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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

KL Wah Lai Toi Awards

Last January, when I went to KL, so coincidently, the day when I reached was the day they having the Wah Lai Toi awards. Hwee Yeng brought us to Sunway Piramid and I, for the first time, go chasing artiste, international one, without my kaki (members la, not my leg). I had so much fun looking at them although it wasn't a very clear one.
Pictures are not that clear. Pardon me. I was standing behind because I wasn't much tvb fans. Now I am!! Astro la. Got so many nice tvb show. I keep watching only. Some more Astro On Demand keep introducing new movie. Chieh, I go buy DVD watch. T.T

This one is Kevin Cheng. Hwee Yeng gilakan him. Caught a glimpse of him before he left the stage. They had a auto session earlier but when we reached, they finished already. Lam Fung left the stage d. Luckily got Kevin Cheng. Hiak hiak.

Kevin Cheng and us at the red carpet. Lol, cuma different picture. =P

The astro hosts. Got Jym. Ngan Mei Yan, Phoebe, and lain lain.

Ah Lek and Chui Leng. I like Chui Leng. Hee.

The uncle and auntie yang famous. Tak kenal nama though.

Zhu Bak Gai and that girl yang always act bad characters.

I am currently watching D.I.E. This Sonija Kwok got act.

This is for Shan Shan. Lol, after so long. Nah, see the back.

And then the front. Bosco.

After Bosco still got Lam Fung and Charmaine Seh but, suey boh suey? Camera ran out of battery. I didn't know the other battery was not charged. T.T But Charmaine damn skinny lor. They look like on television la. Not any fatter or slimmer or fairer or with terrible skin. All same nia.

The end. We did not go for the awards.


Unknown said...

wow, looks really grand :)

Mrs Chong said... was...i cant believe it took me 4 months to post this up..muahahaha...

Anonymous said...

january??? its already may nowwwww... hahahahahaha.. sesat mana?

Mrs Chong said...

haha..january's post kira bagus d lor...i got NZ post, since last December. Ha-ha.

Unknown said...

lol. same here! ive got 2 trip posts yet to be up... since last year too haha

sHaN sHaN said...

thanks ping for that tiny weeny pic... lol... bosco is still the best...hehe...luckily ur batt habis after bosco...

Mrs Chong said...

quachee: we damn pandai postpone..haha

shanshan: when on msn i send u lor... =P