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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bye 2006 Hello 2007

many ppl might think i would b out there having fun with frenz for new year eve but sad to say,i am not...

1st is bcuz most of my frenz got bf and they would b at somewhere else with their bf rather than spending time with bf-less freak like me...Some without bf cant come while some going out with family..Some hanging out with new frenz and that leaves me and a few more without any i might have to get to my back up plan which is to go momo aka clubbing with my sis and i dun like clubbing..u noe i hate smoke and i hate alcohols..but i guess it would b fun being around ppl i know better than being around my frenz and their other halves that i barely know...i miss hanging out with them but i dun wanna b there and celebrating it alone when everyone has another half in their makes me look and feel pathetic,stupid and lonely and i hate that feeling..imagine when the fireworks fills the air and everyone are hugging with their bf,itz kinda er not so good to stand there and stare at them rite?so i might as well hang out with another bunch who dun hv i am going with my sisters to momo and i hope its nicer than being in gurney looking at ppl i noe,hanging out with them and spraying them...

i shud go make jelly now bcuz itz for tml's family party and i am in charge(of jelly only)...back to blogging later... =) my sis is looking for one cup=how many ml(for the jelly) i can add more into my

2006- i missed emmoes,i missed the celebration of the beginning of 2006,i missed lots of shopping,i missed the redbox party...i miss the NS thingie celebration...i had fun,i met new frenz but none can replace the old ones,i learn new stuff,things past and i got over it,i am a happy girl once again,i learn to forgive and forget..well i forgive but not forget...i get new hp,i get new stuff a lot,i felt the love from my family that i once tot i never had it,i am a new girl once again... =)

2007-looking forward for bday parties,group study,and enjoy my last year of high school year...hoping that emmoes will not drift apart juz bcuz of their bfs and hope that our frenship is stronger than that..we have to show the others who think that we will go on seperate ways after form5 is wrong... =( but i feel that these ppl r right somehow...juz b a new person who studies and play at the same time..a person who can handle stress well and actually know how to divide my time...i need to learn to live without sux to b alone on these occasions but i need to learn that..bcuz i might b alone for a long long time...let's say cheers to 2007... =) me love me family and frenz....muax to all of u...

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Driving Lesson #3

Today i go driving with only one indian girl..and that girl was from the same school bus as i am and she was in my school for a month b4 changing school..she has frenz in my class!!! so we drove around a lot today..esp me since today is her 1st lesson and she cant control the car well..i get to go up the bukit,go parking and 3-point turning a lot..and today,no poles were knocked down,no mati engine a lot(few times on the bukit only),no freak out moments...

it was smooth and fun for me..but i tink tht girl a bit kesian..cuz ah tan keep asking her to round the padang and that made me pening too...she has problem in controlling the stereng and she makes the wheel masuk longkang once,knocked down a pole which was not even on her way..not to say i wanna boast or wat but this girl oso a bit problematic one..she dunno how to control the car so ah tan ask her to round the padang..n u noe wat she did???she dare to hit on the accelerator while pusing-ing..ah tan go talk and i had to jaga her and she freaks me out...imagine hitting on the accelerator while turning...i so dizzy now...when i had my 1st lesson,i dare not to anything big...i turn stereng oso turn a bit,i put clutch oso put a bit,i dun even dare to hit on the accelerator although the car was slow until ah tan asked me to..i only spent like 20minutes on the padang and then i get to go on the tar road...anyway,i might hv to take my pretest soon and i am not very confident..wish me luck cuz my wheels never in the yellow box.. =(

Things I dun like

there are some things i really dun like...

1. horrible table manners...
2. someone stuffing himself or herself with food..makan gelojohly
3. someone ask to eat my food when i am halfway eating...i'll feel irritated immediately..
4. someone staring at me when i am eating like he/she never ate anything for a decade...
5. someone terus eat my food from my plate when we din promise to share 1st...i find this things annoys me a lot that i will leave the table and not continue my dinner...i feel that someone who do that is super not respecting other ppl and rude...
6. Ppl scolding me for stupid reasons and things I dun even do... * my mum's hobby*
7. Ppl that i dun really noe come to me and ask me to send her things..

explanation to #7
this girl hor,i noe her from one fan tht fan club hor,can get any picture u want of that singer...all there..and she ask me to send her the pix i got..i told her itz from tht forum..u noe wat she say?? SHE IS BUSY TO GO IN THERE AND TAKE...then i very free izzit???then she ask songs from me..then i ask her which singer she wants..she say the names..then i sent her the songs,she ask me which singer is nehmind la..she pun ne ne (indian) lai to noe leh???*i dun understand y she wanna listen to tht song when she noe nuts bout it* so i explained to her..and there's this singer which i dun listen to and another song i dunno the chinese i duno the song...i told her tht b4 i send her the other singer one song tht i got...and i ask her anything else??? " SHE REPEATED THAT GOD DAMN SONG THT I SAY I DUNNO WAT'S THE TITLE AND THE SINGER I TOLD HER
THAT I DUN HAVE" geram i...i oledi tired la..summore kek me... =( wait wait..i tot she is over with it...mana tau she come and tell me...she got lots of tunes in her head but she dunno the title..the 1st part of the sentence sends chill up to my spine..thank god there's another half of the sentence...if she noe all the titles...pls,announce my death now!!! anyway,she ask me got Guang Liang's song or not?i say got....then she ask me got Lin Yu Zhong's song or not?? i say got oso..then she ask me got JJ's song or not???i oso got...but these three singer add up one songs got more than 30 leh..AND SHE DUN EVEN HAVE A WINDOW LIVE MESSENGER..n juz now i send like 3 song in a go,she say slow slow..itz juz three songs for god sake...she want me die izzit???? T.T and now she is asking for rainie yang...plsssssssss....i am tired...and damn she says this...

`•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.•¤đẴŋÏε₤ ŘőĆҝŻ¤¯¨´*•~-.¸¸,.-~*´ .::~PĭŅĸĪėŞ~::. says:
wow i noe who 2 ask 4 songs

ps: i hope she let me R.I.P and not korek me out of my coffin to ask me wat songs i got...takemy whole damn hard disk if u want...pls..leave me alone..wait...let me copy the things insideover 1st...ok..u can take it now
and u noe wat???she ask me got lee hom's song ah??i ask which song..she say all the songs from his latest album..cuz she likes them all...THANK GOD I DUN HV..lalala..i got one nia..then i say i got one nia...u noe wat she say... juz one word...SEND..i am a human hor?not computer,say send tiok send...and and...i got DC halfway and the only thing she said was..WHAT HAPPENED?????mami leh....

wait a minute...itz not all...after i ter-dc bcuz MSN do things without asking which is plain rude....this girl is even ruder*if there's such word...*she say this...
•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.•¤đẴŋÏε₤ ŘőĆҝŻ¤¯¨´*•~-.¸¸,.-~*´ .::~PĭŅĸĪėŞ~::. says:

`•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.•¤đẴŋÏε₤ ŘőĆҝŻ¤¯¨´*•~-.¸¸,.-~*´ .::~PĭŅĸĪėŞ~::. says:

•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.•¤đẴŋÏε₤ ŘőĆҝŻ¤¯¨´*•~-.¸¸,.-~*´ .::~PĭŅĸĪėŞ~::. says:
send again

now i dun wanna die...i wanna kill her!!!!!

`•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.•¤đẴŋÏε₤ ŘőĆҝŻ¤¯¨´*•~-.¸¸,.-~*´ .::~PĭŅĸĪėŞ~::. says:

`•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.•¤đẴŋÏε₤ ŘőĆҝŻ¤¯¨´*•~-.¸¸,.-~*´ .::~PĭŅĸĪėŞ~::. says:
what else??

`•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.•¤đẴŋÏε₤ ŘőĆҝŻ¤¯¨´*•~-.¸¸,.-~*´ .::~PĭŅĸĪėŞ~::. says:

`•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.•¤đẴŋÏε₤ ŘőĆҝŻ¤¯¨´*•~-.¸¸,.-~*´ .::~PĭŅĸĪėŞ~::. says:
any famous songs u recommend to me?

`•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.•¤đẴŋÏε₤ ŘőĆҝŻ¤¯¨´*•~-.¸¸,.-~*´ .::~PĭŅĸĪėŞ~::. says:

pls...kill me right now,right here..itz 12.53am and she is not sleeping!!!!

Driving Lesson #2

The 1st lesson is the one I go naik bukit and turun at the same slope one lar..remember?hehe..ok this is driving #2. Today my instructor brought me out to jalan. We drove around residential area b4 going out to road. I shall now highlight the exciting or not so exciting part of driving here.

~ one aunty cut me and freaked me out
~ I almost bump into a guy’s butt
~ so many cars overtake me instead of moving away from me
~ I did not, again did not mati enjin at the traffic lights
~ I encounter 4 times of traffic lights which I hate a lot. I decided to speed through one cuz I hate stopping down =)
~ I almost knock down a burger stall cuz I look at my gear to change it and did not look in front and got my stereng out of control
~ I speed a lot and my instructor has to go, SLOW SLOW.. Not bcuz I wanna speed but bcuz I dunno how to control the oil. lolx
~ I drove myself home =D
~ I drove my instructor to my house too!! Like duh?
~ I kinda berjaya naik small small bukits. (not bumper)
~ My instructor no longer talking on the phone or sms-ing. He juz focus on me bcuz I freak him out

ok ok..time to say wat mistake I made =)
~ I step on clutch when driving in gear 2 bcuz in gear 1,u muz not terus let go ur clutch mar
~ I step on clutch after I change gear bcuz I forgot to let go
~ I look at my gear when I changing it and did not look at the road
~ I entered gear 5 instead of gear 3 lolx. My instructor freaked out.
~ I drove too fast on a road with cars and too slow when there is no car around
~ I dunno how to agak when to turn and need my instructor to tell me
~ I dunno when to change gear.
~ I almost get sardined bcuz two cars overtake me at my both side and I was really scared. I think they overtook me bcuz the traffic light was green and I took my own sweet time driving. But hey, I managed to pass tht traffic light without stopping okay??wait.. did i? lol
~ I dunno how to remain on my own lane. I keep going to other ppl’s lane and my instructor had to like adjust my stereng for me a lot

driving is fun and scary. More scary to fun. =) another lesson on Saturday..itz the naik bukit one..going batu maung..later going shopping at prang.. =)


Driving Lesson #1

today i've tried all...driving alone,naik bukit without instructor but a nice lady,naik bukit with instructor and one boy behind,3-point turning with tht boy,instructor and lady in the car,parking with them also...well..itz not tht horrible la...but i alwiz mati enjin at the naik bukit part lor..n 3-point turning,i was bz talking i knocked down one tiang cuz forgot to brake...hehe..n tht poor lady had to pick up for me..but i like her...very one time,i naik bukit and kenot pass,alwiz mati enjin,one man outside was shouting this girl kenot pass y???minyak tak cukup lor and tht stupid boy laughed at me... =( bad u noe laugh at ppl??i noe la...u pro ma...1st time learn nia pass the bukit like pro d...but then u noe how to drive d one wor.... =( kesian i...ok la..start from the around 2 like tht,i walked to the place where ah tan ask me to go n so ngam i reach,they oso reach...naik kereta go to batu maung lor...then reach batu maung d,tht girl start driving,i sit beside her...and tht boy well..he went smoking...after a few rounds,tht girl is ok d and ah tan get her another car and taught me naik bukit..that was when they had a fun time shaking in the car....everyone was like at the disco...all drunk and i drive alone a while..then let tht boy drive...then i learn parking n 3 point turning and la la..go back time..spent 4 hours there i tink...super tiring...hehe...and got one girl tergores her car to the roundabout and the instructor scolded her...kononnya frenly..their kedai nama frenly but instructor sikit pun tak frenly... so.....driving is ok after all... =) i am a happy tml.... =)

Suan Ming (fortune telling or tilik nasib)

Yesterday which is Wednesday, my driving instructor called up to change day with me. Tht’s because he planned to bring me drive on the road at 11am but well , I woke up at 10.30am and cleverly did not return his call. So we changed to Thursday and my sis immediately called my aunt out to ajak her go out. Lolx we juz cant stay at home for one day. Thank god we diden cuz we would have died in the house of boredom cuz connection was damn tak boleh. So my aunt came over and fetch us at 2pm like that. She brought us to go tilik nasib at the “chit tiau lo ban san” (7th road market). I sat down and she start talking to me lor. Let me summarize wat she said bout me.

i. She says I would b better if I was born a boy. (but no,I am a pure girl and yes,many tilik nasib ppl told me that)
ii. She says I will kahwin at the age of 24. (Yay!! I can b a young mummy)
iii. She says I will have 3 anaks
iv. She says my ex loved me but something blocking us so we had to let go (whoever my ex is. Lol)
v. She says I will buy big house and have super meriah wedding. Juz like my sis.
vi. She says I have money problem. (I so need money rite now)
vii. She says I tink of money all da who don’t?
viii. She says I got no one who will help me. (how sad??)
viiii. She says I am bad tempered but my anger last awhile only which is super duper duper true.
x. She says I more kaypo than my sis. Lolx..again..true true true.. my sis is a freak,she dun care bout other ppl one ler… =(
xi. She says I am lazy and dun like to study. Lolx she is wat? A private investigator or a spy as a part time ah?so chun one..
xii. She says my sis and i will b very very rich and we will buy APARTMENTS after she read the tarot card which show a can a palace become an apartment for us only???plus,very rich get bungalow mar..y apartment wor???
xiii. She says dunno which year a fren will buy me a house which i am very puzzle about...WHAT IS THE FREN DOING??apasal mou tuin tuin buy me a house?? =.="

ps: she also said my sis is pretty...which is not really a result of tarot card reading or anything as such... =)

I am a happy’ll b rich!!! Heh.. that is if she is right lar....

Want to pengsan liau...

after all the haze haze go away,now pulak got wat earthquake..make me kenot update my multiply and i cant blog there bcuz my blog looks cacat there... =( and i cant post pictures there too makes me unmotivated to post anything at all...i shall now post in my blogspot and ask everyone to come over here and read...will update more bout my driving lessons... =)

Sunday, October 22, 2006



A friend is an angel sent by God,
Being there with you even if you've just been robbed,
Learning to love is learning to give,
Sharing and caring is what we believe.

Those who have fate will eventually meet,
These relationship will blossom from just a seed,
Ours had blossomed and now we shall keep,
Our friendship will stay strong and deep.

Oceans are wide with lots of fishes,
So is this world with lots of species,
We've met now and we shall stay,
For bad ones leaves and good ones stays.

My guardian angels are those who loves me,
And those who are my friend, we are meant to be,
Worry no more for I'll be there for you and you'll see,
This friendship means more than what people thought it may be.

Hugs and laughter we will share,
Till one day I meet you there,
Photo hunt and rock fever I want to play,
Not forgetting taking pictures the whole day.


this poem was written by me on the 27th of April to all my close close mayb some part of it..esp last paragraph,some of u wont understand..itz something the <> share...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Went To Cameron Highlands Part II

Three Days after the 'I Went To Cameron Highlands Part I, I decided to take some more pictures of my 'Cameron Highland' view...I was hoping for the weather to get better cuz I have yet to fall sick *touch wood* and I really dun wanna wear mask. Although there's rain a lil here n there, it does not help much i guess. I still feel the haze is very very bad. And during this Raya cum Deepavali month. Summore near me holiday, me really dowan haze. A few pictures of my magnificient Cameron Highland view. Enjoy !

I think I am going to get my Hello Kitty mask soon !

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I Went To Cameron Highlands. heard me right. I went to Cameron Highlands although I am having examination. Well at least it feels like it. Juz that this Cameron I went to is not cold, with no fresh air, no strawberries, no tea farm, no ice-pops, no yummy steamboat, no strawberry farm, no flower farm, no farms ( maybe some pathetic looking grass here and there), no pluck-all-the-tea-leaves-as-u-like activities, no lovely houses and beautiful fields, no mist and it is nothing like the one in the picture.

What kind of Cameron Highland is this huh???as I've said, at least it feels like it. So, I guess u probably know that I did not go to Cameron (I am still sane.) This is how Penang looks like after being attacked by haze. And trust me, those are not mist. How good if they are. I can't breathe now. Haze is back!!!

below are the pictures taken from my house.

So Long...(warning - sad one,not for sensitive person)

ps: this poem is dedicated to everyone who once loved n fall out of love. Hope it captures exactly how you feel and touches your heart.

12th February , a day to remember ,
What happened to us, i wonder,
I thought absence will make the heart grows fonder,
How come it doesn't work for us, I ponder.

Sometimes you make me wonder,
Is your love true or are you just another player,
Everyone ask me to let go or I'll suffer,
But no one knows how it feels cause I thought it was forever.

All these while to me you are true,
And with time, my trust for you grew,
Though u lied to me like I am a fool,
But i always thought our love was beautiful.

Hurt me no more when we break,
The pain is too much for me to take,
But I'll stay strong for God's sake,
And I swear, I'll never make the same mistake.

Forever , love and trust you taught me,
Those are the things I no longer see,
Leave me alone and set me free,
I'll find my way back to where I am suppose to be.

No more tears and no more pain,
Care and love, I have gain,
I will stand up once again,
Love and trust, I am still in the game!

Rain falls like the tears in my heart,
But now, I promise I'll do my part,
For mum, I'll work hard,
And for you also,who are drifting apart.

Leaves will wither from the tree,
Sun will rise from the sea,
Those beautiful things i shall see,
Just that you won't be standing beside me.

All our memories will fade with time,
Till one day your wedding bells chime,
You will smile and your face will shine,
But I know, till then,you are never mine.

Now that we are no longer together,
I am sure we will find better,
We once shared tears and laughter,
Now all we can do is remember..