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Friday, May 30, 2008

I live up to my Agentpink nickname.

=P It's my Daniel's Fan Club nickname ler. Anyway, yay, I live up to it. =P I am one of the 40 bloggers selected out of 200 bloggers (proudnyer) and we are now involve in this project called Project Trafford. I just got to know who are my teammates but I have yet to receive any information from my group leader. So I'll not reveal the names yet.
After this project, we will be paid entau-ly. I was informed how much we would be given. Quite entau also. Entau like.....Peter Pan from Xing Guang Bang.

Roll eyes, left mia la.

I so gan cheong now. Don't know I can do my job well or not. You know la, later I become the black sheep of the group how? I cannot talk about it so much now. Tak tau what can say, what cannot say. Later not yet start kena disqualify how? You pay me as entau as Lin Yu Zhong? Cheh, you don't think those two guys entau but I super love them wor.

Project Trafford by Agentpink. *runs for covers before people throw me rotten toh-meh-toes*


Anonymous said...

Hi Teammate! Yeah, I feel the same way too. Huiyo, so excited at the same time! Hahaha! Nice to meet you =)

Mrs Chong said...

Hi Teammate!! =P Yea, nice meeting you. Mixed feeling la now. Lol.

pinkpau said...

wait ah wait ah your group leader just only checked her mail :P

Mrs Chong said...

pinkpau: lol...we damn gan cheong d... =P