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Saturday, October 31, 2009

My face is ruined!!

Was not pretty before this. Then now become ugly. T____T

Like got chicken pox like that. I got the shock of my life when I see myself on the mirror. Those who are about to see me, be prepared ok? Don't get heart attack from seeing me.


Friday, October 30, 2009

A flying lizard

T_______________T Today marks the day when I'm most scared. Even more scared than watching horror movie, even more scared than taking an exam, even more scared than, aiya, just scared-est la.

I just got back from bathing and I opened my cupboard, I heard some swooshing sound and saw that thing in my cupboard. Great I thought, so what should I wear? Will I see it on my baju when I put it on? So I, with my shaking hand, tried to remove one by one of my baju out of my cupboard into my plastic container. I was using hanger and when hanger can't do what my mighty hand can, I used my hand.

Ok, one, two great, not in sight. Finally, the final stack of clothes, this is it, I move to that stack and flipped my hanger. Lo and behold something brownish black flew out. And landed right in front of me. I screamed, shouted and woke my room mate up. T___T It ran away and I got wobbly legs now. I think my hands are still shaking and I'm still in fear. And I'm late.

I hate you!!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who is the boss?

My phone gone crazy already. It'll call people sesuka hati even when I just leave it on the table with my hands FAR FAR FAR away from it. Then it'll interrupt me when I'm sms-ing people by sending it when I'm halfway. So rude. So today I couldn't really sms anyone, not even to avoid awkward situations like walking to Anjung Budi alone for lunch and bumped into saranghaeyo *swooons*.

I ended up staring at my siao handphone like siao lang. T____T There goes my image in front of saranghaeyo. Anyway, my phone kept calling my sister because I put her name first in the list (luckily!!! smart me).

The worst was just now, when I called Wei Wei to talk to her about some serious matter (hahahahhhahaha- KAS matter meh?) and.....suddenly, eh, why quiet ki? Rupa-rupanya my phone bertindak sesuka hati (chi pa chi wai) put Wei Wei on hold and called my sister AGAIN. Mad.

I can't set alarm on my phone, I can't message anyone, it's hard to call people I want to call, it's hard to change my phone setting. This is bad.

Looks like someone needs a new handphone, again. =(

There's this really old teaching/belief that I was taught ever since I was a child. You know how we always get sore toes or cuts on our legs because of wearing new shoe? There's always this problem we have to face. Anyway, according to old teachings, we are supposed to give the shoe a bite (as in really bite it before you wear it) and you'll not get cuts. I guess it's like showing it, who's the boss here.

I don't practise it though. Anyway, maybe I should bite my new phone/ current phone (if I can repair it) to show who's the boss.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DL day one

DL stands for Dean List la. I don't think I'll get it this semester (unless everyone did just as bad or worse =P) so basically it just means that I'm studying and not exactly 'pia-ing' for DL la. I've never pia for DL anyway.

Anyways, today was a rather productive day. I'll be doing the same tomorrow and the day after. I woke up at about 9.30a.m., bathed, changed took my breakkie and walked to HEPP office to clear some doubts. Then I walked to the library, studied a bit, lunch, talked a bit (ok la a lot, but studied more, serious). Then rested a while and walked back at 6p.m. I think it's a good thing that I got out of my room la. At least there wasn't any cat naps or dog naps.

Only books, books and occasional chit chats. I will be going alone tomorrow so probably less chit chats and more studying.

Bentengs changed me. I wasn't the study Ping Ping. I was the playful Ping Ping and the one who never finished reading her book from cover to cover. Not even once. It was in Form 6 that I feel the sense of accomplishment when I finished reading my books (a few times some more). When I'm in uni, it's the sense of accomplishment when your results shows your effort. I used to study and score worse than when I don't. Weird.


Turn to DL mode, tie a white cloth with 'JIA YOU' written on it (not in mandarin cause I half-banana) and start DL-ing.


加油 Yay I know mandarin. Actually copy paste nia. =P But YAY!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kickstart the day

Let me get things straight,
- I only replace this as breakfast (not that gung-ho to replace lunch or dinner-can't think straight when I'm hungry)
- Not torturing myself with food like this because usually people think aiya, meal replacement, treat yourself better la. Why drink stuff like this?
- It is not only to lose weight (if can, even better) but also to improve my digestive system.
- It is actually quite yums but I think I put too little powder, too much water today =x first time ma.

Anyway, I've tried the meal replacement from this brand last year and I love it. It's very fragrant and quite yums. I only drink this for breakfast.

For lunch and dinner I'll only eat less meat and oily stuff. It was ok although I did not see much weight loss but it was a good breakfast. It's RM130 for two of these and a bottle of protein. I did not mix with the protein today but would do so tomorrow when I need to go out.

I drank for a few months last year then we stopped because smart Ping Ping lost the membership card. Been wanting to continue this as I cannot exactly afford USANA's and USANA's taste nicer if it's blended with ice. So last week I dropped by QB and bought this (with mummy's money hee).

Hope I can drink this every morning for breakfast (cause I'm the only one in the family drinking it now and I have to finish them). I admit, you can get quite sick of it.

Gosh, I found out people have been reading my blog and it feels...I don't know, exposed? It's insane to have the thought since I used to want readers. I no longer know who is reading. So please say hi if you are reading ok? =P

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Study break

Time flies and I've finished my second year, first sem. Ok la, not really finish as I've not taken my exam but yea, it's almost the end of it.

It has been a semester of ups and downs. Much happier I suppose. With more people in my uni life and my social life. Closer to Him, closer to the people in CF and definitely a growing semester for me.

Time seems to pass too fast so I will really appreciate this time together in USM la. Although I dislike going back (note the usage of word, I'm using dislike instead of hate). My blog is getting more and more boring because I kinda have the writer's block once again.

No interesting things to read lately. No interesting to blog too since I stopped blogging about outings and all. Wait, let me get back my blogging mojo.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Officially missing you ♥

I'm officially missing you. ♥

Love this song a lot. Prefer their version and they are pretty!! Sigh, I can listen to this song whole day man.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm so sick of

people in general.

Seriously, this world would be a better place if people think before they speak.

Never use words on people that you wish no one would use on you.

But oh well, this is life.

Everything is over now

So so glad. It has been a tough semester and I think I'll become crazy studying all the notes for finals but I will cope. He'll be helping me. =)) He'll guide me in studying and nothing is impossible with Him around. I've learnt to lift all my worries to Him and He promises me He'll make sure I'm alright.

Been into down point in my life these few days but everything will turn out ok. I'm sure they will. It just takes time. But everything will fall into place eventually cause He has control of everything. Everything will fall into places He has planned for me and His plans are always good plans.

=)) I'm blessed with really good friends who are there for me. Friends that I did not appreciate enough last time but really really do now. I feel loved. <3

My sis says she's gonna bring me for good food. Hmmmm... Is Korean Palace good food? =P *hint hint*

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's just one of those days

I just want to break down and stop being the tough girl.

Stop being the girl who'll say 'It's ok' with a smile. Stop being the girl who'll be bubbly and chirpy all the time.

It's just one of those days, I wish I could let down my burden and cry a good cry.

=)) It was a bad day for me I guess. Tomorrow will be better.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday night : Tu Vida En 65'

It is the Spanish Film Festival week and we'll be watching two more movies, hopefully. Anyway, I liked the movie but not the ending. I don't get the ending. However, I would say it's a nice movie with good enough jokes and humour here and there. And lots of vulgar words. =P

Liked this part because I think the girl sang pretty well. Amazing. I sound weird if there's no music and I'm singing. Right, you'll say I sound just as weird with music right? Sigh, friends.. This is what you get from good friends.

The three guys. I wonder what happened to the other two in the end. HAHAHA Did they?

Watching the washing machine together-gether. Funny sial.

¿Por que? Why? Why? Why? I don't get it. I'm not satisfied with the ending, I'm sure most of us were. =)

Off to get my CD cover done and my Spanish oral studied. T___T

Thought you'll love to see this link. Regarding the show.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekends came and gone

Sigh, another week back in USM. Will be back in a while.

I should be happy. I have friends there. Just that, sigh, going back means there's another week to busy days and another week to test, presentation, classes and all those things.

I guess it's the things I have to do there that's not fun and not the people there afterall.

Nevermind, I stocked some happy food to bring there. Yums.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Too much la

The weather is too much la. Hot till want die. It doesn't help to have a tasik beside your block.

T______T And I think I have to spend almost the entire of my study week here in USM because I've been slacking too much, I need to study doubly hard to pass this exam. Not even score ok? I screwed up my assignments, I screwed up my tests, I've practically screwed up everything that's screwable la.

And I need to start filling up that student exchange form or I'll never get to go anymore. And I've got two more assignments, one more oral test (I HATE HATE HATE THIS), one more test, one more play recording, one more presentation. T____________T Oi, this is week 15 ok? Next week is week 16 already ok? Why is this semester so packed? Doesn't help that I suck in every single paper this semester.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Can you feel the heat?

From the weather and from the fiery eyes of your lecturer, waiting for your assignments?

I can. And I can so feel the tension in the air for everyone and everything.

Let's hope I survive. Slack too much this semester.

I'm super duper duper sleepy but I need to study. =(

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday Diana Ngoh Sui Lin

To my buddy since Form 2.
To the girl who taught me that snails can be pets to. (Even if they are depressed and died from starvation cause they refuse to eat the grass we plucked for them)
The girl who draws well, creative and cute.
The girl who comes telling me, "I don't know how to do la the paper" and come out with 98%.
The girl who can do everything from Science to Maths to Computer.
The girl who promised to create a solution with my name if she ever be a Chemist.
I think now you have to create a program and name it after me. =)

To that girl who camwhores with me and camwhores with my camera all the time.
The girl who drives me around and pampers me.
One of the mango addict in the group.

Happy 21st Birthday!!
A bit late to join us but welcome nevertheless.
Last on board? =P
Ok, now our cruise can start sailing. Eh wait, Su Ling not yet. =P

Stay funny, bubbly and wobbly. =))

May all your wishes come true. (I know one not enough.)

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm auntified

oh the horrors. What would a girl do when the sun is shining so brightly and it's scorching hot? Right, we would sit in our respective places, trying not to move too much and maybe if we are lucky, we get to turn on the air-cond.

What would an auntie do when the sun is so scorching hot outside? Yes, they will first compliment the good weather like "Wah, kin jit eh jit tao chin ong." (Today the sun is shining brightly- which actually means good weather la) Then they'll proceed to gather laundry from the whole household, bring them into the toilet, handwash or machine wash them.

Then they'll bring those laundry out to the hot sun and put them to dry. And then they'll feel like it's a good day cause laundry will dry well today. I AM SO AUNTIFIED BECAUSE I AM THINKING LIKE THE LATTER.


Uni has auntified me.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm a hypocrite

I admit it *waves hands in the air*.

I'm a hypocrite. I forced a smile on days I just felt like being left alone. It has become my habit that I end my message or a sentence with a =) when I don't feel like smiling at all. I think it's mood swing. I was ok in the morning. I could smile, I could greet people.

Now I just feel like burying my head into my pillow and do nothing, see nothing, hear nothing. But it's not possible. At least in my life, my position.

Please let me stop being a hypocrite, at least for a day. Let me sulk and not smile. Let me not greet anyone.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Master Yoda turns 25

To my roommate,
My partner-in-crime (in travelling, blogging, shopping, trying new food, make-up)

The co-founder of The Manni-Queen (glamour)
My pamperer (I'm the pamperee)
My lovable, huggable, fun size sister.
The very girl who is sleeping in our room right now.


Happy 25th Birthday.
I've got no presents for you! Surpirseeeeee... (best surprise ever right?!)
May you age gracefully,
Earn plentifully,
Give generously (to me),
Turn into a woman beautifully,
And love me abundantly.

I may be a naughty sister,
I may be spoiled and pampered,
But I love you lots!!!!! Muah...

ps: So when's our company trip and company dinner at Korean Palace? =P <3 you lots.

Remembered or forgotten?

In my past post, I wrote that it feels good to be remembered once in a while because it means that people do care about you right? Well, let me tell you, I experienced two extreme feelings that very day.

I was remembered by a kind friend on Friday noon and WAS FORGOTTEN by my sis bf's birthday at night. He forgot to fetch me to my sister's birthday and left me at my hostel till 9.30p.m. He asked someone else to fetch me but that someone forgot about me and he forgot and did not notice that I was not at the party. T____T

Why like that one????

Friday, October 09, 2009

Fridays are happy days

And today is more happy than the usual Fridays. I got a gift from a friend. A small but very thoughtful gift.

Little Miss Giggles.
I like it a lot. He gave me that because I'm always wearing Little Miss Giggles' shirt in USM. Little did he know it was because I got no money to buy new shirt.

But isn't it thoughtful? I mean for someone to remember you and buy you things without any reason. Just because it reminded him/her of you. I should do that too. I'm sure it'll warm up anyone's heart and cheer them up.

It feels good to be remembered once in a while. To be remembered as someone nice and not as chatterbox or annoying kid who talks too much. And definitely not as a tree named Pong Pong. *roll eyes* Adakah patut they thought of me when they saw a tree named Pong Pong? Happily called it my 'sister' and said that I shouldn't ask how they found out it's a girl. Shy to tell me. Macam-macam la my CF people.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday's UP

I found a Spanish grammar book which will definitely help me A LOT in my assignment and I'm up again. At first I thought gone case already. Next week I have to hand in my assignment and I've yet to even find a relevant book to use. Now I can finally start doing my assignment.

And suddenly, it didn't feel that bad afterall. =)) I think I can cope with it la. Just need more concentration and determination. Been slacking slacking slacking too much. Something else happened and I'm happy. Which is bad, after all the decisions I've made or forced myself to make. I'm not supposed to feel happy. I'm supposed to feel, normal. Whatever.

Anyway, I'll be recording a play with my friends and guess what character I got? A Sea Monster. OF ALL THINGS, A SEA MONSTER. So totally opposite with my kind, friendly, bubbly, ant also won't kill character (HAHAHAHAHA happily praising myself). But I guess it's a good thing cause then it's more challenging, to be something you are not (too much of entertainment show interview where TVB actors and actresses are interviewed). I'll win the OSEKA award. =P

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wednesday means two more days to Friday

Just when I thought the sem is finally coming to an end, I was reminded that finally doesn't mean it has ended. Three more homework, three or four more test. They must have thought I'm made of iron.

This semester has been a very draining one. I've lots of insecurities, uncertainties and fear for the papers that I'll be sitting for. Let's pray hard that I'll get through this.

Anyway, was on my way back from class this morning and we were stopped by an uncle to fill in a survey form for Manulife. I was shocked when I saw the form because they actually asked our weakness, strength, immediate dream (which was to go back and continue my sleep), my greatest achievement so far and such. It's funny and we had a hard time answering. Who wouldn't?

Scariest, creepiest and weirdest survey form EVER!!!

The moody side of me is out again. I think it's the time of the month though. But then again, I hit the low point for no reason all the time so it could be just one of those days. Toothache, not in the mood to do a thing, I've mastered the art of not lifting my fingers far from keyboard when I'm typing hence this post. Else, I'm too lazy to lift a finger too. In this case, I'm too lazy to lift it high. =( Hellow emo-ping

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tuesday think-a-loud

Carrying lantern is like taking ang pow, you can do it regardless of your age, provided your face's skin is thick. - Ping Ping-

Isn't it true? And if we stopped doing the two things, the tradition is lost. And usually it's the kids who are over excited about it because when you grow older, you began to feel shy to do it. Carrying lantern is because you are afraid people will laugh at you while taking ang pow is because you don't want people to ask you, "When getting married?"

I regret not getting a battery lantern because my mum said, "So old already, you think you are a kid ar?" Too honest this lady.

=)) Tuesday think-a-loud in the comp lab in library.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

A new achievement

I was thrilled when I found out that one of our items in The Manni-Queen was sold out within like 5 hours upon posting it up.

It makes me real happy to know that people love the things we picked out. And to know that our market now includes plus sizes (which means I can buy clothes that I like as well), I'm ever so excited about it. We even have return customer which is triple yay cause it means people got our stuff, liked it and coming back for more.

So happy.

=)) Do visit us at and help us to spread the word to your friends and family. =)) Appreciate it much.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

I've made up my mind

I've decided long ago that this is the best decision but oh why is making a decision so hard? Why is making a decision and keep to it much harder? Why is people around me not making it easier for me?

It's draining me. And I told myself not to let this matter drain any bit of me anymore. And see what I've done? It's so hard to keep to it despite how I give myself reasons to keep to it and do it. Maybe I really am not suitable.

Have you ever felt so out of place? Like a fish out of water? You just don't feel belong. You feel out, you feel away, you don't feel you are one of them. It's just one of those days.

I'm too sensitive. I'm to blame. I should have known better. It's just different.

Happy Mooncake Festival. Now go indulge in that sinfully sweet lotus paste with a tad saltiness of that yolk *drools*.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Waited far too long

for these two darlings I mean- Beautilicious and Escada hamper!!! Worth RM150 each. And I simply loveeeee what I got. After that DKNY perfume I won, this is another prize. Ok la, I won this first but it took me like 6 months or more to get my hands on them =x But the wait was worth it. It was super worth it. I <3

I think this is much better than some hair product because Ping Ping is not a hair person. She is more a make-up and perfume person. If you are wondering, why blogging? Nah, this is one of the great reason why.

Wheee so excited. My box of love.

Retro Kit!!!!!!! There's fake lash in it.

The Liquid Lipstick. <3

Inside of the Retro Kit.

Another box of eyeshadow. Aren't they generous???

Oh, that's the casing for the lipstick.

Escada Parfum. <3

Motivated to continue blogging now (not that I've ever thought of stopped but I was a bit de-motivated already with so many things to do.) YA LA, DE-MOTIVATED ALSO SO MANY POST LA. =P

Laughed too much

need to space out. Don't mind the fact that I always needed to space out, whether I laughed or not.

I'll try to be quieter tomorrow and talk less. Need to save up the energy.

Maybe because I'm moody and sad.

I think it's also because I saw something. I know it's not right for me to do this but sigh. =((

So, should I bring the 'I'm-so-happy' smile or the 'smile-and-frown-leave-me-alone' smile?