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Thursday, April 30, 2009


I'm all ready to go. I've packed up 95% of my stuff. The other 5% are my clothes that I am going to change into later and also my pillow and bedsheet. Heh, I might want to nap a while later ma. XD

I've learnt from past experience to not bring so many things. I think I did improve a little but really, not much. I still have to go three rounds to get everything down later. And I still have leftover food. -.-" Anyways, mummy coming over later.

So now I am just chilling while waiting for her to come in about 2 hours. By 5.30 I would have finished packing I think and I hope. This sem passes so fast hor? Like a while nia, Ah Win also coming back already and I've not seen Yi Lin very long. Next semester cannot let such thing happen again. Must keep our friendship flame burning. *sound like some poet or something-bahasa bunga*

First year is over!!!!! Good bye first year, good bye F25/312A. I'll be back.

pps: Operasi Budget di bawah RM 5 has been a successful one the entire sem. Keep up the good job Ping and keep the price low *to the penjual nasi-s.* Thank you. =))

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's not the best day

But I'll take it and be happy. =)) Exam is FINALLY over. Let's just say I did not do so well with my exam. I couldn't finish the 5 questions in 2 hours let alone do it well. Let's just hope I don't fail which I doubt I would but I think I'll get a pretty horrible result that will make me mourn for 30 minutes. That's the maximum of time I can stay focused and not distracted. =S

On the side note, I am finally free!!!!!!!HAHA talk as though I'm third year. I'll be a che che next year and be senior already. I am gonna recruit my chi mui. Lol, kidding. =))

/hugs self and pat self on the back. You've tried your best darling, you have. =)

I can finally play Restaurant City whole day or any other dumb games without feeling guilty. Not that I felt guilty playing it when I was having exam. *sigh*

Sunday, April 26, 2009

So now bloggers sell bread???

Seriously, to have my sister, Pao, who rarely update her blog *last time, now damn gung-ho* to tell me that I very long never update my blog already is a bit scary.

Anyway, I was at Prangin Mall yesterday afternoon with my sis and her boyfriend. It has been a while since I last went to Prangin Mall since I am practically a new Gurney convert. It has been quite some time since I last saw colourful clothings or people in colourful clothing and it has been a while since I have to climb up escalators instead of letting it do its job (just because the ones in Prangin Mall doesn't work).

I've been stuck in USM way too much to be out shopping in Prangin. Most of my weekends, I would go Gurney or just laze around at home.

Regarding to the title, well, guess what I saw?

Though it just another shop selling bread, at least the name of its shop got my attention and actually gave me that urge to take a picture. =)) So, bloggers sell bread now???

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm going to QEII for Hennessy Artistry event!!!

Nuffnang gave out passes *exclusive okay?* to this event two days ago and we were supposed to leave a comment on why we deserve it. I quickly alerted Pao to comment as well to get two tickets. If we both get 2 passes each, we can bring my eldest sis and Pao's boyfriend with us as well!!!

Unfortunately, I did not get the passes. =((

But Pao did!!! That girl called my house and I gave her Pao's number. Then Pao called me and tell me she got two tickets and I got none cause she asked that girl if my name was in it but nada.

So only Pao and I will be going for this event I guess!!!! Yoohoo!! =))

Whoever who are going as well, see you there!!!!!

I'm home!!!

Finally, I'm home and relaxing. Aiya, relek aaa...

I need to get some stuff done for my friend. Came back so late yesterday.

Anyways, I just found out I got B for one of my assignments. Cis. Spoil the list only but aiya, I never do well in my own core subject so I don't mind la. I'm glad it's not C like last sem although it's close to C. XD

I'll be home till Sunday but I've got work to do. Why do I take up so much commitment?? Especially during exam week. Got time die, no time sick ar...

Oh oh oh and I won from blogging about MDG. I got the weekly one only la. Not the laptop. =P I'll blog more when I can think of stuff to blog. =))

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's a bad day

to ask, 'How did your exam go?'


Friday, April 17, 2009

You are my sunshine

Yes, this post is about that except that my tone for this song is a sad one. The weather is driving me up the wall. No, not like the cicak like ok?? I AM NOT CICAK K? *stomp around like some spoilt brats*

Anyway, my eyes can barely open now with that heavy dinner. I should go and take a walk and breathe. It's so hot and stuffy in my room but Charlie is everywhere and I do not want to get plastic surgery *although some thinks I really need it*. It's costly and so overrated. Hello, I love my penyet nose cause my mum say it means my future MIL will like me. Hmmm...that got me thinking, is penyet nose attractive? It makes me look down though.

Besides, I am also scared that Pak Musang will come again. =x So I guess I will have to endure such hot weather to avoid being bitten by Charlie (charlie chit pong pong) or Pak Musang.

I have a paper to sit for tomorrow at 2.15p.m and I should really be studying since I've been relaxing quite a lot but I really want to blog so I decided to blog first.

Almost all of my coursework results are out. Some I don't bother to ask while some, the lecturer don't bother to tell.

Up till this point, everything is not bad. At the A and A- categories. That's why the other few subjects I decided not to ask. XD I refuse to let it spoil my nice list. In denial la tu. I am going back on Tuesday. I love my home. =)))

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Exam Fever + Laptop that is out of control

I am not having fever. Don't worry. But everyone are studying especially my room mate and it's scaring the shit out of me. She just study non-stop while I online non-stop. T_T But I study too la. Just a lot less compared to her.

My laptop has been very PMS-y. The mouse auto click on other places when I'm typing. I'm so tired of chatting because I can barely finish a sentence, not even half before it'll click somewhere else and I have to click back into the chatbox. It's so troublesome and I don't know what is her problem. I'll only be back next Tuesday before I can show my sister's bf and ask him what is wrong with my laptop. It happened before I came back here but I thought it was because my house table not sekata or what. But when I'm back, it gets worst.

It's so distracting and it auto shut off my songs or mute them (if it happens to auto click at that side). It's not even creepy cause it's annoying!!!!! I'm so whiny. HAHAHA...I like.

Me and my lovely family!!! My sisters and mummy are so pretty!!!!!! *hugs* Sorry Master Yoda/Tweety, I bent down and still blocked you. Maybe you need higher heels. =P I miss you.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

No hostel stay.

=( Had to appeal for hostel since I did not get one and there's like berpuluh-puluh others who did not get. The horrifying part is that their box where we were to write our desa's activity are full. FULLY FILLED IN. Mine? 2 activities only. No eyes see.

I should have written Tujuan Rayuan: Balik rumah terus ballooned menjadi 3 kg lebih berat. Jadi kena tinggal dekat desasiswa. T_T

Sis said my face was so tiny already when I got back and it only took me 1 week. Yes, una, satu, yat, yi week to get me all rounded up. T.T How???

I guess no more snacking on chocolates, cheese and all those nonsense, no sleeping in till late and no rolling around at home when sem break comes. =(

Haih.... Runsing betul.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hey Tweety

It's Tweety's 60th birthday. No Master Yoda, not talking about you.

60 years ago, Tweety was all sweet and annoying *Yes, I find 'I tawt I taw a puddy tat' annoying. Although I have to admit I would love to be small like that. At least people won't be calling me Giant from Doraemon.

60 years later, even birds grow old. Yes, they do. /pats at people who are worried at the back.

SO FUNNY!!!!!!! Bulu pun tarak anymore. HAHAHHAHA. Poor Tweety.

Sickness in the air.

I have been feeling unwell for the past week. I've been getting tummy upsets, headaches, dizziness and all that and I HATE IT.

It doesn't help that my first paper needs lots of logical and critical thinking just like the name of the paper 'Critical Thinking'. T_T I need all the brain cells I can have and I need to be fresh and focused!! I hope I'll feel better tomorrow.

Hate examsssss....

Friday, April 10, 2009

I need to study

Seriously, Monday is my finals already and to those who thought I study like 15412 times already, don't worry, I am still at the beginner's stage. *shivers* Gotta go.

Gotta ban myself from onlining, blogging and reading blog too much.


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Saya boleh berbahasa Malaysia okay?

1. Bekas kekasih saya adalah:
Seseorang yang kamu tak kenal dan takkan kenal.

2. Saya sedang mendengar:
Kamu tak perlu cinta saya daripada Abin Fang.

3. Mungkin saya patut:
join kakak sepupu saya untuk kurangkan berat badan!! Tapi sekarang, yang paling penting, mungkin saya patut mengulang kaji untuk peperiksaan Isnin ini.

4. Saya suka:
Baca belog orang lain, tulis belog sendiri, tengok berapa banyak orang baca, *ok, kamu sudah faham I suka belog*, dengar lagu, tengok rancangan realiti *power*

5. Sahabat-sahabat baik saya:
tidak membenci saya kerana perangai saya yang pelik-pelik dan sanggup menerima saya sebagai seorang yang cakap tak henti-henti. Mereka tulis belog untuk hari jadi saya tau? *HAHA, promote kau kau*

6. Saya tak paham:
Kenapa orang suka minum kopi *tunjuk kat kakak sepupu sambil geleng kepala*. Saya juga tak paham kenapa saya tak boleh mengulang kaji. *Oh, saya tau, saya tengah sibuk.*

7. Saya kehilangan:
duit saya. Kamu jumpa duit?? Ah...Saya mia...

8. Ramai yang berkata:
Memang susah nak mengulang kaji waktu cuti belajar. Betul...Saya setuju dengan kaki dan tangan naik.

9. Makna nama saya:
Saya tak tau. Tapi janji bes bes la.

10. Cinta itu adalah :
kalau tak ada kemahiran, jangan cuba. Saya tak tau nak cakap apalah....

11. Di suatu tempat, seseorang sedang :
sibuk mengulang kaji sebab peperiksaan dah nak tiba.

12. Saya akan cuba :
kurangkan makan dan cakap belakang orang. Cakap kat depan tak apa. XD

13. Ayat SELAMANYA membawa maksud:
Errrr...sangat lama????

14. Telefon bimbit saya :
Cantik. Apasal? Nak curi? Jangan fikir pun. *Seong tou mm hou seong ar*

15. Bila saya terjaga dari tidur;
Wah...Sudah pukul 12 ka??? *shy*

16. Saya paling meluat apabila:
saya nampak benda yang meluatkan saya. -.-" Saya meluat pasal banyak benda la..

17. Pesta / Parti adalah:
sesuatu yang saya tak dapat menikmati sekarang kecuali kalau kamu berpendapat mengulang kaji *akan buat kejap lagi* adalah satu pesta. T_T

18. Haiwan yang paling comel yang saya pernah temui ialah:
anak kucing abang sepupu sayang. Anak anjing dan anak hamster juga comel. Tapi, anak orang yang paling comel, cuma, dia bukan haiwan.

19. Peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan bagi saya ialah:
sekitar tahun 2003 hingga 2007 kut. HAHA, pergi kira umur saya ketika itu. Ketika itu, saya ada kawan-kawan yang bes bes kat sekolah dan saya ada gang makan pagi. Sekarang? Makan sorang-sorang.

20. Hari ini :
Saya tak buat apa-apa selain menghabiskan masa menonton televisyen, seperti hari-hari yang lain. T_T

21. Malam ini saya akan:
sekurang-kurangnya menghabiskan beberapa bab bagi pemikiran kritis. Kecik saja bab-babnya.

22. Esok pula saya akan:
Betul-betul mengulangkaji dan bukannya menggolek-golek di atas katil.

23. Saya betul2 inginkan:
- *saya akan kosongkan ini kerana saya sudah dapat banyak hadiah kemarin. Tak boleh tamak.

24. Ketika anda lihat wajah anda di hadapan cermin pagi ini:
"Eh, ini siapa? Cantiknya." *terdengar kawan-kawan saya muntah-muntah di belakang.*

25. Pusat membeli-belah atau arked permainan;
adalah rumah kedua saya. Saya perlu membeli-belah!!!! Walaupun banyak baju tak muat.

26. Makanan Barat atau Jepun:
Saya suka dua-dua. Tapi lebih suka makanan Jepun. Yum yum.. *lapar plak*

27. Bilik yang terang atau gelap:
Saya dua-dua pun tak suka. Sebab kalau terlalu terang, Charlie datang. Terlalu gelap, musang plak yang datang.

28. Makanan segera adalah:
makanan yang segera. Betul kan????

.29. Ayat terakhir yang anda katakan pada seseorang.
"TAK MAU TAK MAU, JANGAN TANYA SAYA NAK MAKAN KER TAK! *ibu saya la...selalu nak bagi saya makan. I dah kata nak diet kan?

30. Siapa yang anda nak TAG?:
tak nak tag la. Semua sibuk-sibuk belaka. Macam mana? Bahasa Malaysia saya pass tak?

My 21st Birthday

It was a blast!!! I did not have any party but I'm touched with all these small gestures from people who loves me. First of all, I got 21 presents from my family.

1. Marjolica Mascara *gushes* /bats eyelashes.
2. Birthday Card
3. Hug & Kiss from Pao
4. Hug & Kiss from Che
5. Hug & Kiss from Bu
6. Hug & Kiss from Ah Ma *this friend here tak co-operative, never give. XD *
7. 21st birthday cake which is the cupcakes!!
8. Birthday Dinner at Bagan.
9. Necklace
10. Key Pendant
11. *all of you who participate, I LOVE U ALL*
12. Bangkok Trip *Yipeee*
13. Bathroom scale *to weigh my fats.*
14. Teddy *so soft and fluffy!!!*
15. Ang Pau-s
16. Flower *MY FIRST!!!*
17. Birthday Dress Voucher *which I've redeemed at Dorothy Perkins*
18. Opera Lunch Voucher
19. Hairband Voucher
20. Gladiator shoe Voucher
21. Cross Pendant Voucher

I have already editted the pictures and I think it's better to put it in this post as well. =)))

At the dinner place. The servings were huge and we were bloated. But I love the ambience there and the food was good too. =) My sister lied to me and say I'll go Goh Huat Seng which is the steamboat place. And it's not air-conditioned and I keep saying, I DON'T WANT TO WEAR DRESS THERE LA!!!! Mummy kind of burst the bubbles by saying, we going Bagan right? -.-"

That's me making faces while Pao was busy taking pictures of cutleries.

Then my eldest sister came in with a teddy and flower!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!! My first flower. =)) This one was a surprise. Really.

The food came after that and we started feasting on it with beers!! Sorry. Got carried away with the tribal kind of feasting. It was a great dinner for all 7 of us. Ok, maybe 6. Datin was not very happy.

Then they brought out my cupcakes!!!!!My mum almost burst the bubbles again by asking my sisters about the cupcakes in front of me. T_T But my two Oscar winning sisters managed to make me think that they planned but failed to get them. I'm glad it's the cupcakes and not the key thingie cake cause it's expensive and not very pretty looking. I LOVE PRETTY CUPCAKES.

Then I decided to take many pictures with my family members. I love the all girl's concept. XD

Me and the two great birthday planner. They made my 21st birthday a memorable one and now I'm in trouble. Their birthday are coming up. I need to make something better. Maybe I should get an aeroplane to hold the banner HAPPY BIRTHDAY *insert name* to fly around our house. HAHAHAHA.

I don't know what happened to my blog link. I am lazy to edit. This is my aunt. =))

Me and my key necklace!!!! I am a key holder now!!! So, let's go partayyyyyyy...Ok, I lied, I am not a party person. XD

Finally. Me and my Marjolica mascara. I've been wanting it for so long!!!!

And if you noticed my blue dress, that's my birthday dress!!! I love all my presents so much and I know they've spent a lot for this meaningful day. I can't possibly fork out so much for them but I know they won't mind. They love me ma. XD RIGHT? XD

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


If you read through my birthday surprises last year *here*, *here*, and *here*, you would have known that the Surprise Birthday Party Club already dibubarkan. This year I was less excited about my birthday because I was having lots of stuff to do at uni and I was burned by Charlie and also all other petty things. My mum was nagging me to get my wishlist into my blog but I was being plain lazy.

So I thought ok, I'll just have a good dinner out with family *first sign of getting old T_T*

But you know how my two sisters will never settle for anything less than the best for their little sister a.k.a me. Gosh, it makes me feel so....terrible cause I am usually busy in uni or having exams and all during their birthday and someone needs to do something already!!!

Even before the clock strike 12, I had my first surprise already. Then when it strikes 12, I got TWO more. Last year, it was only 3 surprises in total and I don't even want to imagine how this year's will be like cause I know it'll be the BEST-EST ever.

1st Surprise
Thank you to Diana, Yi Lin, Jen and my second sister. Love you all. My sister actually contacted them after found out that they'll be giving me surprise and did lots of stuff that I did not expect though there were hints.

First, my sister asked for my phone *where she stole Diana's number*, then she refuses to send me to meet with my CG people early. Then a girl named Diana called her -.-", then she opened the door to get her "shoes".

So the surprise was Diana, Yi Lin and Jen came to my house with a birthday cake and insisted that I cry. I did not cry not because I was not touched but I was too shocked, I really was touched k? Just that I did not cry.

Guess what?? They spent a longggg longgggggg time outside of my house trying to light up the candles cause they don't know how to use lighter. My friends are so cute!!! Hugs to each and every one of them.

As I had another plans already, they waited for me in Coffee Island for like 2 hours ar? I don't know la. But THANK YOU GIRLS!!!! Then we went Ali for supper. Hugs...Three of you are God sent angels. And you represent the rest of the angels sent to me as they are not around.

Ah Shan called after that with Win, Wan Mei and Yi Lin on the line also, singing birthday song to me. I love you girls!!! I miss you all already. =((

2nd Surprise

2nd Surprise has to be this la.... It is already a very touching posting by my second sister and guess what? THERE'S MORE...

I was like that the whole time I read the blog. In shock, in disbelieve. LIKE WHAT???? KENNY WROTE ALSO???? Ewe Yan... GOSH!!! OSTROVA,HWEE YENG, LIYIN, YET TYNG AND WENDY ALSO...AND HSUIYONG!!! Ok, I think you get what I mean. I was shocked. My second sister went to message all of them on friendster facebook and messaged my cousins too. I am touched. I ALMOST CRIED. I really almost cried in this one but as there were many distractions, I managed to control.

Thank you to those who've written something down in that blog. It means a lot to me to know that I have so many people who remembers me and loving me. Thank you so so much. =)) Hugs to each and every one of you.

Also to the huge amount of people who have messaged me on facebook, my mobile and also sending wishes on the walls on facebook, THANK YOU!!!!!! I am overwhelmed with the amount of friends I have. So I pandai bersosial also la. XD

3rd Surprise

The whole night my eldest sister has been taking out empty boxes, cake boxes and all and say, "Surprise!!". -.-" She is like that. HAHA. Then she brought out one plastic bag with two envelope and I was about to brush her off. Then I decided to have a look and true enough, one of the envelope is REALLY for me.

All these, I mentioned before that I want them but as I'm a poor uni student, I often decided not to get it. Now I got vouchers to redeem them!!!It's so touching because it means a lot for me as they listened and they remembered. I love you Pao and Che and Mummy and Ah Ma who is cooking. =P

-.-" My eldest sister ask me to bring my friend and go redeem this using this voucher which clearly is printed using the printer at my house!!! So funny la she...I've been wanting to go there to try their food but never had the chance. Must keep my vouchers properly.

And this one!!! So cute...hahahaha..I love Master Yoda's drawing. XD I love you all for every single thing you've done for me. I can't thank you enough for showering me with all the love that I at times do not deserve. Thank you!!!!!

Monday, April 06, 2009

PKA Farewell Night 2009

PKA is Persaudaraan Kristian Agape which is the CF I join in USM and Farewell Night is their annual event to celebrate the graduating seniors. I am glad I am part of it because true enough, I am much closer with the first years now that we organized this event and thus the funny pictures of funny people in PKA. I love how random and crazy we are. =))

This is Pei Ing who is from my course also!!! =)) I'm glad she joined us for Farewell Night.

Ze Hao who was born on the 1st of April, 20 years ago. He is one year younger and I used to think that he is those blur blur guy BUT I soon found out, he quite naughty also. And very very drama laaaa..He can take all sorts of funny looking picture.

Genevie..I still don't know if I spell her name right!! Hehehe... We both braved through the fundraising event where we both baked the whole night. A very sweet girl with two huge dogs!!!

And Sharon!!! She has very nice voice and she watched ANNIE and can sing all the songs in Annie too!!! Very princessy..

Rachel!!!! Everyone calls her Monkey because her name is Mun Ee and she's very mischievous like monkey. I enjoy being with her and yes, she is a good senior despite how we always complain and kacau her. =)

Marie the hamster!!! She's a very kind hearted senior who is always asking you, you ok ar? Can ar? And then smile. Very sweet.

Michael the SS king. One of the crazy people in PKA. He climb roofs and do all nonsense. *sigh*
A very sweet senior that I like and I think I joined PKA because she was up on the stage singing and she's from PKA and she just looked so friendly and angelic.

Winnie!! The one who tried to recruit me into her CG but unfortunately, her CG speaks mandarin. =(

Abel and Daniel -.-". Daniel oh Daniel. Super gila these two. Just look at that picture la. I wanted to take a picture of myself in front of the mirror like I always do but he was busy posing there so I gave up. T_T

Esther the tigress. They say she very garang one errrr... Got la a bit. XD

Daniel Tan the guitarist. He is very good at playing guitar and I only began talking to him when we had to practise for our worship leading for that night. I was in the same class with him during my first sem you know? -.-" My social skills? Zero.

Our father Justin. He was the president and Abel was the vice la. He is always saying, "that's the way la". He speaks no hokkien or mandarin and the mean us (Abel, Daniel and I) always converse in hokkien and he always say, " English please!!"

Lesley. I rarely talk to her and the other sarawak girls because I'm always doing the guy's job. I can't do cute cards la. T_T So what to do? I do the roses' thorns cutting and all lor.

Chia Hoey. She's the one who consistently messaged me during my first sem, inviting me to join CG and all. They are all graduating. =((

Kristin whom I got to know only this sem, in our bible study. She is a very stern person but she can be very friendly and crazy too. I still think she is kind of serious and garang though.

THIS IS MY CG!!! Nissi CG!!! L-R, back: Alex, Josiah, Chee Yoong (CGL), James, Jethro, Abel, Ze Hao, Jun (Lydia's bf). Front: Genevie, Sharon Anne, Rachel, Daniel, Me, Esther (ACGL), Lesley, Lydia, Angie.

Usually a CG is supposed to be small and of maybe 10 or so people but ours got like 15 kah? I don't know. Ours super huge one la. And I love my CG!! =))

Sunday, April 05, 2009

26 more hours!!!

26 more hours I will be celebrating my 21 years of living in this world and using up the oxygen!!! The only thing I contribute most is carbon dioxide.

Yes, I'm turning 21 years old in another 26 hours and guess what????

No birthday wishlist this year. I guess as we grow older, the things we want are no longer affordable and the things people can afford are no longer the things we want. I mean we no longer wish for big teddies or barbie dolls, or pink cake, or tiny stuff like what I used to wish for.

So eventually, we stopped writting down our wishlist.

This year, birthday seems different. I was busy until 2nd of April and finally when I'm free, I'm too tired to come up with one wishlist. Family has been pestering me and complaining that I am giving them hard time *so sweeetttt*.

On second thought, I'm just going to list down things that I've already gotten from them, for the occasion or not. I might add what I want cause the 2008 wishlist was almost COMPLETELY fulfilled. I am so loved!!!! And I'm tad greedy. =P

1. A digital weighing machine.
I've been complaining about my old cuckoo one for the longest time ever and Pao refused to get one for me cause she thinks it's a desire, not a necessity. Guess what? I've got it now, from her and mum. =))

2. Completely paid for trip to Bangkok.

Probably will have to bring some money just in case. But lodging and some shopping allowance will be given. YIPPEEEE!!!
Pao: Flight
Che: Hotels and some shopping allowance.
Mummy: The rest? *puppy eyes*

3. A nice dinner. =)) Time for dressing up. =)

4. How can I forget the cake Nissi CG got me??? It was on the 27th March. I celebrated with Sharon Anne and Ze Hao (his birthday was on the 1st of April). It was a lovely cake. Taste good too.

1. Hanging out with Yi Lin when I'm back in USM. I really need this. =)

2. Just tonnes and tonnes of birthday wish from people who loves me. I guess I need to know I'm loved?

3. Money for shopping!!! Don't bother to buy stuff, just give me ang pow. $_$

4. Hanging out with friends but I don't think I can as most of them are either working or studying and exam is coming up. Sincere wish will touch my heart. =)

5. Being happy. =)

6. Please ask me. I'll let you know when I can think of one. Seriously, nothing on material items that I really really really want to own now. Er...maybe the whole Chatuchak market? XD

Was reading through my past birthdays and almost cried woi!!!!!Why do I have the sweetest friends in the world??? Why??? I love you all if you are reading!!! *sends kisses through the country, West and East ok? Win, you are not left out.* Oh, have to send one to UK too. Hooi Shan there.

Though you guys are far and might not be able to celebrate it with me, I love you guys with all my hearts and I'm glad at one point of our lives, we met and got to know each other. =))

Hugs and kisses,
a soon-to-be adult.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

It's Charlie!!

There's this bug called Charlie that I've only got to know of when I enter USM. Apparently many universities have them. Even those who were in matriculation know about it. So the thing is, when you got bitten by this Charlie boy bug, you MUST not scratch it or touch it as it spreads. So if you touch your hand and then touch your eyes *which I dumb-ly did*, it spreads.

So yes, I've been bitten by Charlie bug and now my left hand and my right eye is infected. This bug bite is so powerful that it will cause nanah to form and it MIGHT leave a scar. So I am quite worried of my eyes now. I have pictures of my injured hand and eye but I shall not post it up lest my readers got shocked and decided not to return until I post something new which I don't think I will be able to anytime soon. =)

Just an update to let you guys know *especially those who are in universities* to KILL whichever bug that is black with orange stripes and CHECK your bed before you sleep. =))

I found two useful links about this Charlie. Apparently it occurs more often in Penang *damn suay* and it's real name is Rove Beetle. Charlie is just a nickname only.

The Star reported it before also. Damn scary woi, those from Penang really should read it. It's not only in dorms only okay? According to the report, Tanjung Bungah and Paya Terubong also got. Double suay, I used to live in Paya Terubong and now I live in? Suay toh tiok liao laaaa

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It sucks to start a new month like this.

Yes, I'm having my Spanish oral test later and it sucks to start a new month, MY MONTH, like this. I don't even know if I can answer any of the questions. T____T

I hate hate hate oral test, especially in a foreign language. Am contemplating whether I should take the second level albeit the second level is more or less like the first one. Perhaps I'll take and get it over with and never look back woi...

It sucks to have your birthday just days away and there you are, not knowing how it'll turn out and not knowing if you are going to be happy that day. I mean I'm sure my sisters will make it great for me cause they love me so much but haih, it's the inside thing.

I am not even in the mood of April Fooling people. Ok, it's me who always got April Fooled so I am more worried of being fooled when I'm in such a foul mood. I never managed to fool anyone on this day cause they are either too smart or I am influenced by the thoughts of this day. I mean I think of April Fool and I'll not manage to fool anyone. T_T So sap pai.

Ok, enough ranting, happy fooling other people. =)