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Thursday, December 30, 2010


You know what's worst than a day of running around the university to get your timetable fixed? Coming back to be greeted with NO WATER IN YOUR TOILET.

Everyone else's toilet has water by now. Why not the ones in Fajar? It's really not easy to live in a place where there is no water. And to think that we only do not have water in our toilet but we can still go on to other hostel to get our business done. By business I mean bathe and all the other things. Thank God I'm born in a country where I can get water easily (though it's hard these two days). So you people should remember to turn off your tap tight and if you have to, save water, bathe together. Gosh, that Pn Honey Khoo's tagline is already tattooed in my mind.

I'm homesick. If water doesn't come back by tomorrow, I'm leaving. Either you come back, or I'll leave./angry face. Super drama I know.

Final sem with 9 hours on Mondays, 1 on Tuesdays, 5 on Wednesdays and 2 on Thursdays. I started to have this crazy timetable since my 1st year just that it used to be on Wednesdays when I could hardly breathe, now it's on Monday.

It's 12.57 am now and I kinda miss playing congkak. Need to drag some people to go to USM museum for my congkak game.

And why is everyone suddenly so clean and hygienic? I was celebrating the 'waterless' incident on Facebook, saying how great it is to not have water cause that means I don't have to bathe and people started saying I'm "lasam" and say they can smell me all the way in Butterworth. They are just jealous. Guess what? There's still no water supply. I don't even have to brush my teeth. Jealous? Yay!!! *crawls into bed, nicely tucked under my fleece blankie with ChickBii beside me*

ps: Seriously, I bathed okay? I went to my friend's place in Bakti to bathe. Cause people say I "lasam" and say I stink till Butterworth. =P And I'm brushing my teeth cause I heard we have water in the pantry. I am really not "lasam", I think.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Sick bug

I'm sick again.

/waves to fleece. Fleece is my best friend now cause I'm always cold. Brrrr~~~

Can't wait to go KL with sayang. =)


Send me some soup/love/hug/warmth/anything this Christmas.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

I thought it'll be easy

but it's worst.

The decision was not a mistake. But to have people avoiding you or staying away from you makes me wonder if I made that decision in a haste. I admit it's also how I carry myself but if everyone is going to say, "Don't want to be lamp post" at the end of the day, the only thing I can do is to hang out with the one person who won't say this to me.

I actually felt lonely. I don't know if it's right to feel this way but I actually feel like a lousy person, feel crappy and I at times hate myself when they say that.

I am a lousy friend.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Another sem gone by

This has to be  the most interesting one throughout my 3 years of uni and it ends so quickly.

First time I finish my exam in the first week with only two papers to battle my life for. People are giving me the i-kill-u look but, but, but...I suffered 2 years already, doesn't that count for anything at all? =P

I've been shaking legs and running around for the past week. Time to slow down my life for a few days before running around again chasing kids in VBS. I find life so fulfilling when I can do things for God, share His love with people around me.

Did a personality test and boy was it accurate. I'm both crazy and emo. SO TRUE. I'm not lazy though, what a relief. =P

Life is getting more and more exciting and the boy has met the parents and close friends and was accepted. Also cause they love me la. And he was a great boy to begin with. Meeting his family later and I'm really not a very good girl so it's going to be tough. =) But he is there to assure me that it'll be ok. <3 No fear.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wai Kin's Birthday

It was Daniel's ex-roommate's birthday. So we double-dated to Victoria Station to celebrate his birthday.

Sayang with his default cheeky smile.
The other couple, Wai Kin and Wai Lin.
Their Papaya with Fresh Milk
Nom nom nom.
Our Tiger Prawns and Chicken!! Yums.
Daniel Chong and I.
Praying, look at his serious face.
WK and WL's dinner.
One small cake from us. =P
Happily singing song for WK like a smo boy.
Whee...I love Victoria Station. Very pwetty.
Took a pikture outside of it too.
WK and WL.

Good food, great service, romantic ambience and awesome company. =)

Happy Birthday Wai Kin. =) Glad you had fun.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Of us

 Us and chick bii

There, finally can post up.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Finger-numbing cold

in the library.

On days like this, it'll be nice to have someone to warm your hands.


Sunday, November 07, 2010


With a non-existent movie date excuse, I was brought up to the highest carpark level in QB, supposedly overlooking beautifully lit up Penang bridge which was unfortunately half-hidden by tall apartments. Saw firework. Yep, no 's' as there's ONLY one. No stars on a cloudy, windy night.

He began his speech, I began to look everywhere else but at him. He then explain that there'll be NO MOVIE and he has something important to ask me.

So he did. And I said, yes.

=) This is the account of THAT day. The date was 7/11/2010, the time was somewhere between 10.40pm to 11pm.

ps: Time adjusted to have my post on THAT day. It is really 1.49am of 8/11/2010 now and I am sleepy.

Friday, November 05, 2010

The word

sounds nice.

I think I don't mind listening to it again and again.


so...Hah?? What you said? I didn't hear...sorry, wasn't paying attention. =P

Monday, November 01, 2010

Rain + Bed = Bliss

Both begins with a B but why does 'bed' sound so much more nicer than 'books'?

Not gonna touch them today. Gonna just touch my bed.

If only that lady will stop singing or announcing lucky draw numbers cause I don't feel lucky at all cause I have to endure the noise pollution.

Hello, people actually sleep before 12a.m. if you are not aware of it. /glares.

The downside of staying in Penang, too many ger tai around.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Chick Bii

Have like mad obsession for chickens ever since my friend created a story about chicken cuddling together early in the morning cause of cold and also a chicken that pokes.

Don't you think it's super adorable? And my friend drew this on MSN chatbox okay? Super talented. I can barely draw a proper smiley face. Anyways, after I saw Diana got her Miku, I wanted it so bad cause it's cute!!!! I call it Chick Bii, cause it's a confused chicken in bee outfit. Although S&J label it as a duck, IT'S A CHICKEN TO ME.

 Hai, I iz Chick Bii.

Squeezing Chick Bii's face. =)

 Chick Bii's first meal, Secret Recipe's Raspberry Yogurt Cheese or something. Super bahagia.

 More camwhore pic with my Chick Bii.

Berbonding with Chick Bii. =) My Chick Bii is so super duper cute.

Chick Bii at his first Jazz Band concert. Super bahagia la. Got cheesecake, Jazz Band concert all. Nonsense.

That's the end of my Chick Bii's first day out. =) By the way, I sent Chick Bii to his nanny. Staying with the nanny. If you spot him around somewhere, he's with THE nanny. =P

Thursday, October 14, 2010

5 things that cheers me up

#1. The girls in PKA who makes me laugh.

#2. The chicken that pokes. =)

 #3. Beach and the girls I went with. <3

 #4. Beautiful beautiful beautiful sceneries. Seriously, God, how You do that?

#5. The sister + family that I loveeeee so much.

End with the mulut tutup cause now I got flu. T_T The package one with sore throat, slight feverish and everything else. Yay. NOT.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I iz a neglector

I neglected my blog. There's a lot of things I want to do, but because I somehow got myself busy with something else, I kind of neglecting everything around me.

I need to get back on track. Still have some work to do before I finish my semester but I'm just a bit lazy today. However, need to get it done cause one of it is due, TOMORROW. Yep, Ping Ping rarely got this OH-NO-TOMORROW-HAND-IN-HOW-NOW-BROWN-COW situation for a long time now.

=) It's nice to feel it once again. NOT.

Anyways, I wanted to upload some pictures but because I'm just so lazy like this, I decided not to. So what's happening in my life? Let's see... I'm happy, I'm sometimes busy but most of the time, I'm happily enjoying my semester. Fine la, I got work to do, but I'm too lazy to do it. I scare myself a lot with lots of presentations but guess what? Semester is coming to an end and I'm finishing my Spoken English. When I finish all my presentations and stuff next week, I'm gonna celebrate it by.......drinking Shandy I tell you. Ok, maybe not, Shandy expensive.

I'm just gonna be the happiest kid on earth la. Apart from the two assignments due next week and the week after next, I'm this close to finishing my first sem for my final year. Ok, typing this is making me very happy but I still have work to do that I have to submit tomorrow. Let me finish that up and get some other stuff done. Can't wait to be all chirpy and happy next week and the week after that. =) I'm happy now. Will be happier then.

I didn't know it feels so good to be happy. =)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I iz dark chocolate

Holiday was fun! I did my work the first week and play like mad the second. Seriously, one whole week of going out, having fun to the point, I feel tired =P

I gave my friend my hard disk so I can't post pictures. Pictures will be added later.

I went Redbox with friends, had apartment stay like good ol' days, took 1000 pictures, had 3 steamboats in 6 days, then had our much-craving-for mango crepe, went for a swim at 11.30am-damn stupid I know keke, went out with someone for the whole day and had fun, went Hat Yai and shop to my heart's content. Life is good. =) Met Diana TWICE in Hat Yai, super got jodoh can kahwin already if she's a guy. =P

Came back, settled some more work, by next Monday I should be sending in most of my work and starting to relax a little. Still have a few that's due end of October so I have time to get my work done. So fast, I'm finishing my 3rd year first sem. Crazy isn't it? But it has been a wonderful roller coaster ride. Many unexpected things happened and I'm glad it happened.

Got darker and darker. Now I'm no longer white chocolate + milky chocolate. I'm more like dark chocolate. All thanks to the walking in uni, taking insanely lots of pictures on the beach, swimming at 11.30am, I KNOW, what was I thinking? So now, I iz orh kia, mummy say one.

It's true that we plan but God decides. He knows what He wants in our lives and we live each day, surrendering everything to Him cause He knows best. And God, if this is Your plan, i like. =P

Uni is great, few more weeks to finishing this semester and I'm a bit reluctant for it to end so quickly. Time flies when you are happy...or maybe when you are busy =)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Experiment #1

Guess what? I dyed my hair. With Liese, Chestnut Brown.

Am waiting to see the effect. Can't wait. Waiting for my turn to wash my hair.

My first time of dyeing my hair. It's quite fun and best of all? It's FREE. Sponsored by the sister who colours her with Glossy Brown.

Update more tomorrow or something.

Lots of plans lined up for next week. But assignment not finish. Will work hard tonight so that I can enjoy tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Clinic Cafe with Emmoes

So there's this clinic concept cafe in Gurney Plaza and we decided to pay it a visit since Emmoes are visual beings. We don't mind if the food is just normal, we want the environment. Also to camwhore la. So we went. Diana was er...a bit late and I was practically starving so the food was acceptable to me.

This is Hooi Shan's Tom Yam Bee Hoon. It was spicy to me. But it's still acceptable. They serve their food in this metal container which people use in hospitals during surgery.

Hooi Shan's Tom Yam Bee Hoon, June's Black Pepper Spagheti and Ling Ling's Tom Yam Fried Rice. All super spicy to me. T_T I no goods in eating spicy food.

All the food comes with this tiny little flag and I was telling them, 'Amboi happy posing all, but when PBSM ask to donate, run far far =P'.

As the value of this place is the place itself, we took lots of pictures which I believe will be more if Swee Win comes back to join us.

We got a syringe of....blood...No la, chili sauce. And I purposely ordered the 'money bag' to get this syringe of chili sauce. =P /shy I is like that la. But we get to camwhore with this thing so all is well. Worth the money paid. Nom nom nom.

Me and our (shared with Diana) fried rice I forgot what we ordered. -.-"
The awesome-possum light. Needs to do some surgery now *mask on, coat on* Cuts open....the chicken.

Love the girls.

Our drinks in this...beaker. =P My Chemistry super fail. Forgot all the names for these things already.

And the most important one, Hooi Shan... <3

I would say this place is worth a second visit. For the environment cause a lot of them weren't around to join us. And the food is alright. Not like super good but it's good enough. Besides, the last trip, someone paid for us. Like drama kan? You know you and your giggly girl friends go makan, then walk to the counter to pay.

 Cashier: Thank you.
You: How much?
Cashier: No, it's paid for.
You: Huh? What do you mean?
Cashier: Someone paid for you already.
You: No no no, you got the wrong table.
Cashier: No, that person said he/she is your friend. Paid for you already.
You: No, no, I don't have a friend. I think you've made a mistake.
Friends: Sure it's table 25?
Cashier: Yep, table 25.
Friends + you: *Puzzled* okay. Thanks.

*runs in case they realized it's wrong table* KIDDING. =) Friend's friend paid for us. No secret admirer at work here. Sien. Drama Queen wants more drama. *taps finger on the table*

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Are you sure?

It's happening again. I unconciously leaning on another wall, a man-made wall. Not very wise? I think so too.

Need to go back to the real wall who'll not crumble on me. Who knows exactly how to build me up and knows exactly what He wants me to be. A wall who is SURE of what He is doing and not just leading me around the bush.

Holiday has been...slow. I mean the time passes fast, work progress slow. And I have my WHOLE next week fully booked. So really, I don't know if I can finish my work. Doing bits by bits but tonight I have to finish something and I got it...50% done.

Tomorrow more work to settle. All my 'plans' are re-arranged so that I can finish more work in a day. Cross fingers that everything works well. I really want to hang out next week. *kill all lazy bugs*

Anyways, got my sis to cut my hair two days ago. When she was done, she said, uh-oh. Scare the crap out of me. Ok la, not too bad la. I was traumatized earlier okay?

With specs

And without

Not a very safe thing to be let roaming on the street. Almost got sister killed because I did not see the car reversing beside me and just zoomed past. Thank God I'm okay. Must remember to pray before I drive next time.