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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Internet is lagging

My MSN, Facebook, semua lag. Anyway, KL trip is final, I'll be going to Nuffnang party once I get the ticket.

I'll be out the whole night tonight with the girls. And then tomorrow I'll be out until 4 for Church. I am a busy girl. =P

Hope to get lots of juicy photos of the girls before everyone leaves. T.T

By the way, the party at Vivian's was incredible. I love her house. Can stay in whole day, swimming, play ping pong, watch damn romantic show, show my drumming skill (if any), study and stare at the green wall, play piano (mary had a little lamb), eat by the pool with friends, sun bathe, polish the sports car, exercise, yam cha, slimming. Everything can be done la. Better than a resort my darling. =P No need to share with people.

This will be a boring blog until I get photos from my Church members and I come back to tell you how much fun I had playing bowling. I love bowling. =P

Miss Choo, 20 Years Old liao

now grab your pack of aging mask and join us. Mwahahahahha

Anyway, this beauty here is our Miss Choo Yuh Jen. =P She is tall, slim, pretty with CURLY HAIR!!!!

Her RM17 curler gives her beautiful CURL and I hate it. Blek.

You are 20 liao Miss Choo, finally. Now she and another two besties are in KL already. T.T Luckily she come back and celebrate. La la~ Jom bowling.

Though we kebelakangan ini baru start jadi friend friend since you last time don't want talk to me one =x. I had a great year with you. Lol. Oi, bring your fake lashes to KL kay? Nanti you want clubbing there how?


Now, I sell you aging mask, buy one free one. =P

Friday, May 30, 2008

I live up to my Agentpink nickname.

=P It's my Daniel's Fan Club nickname ler. Anyway, yay, I live up to it. =P I am one of the 40 bloggers selected out of 200 bloggers (proudnyer) and we are now involve in this project called Project Trafford. I just got to know who are my teammates but I have yet to receive any information from my group leader. So I'll not reveal the names yet.
After this project, we will be paid entau-ly. I was informed how much we would be given. Quite entau also. Entau like.....Peter Pan from Xing Guang Bang.

Roll eyes, left mia la.

I so gan cheong now. Don't know I can do my job well or not. You know la, later I become the black sheep of the group how? I cannot talk about it so much now. Tak tau what can say, what cannot say. Later not yet start kena disqualify how? You pay me as entau as Lin Yu Zhong? Cheh, you don't think those two guys entau but I super love them wor.

Project Trafford by Agentpink. *runs for covers before people throw me rotten toh-meh-toes*

Songs for the Si Chuan victims

I've been watching television, listening to news and such. There are many artiste out there who either sings, compose or involve in producing songs for the Si Chuan victims. Among the songs I've heard are those from H.I.M International (involving S.H.E., Tank, Fahrenheit and Xing Guang Bang), Malaysian singers (988's project), JJ Lin, Jackie Chan, Hong Kong artiste (the Beyond's song altered by Andy Lau), a song by Fan Fan, Claire and Angela, Huang Yi Da, JTeam (Jack Neo). Is there any I missed?

Anyway, I'll try to post up all their videos if I can find them in Youtube.

Malaysian Artiste. I myself has yet to see the video.

我们有爱(We Have Love)

Jack Neo's

JJ Lin's

Hong Kong Artiste

Jackie Chan

Song by Children Choir.

There are songs with no video up on Youtube yet but here's what I've found up till now. Let's do our part and keep donating and praying for these victims and their family.

Was listening to 988 on their interview with a Malaysian volunteer who went to Si Chuan. So scary. =x She said she can feel the earth tremble every single day and they cannot sleep in close-up areas, all sleep on the road side and stuff. Takut. ~~

Sis say they will feel the tremble for few years ko. WHAT???

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The mystery behind my long private message

I am sure most of us have MSN. We have our nickname and then our private message below.

Mine is quite panjang.

bebola ikan disebalik kuey teow, eng chai disebalik hokkien mee, tau pok disebalik curry mee, taugeh disebalik koay kark.

My friend asked me, "Why so panjang?"

It all started with udang disebalik batu. We all know this proverbs and I was talking to a friend and instead of saying udang disebalik batu, I said bebola ikan disebalik kuey teow. And the rest just come out like that. =P

The end.

What should I go as?

In my previous post, I submitted my drawing to secure myself passes to go to Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging party in KL right? Now I have to worry what to go as. The smart ass me decided to ask my sarcastic second sister's opinion.

She ask me to go as a pig, hippo, elephant or cow. T.T To enhance my bulat-ness. How not to sakit hati to have such sister. When she grinned, I knew it. I knew she was going to say that to me. I knew her inside out, upside down, leftside right, front and back.

So how? I really have to go in those meh? Sure people can recognize lor. I so look like a pig.

I can go as bumble bee. Hehehe. Bulat-bulat.

Or lady bird. But they are not wild animals. They are insects. T.T

If I am 3 years old, piggy would be cute.

How how? Can I go as a hunter? =P

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Roar!!! Nuffnang party here I come!!!! *meow*

Ok la, I am the size of a lion and as timid as a cat la. Cannot ar? T.T But I have to draw to get a pass or if I am lucky, passes to the Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging party. How la can I draw? Arts was and still is my worst subject. I don't know you all can recognize or not. Aiseh....I am not an animal person as in I don't have pets and I am super afraid of lizards. Eh, tak releven. Tak apa. But.... Nah, show you my drawing la.

Nah, explanation to those animals. I cannot draw a jungle with animals in it and I cannot draw all sea animals or all jungle animals or all domestic animals. I can draw an animal is already a miracle. If you cannot read my writing (T.T so teruk, writing also cannot read) From left to right, a snail (I don't fancy them but I can draw that one only), supposing a fat rabbit but seems like it's mutated or something, a retarded cat, a supposingly worm, an octopus WITH 8 legs (you better count), ants with don't know how many legs, a fish or ikan bilis and a bird! *beams*

That's it. No more drawing for me. T.T Such a traumatizing experience. And I know la, my rabbit don't look like rabbit, my worm look like french loaf and my cat got retarded face. And my bird and fish look like kindy 1 work. What can I do? I got no drawing talent ma. T.T


The reason why I drew those animals not because I love them but because I can draw them. I used to love sheeps okay? Until I see them in New Zealand. Not like the one in this picture also

These are cute ones. The one I saw are those in Black Sheep movie. T.T

I also think hamsters are cute. But, my attempt of drawing hamster is a dead one, on the wheel.

Nah, how? I cannot draw this and tell them it's a dead hamster right? T.T Sad.

Hopefully I can get the passes to go la since I missed the first party cause I was in Singapore. This time I'll be in KL leh. I am so gonna ditch Donny Osmond. Mwahahhaha.

pps: Now, how do I get there? I don't know where the hell is that place, if I dapat, I so gonna need to find someone to tell me how to get there.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bwahahahaha..All guys are full of shit

Bwahahahaha. Sorry har? Most guys are full of shit. Somehow there's one or two somewhere hiding la. And then again, some guys don't appear full of shit cause they are not ours, that I agree with 5xMom. Read her answer to my question here. It was a random question okay?Anyway, wait till they are yours and you'll go,

"Aiyer, he damn flirty kay? Apa perempuan also flirt."
"Walao, he damn pervert kay? Look at girls with the eyes almost falling out."
" He very selfish one la. He can talk to other girls, I cannot talk to other guys."
"He very control kay? He don't want talk to girls then he don't let me befriend guys."
" He very easy jealous one. A bit a bit his face black liao."
" He don't let me mix with my friends one." (This one really siao)
" He damn sticky la. Like bar leh ko."
" He don't care about me one. He got too many girls around him to care about me./ He always play game nia"

Jop, this is getting a bit too er...negative for girls. But then yes, that's what I always always hear from my friends. However, if he is just a friend, he can be real nice cause you are not his and he is not yours. Is it like they feel they own you already they can do whatever they like?

Anyway, Lasker, the boss from ShoutOut yang I tengah giat berchatting doesn't seem to be that kind of guy. And he protest that he is not. So how? Lu orang agree with him? Got la, as I've said, somewhere out there got la one or two. Just that yours truly never met a good one yet. If I met one with above attitude, I also don't know what to do la, but tolong, no Chinaman la. Wa beh tahan.

I am not looking for one. So, it's okay. I mean I am not looking for a boyfriend, not not looking for a Chinaman. I will never look for a Chinaman okay? Psst, I love Wallace from Placebo Cure- 10.45 p.m. NTV7 show. He a bit kayu also. But he not Chinaman and he is freaking sweet on the show. I tak suka Kevin Cheng. Flower heart. Guys like Wallace (Sunny Chan) still exist ar?

Nah Sunny Chan.

Chinaman means very possessive and mulut perempuan. =P My term.

ps: Girls, if you met a good guy, please, appreciate. You damn lucky la. Harder than kena Toto okay? And I agree tolerance is very important in a relationship but also two sided one la. If the above attitude continue, what shit of tolerance also cannot tahan. =) Sekarang boleh tembak. *wa takut*

Monday, May 26, 2008

It sucks to be a headmistress

We all always complain saying that our headmistress sit in a fully-airconditioned room, with granite floorings and cosy chair and does nothing. Hahaha, today, I found out, IT SUCKS TO BE HEADMISTRESS!!!

I was photocopying my certs, 4 each (they say we needed 3, one more just in case), and I have a few more at home. Bwahahahha, when I saw that stack of certs, I realize, IT SUCKS TO BE HEADMISTRESS!! Seriously, that one stack is from a student, imagine certifying certs for 200 students, sign until your sprain your hand still have to sign.

Talking about how it sucks to be a headmistress, every Monday, when you are just about to open your mouth, you hear students groaning cause headmistress, by far, is the winner for giving lengthy, boring speeches. IT SUCKS CAUSE NO ONE LIKES TO LISTEN TO YOU SPEAK.

Man, I pity my headmistress, but I am going to let her sign. If not I don't get into uni, what for I study so many years and listen to so many years of Monday speeches?

June is coming already

soon I'll move on to another phase of my life, my university life. While preparing my certs-photocopying and arranging, I can't help but to think back when we first left SGGS after Form 5. I thought that's the worst cause my close friends are all scattered in Penang, attending their own college and Form 6.

Never did I think of what will happen now. Now we are not scattered in Penang, but in Malaysia. Friends have left for KL, some waiting to leave elsewhere and what will happen? Will I find new friends in Uni? I hate to be alone. As talkative as I may be, I am only like that when I have close friends. I'll definitely be so quiet, people thought I never talk when I enter uni. =x I hate that.

It felt like yesterday when I entered SGGS. So fast, I am 20 already. I've never think of turning 20 but I am. Time flies as you grow older. When I was in Form 1, man, time moved like snail. It seems like the clock stopped just there and won't move. Then when I was in Form 6, time begin to pass real fast. I miss PBA times!!! Like so fast STPM already. And so fast, it's over and I got my result. And then so fast, the uni results coming out.

Talking about school, chieh, now they holiday, tak ada kaitan with me. I still have to work. T.T Although heh, Wan Mei say, " I don't know why you work like that one. Suka-suka holiday." Bwahahahah. The syok-ness of working with your mum la. =P

Ma-de, was trying to look for cute pictures of kids with their friends, typed in friends and got some "friend's mom" pic pulak. Damn teruk la internet nowadays, people looking for innocent stuff okay?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I am super kiam siap

or super pandai calculate. Ha-ha. Good maths. I've got RM50 on Nuffnang but I don't want to cash out. I am sure everyone else are the same lor. Cause you cash out, have to deduct RM1. Like that I leave long long until it gets more (hopefully) then only cash out. Not so sakit hati (eh, RM1 leh).

Problem is, do I have to wait another year to get another RM50. You know la, business susah nowadays. =P So in dilemma, to keep or not to keep. Some people can easily get RM50, RM100 or more, I waited a year. I actually waited a year. T.T Luckily membuahkan hasil. So Nuffnang boleh dipercayai. But problem is, should I cash out??

One in hand is better than 2 in the bush? So I cash out, in hand liao, not yet cash out, in the bush. So teruk can, all those idioms. Make people lagi want to cash out but not worth ma. Another idiom, do not count your chickens before they hatch. Sui sui tak cukup RM100, wait punya the lama tak ada pocket money how?

Tell me, when you guys cash out?

On another note, this two hamster make my day la. See the one K.O. in the box. SO CUTE!!!!!!!

Singing Competition is no longer the same

Last time you win means you get contract or money to produce your album. I was just reading the Star and this girl who won AF6 won a four room bungalow of RM550, 000 and a car. Some more imported car. What the.

Eh, if you can sing, go join. Sekali settle your maybe 10 years worries of getting a big house and big car. Seriously. If you can sing la. I don't know singing competition offers such wonderful prizes. Eh, not easy to buy a house kay??? We had to wait 20 years to get a house 3 times cheaper than that leh.

This Stacy or whatsoever is really lucky. How come Daniel won time nothing? On the side note, this year Kay who won Project Superstar is less lucky lor. Henley is the luckiest till now cause when he won, he won cash, a holiday trip, a contract and a handphone. John (PSS1) and Kay(PSS3) only won cash and contract nia. Lucky Henley.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I love cheap deals!!!

Just came back from Paradise hotel. There's this warehouse sales there of famous brands like Victoria Secret, Guess, Levis, MNG, Quik Silver, CK and stuff. But the sales have been there since Thursday so we couldn't find any clothes we like.

We bought Victoria Secrets bra though. Cheap cheap RM10. Who don't like cheap deals? We all do. I was browsing through the internet and saw this
thanksgiving ads. A little too early hor? I mean for the ad.

Anyway, we all love cheap deals, whether if its on days before any festivals, during or after. As long as there's sales, we love it. That is what that thanksgiving ads were about la, about sales after thanksgiving where you can get super cheap deals cause festival over already, no one buy presents already. When demand goes down and supply remains, what happens??? Econs my dear, price goes down. And you should buy it then to prepare for another festival coming up cause the items will be the same, but prices will increase with low supply, high demands. =) Enough of my Econs lesson.

When is our sales ar? August ar? Means I have to earn more money now to support my sapu activity then. I don't used to shop kay? I grow up already. T.T

I didn't know we all love to eat plastic

Pisang goreng. Yum yum.

Fried chicken, yum yum yum.

Scare over 'coated' snacks

CONSUMERS' demand for crispy snacks like goreng pisang and keledek has allegedly caused hawkers in Johor Baru to literally coat fried snacks with plastic, creating a health scare.

Emails are said to have been sent out warning people to keep away from consuming extra crispy fried snacks or even chicken.The emails tell how some hawkers had allegedly been seen adding plastic straws and bottles into boiling oil before frying their snacks.

The snacks thus produced would remain crispy for several hours, the emails said.A factory worker, Rauf Hamdan, 24, claimed he actually saw a goreng pisang seller in the city throwing a plastic bottle into boiling oil, causing the bottle to melt.

"When I asked the hawker about it, he just matter-of-factly said his customers had not complained of any health hazards from eating his goreng pisang."He also said this 'recipe' was now popular among many hawkers like him."

Rauf said it was shocking that sellers of fried snacks were not bothered about the possible health hazards to their consumers.Plastic bottles are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which can cause various forms of cancer and birth deformities, if eaten.
I hope the ikan bilis they talking is not this one!!! I ate so much okay???? T.T I secretly loves plastic!!! AND I DON'T KNOW ABOUT IT!!!

According to the emails, the trend allegedly started in Thailand, for frying ikan bilis and onions. It spread to Kedah and Perlis, then the rest of the country.The sender of one of the emails said his uncle had allegedly seen a goreng pisang seller adding plastic drinking straws into hot oil in Perlis.

A friend said he had seen a hawker in Cameron Highland allegedly melt a five-litre empty cooking oil bottle in boiling oil by stirring it in. Consumers Association of Penang research officer T. Subbarao said CAP would launch an immediate investigation.

-Above are from the articles cause it is pretty small for you to read-

Taken from here.

I know of the fried shallots but I never come to understand how they did it. I used to think they somehow stuff the raw shallots in straws and fry them. Lol, damn silly la I know. But, so geli. So smelly you know if you burn plastic. How can they throw in plastic bottles into the oil and cook with our favourite food??

Nah, tasty la, some more say crunchier better. Wa, keep so long still so crunchy. Good lor, I don't know we all have a thing for plastic. =x Later buy mua chee remember to tell them don't want fried shallots.

Friday, May 23, 2008

NTV7 at the mall tour coming to Queensbay mall

Tomorrow, the cast from Age Of Glory will be going to Queensbay Mall and if everything is fine, I'll be there!!!!! And Desiree Tan will be going at 4p.m as well.

This two guys will be there. Melvin and Leslie.

The guy on Leslie's left, the last guy will be there also.

Sekali see here. From left ya? Your left, the first guy, the third and fourth guy and the lady with bandanna on the head. They will be there with Cheryl, Project Superstar's host. If you are interested, go and have a look. They will be there at 2.

A Noob Cook

First question, can you cook? Be it maggie mee, fried egg, fried sausage, rice -.-, water. Anything.

Can you cook??

I am a noob cook myself la. I can only cook soup stuff. I can cook bee hoon soup, vege soup, and easy stuff like spaghetti.

I cannot fry vege(s) or fish la. But at least I can cook something for myself when I am hungry. So, can you cook? If there's a lot who cannot cook then perhaps I can share my recipe of cooking a simple meal when there's no one at home and you are freaking hungry. There is always delivery but what if you got no cash? Please submit some feedback. I just got the idea and was thinking of starting it soon. Hopefully by this weekend when I can cook or something.

And you thought the problem lies on her.

Never ever assume things lor. She is not neccessarily the problem okay?

A man is talking to the family doctor. "Doc, I think my wife's going deaf."

The doctor answers, "Well, here's something you can try on her to test her hearing. Stand some distance away from her and ask her a question. If she doesn't answer, move a little closer and ask again. Keep repeating this until she answers. Then you'll be able to tell just how hard of hearing she really is."

The man goes home and tries it out. He walks in the door and says, "Honey, what's for dinner?"

He doesn't hear an answer, so he moves closer to her. "Honey, what's for dinner?"

Still no answer.

He repeats this several times, until he's standing just a few feet away from her.

Finally, she answers,

"For the eleventh time, I said we're having MEATLOAF!"

Wa kena prank. T.T

I was as usual using the comp in the room as there wasn't any bill for me to type and I super tak suka do the forms. Since my cousin is doing it, I curi tulang a bit la. Then the phone rang, he picked up and called me. Now, who calls and ask for me at the office? I am small kacang putih only what.

First thing came to my mind is my eldest sis or any other family member. So I hop hop out and picked up the phone. Walao, guy lai? Never heard the voice before.

Guy: Hi, Ping Ping? Have you received our arrival notice?
Me: HAR? What arrival notice?
Guy: Company XX's arival notice, I just faxed to you.
Me: *Stares at cousin* Go get it.
*cousin brought it* Ya, got already.
Guy: *change to hokkien* You know who am I ar?
Me: Don't know.
Guy: I am DL la (not daniel lee)
Me: Walao, scare me only.
Guy: Why you so gan cheong? Arrival notice nia mar.

Me: *shy only* Cause I don't usually pick up phones or do such stuff mar.

And the rest of the conversation tak ada kaitan already. And my friend really work in another company. He is not even that department. Saja call and scare me.

Yes, now you know I gaji buta one. T.T I shy liao.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Moral Value versus Common Practise

It has been years since this situation took place. It was when I was in Std 4, that's 10 years ago.

During my Moral class, we were having discussion.

Teacher: Ok, soalan seterusnya, apabila mendapati sebuah ambulans dengan siren berbunyi di belakang anda, apakah langkah yang sewajarnya anda ambil?
(What? My BM damn sucky I know.)

We wrote our answers on our book after copying the questions. So letih.

Teacher: Sekarang, baca jawapan anda. Bermula dengan A.

Student A: Bergerak ke tepi dan memberi laluan kepada ambulans itu.

Student B: Berhenti di tepi jalan. (To memberi laluan also)

Student C: Mengekori ambulans itu. (correct lor, every move away for you what. =P)

Student D: Berhenti. (as simple as that) Turun dan tengok apa yang telah berlaku.

WALAMAK! This is what we Malaysians always do. And that's why when there's accidents, there's traffic jam for hours. Cause people ALWAYS go and kaypo and take down the number plate.

Actually, Student C and student D are wrong morally but correct in real life. That's what everyone does. That's what perhaps their parents did. In fact, maybe the teacher did the same. Who can we blame? The kids? The adults? The society? The government? The law? It's their common practise, isn't it?

The world will come to an end when....

a steel bird can fly, a steel snake can slide and steel tree can blossom. Huh? What la, why suddenly bird, snake and steel tree become the prediction of the dooms day?

I was told that this prediction was done years and years ago, way before development took place, when everyone were still having their "bomb" hair with damn ugly pants. -.- This prediction was done by a WISE MAN in olden days. -.- Apadeh.

Anyway, are you just as puzzle as me about those birds, snakes and trees? I was asking her, what is steel bird, steel snake and steel tree la?

So here's what.

Steel bird - aeroplane. Damn, can fly. *kena satu*

Steel snake - MRT or LRT. Damn, can slide. *kena dua*

Steel tree - Lamp post. Can light up, so can blossom? *die, kena tiga* (by the way, when she say blossom I thought lol, nowadays kan we have flower lookalike lamp post? =P)

Like that our dooms day are near? But then again, these things have been around for quite some time eh. If like that how? I not yet become rich, not yet pak thor leh. T.T I don't want die!!! I not yet finish watching TVB drama series la~~~ Ok la, damn potong stim la I.

So, you believe ar? I don't really believe lor. After all, those representations for the mentioned steel stuff are own assumption. Mana tau it's not those right? So, work la, what? Dooms day come don't want work ar? Want every day sit at the beach there see rubbish sun rise and set ar? Night time see hazey sky full of stars ar?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When Nature Calls

Never torture a kid by asking him to recite the alphabet. I think the teacher a bit siao lor.

Little Johnny asks the teacher, "Teacher, can I go to the bathroom?"

The teacher says, "Yes, but only after you recite the alphabet Johnny."

Little Johnny says, "Fine" and quickly babbles out: "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO_QRSTUVWXYZ!!!"

The teacher asks, "Where is the P?"


Superstar 2008. Pictures

All pictures taken from

As I've said I think Kay was very pretty on the show that night. So I'm just going to post up pictures of the show.
She can dance though. Looks very natural and very her.

See, the guys carrying her like effortless. =P Sure damn ringan.


Cute guy. Kevin ar his name?
She even look nice with that hair. If the previous years' girl winners come out with this hair, I don't know how it'll look like. O.o

I think she has the look la. And she can dance. I find her singing okay what.

Kay and Hau. Seriously, like it or not, I think Hau win with his voice but lost with his looks. I am sure he will win if Kay is not that pretty and he is much more handsome. Look at previous years.

Kay Kay. I don't care if people gonna say I tengok pretty girls. I like to look at her.

Hoho, cute guys can look good, even with yellow pants? On the stage only please. T.T Don't wear like this go out. Adrian and Eddie, the two cute ones.

Handsome Adrian. Can you wear a yellow pants, that tight to walk around? Not in Penang. Walao, if you are not good looking enough even worst. T.T But fashion leh.
Adrian and Cliff. Cliff, I hope you left this pants in KL. Don't wear it in Penang, geli la.
Eddie and Will. I like all of them!!!!!! Eddie a bit sombong but I can't deny, he is cute. Win, when he smiles got look like Rae Von? But he cuter la.

Henley. Don't really like this outfit.

If I think Henley looked ridiculous, John is even worst. That specs on the head is ugly la.

I don't know why suddenly Eddie's pic is here again.

Kay. Don't you think she is the prettiest out of the 3 season's girl winner?

Hau is less good looking. For the past years, the winners might not sing the best but they are handsome. And they all won. You cannot deny this fact though. Hau can sing, but is not as good looking or as tall as the previous ones.

I think this outfit looks ridiculous also. I think the designer is playing a fool with them la. T.T Why are all the guy's outfit so er...special??

She even looked ok here. I mean not that nice but not that ugly also la.
One of those who can take the "bomb" hair without looking damn hidieous.

She looks sweet here.
Another one.

Another one. =P

Kay and Guang Liang. Skinny la she.

Guang Liang. Man, looks like a kid I know. =P

Hau and Guang Liang. Eh, this pic like photoshop Hau or Guang Liang into the picture one. =P

Kay. Lol. messy la this hair. But pretty also ma.

Des and John. That dress macam aunty a bit lor.

Henley. Drools. Handsome...


Cantik what...... =)
XinYi looks ridiculous. T.T Why purple hair?

After winning. She continued singing ok? Even after thanking the sponsors.