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Friday, May 09, 2008

Which will you choose?

Money. Lots and lots of money.

Freedom, not bird. -.-

Job 1: A job that pays little but gives you lots of freedom?
Job 2: Or a job that pays better with more commitment?

Job 1 gives you freedom whereby you can take leave anytime, wake up late and skip the work, sit around onlining when there's nothing much to do, have lunch of 2 hours. However, food and transportation provided. And no, not sucky food. You might not learn that much though.

Job 2 requires more commitment and is like any other job. You have to go to work at a longer period, no suka-suka go holiday or MC, no onlining, one hour break or less, no free food or transportation. Eh, like any other job la. Just that Job 1 is different. Ha-ha.

Hard to find one where you get equal balance of freedom and money. Eh, Usana can. =P Will talk about that after I felt the difference.

And it's for like 6 months only. Which will you choose? I chose Job 1 and that's working with my mum. Ok la, was kind of sad when I saw the amount I earned for 4 months. T.T But then, I don't have to spend a cent wor. Let's say I work outside, lunch can easily cost up to RM3 or RM4 with drinks. If I work 5 days a week (office job), that's RM80 a month. Then transportation? If I take bus, it'll cost RM20 at least. So RM100 a month. Then if my salary is RM800, some more must give mum RM200, so left RM500 after deduct here and there.

If earn like Ah Win, probably RM1200 a month? She makan twice there, so RM8, 6 days a week for a month. That's RM192. Bus fare, RM24. Stand 11 hours a day. Gained friends but no holiday! I suck at gaining friends like that. Especially if guys, lagi teruk, lol. So gaining friends is not really an issue here.

And I don't get to go holiday suka-suka. No suka-suka ponteng. Walao, can die. Okay, I am satisfied with my job. =) Lol, I wonder what I learnt throughout the whole 4 months plus working. I am very skillful at one thing though. Kacau-ing my cousin.

Bah, I love my job. 2 more months. 2 more months only. I can do it.

ps: Just remembered, if I work like Ah Win, I'll miss many chasing artiste chances. And if I work like Yi Lin, my salary same nia. And I don't get to go Singapore and KL. So ok la, I like my job.


Jen said...

lets go Singapore xD

Swee Win said...

y mau banding with me.. lol
eh jom jom.but i muz go redo my passport la.rm300.. oledi pokkai.. no money spend there d.. go kl cand la

aL said...

freedom, not bird.


Dragon said...

i choose the 3rd one. work easy and can earn a lot! hahaha.

Mrs Chong said...

jen: tak jadi la..must save money for bangkok.

win: yea..yi lin say 18th..sempat ar?

al: sked ppl salah faham mar..hehehe...

ahleng: yea, it's possible nowadays. =) But I mean for 6 months like us la. There are people who earn a lot with little them

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