was in the toilet, then I came out, the aunty said, "Cantik ya?"

Automatically I thought she was praising my friend since my friend always get praises from our coursemates. So I smiled to the aunty, then she pointed at me, "Cantik. Mata kamu cantik." *or something like that*

I looked at her, not knowing how to respond (I respond badly at praises because I don't get them often. Not enough practise =P). I smiled again, looked at my friend. And then we slowly walked to another end and hide there. I was wearing my Angel Series Green contacts and a lil mascara+super tak obvious eyeliner.

Happy but at the same time, shy la.

ps: Euphoria means syok sendiri. Kononnya a more scientific term. =P

Monday, March 01, 2010

Where is my ngoi sam leong cha?

(Glos for the title) Where is my love heart cold tea?
Meaning: Where is my herbal tea from love one?

T_T One of those days when I wish I'm prettier and have someone to buy me herbal tea wtcrap?! With hot weather and sickness lurking around, I'm more moody than I usually am.

I wish my pictures are nice even when I don't manipulate the angle and the lighting. Quote from weiwei, "cheating people with your fake picture".


I'm not greedy, I just wish I look just like my picture. Without angle-ing. I wish for so many things. I wish for a stand fan in my room. Am I too greedy? Am I too demanding? I guess I'm just sick.

I don't wish for something to make me smile, I just wish for something that won't make me frown.

ps: eh can see my bulu tangan. /shy