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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Is love painful?

Is love painful? Well, to be frank,my own answer is yes, but wait a minute read thru this first.....something really meaningful and true.....

“The pain associated with relationships has more to do with fear, than love.”Who hasn’t experienced the pain of love? Or is itthe pain of rejection? The pain of self doubt? The pain of fear? It’s important to distinguish between love and totally separate feelings.When it comes to pain surrounding love, we’re more likely referring to the “add-ons” of love.

The love baggage, we might call it. For some reason,many people assume negative emotions are a part or element of love. But experientially we know this isn’t true.Love is not painful, it feels incredible. The pain and hurt we feel doesn’t come from love, it comes from our doubts, fears, anxiety, perceived rejections,broken trusts, anger, jealousy, envy, etc. So why do we as a culture lump all those other feelings in with love?Perhaps its because we feel these uncomfortable emotions most often in association with our love relationships.

Our primary relationships are important to us, so we assume these doubts and fears are all part of the loving experience. But is this really true?When we are fearful, angry, anxious, unhappy, or jealous, are we truly experiencing a state of love?They sure feel different, don’t they? Love feels warm, open, joyous and filled with a deep sense of appreciation.

Pain steps into a love relationship when you switch it from a “wanted relationship,”into a “needed relationship.” You don’t NEED anyone relationship. Want? Yes. Need? No.

If you go into a relationship not feeling terribly good about yourself, you’re more likely to become dependent on your partner to help you feel good about yourself. If we felt empty before they appeared in our lives, we fear the emptiness returning if they leave, so their staying with us becomes paramount. That dependency can create all kinds of fear and unhappiness when there’s a perceived threat to you staying together.If we aren’t giving ourselves the acceptance we crave, we look to those around us to provide it for us.

Again, none of this has a thing to do with the love you feel, but everything to do with the fear you feel.If you really want to remove the love baggage offear and unhappiness, the first step is to improve your self awareness and self acceptance.

this is for cheng ling bout love...its not written by english not that keng.. =)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ghost in U6V1??

Last Monday, win, yl, wy and I decided to stay back in class to do our homework *konon* (but i finished the maths work =D). At about 4.30, yl and I had to go bcuz we need to settle some Mahsuri things and of course, our own stuff. So we left the class with wy and win in class. Around 4.45, wy came to join us and that leaves win in the class alone.. She sat there until 5.30 pm before she left as her mum came to fetch her at that time..

Nothing happened.. The next day, our English teacher came in and asked who stayed back? So I told her some of us stayed back till 4.45pm. She said no, after 5. Win was afraid that the teacher will scold cuz apparently, we are not suppose to stay in class before and after school so as to save electricity which was a little dumb in my opinion. Anyhow, our teacher said someone said they heard someone sang Il Divo's song in our class at 5something. That is weird bcuz according to win,no one was there except for her and she din hear anyone singing. So we kinda freaked out and thus we decided not to stay in the class alone the following day.

Today, I decided to confront the teacher to get the exact news from her. And suddenly, she said something like no, I did not say someone was singing. That was scary because all of us heard her. We are all freaked out. I told her that win stayed back and she say why didn't we tell her? I explain to her that we are not suppose to stay in class and she said that there is no one singing.

It's just that her friend came to fetch the daughter but realize that the meeting room beside our class was locked.Then her friend saw someone wearing uniform in our class and decided to ask her wat was she doing and why was she there. That girl told her that she stayed back and doing her work and the people from maths club left already. She was just trying to find out if her friend really saw a girl or something else as she thought no one would stay in class since it is kinda deserted already.

And yes, if you have read this post properly,you probably know who that girl is. She is none other than our win. =) Win didn't expect this two things have connection and therefore did not tell us about it. Still, better be safe than sorry. =)

RK House... NO PORK!!!

enjoy...a lil racist but this indian guy is cute and the chinese guys are super bad... =)

Monday, January 22, 2007

A thorn in the heart

after reading emo shan and cheng ling's blog,i realize how my blog is such a crap..itz so crappy,i dun even know wat my blog is all about..they have like draft one u noe?they write in class or when they are bored then they post up..and me?i just sit down and start typing away with no point,no aim,horrible english and waste of time..Y cant i write perfect blog like them?Mayb I ok..i shall start a new paragraph with serious topic... =) wait a minute..i am not good with serious topics..i crap a lot and i am very scared when i have to speak good english and be serious..this is freaking me


I am always onlining and talking to friends from all over the world and seriously, I met some very wonderful friends while some are just touch and go. Some will make me feel sad if they are unhappy or having problems while some, I don't even know what is happening to them. There are of course friends that I know in real life who is also my online friend and always ever ready to listen to me babbling away all my problems that are not problems at all. They are usually a bunch of craps that I am not satisfied about and I just wanna talk it out.

There are also friends that I know from online friends that eventually becomes my good friend and sometimes more than a good friend, a good god brother. There is this particular person that drives me crazy worrying bout him because of what is happening and his now-you-see-me-now-you-don't habit. He can appear and disappear with no reason and no explanation whatsoever. He might not know that he is driving his friends and family crazy but he really is. At times it makes people lose hope or reason to be worried as he has been always fine but somehow,the fear is still there and it makes people's mind wander about hoping that everything is just as fine as it used to be. Why can't he be a little more responsible and just make sure people know that he is fine and in the pink of health? Perhaps he thinks that we should not care so much and we should just leave him alone. But hey,i am not that kind of friend ok??the tilik nasib ppl oso say i like to care bout ppl's thing..but that's my nature and i am so not gonna change it... >:-(


Suddenly I feel like talking about this serious love stuff. Hope you don't mind and endure with me for few more minutes. Thinking that you have feeling for someone you know and chatted with a lot is kinda normal..and at times,u might not know what you really feel.. Is it really love or is it just because it is already a routine for you to chat and share everything with him that if you fail to do it one day, you will feel that something is missing? Love is something we cannot define with words. At times you will unconciously liking someone that you never thought you would. You may write down a list of characteristics that you like in a guy just to find out that "hey, actually I like dark guys instead of fair one" after you thought you met someone you like. You can change the whole list as though it doesn't matter whether he is the one or not. You may put down all those model-like features and you don't care even if out of 10,there is only 1 point that he matches because you would be thinking of that 1 point and forget the other 9. That is love. Love is blind. No one believes that love is blind until they themselves experience it. Have your friends ever cancel plans with you just because her boyfriend or his girlfriend is not in a good mood and they just wanna spend time with them? Or have your friends leave early from an event just because his girlfriend called and wanted to see him? Well, I have my fair share for this type of incidents and it became a normal thing because I might do the same if I were in their shoes.

And in reply to someone's post (I am not very sure who.), will you choose someone whom you love very much but he doesn't love you as much as you love him or will you just choose someone who loves you more than you love him? I would choose the latter. I am a selfish person that I rather be loved than loving someone. No doubt loving someone is a great feeling but I am sure being loved is a better feeling. You will get hurt if you love someone too much but you will never get hurt if you love him less. Love comes with happiness but also lots of heartache and headache. When you care for someone and he don't care less, will you still be happy? Of course to love someone and being love is a great feeling if it comes in pairs, but tell me, how many perfect love story is there in the relationships that you know of? Love can grow with time, whether it grow stronger or fades away, it still changes with time. So why not you try loving that person after you have already be together?as long as he loves u more rite? Its selfish huh? But hey,that's what I think. When I see my friend loving their boyfriends until at one point,they lose themselves, I feel that it is wrong. It is just plain wrong. Perhaps you will say I never love someone before and therefore,it appears wrong to me. But to me, I believe that if that guy is in love with you, there is no reason for him to try to change you. Of course if its for the better,its another story. But he will certainly not cut you out from your friends, stop you from doing something you like and just expect you to live with the standard he sets. If that's how he thinks, he might as well play the Sims or something whereby he can control every single thing. Besides, I feel that girls should not lose themselves just because they are in love with a guy. They must have their strong stand and decide for themselves. Even if she will get hurt from that choice, she must choose for her future, for something she thinks is more worth it. Call me weird but guys are never the 1st priority in my life. My list goes from family, studies,future,friends and lastly guys. And again, you shall argue with me base on my never-love-a-guy-before experience. =)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Grandmother's Story...

lol..itz really bout my grandma lar....keke...

one day,my aunt brought my grandma go indian market*keh leng ngah ban san-in hokkien*...then my aunt stopped at the roadside to fetch my grandma since she cant walk to the car..old d..kenot walk my aunt asked her to masuk quickly cuz behind ppl waiting d...then ppl started my grandma slammed the door shut...and she summore go tengok the flowers okay???then my aunt tot she masuk kereta she drove off ah ma stand there looking blur and aunt talked to her all the way back but of course,nobody aunt tot she was angry or something and continued aunt has this habit of not using the mirror..most of my family members have the same habit..they juz drive and ignore everyone around them..and start cursing when things got a lil out of control..lolx..i not yet drive,so i am stil yea..when she reached home,she realized that she din fetch my grandma!!!! in the end,my grandma took a cab home...wat a scary way to lose a grandma... =) so love ur grandma and double check b4 u drive away... =) and if someone is not replying u,try to turn around to have a look when u r at the traffic light or something... =)

Kia su

call me greedy,kia su or wateva u want for all i care...but i am memohoning 3 biasiswa...juz in case i din get one,i still hv two others..hehe...jom the place mar...lolx..three from three different teachers...hope i can get lar..then i will b richer and i can probably treat u guys some ice-cream someday...rite??hehe....wish me luck...

Plan gagal

well..i am supposed to go to play badminton with the bentengs today but bcuz everyone is busy and noone is free to send me,i ended up changing into my house clothes... once again,i wore the go out baju then only they tell me that i hv to forget the plan as no one is free to fetch this moment,i hate myself for not able to drive myself times i really feel that i am not important..but then again,i cant expect ppl to hang around and wait to fetch me go wherever i want...but they seem to have plans even if i tell them i wanna go out days earlier..sometimes i feel that their fren are more important than i am...but i am not angry at them..juz hate myself for being useless and a total dependant freak..i seriously need to drive...

this is not the 1st time i got ready to go out but only to be told that i have to cancel my plan due to transportation problems..take benteng's outing as example...last week, bentengs are suppose to hang out at chong nam but i couldn't make it cuz my aunt was quite late and by the time i reach there,they would've i changed into my pyjamas after waiting for an hour plus...another time was when i wanna go c the artiste in prangin was a saturday..that day was the worst..cuz pao told me she can fetch me so i changed at 1 something and waited for her till 4 something...i did not blame her cuz she had plans with her frenz and she has transport to go so there is no reason for her to change her plans bcuz of it comes down to me being useless for not pretty enuf to have a bf and not smart enuf to drive..furthermore my mum was busy shopping and no one can fetch me..i was rather sad bcuz of that as i really wanted to attend the 8tv tour mall..thank god i made it the next day though i was late as well...again bcuz mum went to fetch che from airport..

mayb the only person who is at wrong is me as i couldn't drive..and also me for being sick at the wrong time and heal at the wrong time..bcuz when i was sick,they were pretty free..and now that i am ok,no one is free to b at home anymore..i am usually at home alone or with my grandma who is another kesian times i feel that everyone has their live except for both of us...ah win alwiz say i very "hong so" bcuz i go out almost every weekend..but she din know that if i dun go out now,after pao goes back,i have no chance to do that anymore..mum alwiz go out alone and come back late at nite esp when pao is not around..and che is never early from sux to b at home and juz stare at the comp or tv...but i am not gonna complain bcuz at least i am still alive to be bored... =)

My Bdate...

Your Birthdate: April 7

You are an island. You don't need anyone else to make you happy.
And though you see yourself as a loner, people are drawn to you.
Deep and sensitive, you tend to impress others with your insights.
You also tend to be psychic - so listen to that inner voice!

Your strength: Your self sufficiency

Your weakness: You despise authority

Your power color: Maroon

Your power symbol: Hammer

Your power month: July

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


The feeling of guilty and sadness is eating me up.. After reading Wan Mei's post on being miserable, i realize how i would feel if i were in ah seng ko's shoe.. I will certainly cry or lepaskan geram. There he was,entering our class every single lesson, teaching us,writing until 5 blackboard oso full (and made me padam lots of papan..),talking to humans who are like walls,listening to the students chattering while he is teaching(some even sings).. I know if I were to be the teacher, I would bring them to the HM or just punish them. I wont let my student do that to me. Probably he has given up on us. The way he act is like Mr. Tan.. Entau Tan oso alwiz diam diam alone teaching although his students were sleeping in class. He come in,he teach,he leaves the class. He never scold any of the students. Sometimes, I wonder, is it that we are so hopeless,they dun even care.. Or is it just their way of teaching. I choose to believe the former.

They will smile if u listen to them and ask them questions.. Even if u were seen talking or sleeping in their class the previous week. They also never fails to enter ur class, hoping that one day,we would do the work he give. They appreciate it when you listen to their lesson and choose to focus on students who listens when u r not. It hurts me so much to see them standing there talking but no one even care. Probably those gang thinks that they have acc background and they are so damn smart,they can get As even if they dun enter class.. If that's the case,then fine,leave our class. Dun come in and make others cant study. I do admit that i spend my time doing homework or completing my kitab accounts when i am in his class. Since now my kitab account has completed, I shall now swear here with no fingers cross or watsoever that i will try my very best to listen to him in class and respond to him.

Besides that, I really hope someone can talk to those who never respect our sir and this lady who never seems to understand her job to behave. I not sure if u guys noe which young lady is this but she never do her job and she let teachers walking out of the class without wishing. I seriously think we need to have a meeting or something to get things straight. I hate to say this but i hate those who made ah seng miserable. One day, u will noe how it feels. When everyone ignores you and u r there,talking alone,doing ur miserable job.

till then, bentengs,let's promise to let ah seng ko have a wonderful 2007... =)

_____________________________________________________________ sis tot my mum is a theif last so hilarious..armed with a broom and some lousy looking stick,my sis hid in the room and asked me to keep quiet cuz she hears noises outside..i juz continue to sleep cuz it was 3am for god's din hentam my mum's head...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


What Your Soul Really Looks Like

You are a wanderer. You constantly long for a new adventure, challenge, or eve a completely different life.

You are not a very grounded person. You prefer dreams to reality. For you, it's all about possibilities.

You see yourself with pretty objective eyes. How you view yourself is almost exactly how other people view you.

Your near future is a lot like the present, and as far as you're concerned, that's a very good thing.

For you, love is all about caring and comfort. You couldn't fall in love with someone you didn't trust.

Never Date a Cancer

Clingy, emotional, and very private - it's hard to escape a Cancer's clutches.
And while Cancer will want to know everything about you, they're anything but open in return.

Instead try dating: Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, or Aquarius

WHAT????BUT I LOVE CANCERIANS!!!! least i tot i like

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tagged By Ah Wei

hmm..Ah Wei wanna know 5 things bout me that she dun let's see...
1. more than 50% of my MSN list are people I don't know. I don't even talk to them and they don't talk to me. And I do ignore some of them because their nick and their email shows that they are just 13 or 14 and I don't like to layan ppl with lots of questions that I don't like to answer. =) i am evil, i noe..

2. I laugh when I am sleeping esp after I had a crazy night with my sisters. This is what happened when everyone is asleep including me. My mum told me that I would sit up and start laughing the go back to bed again..freaky huh? So beware if u r spending the night with me. Dun worry,no toyol or anak hantu in the process.. =)

3. I am afraid to talk in front of many many ppl. Though u alwiz see me talking non-stop,laughing and has lots of things to say,but this thing dun happen when I am all alone in front of many many ppl,talking bout serious stuff.. Wait, is it my fear for crowds or is it becuz i just can't talk serious stuff? lol..

4. I do quiet down. This happens when I am either moody or dun feel like talking. This rarely happens in public becuz I am usually chirpy when I see my friends. It happens more at home lar. I am very notty at home and alwiz moody. At this time, my sis gets to call me

and lastly,

Lucky number 5
I can cook! Seriously.. although I cant cook as well as my grandma and sis and mum, i do cook. I enjoy baking with my second sis, I enjoy cooking dinner and screw everything up but i dislike washing. Cooking is the only chore i like but i rarely have the chance to do it.

ps: ah wei,besides this 5,i also missed the old times we had bcuz ever since u left,no one let me copy their Kajian Tempatan exam answer anymore. =)

that's all for now... =) i am not a secretive person,so it took me quite a while to think of wat ppl dunno bout if u know bout these 5 already,then dun bocor my rahsia ok?just act like u dun know and do the oh-my-gawd-is-this-true punya expression ok? =)

Hotel Stays

Is it just penangites or is it just my family?
We love to go hotel stays ever since i was a small little girl.
We would either rent a room or get a free room from whoever that has membership with
certain hotel. It has been a favourite weekends programme for my family for many years now.
We would bring our swimming suit,pelampung(float),clothes and other neccessities on saturday and check into hotel for the day.We would buy food like mee goreng(super sedap according to my aunt and family), pasembur,pisang goreng and other finger food before we go to the hotel.Then we would go swimming,walking at the beach and just pamper ourselves with astro,air cond and nicely made bed. My mum,my grandma and my aunt love this kind of lifestyle and therefore,throughout my 19 years of living,i've been to lots of hotels in Penang and i been there many many times...I am not promoting the hotels but seriously,i shall list down which hotel i've stayed before...

1. Paradise *stayed there a few times*
2. Leisure Bay *itz an apartment*
3. Leisure Cove *itz an apartment*
4. Marvista *apartment also*
5. Sri Sayang
6. Golden Sand
7. Shangri-La
8. Park Royal
9. The Lone Pine
10. Holiday Inn
11. Bayview Beach
12. Casuarina *the bungalow*
13. Bayu Emas

list to be updated cuz i cant remember where else we stayed..

imagine,we been to all those 13 hotels/apartment which is not mine and i've stepped into the room of the Mutiara Hotel's room has been part of our life and our living that we dun find it weird or funny to travel all the way there just for the night. We would go shopping at the batu ferringhi,go fishing,go makan-makan there and just stay there for the night. The next morning,our mum and grandma would get to pamper themselves with complementary buffet and bring some back for us. Lol..then we would swim and go to the beach the last time b4 we go town for lunch..that's my family,my tradition and our style... =)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Number Reading

Number 1

if u were born on the 1st,10th,19th,28th of any month
you are number One...
You are Smart,straight talking,Funny,
stubborn,hardworking,Honest,jealous on competing
basis,Kind hearted,Angry,friendly,authoritive,Famous
Person..always want to be and regarded as First on pol
position,they are often like to be independent,will
never be under others, self confident people! you are
most likely to fall in love in the younger age,but
will get marry when you mature!you are likely to have
problems with people who have opposite views and you
are most likely to take revenge over your enemies in a
long time are a spender,but you will have a
good profession in the future,if you are guy you will
be very popular that everybody will have mental
attraction n respect at you, you can go anywhere from
the localshop to the heart of the parliment so because
you are possitive and well tallented in numerous
issues!!but make sure in yourlife you will always have
some people who will work hard to bring you & your
name down this is undercover!!coz of your smart
behaviour you will be hated by some people too..your
family life is very cool,you will have a very nice
partner & wonderful children...You are
Pioneer,Independent & Original
Your best match is 4,6,8 good match is 3,5,7

Number 2

If you were born on the 2nd,11th,20th,29th of any
month then you are number 2.. no matter what you will
be loved by every one coz your ruler is the Moon and
every one loves the Moon Huh!! are a person
who Day dream a lot,you have Very low-self
confidence,you need back up for every move in your
life,you are very much unpredictable means you do
change according to time and circumstances,kind a
selfish,have a very strong sense of musical,artistic
talent,verbal communication,your attitudes are like
the Moon comes to Gloom and fadeaway so everybody can
expect changes in you, you can be a Next Mahathma
Gandhi who is peace loving or you can be a Hitler who
wants to destroy the Man kind and peace I mean in the
community and your own Home.If you really have a deep
thought about your own believe in God you can feel the
difference which will make you stronger!most of the
time your words are a kind of would be happening
True!so without any knowledge you can ! predict the
situation..You will become Poets,writers,any artistic
buisiness poeple!You are not strong in Love,so you
will be there and here till you get marry..if u r a
girl you will be a responsible woman in the whole
family,if u r a man you will involve in fights &
arguements in the family.or Vice-Versa means you will
sacrifice your Life for the Goodness Sake of your
family..,You are Gentle , Intuitive with a broad
vision, a Power behind the scenes,Well balanced
People!!!Your best match is 2 ,5 ,9 no other people
can put up with you!!!

Number 3

if you were born on the 3rd,12th,21st,30th of anymonth
then you are number 3..
you are a person of hard hearted,selfish most of the
times,religeous,loves to climb up in your life,you
always tend to have lots of problems whithin your
family in the early stages but you will put up with have the strong word power,pretty
happy wherever you go always you have got
what you wanted!!! and from the birth always wanted to
work hard in order to achive will not
get anything without hardwork!when you become a
Man/Woman age you want other younger once to listen to
you,because you want younger people to Respect people
older than do set so many examples to
others!.generally you are not a cool person.its not
easy thing dealing with you..a tough player you
are!but once you like someones attitude then here you
go,what can I say?it will be a lasting
always have respect from othersyour life seems to have
lots ! of worries and problems but sure they wont be will always have brilliant Kids!!!you love
the money a bit too much so temptation will push you
to endless tryigng and trying.. if you are a guy then
its over looking after your family helping friends,so
you will spend a life time just being generous and
kind (except 21st born Men).and Number 3s .you will be
such an example of how to be in the culture & Life!!!
if you are girl then its your good charecter and
culture & harworking attitude you always follow..You
are a Freedom Lover,Creative,Ambition focused who
brings Beauty ,Hope & Joy to this world!!!your best
match 6 ,9Good match 1 ,3 ,5

Number 4

If you were born on the 4th,13th,22nd,31st of anymonth
then you are Number 4... you are very stubborn
too,very hard working but unlucky in important matters
in life, very cool,helpful,you have rough
wordpower..might put lots of people away from you,you
may cause nuisense to others if you are a man,you
often understands others well.n.their problems,if you
are a girl you are very good with studies and Arts,if
you are guy you spend most of the time after girl
friends (almost)at times,you will have sort of too
much fun life with mates & Girls your friends will
spend your time & money and get away with their life
and you will become empty handed and dont know what to be careful!!you love to spend anyway!!!your
good will is you are always there to help family and
friends..tell you what you people are little
Gems.specially the always fall in love in
younger age as well..often you people live with
disapointments,for an eg- say you have got a degeree
in some thing..but you will be unemployed..or will do
very ordinary jobs, but you will take care of your
family verywell..all you need to be careful of people
who will take advantage of your Kind heart!!! and
beware of your relations too..You are
Practical,patient,Persistent,a bit old-fashioned,You
live with Foundation & Order!!!Your best Match 1 , 8
Good match 5 ,6 , 7

Number 5

If you were born on the 5th,14th,23rd of any month
then you are number 5.. well forward you are very
popular whithin the community,you can get things done
by just even Enemies!you have a pretty
good buisiness mind,you are often have no-idea what is
today is like,or tomorrow is like,you are a person who
does anything when your head thinks lets do this!!!
you will be famous if you open up a buisiness,get
involve in share dealings,music etc..very popular with
sense of humour ,you are the one your friends and
families will always ask for help,and you are the one
actually get money on credit and help your
friends!!you will have more than 1 relationship,but
when u get settle down you will be a bit selfish
anyway,coz your other half will have a pretty good
amount of control in you,be careful you tend to go for
other relationships/contacts even you are married at
times.coz your are some one who get
along with anyone.coz the number 5! is the middle
number..Changes & Freedom Lovers you are!You are a
Explorer with Magic on your face,You learn your life
through experience and its your Best Teacher!!!Your
best match 1 ,2 ,9 Good match 6 ,8

Number 6

If you were born on the 6th,15th,24th of any month
then you are number 6.. are born to dont care about others i mean you are always
want to enjoy your life time,you are a person..You
will be very good in either education or workwise or
buisness management!you r Talented,kind (but with only
people who you think are nice),very beautiful girls
and guys..,popular..and more than Lucky with anything
in their Lives.. all the goodness does comes with
you.,there mind,and body is just made perfect for
love...they are loveble by any other numbers,but If
you are a number 6 will experience kinda
looks from most girls and will involve in more than
few relationships until you get marry!!!if you are
girl..well most of them will get marry/engage are caring towards your family & friends
..if you miss the half-way mark then you are about to
suffer physically and will
lead a very good inner-home Happin! ess with Nothing
short of..You are a person of Compassion,Comfort &
Fairness,Domestic responsibility,Good judgement,and
after all you can Heal this worlds Wounds to make
Peace for ever Lives coz you have the Great power of
caring Talent to make this world of love one step
further...Your best match 1,6,9Good match 4 ,5

Number 7

O.k..If you were born on the 7th,16th,25th of anymonth
then you are number 7 have got the
attraction to anyone out there,you are realastic,very
confident,happy,such a Talented individual with your
Education,Music,Arts,Singing,and most importantly
Acting have real problems with bad temper!!if
you are girl you are popular with the sujects listed
above,you give up things for your parents,i mean you
value your family status a lot,you will be in the top
rank when you reach a certain age!if you are a guy you
are popular with Girls,you are a very talented
too!most of the number 7 s face lots of problms with
thier marriege life..only a very few are happy!!when
everythings there in their life..but still always
number 7s have some sort of un-fullfilness,such worrys
all their lifetime!its probably the Lord given you
allsort of over the standard Humans talents and you
are about to suffer in family you need to get
ready looking f! or a partner rather than waiting..if
you dont then you might end-up single!!!so take carez
with this issue..o.kYou are wonderful, Friendly,
Artistic, Happy are born to contribute lot
to this world!!!Your best match is 2 Good matches are

Number 8

If you were born on the 8th,17th,26th of any month
then you are number 8.. You are a very strong
personality,there's no one out there will understand
you,you are very good at pointing your finger at some
thing and say this is what!!!you are more likely to
suffer from the early ages..poverty,if your times are
not good you might lose either of your parent and end
up looking after your entire family,you often suffer
all the way in life..the problems will not allow you
to study further,but you will learn the life in a very
practical way!!!you are the one will fight for Justice
and may Die in the war too.!!! you are normally very
reserved with handful of friends and most of the time
live life lonely,,and always prepared to help
Those,well..once you get marry (which is often late)
then your bad lucks will go away a bit,then you become
safe..beware of un-expected problems from the terror,
government, Poisonous animals & accidents..You are
some one with Great! Discipline, Persistence,
Courage, Strength which will take you to the
Success!You are a Great part of a team,Family a
Fighter!!!Your Best match 1 ,4 ,8Good match 5

Number 9

If you were born on the 9th,18th,27th of any month
then you are number 9.. guys are the
un-compatible people in the world,you are so
strong,physically and are often have will work hard and hard to get
there,normally you suffer in the early age from family
problems and generally you will have fighting
life..but when you achieve what you have done,its
always a big-Task you have done!!you are so much
respected in the community,you are a person who can
make a challenge and successfully finish the matter are very naughty in your younger age often
beaten up by your parents..and involve in fights and
you seemed to have lots of injuries in your life
time,but when u grow you become calm and macho
type!!!tell you what Love is not a easy matter for are good in engineering or banking jobs..coz
people always trust you! your family life is very
good,but will have worries over your children..Your
such qualities are ! Humanitarian,Patient,very Wise &
Compassionate,You are Born to achieve targets and
serve every one all equally without any prejudice!You
are totally a RoleModel to anybody in the world for a
Great Inspiration!!!Your Best match 3,5,6,9Good match 2

the purple one is not very true cuz i know nuts bout those things...then the one in blue is kinda accurate and the one in orange is true to a certain point.. =) wat bout urz?

Friday, January 12, 2007

Driving #4 (Pretest)

la la right after school i had to run to my mum's car and got home at 2pm..mandi n makan then ah tan called and i went down..fetch another girl and off we go to batu maung...reach there,ah tan ask me to i go naik bukit which i failed miserably cuz i was so tired,i forgot everything...the girl beside me helped and i managed to got through it,did one set then let the girl drive...

teman her a while b4 ah tan get me another car for my pretest which lasted only car 14 and went to drive it...not went to naik bukit...naik naik the bukit,i kenot feel the car lambung,so i tried many times..then i leave lots of clutch and stepped a lot on the minyak..the car not one instructor kinda rudely scold me and say sure can one..but i say i cant feel the car to noe when to release the handbrake?so he came,he taught me and true enuf..the car kenot move...i took my whole leg up,i stepped on the minyak till habis oso the car kenot move...then the instructor say oh..clutch something wrong...luckily not

so they got me another number 15...i drove the car...not bad..go naik bukit (tak tau mati one)...naik..a while lambung,minyak turun..cantik..but din masuk the yellow box which was sad but at least pass lar..then go parking,3 point turning all by myself... *music fills the air* *started singing* "All by myself....Dun wanna be...All by myself...anymore..." lol...
all done,parking la driving when itz like tht...feel like driving go-kart or daytona more ganas...then the instructor called me..."miss miss,sini parking..." so i drove to park then i got down,kunci all d...i walked to my la..i'm done..

then i had to go back with boss son in unser...i sit behind...kinda tht chinese guy so good er...there got 4 air-cond,he make one for him,one for me...super sejuk u noe???i noe u r being kind i forgive he is fair fair n kinda cute...lolx...but i tink he is younger...i bang my head on the atap twice..short ppl like me oso kena bang..apatah lagi TALL ppl like u talking bout driving...oh yea..met my classmate there..she next week test d...gan cheong

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Funny encounters...

have u ever been so blur that u recognize wrong people or car??well,my fren and i certainly had our fair share of being blur...we r really blur sotongs and we make a fool out of ourselves a lot for the past 19 years...let's juz make it 18 + years.. =)

case #1
Two girls started packing their stuff cuz it's almost 6 and their mother were coming soon. Girl A started saying that her mum is rushing to fetch her dad and she hope her mum is not outside waiting for her or she will get scolding. Girl B walked selamba-ly as her mum is supposed to b there at 6 and it's only 5.50pm. Then they were talking happily when they saw Girl B's mum waving to them. Girl A started running towards girl B's mum. Girl B was puzzled and quickly ask girl A, "Wait! Is that ur mum or mine?" Girl A realized what a stupid mistake she made and stopped running. Girl B started laughing and girl A was super malu. She was so worried her mum would b waiting that she mistakenly thought her mum has arrived.

case #2
Girl W was rushing from tuition cause she saw her mum's car. Or at least she thought it was. She ran so quickly towards the car and open the door as soon as she land her hand on the door. Then she saw a guy in the driver's seat. She puzzled and closed the door to have a look at the number plate. Oops,it's not her mum's. The guy was speechless and no doubt,shocked.

case #3
Girl S was walking in a shopping mall with her mum. She was holding her mum's hand tightly and then she let go to wander off. Then she walked back to find her mum and wanted to hold her mum's hand again. So she reached out her hand and hold on. She walked for a while before turning her head to see that she was holding an indian lady who is obviously not her mum. I guess that lady was puzzled too. She is super duper sotong queen.