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Monday, May 26, 2008

It sucks to be a headmistress

We all always complain saying that our headmistress sit in a fully-airconditioned room, with granite floorings and cosy chair and does nothing. Hahaha, today, I found out, IT SUCKS TO BE HEADMISTRESS!!!

I was photocopying my certs, 4 each (they say we needed 3, one more just in case), and I have a few more at home. Bwahahahha, when I saw that stack of certs, I realize, IT SUCKS TO BE HEADMISTRESS!! Seriously, that one stack is from a student, imagine certifying certs for 200 students, sign until your sprain your hand still have to sign.

Talking about how it sucks to be a headmistress, every Monday, when you are just about to open your mouth, you hear students groaning cause headmistress, by far, is the winner for giving lengthy, boring speeches. IT SUCKS CAUSE NO ONE LIKES TO LISTEN TO YOU SPEAK.

Man, I pity my headmistress, but I am going to let her sign. If not I don't get into uni, what for I study so many years and listen to so many years of Monday speeches?


Anonymous said...

Really? I think its kinda cool to be a headmistress. You have minions (teachers) to do their work.

Mrs Chong said...

but i see the stack of certs she has to sign, walao, i dowan..hehehehe...bukannya can be famous pun..

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