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Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Jas Lyn!!!

It's crazy how time flies huh? Anyway, today is Jas Lyn's big day (Tai Hei Yat Ji). Lol. She is not getting married. She is finally 5 years old!!!! I celebrate my birthday every year for 20 years until sien already, she baru celebrated the 5th time. =P She will probably kill me if she see this.

I shall pray hard that Jas Lyn will continue to play her Yahoo games and not come here to read my blog. As this blog post is dedicated to her, I will only talk about other things at the end of this post.

I don't talk to Jas Lyn before 2006. We rarely talked probably because she looks intimidating. She is the smart girl who does not have to finish up her homework, play Yahoo games and score in her exam. Pure genius I guess. There are several things that got me real impressed.

Jas Lyn is one of the few teenagers who enjoys watching 'Ko Tai' or 'Getai'. I don't know the performers are performing for you guys or the deads. =P She is a more professional artiste chaser than I. She keeps her favourite Getai singer's schedule for goodness sake. I'll probably go crazy if I keep mine. =P I chase lots of artiste.

She is the one who got me into playing Yahoo games. I borrowed her disc before. It had been a great 2007 sitting behind you. Happy Birthday Jas Lyn. I'll wish you again in 4 years time!!

Anyway, been really free at work today. =P Did one export only. Mummy asked the customer not to do import or export if it is not so urgent. Chase away my customers. How can I show my ability??? Not that I have la. But then.... Anyway, another day is slowly creeping by and it's Friday again. Time flies and STPM result is so so so blardy shit near now. =(

Online Gambling.

How many of you have Facebook? I do. And how many of you played Poker on Facebook? I did and it was fun. As long as you know how when to continue and when to stop, it is fun. Poker in Facebook does not involve real hard cash but if you are looking for a site playing with real hard cash, you don't have to go to Genting or Macau or Las Vegas, you just have to wear your most comfortable pajamas, remove all your make ups, wear your ugliest, dorkiest spectacles and gamble online.

However, like everything else, it is best to survey on the things you are about to do or purchase. Through Pro360, all you have to do is go in there, and you get to see various types of online gambling ready for you to choose from. This perhaps will help you to optimize your winning chances. There are review given for each and every online casino listed, ratings by the users, and percentage of money successfully paid out to the winners. You definitely do not want to win all those money only to find out that this company doesn't pay their players right? What more if they take your money when you lose!

You can get cheated through online. It is even easier than to cheat you face to face. Therefore Pro360 comes in handy to allow you to take every and any precaution you can take. Survey the sites and find one that suits you most before investing your money.


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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mahathir admits misused power on Anwar?

I so very the confused. I was too young then. The case happened in 1998 when I was like what? 10 years old? I can't even pass up my own art work. I needed help from sisters to get an A for goodness sake. I was and still am very blur about the case but it is not the case that got me go OMG!

It's the confession. Found this on Ah Leng's blog and think that I should share this.

I am not even eligible for voting and I'm already beginning to feel sick of the whole lima tahun sekali stuff. I mean they only appear five years once. I'll think about it in 5 more years. For now, I shall keep quiet and watch.

Compensation to your injuries

How many times have we heard or read in newspaper that people who got injured while at work are not given the compensation they deserve? How will you feel if you give your all to your company, including your limbs and all you get is a 3 month compensation and a talk to advice you to resign?

Worst still if you are a young lad and you cannot get a decent job with your injuries. You have your whole life ahead you destroyed and you get a pathetic RM3000 compensation. Nowadays, it's wiser to sign an agreement that states that the company will have to be responsible for your injuries. Those who are not that well-educated got themselves cheated when this procedure is being carried out. They just sign whatever they are ask to and start working. Especially if they are desperate for a job.

How often do we think of our future when we can hardly get by everyday? Insurance no doubt can help us to claim for our injuries but how many have you tried asking for compensation from the insurance company? It's fast and easy when you pay but takes lots of procedure when you want the money. It is as though they do not believe you and started bombarding weird questions to you.

I came across a website,
Personal Injury Claims, that help people to demand for their compensation. The wisest to solve a problem is not by arguing or fighting but through legal law.

Personal Injury Claims, you can be sure that you get the best service. They will talk to you and understand your situations before giving suggestions to how you can get the compensation you deserve.

Personal Injury Claims will advice you on whether you should continue with to claim the compensation or not. I watched too much Hong Kong drama to know this. Sometimes, the case is dragged so long, you ended up wasting money on getting a lawyer and the compensation is not enough to cover for it.

This is brought to you by KeyPointClaims


Because mummy is not around. She is out on a holiday in Bangkok and we are in charge of the whole office. One thing though, not much business today. =P No arrivals.

So we basically do our own thing. Back to work now. No OT for 4 days!!!! Then we'll see what happens. But mummy not around means I have to work on Saturdays. =( Pao is here with me. She is no longer rotting at home!!

Courses and Trainings

As a girl, I of course never tried repairing pipes or whatsoever. I will flood the toilet if I do. My eldest sister however is a SuperGirl. As my dad is often not around, my eldest sis can do everything from changing a bulb to fixing DIY shoe racks to fixing pipes. Although not beautifully done and we ended up calling up a plumber.

This got me interested to learn how to fix things. I have always wanted to learn how to fix computer, how to fix bulbs and of course how to fix pipes. It makes me feel more independent I guess and superior as I can do it, even without guy's help. Worst come to worst, I'll call up a female plumber!!! =P Yea, I am that ego.

Anyway, I've been to numerous trainings be it an official one or not. I've been to sales trainings back in secondary school, I've been to a speaking trainings to build up confidence and such. From this company, Avand, that provides
Management Courses, I came across another course that fits my needs and that is Plumbing Course. It also provides Sales Training and of course like I said, Management Courses as well.

What I like most about this course is that they provide you a form to fill in and they will suggest several courses that fits your needs. At least you know that the courses you are about to attend will definitely benefit you. I've been to several courses that turned out to be something I don't find fits me then. Wasted money and time for something I don't really need in my daily life.

How I wish these courses by
Management Courses are available in Malaysia. It is a UK company. =(

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Goodbye My Love.

We have been together since Form 1. At the beginning, I hated you. I hated the way you made me feel, I often forgot you and wished I will never have to be with you anymore. However, ever since I get closer to you, I cannot live without you. Without you, my vision was blurred, I cannot see any future ahead of me.

I have finally moved on for better. I have finally let you go. You are the longest relationship I have ever had and I was so dependent on you. I couldn't imagine my life without you.

Goodbye my love, my spectacles.

This is me two days ago.

This is me 20 minutes before I posted this.

I was forced to put this.

Credit to the camera girl and make-up artiste. She is none other than my lovely sister (Pretty Pao).

It's a bed war!!!!!!

Months ago, before we moved into our new house, we were busy running (literally la) from one furniture shop to another looking for well, furnitures! I have always had a thing for beds. I enjoy looking for beds. Nice, comfy ones.

I even dreamt for a big big house so that I can have a day bed in a room, a princess-y bed for another, a queen-like bed and so on. And mind you, all those beds are for me. I can choose to sleep in whichever room I like at whichever day I want to and they are all MINE!!! Yes, greedy, I know. It's only a dream! I came upon this website namely
Faux Leather Beds and my dreams got wilder.

Imagine having a bed like above. I like bed like this because I can sit there, drink a cup of hot chocolate, read my favourite story books and look out of the window. SO NICE!!! I can even camp there. It was one of my favourite past time when I was younger. I would pull a blanket and tie them to the sides of the bed (I had double decker) and camp inside there.

And this will be my Queen room. Topped with big fluffy mattress, beautiful bedsheets and I am a Queen already. Definitely won't want to wake up if I sleep in this.

And finally, PRINCESS room. It'll be of white, pink and love. The decorations would be quirky and cool at the same time. I am beginning to love this dream of mine. In fact, I can even make it happen. All these beds are not some out dated design found online. I got all the pictures of these beds from Faux Leather Beds. They provide beds and mattresses and they are all very lovely.

I can finally feel that my dreams can be a reality!! Faux Leather Beds made my dreams alive!!!

This post is brought to you by Time4Sleep

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Edison-Dawn Yang, Dawn Yang-Edison

How do they get linked together? According to Pao and after googling, I found out that Edison did ask Dawn Yang if she wants some fun or something. You know what fun he is into and probably to take those nude picture with him. Thank god she said no. She wrote in Stomp blog where she is the StarBlogger over there and looking at her, I believe Edison must have once trying to get her. She is hot okay? I know, people says she does cosmetic surgery. So what? She is hot!

She wrote: "When the pictures first leaked, I seriously thanked God I was not foolish, naive, or feeling frisky beyond control." She described Chen as a "young, hot-blooded man" who can "get any girl he wants, and he knows it".

Apparently they got to know each other through a friend while on a holiday trip in Japan. Like I say, guys like Edison is very hard to resist but she managed to.

You really should go to StarBlog and read the conversation between them. Edison is a very very active boy. =)

ps: Dawn Yang is a famous blogger from Singapore. Very hot girl.

Monday, February 25, 2008

How to get super discounts?

Everytime a celebration is over, the price drop so fast, your spectacles can fall off. I've seen this in Island Plaza. Their sales are up to 80% and that's A LOT!!! However, when there is sales, there is crowd. I hate it when there's so many people lining up on the cashier counter and everyone's trolley are full of stuff. Sometimes we ended up standing there for hours just to get something. Black Friday is a day after Thanksgiving and as I've said, everytime a celebration is over, IT'S SALES TIME! That is why we should buy our presents before hand.

This site namely
black friday let people purchase Black Friday items online without the hassle of having to stand in line at the store at 5am. It's crazy I know.

When I was in New Zealand, Pao brought me to K Mart and I enjoy shopping there. It is like Tesco over here but it's filled with Westerners. Like duh!! Anyway, you can get particularly anything over there. I got my cookie cutter over there. At a discounted price!! And the things over there are not low quality stuff but things of good quality at a very reasonable price. I shopped at K Mart a lot when I was in Dunedin.

All sorts of stuff from clothing to toys to food, it's all found in K Mart and through
black friday, you can get it at an even lower price. Now you can buy more presents for more people all under your budget. Buy more, pay less and keep more people happy. =)

Buying it online is so convenient, fast and hassle free. Besides, you can subscribe to it's latest ads to get to know about more products on sale.

Things anxiety do to people.

I was talking to Ah Shan about STPM results as I am worried it will be out when I'm in Singapore. I want to go there myself and get it. I decided to surf around in the net to find out if anyone posted anything about it.

Then I read that it's coming out on the 16th and I go OMG OMG I'm not around. Ah Shan then said it won't be on the 16th as it's a Sunday. Then I saw this.

Damn swt. Anxiety do wonders to people. T.T When is STPM result coming out????

Queenstown Part I - On the way

If there is one thing I want to mention about New Zealand, it's the magnificent view. The view is very very very nice. I love the view.

This is for Ah Shan. You see la. I go until NZ also think of you. Dare to think that you are invisible some more la. Lavender I think. It's purple anyway. I like.

Beautiful beautiful view.

I am mesmerized.
I want to go back to New Zealand!!!

So pretty.

The farm house. Just like the ones on television. =)

Sheeps. I can see them even from the plane okay? Brownish creature.

Another breath taking view.

Semi desert? =P I don't know.

I'll just share this with you guys. More post coming up before 14th of March. Yes, leaving for Singapore.

Christchurch Part III - The Fudge Factory

Lol. One month has passed but my NZ posting is yet to finish. I need to complete this post and that of KL one. I want to blog about Putrajaya. So, I shall briefly say what we did in Christchurch as it'll take forever to write down one by one. Christchurch is just like Dunedin where you can get from one place to another by walking. Well, just the town area. However, it is slightly bigger than Dunedin and so, we had to take bus at one time to go shopping. The bus is free of charge and comes like every 10 to 15 minutes. Very smart looking drivers, very polite passengers (they say thank you when they get down from the bus) and very efficient bus system.
Thanks to Pao's friend, Minnie who brought us to shopping malls or we will be rotting in Christchurch. In Christchurch there are malls where you can get cheap clothes. And they are branded. At least in New Zealand. Good cloth material and you really need to go there to have a look. I love Christchurch more than Dunedin for the shopping but I still think Dunedin is a good place to be if you want to have a more laid back life.

One of the interesting place we went when we were in Christchurch was the tour at the Fudge Factory. It is situated in the Art Centre and you go there to see how they make fudges. Fudge is actually a type of delicacies where it is made of milk (condensed milk I think), sugar and other flavouring depending to the flavour of your fudge. The one I love most is Raspberry White Chocolate Fudge. There is chunks and chunks of raspberry in it. It is however a tad too sweet to eat alone therefore it is good to go with a cup of hot tea or coffee without sugar.

Our tour. =)

Coconut Ice is Malaysian's candy you get from the mamak stall.

The fudge cottage where you buy yummilicious fudges, chocolates, sweets and other treats for your sweet tooth.

Hanging around while waiting for the tour.

Basically all we do there was see them make the fudge, eat and then eat some more and eat some more. I got sick of the fudge at the like 5th flavour. You seriously need some hot hot tea to wash down the sweetness. I guess Asians are not that good at taking sweet stuff. Those Westerners can take lots of them though. I ta pao-ed a few because I really couldn't stomach it anymore. We bought three bars in the end.

This is where they go in and mix the sugar, condensed milk, chocolate, raspberry and such. It is at a high temperature so that the mixture will not harden up.

Our tour guide. Can you spot some bowls on the table, that's our fudge sample.

Mummy sampling some fudges.

They then pour out the mixture onto a wooden plank or something.

Making the surface even. So that there's a standard size fudge. If not later you complain your neighbour one bigger than yours.

He is cutting the fudges into cubes. =)

We got to taste the piping hot fudge too. Taste better. =P Yummy.

The rest of the Christchurch was around the town. I'll post up some pictures below but not much explaining cause we were just walking around taking pictures.

This is the Cathedral Square in the middle of Christchurch. Town area.

The church in Christchurch.

The tram. I heard it is not worth it. Did not take a ride on it.

I don't know what's this but go travelling, what also take one la.

This is at the Art Centre

This is a public phone. It's behind the Art Centre

I don't know what's this. Just pointing.

The house is nice. I love Ang Mo Chu. (Westerner's house)

A cafe just beside The Fudge Factory.

YMCA!!! We stayed there.

That's all for Christchurch. Up next, Queenstown. Finally. =P

I am such a lousy paid poster.

Though I love love love to write, I always face problems when I write paid post. Not like I don't know how to write. I got very imaginative mind at times. It's not like I don't read the instructions carefully but somehow I often get my postings rejected or it's pending too slowly and I got frustrated.

How come other's can write so well and earn so much and I earn nothing? =( Benci

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I change the blog thingie.

It's no longer but it is instead for the blog. Please be informed!!! =) and and I think I am not a good paid poster. =P

I am officially an Ape fans.

I began to like Ape la. Ape is a nama manja that I give to Aska Yong. When he cries, he is so cute. I think the clip when he leaves the 星光帮 stage makes me fall in love with him. So cute. But still, I am still a big big fan for Stanly Xu, Afaluen Lu and Peter Pan. And I never never said Yoga is not a good singer. He is good. But Pao likes him already. =P

I love this clip. Yoga is specially cute over here.

I love love love to see them talk cause they are so humorous and close.

a COMBINE MV of all the 星光帮 top 6 finalist. I love all their songs. Honestly.

For Aska's Fansee out there. This is him singing Superwoman. Damn I am liking him more.

Click on the names for the full MV.
Peter Pan Yu Wen
Stanly Xu Ren Jie (Xiao Xu) He seriously looks like Arron Yan from Fahrenheit in this MV.
Afaluen Lu Xue Rui (Xiao Mei)
Judy Zhou Ding Wei

If there is any word to describe Steven Lim,

it is scary. It is not disgusting, not ugly, not pervert, not even crazy, it's scary. It is terrifying to see him because he is unfortunately all of the above I just mentioned! There's two clips you should watch and please, not when you are moody. As entertaining as he may seem to be as he is afterall acting stupid on youtube but it will make your blood boil more than it would make you smile. At least to me. But he deserve to be known or at least be notorious for he sacrifices a lot to gain that attention. I mean it is not easy to act so kau bin puih-ly on screen and accepting negative comments from people.

There's two video I think I should share with you guys.

Steven Lim supports Edison Chen

Leave Steven Lim alone! =P

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

They want Edison's hand!!

Why they want his hands? I don't know. But according to The Star newspaper dated 20th February page W41, some Hong Kong tai lou is offering RM206 584 if they can chop down Edison's hand to teach him a lesson. Why chop off Edison's hand? Like la he forced the girls to take that picture. We do not know the whole story and I think it is unfair to put blame on Edison. I mean I am sure the girls nod their heads to this whole thing. He can have the intention to take pictures but the girls can say no to him although it is almost impossible when he starts smiling cause he is blardy cute.

Imagine this scenerio.
Him: Eh, I want film this down. Can ah?
Her: Dowan la. I dowan.
Him: Want la. Why don't want? You so hot, must film it down.
Her: I shy la. *starts showing 356263546456123 poses.*

If you do "come across" those pictures, I am sure you do notice that the girls are damn good posers. With all sort of seducive poses. It is either they are good posers or he is a good director lor. In my opinion, they should just let this thing calm down itself. If they continue chopping off hands and legs, this story will stay on the entertainment biz for a long long long time. And then again, this involves hot actresses and actor. Hard to die down. It's not like Paris Hilton's story where the main "cast" is not really a hot babe. Gillian was a hot babe okay? And its not like those actresses are now becoming ugly mothers like Britney. I used to love Britney so much. Oops, I did it again!! =( Why la all I like one banyak story?

There's even one female artiste who suggested that RM250 000 should be offered to those who are willing to chop off the "thing" Edison loves to show so much. That "thing" la. Siao. Like that better kill him. He so "active" you cut that one then he might as well die.

When there's earthquake or earth tremble,

what do you do??

I have never felt an earth tremble or earth quake before. It is either I was such a deep sleeper, I don't feel it or I was at school and my school was not affected. In fact today I was at work and no, I felt nothing.

My second sister felt it though as she is at home, saving our computer. Not from the earth tremble la. From virus. -.-". So what do you do when there's earth tremble or earth quake? Our first thought would be RUN LA IDIOT!!!! But what if you are sleeping and well, you are not completely dressed (read: without bra). Some don't wear to sleep because wearing bra for the whole day will cause breast cancer. Well, breast cancer are more prone to happen la. According to some reliable sources.

I guess it will be too late to wear one when you want to run right? So how??? Get a huge t and wear on top I guess. Or buy a bath robe lor. No choice.

Anyway it was said to be a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, which hit off the northern Sumatra west coast. No tsunami please. I live so blardy near the sea now. But won't hit my place. STILL!!! God bless.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The search for Sharlinie is temporarily stopped!!

Really don't know what they are thinking. Election is far more important than a little girl's life? Her life is at stake for goodness sake and all they can think of is election, election, election.

I really don't understand this. Please enlighten me. Why is the force being deploy to help out with the election??? I am totally confused.

PETALING JAYA: Police have stopped the house-to-house search for missing girl Sharlinie Mohd Nashar due to the general election but will continue if new leads surface.

The 1,100 police personnel involved in the search have been deployed for the election.

OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed said the task force in charge of the search is still operating and leads are being investigated.

source: The Star Online.

And for Shearwel Ooi Ying Ying's case, it is dragged way too long already. Until
the murderer commit suicides and still the truth is not told. I so kaypo want to
know what was the boyfriend thinking at that time. RIP Shearwel. Hopefully they
will return the bone fragment to the parents.

Lydia Shum 沈殿霞

Who is Lydia Sum to you? She is a very talented, all rounder actress to me. Although I admit I cannot remember the title of her shows well but I knew she was famous long before I was even conceived. In fact, even before my eldest sister was I think. Most of her shows I watched are like oldies when the actors and actresses are real young. Probably 20 to 30 years back ones. However, there is one that I can remember which is 'Living With Lydia' I think. It is a Singaporean drama and Lydia Sum speaks real fluent English in that show.

I respect her for her courage and her ability to bring happiness to people. I for one have no confidence in myself at all. Having to lose my dearest uncle back in 2006, I feel that it is better for them to leave us than to be with us and suffer. She has been ill since 2002 and she died of liver cancer. She left us at 8.38a.m this morning according to 8tv e-news and I hope her daughter will be strong to accept this.

There are photos of her, before and after she fell ill but I wish to keep her cheerful, happy and healthy look in my mind than the one of her suffering.

Death is just part and parcel of life. She will leave us sooner or later so why not letting her go in peace if that means the end of her suffering. She made her presence felt throughout her whole life, bring happiness to the world, changed the world in a way or another and its time for her to go back. To go back where she belonged. C'est la vie.

Note: There has been two death of famous artiste lately. One of them is Lydia Shum while the other one is MC King. =(

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pictures again

Dragon say picture too small. So I curi-ed sister's picture from Picasa. Hope this is big enough. I'm too lazy to upload one by one. Will take me the entire night.

ps: when there is only 10 shots, please do not pose 30-40 poses or you will end up like my eldest sister. Faceless. People say 10 shots, pose 30-40 poses pulak. Chieh.

What's the point?

some may ask cause it seems like I am talking to ghost all the time. It was after I read Dragon's post that I thought of this. What's the point of bloggingwhen no one cares to leave a comment? It was after a few of my real good friends who do not have a blog, do not bother to blog and only reads Kenny Sia's blog asked me why I have not been updating?

I was shocked when I got 5 of my friends who only online after work, who do not enjoy reading, who probably never even touch a single page of newspaper and only online to chat, bugged me to blog. It was even more encouraging when I heard from my friends that they do enjoy reading my post. Well, at least sometimes. =P I guess for a person who enjoys writing, though leaving comment will be very encouraging, having people to tell me about it off-blog is quite interesting also.

I think I am an attention seeker person at times but when it comes to blogging, I gave up on comments long long long time ago. No doubt I do wish that one day, I will have my friends and some people who appreciate my style of writing to acknowledge me because I am thinking of being a journalist. I will feed on fresh air and kill lots of mosquitoes if I got no reader. =P

I have my whole entire family reading my blog. (Damn no privacy right?) I have my close friends, my aunt, my cousin, some other bloggers and also people who come in accidentally reading them. Writing gives me some sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I write to express myself, I write to keep my friends updated, I write to cure my boredom.

One day, one fine day I wish to be able to master the skills of being funny and not lame. As for now, comments or not, I shall not abandon my blog like how I did to my other blogs. =)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Pai Ti Kong Part II

Us messing around before burning the "kim chua"
Green Monkey setting off fireworks.

The menyembelih babi panggang ceremony. My eldest sis, after numerous trip to the market, learnt how to cut the babi. Proffesional la she. 2nd pic in the first line shows that we got a little lost cause we ended up reading the newspaper meant to alas the babi. I messed with the babi head. My long lost relative is DEAD!!! (read: the pig. Don't we look alike?)

Group picture come last. I tell you, if you say I am crazy, it is in the blood!!! All my cousins are a little mad!!!

Us doing the continuous 10 picture taking. The moral of the story is, don't move too much!!! And look at the blinking light properly or you will either be missing from the picture or lose ur face!! (read: picture got blurred mar)

p/s: look at hoeng. Sekejap ada, sekejap tak ada. I heard from sis's bf that she was flying here and there. =P Action melebih. My eldest sis say the only way to get perfect picture is to stay still throughout the entire 10 pictures. =.="

Us lining up according to height and take mad pictures again. My mum's side of cousins are mad mad people. I love mad mad people. =P Chih Heng (second sis's bf) is joining us very very fast. He is like part of the mad family already. Because he is mad himself. =P

Reached home at 2am

p/s: Hop on to to read about food review and Superstar Season 3. Good eye candies there. Too many posting in one blog already, so moving over there.

Pai Ti Kong (Pray Sky God =P ) Part I

This blog post is super tak halal. Don't say I no give warning.


Pretty roasted baby pig with a flower on the head.

Usually I do not get to pray for this one unless it falls on Friday night or Saturday night as I will have class to attend on weekdays and sleeping at 2 definitely make it harder for me to wake up. (Dah lah sleep at 10 also I reluctantly wake up) This year, I am freed from school life and thus I got to go and pray. Oh, and I couldn't wake up this morning, I kena potong satu hari salary. =(

Ah Ma was very busy yesterday cause all the anak cucu line up one by one to let her lead us to pray. Actually, it hurts more to let her pray for us. I mean our legs. Had to kneel so long.

Pai pai. Po pi po pi. That green monkey prayed the longest cause he is having exam next week.

After praying, we had to wait until 12 before we can burn the gold papers for the God to bring on his journey back home. Must got a bit money in the pocket mar. No la. I crap only. Probably he is up there, waiting to be bribed. But then ini case rasuah rasuah we leave it to ai see ae see la (ICAC). So, as we were pretty free, we decided to tarik one girl up to her room and invaded her room a while. Also to learn how to make up.Who is a better candidate other than our very own pretty cousin, Hoeng?

Make up artiste of the day!!!

Pao, tengah make up.

Pao was there to be the model and I? I stand beside there, look, ask and write. Haha. We went down and sat around for a while before Hoeng's secret admirer started calling her. Not that secret also. =P Anyway, he called hp, Hoeng refuse to answer. The he called house. Eldest sis picked up the phone and he hung up. Then he called hp again and we decided to prank him.

Us hanging around when that guy called.

Eldest sis: Hello?
Secret Admirer: Harlo.
Eldest sis: Who do you want to talk to?
SA: Hoeng.
Eldest sis: Har? Ah ONG ar? Wait. AH ONG AH ONG. Your phone.
Aunt: Harlo, who do you want to speak to?
SA: Hoeng
Aunt: She is asleep already.
-hung up.-

Man we had a good laugh.
After that we were called to do THE CRAWL!! Apparently we had to crawl three rounds for don't know what reason. People started looking at us and eventually we had to lie that we were looking for contact lenses

Ah hai and my aunt crawling.

My aunt crawling

Me, my aunt and Hoeng

Ah Hai

Yee Sang=Mess!!

I have never lou-ed so many yee sang in my life. Usually I have school to attend or I do not have a bf to invite me to their yee sang lou-ing session or we couldn't find time to lou the yee sang. However, this year I've lou-ed twice and according to reliable sources a.k.a my aunt and sis, I am going to lou it again tomorrow in Sushi King. Its so good to have an aunt who have expensive mouth and will only eat Sushi King yee sang. It is not the yee sang that matters although I admit, it is blardy sedap. It is the side dish!! Wakakaka. I am a sucker for sushi!!!

Anyway, we lou-ed yee sang on Wednesday night which is also the Human's Day at Four Season Restaurant situated somewhere at Kampar Road. We ordered 8 dishes and it was too much for 5 people. We got ppk-ed. (read: put aeroplane; people did not turn up last minute) In the end, our aunt came for our rescue and settle the rest of the dish. =P

I will do some food review on the food we ordered that day in another blog of mine.
Anyway, when you lou yee sang, you have to say some good words, wishes etc. and lou high high right? Well, the first one, we low high high until it was a mess. It was yummy though. The second time, we make sure we keep everything in place and we did say some good words or wishes(read: to slim down, to win toto and such.) =P

Ah ma looking so happy lou-ing yee sang.

I love yee sang cause it is sour and crunchy!!