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Sunday, May 18, 2008

To those who came in to complain with me or answer my complains,

thank you.

At least I know now that it is not impossible to have okay la, not 500 UV la, but at least 200 UV in a day. And with you people visiting it to complain with me or give me some advice, I managed to touch that 200 UV yesterday and you know what? It feels great but to know so many other who are feeling the same, it's an even better feeling.

And my MSN is still down, I'm tired of playing fishing and I'm too lazy to chat. So I'll just chill out today and please, to those who felt the same about having less UV. Perhaps we can start by just visiting each other's site and if you think it'll work, please, drop me a comment and I'll add you in my blogroll.

This is not simply to collect hundreds of links and not visiting them. If you wish to keep coming back for more, we can always exchange links. At least la come back and say hie. Aiseh, friendly a bit ma. =P And if you people don't give nuts about having more UV and think that what I am planning to do is bullshit, oi, leave us the low UV people alone can ar?


Peter said...

how's the feedback this few day? must be good lo

Mrs Chong said...

ok kua.. =) but found lots of interesting site to baca also..but lazy want to add one by one from the previous if they come back ni I add.. =P

Peter said...

yeap.. suddenly can know a lot of site can visit too :D

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