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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MDG 2008 is....

Tey Cindy. No eyes see. I actually voted for Hanis la. But haiz, Hanis 3rd. I tell you, I don't even have the mood to talk about her because CINDY DO NOT DESERVE TO BE MALAYSIAN DREAMGIRL CAUSE NO ONE DREAMS TO BE LIKE HER!!!!

Why I think MDG sucks?
1. The title and the main objective is so freaking salah. MDG is what girls want. What the girls in Malaysia want to be like and thus, who they like. Right? But this MDG is to find model. T.T

2. MDG which is a model searching competition that practices voting system. Why the hell you need people to vote when you are looking for a model? To be a model, you need quality, you need to be able to capture people's attention, especially the client with your talent, not the money your father has.

3. There's no judges' choice. All on voting system which is super salah because we need professionals to choose the best. All the good ones left and Cindy won because she is freaking RICH! You think everyone has the priviledge to spend like drinking water and not feel a thing? And her fan base is her family. How sad? I think 'I want to be model' by 8tv is far better.

4. Cindy take sucky pictures, walks like a duck and she is now a model. With a car she doesn't even need cause her dad can buy her that car if he did not vote. Seriously, I am not satisfied with the results. At least there should be half half, half judges, half voting. Then it's fair.

MDG should not have a season two because if you are talented, don't bother going there unless you are super rich cause you can't expect people to vote RM1 for you per vote every week. If they are your family then it's different. So don't waste your time.

I don't like the results and I hate Cindy. Enough said. Voting system to find a model is super dumb.

ps: Cindy's dad won la. The rest gained fans and recognition, Cindy gains fame and got to be a model, the father? Gained lots of "air" cause he won the battle. Of course he gained satisfaction and he is proud of his daughter but let's not forget this, he also lost lots of money. Maybe even more than RM20, 000 and RM100 ,000 combined.

Hanis will get contract from Andrew Agency kut, since he like her. Adeline, her "tai lou" power also la. =P She looks like a tai ka che in some pictures. Ha-ha

The news I got is very reliable because this guy took picture with Cindy and she was holding the car key. Timothy Tiah blogged about it too. So...Reality show really cannot watch one. Luckily I did not watch Project Superstar.

Nah, your first second third.

Nah, first. I purposely choose the ugliest picture that I also cannot tahan looking at. I syok.

Adeline, 1st runner up. See her face, don't make her angry. She is showing this =.= face. Ok la, so mean right?

Hehe, there you go, not that they are any good also. They are being positioned like this. Like a mannequin, you move their hand, their hips, push their head and ask them to stare at one dot you drew on the wall only they can show this face.

I really learned a lot from him you know? =.="

And he teach us la. She ask us to do this, then he teach us how to look like this. She really teach us a lot. That explains that Adeline knows Jimmy Lim is a sissy and a HeShe la. She can't make up her mind whether he is a he or a she. -.-

Hanis the manis still bermacam-macam. Macam so cantik, macam so elegant la. Macam doll la. But I like her best. I voted once. To get me to vote, it's not that easy la. I used to vote for Malaysian Idol and Project Superstar but they only get one vote each. Except for Daniel cause my mum wants to vote. I don't really bother to vote but I don't want Cindy win. T.T So sad.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You say suey boh suey?

Wait, answer me, which one you prefer? Diarrhoea or constipation? Choose one.

T.T I've been having constipation for days until I decided to end it once and for all. I drank a very thick tea (to wash out the oil) and now I am holding my stomach in pain. Suey nia, diarrhoea pulak.

I think I'll sleep early.

I was blog hopping and came across this blog,limcorp . This blog is really interesting especially to me who is still considering about getting a new domain. I am a lousy wordpress user and this blogger blogged about wordpress. So I got interested and read on la.

Besides that, I just found out that I can apply debit card in Public Bank. Am considering it to get money out of my paypal. =P He blogged about the whole process and at least I won't freak out when the same thing happened to me. Ha-ha. I am a freak queen.

Besides IT, he blogs about food too and man, I love desserts. =P The pictures are enough to make me drool. I like the blog because the layout is simple and my computer was not lagging when I read it. There's also some tips on how to bring in traffic and many other very useful information for those who have their own domain and are using wordpress. Will bookmark it and read more at home.

Go check limcorp out.

Why am I a chatterbox?

You can find people who talks all day long, in the toilet, while cooking, while studying, while playing, while watching television and much more. However, I took the "chatterbox" title into a whole new level, I talk when I am sleeping. All the time. -.-" Roommate says I always mumble and laugh and smile while I am sleeping. Worst if I laughed too much before I sleep.

I so ganas one meh? I also don't know. They say I laugh like evil witch. T.T It's not me la. So, er...just in case I go sleepover at someone's place or something, I think I should let them know. If not later they traumatize la. Thought got "special friend" that night.

I don't like Love At Zero Degree's ending. Why all of the sudden YiXin realize she likes WeiXiang? The story like not complete one. Here a bit there a bit. And I think GuoBin is cute ma. Why Singaporean call him faggot? I DON'T LIKE THE ENDING!!! LIKE NO HEAD NO TAIL ONE. =(

Monday, April 28, 2008

A day at Penang Road and New World Park

Initially, it was just a trip to go get my sis's batik wear cause they have to wear batik every Thursday. As my sis and I do not know where to park our car nearest to the bazaar at Penang Road, we parked like 5 streets away. -.-" Walked all the way there and was complaining, walao, so far meh?

Anyway, it was a good experience. We had fun looking at the things along the way and of course, we snap pictures of stuff that caught our attention. First stop was the chestnut stall. I love chestnut and bought a super quality one when I was in KL (super expensive also. T.T). When I saw chestnut in Penang Road, I cepat-cepat go try and buy RM5.

Sis and I feasted on the chestnut cause we were very hungry-we went straight to Penang Road after our church service.

The chestnut uncle and his stall. I want eat chestnut.

Pao walking in the bazaar, looking for baju kurung with batik design. Choosy fella.

We were walking, sweating and eating chestnut along the way. Man the place is super hot lor. Like sauna. Walk until we big drops sweat, small drops sweat. (tua liap kuah, seh liap kuah) lol

Wide selections of baju kurung. Beautiful colours. If you want to get baju kurung, this is the place to go. Reasonable price and there's like over 20 shops for you to choose from. =)

I've always love the baju kurung cloth cause they have real beautiful sulaman with very catchy color. But I cannot stand the heat la. You know? All so long, can die.

On our way back after buying her baju kurung, we saw this. Yum yum. If you are a tourist and you want to get jeruk like this, go to Penang Road, you can find yummy jeruk like this along the way and there's few shops around so you can go around choosing and buying.

And further up the road, we saw this,

Walao, really brings back memories. Bata shoe. My aunt used to buy lots of this. My entau cousin used to wear this when he was young. I wonder will he wear this if I buy for him now. But really, brings back memories. Ha-ha. Last time my aunt very "heng" this shoe one. =P She used to buy different designs and different colors of different sizes.

Nah, the shoe that those char kuey teow ah pek or kopitiam uncle wear. =P Some wear clogs but some stay loyal to Bata. I wonder why now kids no longer wear Bata slippers. =P Bring your anak to Bata shop and offer to get them this, they'll ask you to save the money.

This wall is super low lor. Can't see? Neh, Pao Pao in front will be the measurement for the height of the wall. Can't see properly? See below.

If she can touch it, it must be super low. =P I wonder I'll get like super punch when I go to sleep at night. Roommate can punch you can say she was dreaming lor. =x

After hot hot Penang Road trip, we went to New World Park because we craved for ais kacang. It is sad though cause the ais kacang do not have peanuts and nutmeg in it anymore. I think the one in the old shop opposite the new 'New World Park' still has it. I want to go makan there


It's RM2 a bowl and I find it super worth it despite not having two of my favourite ingredient because some stalls don't even have 'atap chee' lor. It would be even better with peanuts and nutmeg.

And when I go NWP, I must eat this uncle's chee cheong fun, chai kueh and or kueh. Yummy. One day must try their otak-otak cause they always promote.

Chee Cheong Fun. Wa suka. Hee.. Now sudah crave lor. Sien.

Chai Kueh., Another of my favourite. I never say no to chai kueh. I have a few favourites that I never get like mood swings with. No PMS towards chai kueh. Shared the above food with sister cause we were full with chestnuts. Ha-ha. Did not eat or kueh cause couldn't finish.

Will do such trip more often. Really open my eyes to Penang's beauty lor. Luckily got a bit beauty ko.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Malaysian Dream Girl Episode 16

Cindy did all those activities in the challenge in her class before already la. She did the animal one, she did the mini acting and what? She didn't win? Shouldn't lo hor? -.-" The truth is, she did not win la. And she has done it before. Double sia sui. Adeline won because the professional thinks she should. You did not win cause you are not as good as Adeline. As simple as that.

You go around telling people you are not the problem in the house when you can say such thing about another person on camera. Ya, you speak what you think and that's you, very straightfoward, my ass. You are just jealous cause you did not win even with you super ang mo accent and her Ah Lian English won. Damn beh tahan Cindy lor. Before this she toned down, then she has to open her big big mouth and say things like that.

And since she did not want to be a runway model then ok la, don't let her win la. She want fame nia la. And no, only your dad as siao as you who wants fame like you. Walao, everytime I think of Cindy, I will feel like voting for Hanis lor.

SMS to vote, send DREAM 06 to 33001

My favourite. =) Adeline can be a host or an actress la. Cindy can continue be a princess in her house. I really hope she don't be a celebrity lor. Cannot imagine letting her representing Malaysia.

Friday, April 25, 2008

I will die as a spinster!

Walao, I cried la while watching Love at Zero Degree. I hate An Na. But I think I am like YiXin lor. I mean as in attitude. I will let go one lor. I don't see why must we hold on? I think I am that ego lor. You want you take it kind of person.

Like that I sure die a spinster la. No meh? WeiXiang rocks!!! la la la. Sien, next episode of Love At Zero Degree sure make me cry like siao. T.T I hate Love @ Zero Degree for making me cry.

ps: I think An Na is born with that menyampah face lor. Even if her character is good one also will let people hate lor. And hor, that's why she always watak jahat. You know how some ke le feh who act as tai lou one always hold the same watak? There, same theory. =P

My first attempt with fake lashes

This is dedicated to Ah Win and Yuh Jen, the two girls who bought fake lashes with me.

First attempt, failed lor. It stays but not very nicely done as I failed to put it at its nearest to my own lashes. They say we must always practise in order to be able to put lashes nicely. So, I think I need more lashes glue. =x

Our fake lashes. Maybe should follow XiaXue's advice, put dark eye shadow.

Xiaxue once had this tutorial on how to put on fake lashes and yes, you have to do all those steps lor.

At first I was so afraid I will like peel off my own lashes cuz the fake one sticks on it right? For the one we bought, it's pretty easy to peel off so my own lashes yang tak seberapa are ok. And our glue that comes with the lashes are the white one lor. Should buy new one.

We bought from SaSa and we asked the lady for the most natural one. She intro-ed this and we bought cause I don't know why.

I think fake lashes are only suitable for night events like Prom Night or something. Not very used to it and mission failed. Will try again some other day.

Ah Win and Ah Jen, faster go try. Aiseh, when wanna come my house and do together?

MDG top 3


I knew the result before I watch the clip because I was at office yesterday afternoon and PinkPau posted it up. I couldn't stop myself from clicking in, reading and started bising-bising. What? Cindy in meh? Walao Jay and Nadia kena tendang and that continues for the next 30 minutes with my cousin looking at me. O.o

The top 3 Malaysian Dream Girl.

Not my ideal top 3 but aiya, since when did reality show really what you want? I've seen enough Project Superstar to know this. I even stopped watching Project Superstar.

Anyway, 3 of them left in the show and yes, the three did pretty good job (in my opinion) the last photo shoot which makes them rather ngam to be in the top 3. I do think Jay and Nadia should be in the top 3 cause Jay seems more professional and Nadia seems to want it very much. Ringo got voted out but I think she is better off as a blogger. She can do commercials here and there but not as a professional model. It's not just about her height, she is not ready yet.

Now it's no longer the battle of talent but the battle of sms votes. I might throw in a vote or two to Hanis this week you know? I did not vote at all the entire show. I was merely a viewer but I might vote for Hanis. I don't know but I think Cindy's father has too much power. And Cindy is quite greedy lor. I remember in one of the episodes, she told her father she don't care, as long as she gets to top 6.

Then when she is in top 6, she feels that if she got voted out very tak berbaloi. Like that she can continue until she win la. -.-" Should be contented lor. No doubt everyone joined that to win but you like this tak cantik ma. Keep changing your mind. And hor, if it's not voting system, she'll be out even before she can make everyone begins to hate her. She has not much quality in her and she is kind of problematic la. She thinks too much and evaluate too much of what people say. Both Cindy and her dad is not someone we can mess around with. Can call lawyer to sue the company some more.

Adeline got a boss supporting her. Ha-ha. Don't know it's her father ka? But she call him boss. Datin Hanis. I vote for you!!!! In my opinion, to have Malaysian Dream Girl's result depending on voters are super wrong because they are supposed to be models. If they are singer then yes, they need supporters. But they are models. They need quality. Not supporters! If Hanis was out and Nadia was in top 3, I'll probably skip the whole finale. Seriously. Nothing left to watch. Thank god Elaine Daly and Kenny Sia was in the previous few episodes. Else, betul betul waste money hiring them.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rui En and Love at Zero Degree

Walao. National song ar? Singaporean damn power lor. Mandarin and English also very fluent.

Rui En sang this. Not bad eh.

She is better in such rock songs leh. I like her style. If I am a guy I will like her lor.

Part of her Love At Zero Degree. So cute. So lawak. I like.

My favourite. Guo Bin (julian) and YiXin (ruien)fighting. Before they fall in love la.

Can't see the face but I like this song.

This show's OST. Pardon the occasional screaming. I took it from youtube only.

This is the MV. Rui En sang this.
Clearer version of the show's OST that she sang live.

Blogging can never be the same again

It used to be just innocent postings about what we do daily as our blog is so unknown, it feels like we are writing for ourselves. Then we become greedy and we want people to notice us and read our blogs, so we innit our postings, we go all out to find interesting stuff to post, we go makan like nobody's business to update our food blog and we write according to the hottest topic.

It's inevitable that people will either love our postings or hate it to core as we put ourselves into the hands of the critics. When we post up, we cannot run from being praised as well as being criticize. Actually we can, when people don't even notice it, we are safe. -.-" Which is totally opposite to our main purpose in the first place. Our every action is no longer according to what we want to do cause we might make people angry and people might hate us for it.

Now that we hace decided to innit, we cannot run away from being judged. If people were to judge us, let them be. What they know about us? All they know are what we posted, what we are willing to show the world. We can always control ourselves from writing our true feelings. We can act like an angel when we are actually devils. After all, we blog, we edit and we post. Whatever we want to do, it's up to us. And it's up to you too to read or not. You like you read, you don't like, leave. Is it that hard? Why want to make people's life miserable? Not like we threaten you to read or what.

Someone can be really chatty when he/she is blogging but a true "mute" in person. Like you will know. -.-" I am a greedy person now. I want people to read my blog, to tell me things I want to hear and I get upset when people criticize me. It's normal. There will be one day when you finally can accept people's criticism without cursing that person under your breath letting it ruin your mood. Practise makes perfect, no?

ps: I am not giving you passes to come in and criticize me har? But, since I wrote practise makes perfect, I will try my best la. T.T

pps: I got people coming into my blog, correcting my English, preaching me about Jesus (bad things). Sien. Not even famous. If famous then won't feel so pissed.

ppps: Ah Leng, your comment is in another post. I did something wrongly and had to repost this. Sorry.

Cheng Beng, my side of story

Pray pray. Yum yum. Hehe.

I used to go to the cemetery to pray when I was younger, when all my uncles are around. Then I had to go tuition on Sunday mornings (I know, no life), and I stopped going to cemetery. Sometimes I get to go la cause I lazy go tuition then I'll go. Anyway, this year I did not go, not even to take pictures cause I woke up late. Usually we will hire people to clean the cemetery. And then we will place some multicolor paper on top of it and use pebbles to hold it down. Then we pray. It is also the time where we all hang out (yes, under the hot sun) and chit chat with our uncles. Then we will go to Fettes Park there for breakfast.

Table full of yummy food. Kueh-s!!! I can't eat. T.T

Miku and other kueh. There's also vegetarian dish or something.

Got "seo tu", roasted pig.

This year, I went to the prayers held in this temple for the Lee-s though. I told my mum that I do not know if these deceased get to eat whatever we laid out for them but for sure, our tummy are having a feast. =P Isn't it true? We often pray to the deceased with roasted pig/piglets, kueh-s, miku and other yummilicious food that in the end goes straight into our stomachs. And we Chinese have so many celebrations which is why Chinese are so prosperous (in the tummy area). It's not just CNY where we have feast.

Our lunch. =P Yummy.

We ate a lot during Cheng Beng because we cook to pray for the deceased. And all our festivals are associated with food. =P Yummy though most of the delicacies during special festivals are not exactly stuff I like to eat. =P
Before leaving, of course we burn some gold or money. =)

Burn burn burn. Burn what? Neh.

This gold lor. Ah Ma fold this herself. I am hopeless when it comes to things like this. And according to grandma, if we fold not nice, our anak come out not nice. Aiseh, mine sure come out looking like some weird creature lor. Cause I suck at this. T.T

My cousin told us this. I don't know if you agree or not and I am not creating what religious conflict or what. Don't preach me har? My cousin say Chinese who prays during Cheng Beng will all go to hell and that their nenek moyang are all in hell. You know why? We burn hell notes. The notes can only be cash out in Hell Bank leh. You think you go heaven you can find hell bank?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pending post. *updated*

So I've got like many post pending. I think I will write it down here and then cancel when I finished.

- NZ Queenstown & Dunedin.. (will i ever finish talking about NZ? But it brings back memories)
- KL (TVB red carpet) I wont blog about other parts of KL because KL many people been to already. Probably will re-write the fish spa to bring back memories
- Singapore (Zoo - other place we did not take much pictures.)
- Afalean Lu (Which I hope to put up by tomorrow because it will bring in traffic.)
- Lin Yu Zhong (about to go and see him)
- The long passed STPM results day. =P Bring back memories la.
- Singapore (Misc)
- Down the memory lane
- Charity

Updated pending list
- A day at Komtar
- A day at Penang Road
- Evening Walk
- Winter Warmers
- Cheng Beng (damn gai right? So long d.Tomorrow la.)
- A day at Pasar Malam Kampung Melayu

Queenstown Day 2 Part 1

I shall consistently blog about Queenstown for the next two days cause I've got 3 more days of Dunedin not blogged yet but I think I should. Finally, on the day 2 in Queenstown, all my anticipation for sheep has finally being answered. If you have read about my previous post before I went to NZ, you would have known that meeting Pao and the sheep was my main objective for the visit.

That morning, as early as 7a.m. , we bathed, took our breakfast and walked down to the harbour to take our cruise. It's situated somewhere near the place where I took pictures of the ducks and birds. It was chilly as usual, and I was excited. At about 8 or so, I can't remember, we boarded our cruise and off we go to see the sheep.

The one further in the picture was our cruise. Will post up a close up picture soon.

My mum in front of the cruise.

They even explain how does the cruise work. Cool.

Look at the mountains. The white cloudy mist. Is it mist or really clouds?

The view from the cruise. OMG. So pretty can? I miss NZ right now. =(

Ah~~ I am sure I'll go back to NZ.

After an hour or so, we reached the place. Beautiful isn't it?

However, the thing I am more eager to see are the sheep. So our first stop is to go up-close and personal with the sheep.

Before I go there, I've always thought, sheep looks like this.

The white one. So white and fluffy.

Or as cute as if not more than this. Sheep are suppose to be CUTE.

Mana tau, their sheep looked like this.

T.T Habis berkecai my mimpi angan.

Exactly like the one in Black Sheep or something. The movie was filmed in NZ. -.-" Luckily did not watch.

So scary can? I ran like mad. T.T

The only one in my family having fun. No la, just my sis,my mum and I went. T.T geli

The sheep come charging at you for food and I threw the food and ran like mad la. So paiseh.

See who stepped on sheep dung? Me lah~

To be honest, you can't miss the dung lor. It's everywhere on the ground. But I think a few stepped on it nia, including me.

Ta-da. We are going to undress this sheep. It's sheep shearing!!! =) See, the sheep like this put nia cannot move liao. It doesn't know how to stand on its feet when it's in such position. Kesian.

Minutes later, a naked sheep. Chak, so much lighter. Ha-ha.

We get to touch the sheep's fur and it's a little wet. They told us it's some kind of oil or something. I forgot already. After touring around the sheep shearing place, we were led to have our afternoon tea at the beautiful house just now.

Walking towards that house. It feels like I am in a movie or something cause NZ was so beautiful with flowers and greens.

Ah~ This is life. Having afternoon tea while looking at the beautiful sceneries.

See how red the flower is. I love flowers!!! There's so many flowers over there and sis and I keep taking picture of it.

The pictures of other flowers we took there. We were eating yummilicious scones and juices.

Ah~ Duckies again. Mandarin ducks in Western countries? How irony? But it looks like Mandarin duck la. I don't know what duck is it. =P

Other random animals we saw when we were there. Farm mar. Got deer and that kerbau. That little girl is very daring. She feed every animal she can. The first picture is of sheep with the tanduk.

Rupa-rupanya the sheep I like are the baby ones. Glad I saw them. i love these sheep. See, I dare to walk near instead of running off.

You see la. This one we capture one okay? Not scan from postcard one. I love sheep. Baby ones.

iSuka betulx2.

This lady smiled for us to take picture cause she did not want us to take picture of her while she is making thread. So funny. She teaches us how to make thread using that machine.

And that ends our trip to Walter Peak Farm in Queenstown.

Visit for nice dresses.