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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Walao, I was beginning to accept Cindy for winning MDG

and she come and post like this. -.-" I don't care la if I visit then she get more visitor. I admit, when I blog about her, banyak orang come and read then my visitors naik until pang pang seng (very fast or something). But, why la. I actually begin to think that aiya, win liao ma win liao lor. Not like we can change the result.

Eventually all of them will be someone. I mean I've seen enough reality show. If he/she is worth it, she'll be in the industry. The winning title is just a stepping stone cause you'll be famous faster and you will get many prizes sekali. But why la, she must post like this mia blog?

At first you read, you feel okay la. She thank everyone, including the ah ma the kawan jauh and everyone who voted for her. Then like ok la, she is not bad until like ignore the people since she won the whole damn thing, she can just forget about thanking people ma. Like sudah accept it d. Then come the last few paragraphs. T.T

And to "YOU" - the GREATEST thanks to YOU for always coming up to my ears
whispering "you NEVER improved", "you have NO confidence",
"CINDY~!!!@#$%^&", shaking your head every now and then in front of
everybody (to show you are doing your job is it?) to bring me down before and
during every photoshoot; thus making ME and EVERYONE thinks that I suck! Now,
you made a FOOL of everyone, INCLUDING yourself!

Quote from her blog.

Haih, boh chup la. MDG sudah end, the second season don't know who will join. This season she won. Habis cerita. By the way, is it Elaine she talking about? Ha-ha. Entahlah. Sounds like Elaine cause she never thank Elaine.


Never to forget:
1. Sazzy Falak - for her encouragement, constructive criticisms, and good
2. Jimmy Lim - for motivating and bringing out nothing but ONLY the BEST in
3. Kenny Sia - who at LEAST tried to stand up / protect me when I was
OFFline for 2 months.

Quote from her blog again.

I also want thank Cindy for bringing in people to baca my blog and MDG for that RM100. Muahahahaha. They susah susah compete, we sit here blog and get money as well.

I think Elaine was not a professional emcee lor. She show her dissatisfaction on the stage. Although syok la we see she like beh syok Cindy, but seriously, not professional la. Being so sarcastic on the stage, perli Cindy's father and stuff. That one leave for us, the not professional mia do can already. The one on stage, at least la, be professional a bit. I can understand why Cindy angry of Elaine also la. Elaine obviously like Hanis very much lor. If it's not sms contest, Hanis will win lor.


Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

hmm i can't really say bout the show since I didn't go, but probably i should watch it if the finale is still on the website.

Jen said...

after tengok tengok her blog..
she quite pretty leh.

Mrs Chong said...

aronil: yes, it's still on the website.

jen: but she is not the model type of pretty la. She is not ugly, but her pictures during the competition was just alright. Don't know was it the make-up or the clothes or the hairstyle or her performance.

Sharon said...

ohmygord.... I really don't like her! AT ALL! How can a person be so full of herself. How can a person still think that she wins because she earns it after all those comments and critiques!!! *speechless*

joshuaongys said...

hahahah well it ended and dats it.. lets now look forward to season 2 ahhaa

Mrs Chong said...

yea....reality show is like that lor..i always say i wont watch but unless i got something else better or else, once you start, you cannot stop lor..asyik want continue next episode. T.T

Some more i kuat chase drama.

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