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Friday, May 30, 2008

Songs for the Si Chuan victims

I've been watching television, listening to news and such. There are many artiste out there who either sings, compose or involve in producing songs for the Si Chuan victims. Among the songs I've heard are those from H.I.M International (involving S.H.E., Tank, Fahrenheit and Xing Guang Bang), Malaysian singers (988's project), JJ Lin, Jackie Chan, Hong Kong artiste (the Beyond's song altered by Andy Lau), a song by Fan Fan, Claire and Angela, Huang Yi Da, JTeam (Jack Neo). Is there any I missed?

Anyway, I'll try to post up all their videos if I can find them in Youtube.

Malaysian Artiste. I myself has yet to see the video.

我们有爱(We Have Love)

Jack Neo's

JJ Lin's

Hong Kong Artiste

Jackie Chan

Song by Children Choir.

There are songs with no video up on Youtube yet but here's what I've found up till now. Let's do our part and keep donating and praying for these victims and their family.

Was listening to 988 on their interview with a Malaysian volunteer who went to Si Chuan. So scary. =x She said she can feel the earth tremble every single day and they cannot sleep in close-up areas, all sleep on the road side and stuff. Takut. ~~

Sis say they will feel the tremble for few years ko. WHAT???

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