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Saturday, May 17, 2008

I've reached my goal

Er..if you guys masuk to read this post thinking that it has something to do with the previous one about how to get 500 visitors a day, sorry la, ini goal belum tercapai. =P

The goal I am talking about is that I've reached my goal in.......

fishing more than 10k of fishes. Muahahahahha. Sorry to the sad looking fish. I know you cried because you feel that we used you. Sorry, but I got 10k of fishes!!!! Terima kasih. If I were to catch a fish in future, I pakai glove. Won't kena electric shock. And hor, this game not like normal fishing. Normal fishing you sit and wait for the fish to kena your bait. This one, you chase the fish to kena your bait. Gan cheong saja.

But cannot join the competition cause I won't be in KL and chieh, the rest so high marks. I baru 10200g nia. Eat bread at home can already. And I want to join that contest to win PSP but, FAT CHANCE la. T.T So, I play this because my stupid MSN cannot log in. Sien. And I got 35 emails in hotmail to check. Double sien.


Christine said...

Congrats for reaching the goal.. Hehe.. :)and thanks for visiting my blog..

Satkuru said...

i can't even break the 10000 barrier @_@

Mrs Chong said...

christine: damn happy leh...i go ur blog then play then terus can get 10k d..ok la..after a few rounds..but still..

satkuru: can one can one...i played like 40 to 50 times d.. =P

-waiseng- said...

I second that!

[ping ping]
you are gooood! I need more practice, hope to see u there. as if la i can get it :(

Mrs Chong said...

waiseng: I tak join la..cuz I cannot go KL on the 12th. So not joining.