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Friday, May 16, 2008

MSN ki siao again?

The whole day I've been in and out of MSN. I sign in, they sign me out. Or I have to sign in again and again for like 5 times before I can actually sign in.

What is the matter? MSN ki siao ar? Anyone experiencing it?


Wayne K. said...

Yeah, same to me..
I till now oso cant get online lah..

Patricia Beandots said...

me too.
Always wants me to reconnect.
so annoying ryte?

Wayne K. said...

worse,i can't even log in...
maybe it caused by the earthquake?

Anonymous said...

i am having the same problem too, since yesterday T____T hotmail is also kinda screwy ( i suppose cos hotmail and msn are together gether if you know what i mean )

Mrs Chong said...

ya la...haiz...cant chat d tonight..benci la...last time taiwan earthquake time also like this. Don't know how long only will be fixed..luckily it's weekends d..means we can go lepak and nonit to depend on the internet. =)

Wanderer said...

u kena virus liao..
just kiding
i oso duno y u like dat wan..

Wayne K. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mrs Chong said...

wayne k: finally...hehehe..

teddy: tak kena virus k??? T.T

Wayne K. said...

Hey mine's up!!

I have posted something on it, Pls click.