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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Blardy shit asshole. I can't even sing patriotic songs now.

F**K Globalisation!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Merdeka Walk

I was too tired to take pictures while walking. Walk up and down the hill around USM, then tell me you are not tired. T.T I got extra burden mar (fats I mean).

Yee Teeng and I in front of Fajar Harapan. Only 4 Chinese girls from Fajar Harapan. =((

Another one cause we complain cannot see the words well. Ha-ha.

My room mate and I with the banner.

The End

ps: Wei Wei say hi to my bottle.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Diana loves me

don't jealous. She adores me although I made her say it.

She said so herself!!! See. Although it seems like she damn layan me only. She ADORES me. Ok la, maybe she did not say she loves me. But she ADORES me and no, not changing the title and no lesbo mambo here.

I even got myself a hadiah masuk universiti wtf. I should get an award for getting lost in USM also. =)) I got lost twice yesterday and none today!! Proudnyerr... I was a little lost while doing my test though (pun intended). Homograf or polisemi? =)

I conquered the whole USM

okay, almost.

And it was by foot okay??? I was lured into going to the Merdeka Walk. I know, like little girl got lured with lollipops, SO STUPID right?

Anyway, we went for the Merdeka walked and that is by far the longest route I've taken in USM, by foot. In fact, it is even longer than the route I use by car wtf.

If you know USM and the routes, it is from DUP which is near the Ivory Plaza gate all the way through Bakti Permai, up to Cahaya Gemilang, bypass School of HBP, and we continued walking past DTSP, following the route till I am back at Fajar Harapan, but we were not allowed to go in cause we have to walk all the way back to DUP again to gather for the closing ceremony, say goodbye, snatch milo, kekwa and gardenia jagung bread which were finished within minutes or even seconds cause I did not get any. I was busy taking pictures. T.T Yi Lin gave me her bread. I took so I can save on tomorrow's breakfast. =D

Anyway, it was probably 7km or more. WTF, farther than SGGS to Youth Park, can die. And I better lose some weight this week.

The End.

ps: You are allowed to sympathize me but if you are here to laugh at my misfortune, go fly kite far far.

Ha-ha. I checked my spelling and they tak approve the word Merdeka, so mean.

Throw me Econs book anytime

just tell me I don't have to translate.

I really don't want to repeat any papers la.

I am a terrible translator. T.T

Why people can do while I got brain freeze??? Why?? Why??? Tell me WHY???

And this is just the beginning.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I hate

how signs can be so misleading. Not road signs though the ones in Malaysia are horrible.

I hate misleading signs. I hate that I don't know where I am and what I am supposed to do.

I guessed it's just another misleading signs. In fact, any signs can be misleading for someone like me.

I actually went to wrong class TWICE today because yesterday was a holiday. So basically the whole entire yesterday was deleted from my brain and I go to Tuesday classes. Thank god I have blur people with me. The lessons I am supposed to attend are the same. Just the classrooms.

Haih~ I wonder how many weeks do I have to go lost still. =( I hope I have a better, more clear sem 2. T.T

A happy lunch

Because I took 3 dishes and it only cost me RM3.30. Life is so sad I know. Why kiam siap until like this? Well, I don't know. =(( I prefer to call it a good finance management system. Ok, sounds too intelligent for me. I am not stupid, don't get me wrong. Just that I don't usually say intelligent stuff.

Got ikan bilis, yum yum. Eh Kedah, Sabah and Johor people, rindu masakan Cina tak? XD The whole satisfaction is because it's only RM3.30 and I get to eat all 3 dishes that I like a lot. I think the aunty is in a good mood since Anwar win. She was talking about it very loudly. I did not, I repeat, I DID NOT eavesdrop.

I love Wednesdays. It's a happy day. =)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It is never easy to borrow money from people.

There I was, sitting in that hall, with like 200 other people, waiting for our turn to submit our forms and start smelling money.

I woke up at about 8 and Yi Lin called me shortly after to tell me that she got a number for me. The whole thing was at one of the hall at her hostel. So she offered to get the number for me (thank God).

I went to wash my face and then changed and walked to her hostel. It was about 5 minutes walk there for me (I think). So upon reaching, I had to borrow another friend's cellphone and called her.

And smart me, I conveniently FORGOT the entire stack of documents that I am supposed to hand in. I brought only the supporting documents. So I had to walk back to my hostel and get it. So another 5 minutes walk back and 5 more to the hall once again.

And guess what? That's not the worst. I waited there for FREAKING 7 hours till it's my turn. I almost became a stone la. Seriously, I was impatient, I was tired, I was grumpy and all that.

I finally get to sit on that precious chair in front of that pegawai and hand it in at 4. There goes my holiday but at least I got it in and hopefully, in fact, they better show me numbers when I check my account in two weeks time. If not, lagi sakit hati.

It was a long day which ended with a theater we had to attend to do an assignment and of course, internet connection. I had a hard time onlining the whole of yesterday and half a day today.

=)) I am happy now cause it's over but, I WILL NOT BORROW MONEY FROM PEOPLE. So ma fan ar......

I'm a strong girl. I'll survive this. =)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pros and cons of knowing too many people in uni

They can keep you updated with the events in the uni. Need not worry that you will have no one to call for help in uni. Blind one also know it's pros lar.

Cons? Well, they keep you SO updated, they knock on your door, calling you by name and you think got what freebies wtf. And then they tell you that EVERY year 1 have to participate in Merdeka Walk this Thursday.

PERFECT!!!!!! Now I have to attend WUS on Saturday morning. T.T

I feel like a xiao nu ren. So weak and useless.

My neighbour is fixing her own door lock because the ones we have are faulty already. No extra lock. I can't even hammer my kerja kayu properly, let alone a proper door. Well, my kerja kayu is not very proper to begin with since I cut the plank. Still don't understand??? I SUCK AT KERJA KAYU AND SEWING OKAY??? HAPPY?

Something like this la.

So heroic right?? *Stares with wet shiny eyes* yawn. So long one. XD But so funny la, she very bising hammering it and she doesn't care, just continue. Ha-ha, I thought someone bang on another person's door so kuat.

Almost ran and hide my water boiler cause I thought got spot check wtf. I know, people banging on the door and the only thing I can think of is my water boiler. Excuse me, RM50 okay if get caught.

Okay, later go pester memester her to fix mine. XD

Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's the company that matters

Well, as you can see, OUR BOWLING SHOES!!!!! Mine is the uglier one. =( I think the ah pek very pilih kasih. Chieh.

Bowling lanes. Now who miss bowling???? I DO!!!!!!!!

And the lovely girl I went with. More pictures but not in my camera.

Though I suck a lot la in bowling. Always cuci longkang but then aiya, who cares? I had fun.

And Happy Belated Birthday Ju-Yen!!!!!!! Go pak thor. XD


Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's time

to go back USM. The life over there is okay la.

But haih, one more week there before I can come back.

I should be thankful it's only for a week. But I don't get to play like go-kart over there.

Anyway, back to studying, back to class, back to a normal life. =( SHIT, WHERE IS MY MC?

While packing bag, I did feel sad la. Who wouldn't? Although just for a week.

Haih, study la, for future. GAMBATEH!!!!!!! =( I am a sad sad girl. With a weird elbow.

Hurt like what only.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Malaysia and my love for Her

No matter what that has been happening lately to our country, we always seem to sit around our television every year on the night of 30th August, waiting for the clock to strike 12a.m and start singing patriotic songs.

I never thought why I would be so excited every year at that time. I used to think it's the song-maybe I just enjoy singing, but then again, perhaps it's the main character in the song, our country, Malaysia.

I can tell you 1001 things in Malaysia I love, let alone 51. We can complain about the roads, the beaches, the politics but deep down inside, we know we love our country. The country that we were born in, the country that we live in, the country we grow up in, the country we became so closely attached to that it seems like it's written on our forehead.... Or maybe in our language.

One of the main reasons I love Malaysia is because I met many people I love in it. Friends, family, buddies, schoolmate, coursemate. No matter how we say the malls are so far behind from our neighbouring country, we never fail to make it our weekly hangout place.

Malaysia holds lots of my memories, of my dreams as a child and of my life. I am most comfortable and at home in Malaysia. How many of us has gone out of Malaysia and has been craving for the food Malaysians cook? The kuih, the nasi lemak, the curry mee, the rojak, even the fried rice. We crave for it the minute we are on the plane, leaving to another country, a foreign country.

We can complain about the country till the cow comes home to another Malaysian we love over Malaysian food and never realized that we ARE Malaysian in every single way.

Oh I love you Malaysia. Malaysia is like our first wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband. We always flirt with other girls/boys (foreign country) but at the end of the day, we feel most comfortable, and at home though our first wife/gf/bf/husband can be quite slumpy.

Don't lie lah~ I know one, you very love Malaysia one right? Don't paiseh, admit nia lah~ That is why we must get this 50+1 Malaysia as a present to your friends sempena Hari Kebangsaan, that is if you have this kebiasaan lah~~ At the meantime, go and look see look see here

Sounds of Music, The Fair Lady...

and the list goes on. I have soft spots for musical shows you know?

I think Phantom of The Opera was brilliant, I love to sing along with Sounds of Musics and god knows how many times I've watch it, I love The Annie show who sings Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, I love The Fair Lady and I simply adore the musical play held in MGS in 2001 or 2002, ANASTASIA!! How can I forget Anastasia??!!

I think I am a sucka for such movies. For movies with many little kids doing something in a big group like cleaning their clubhouse, those in the jungle tiba-tiba got nice hut like Robinson Crusoe, orphanage shows, musical shows that got me singing at the top of my lungs with it or make me laugh out loud loud and grin later on.

Nuffnang finally decided to give Penangites some credit for taking care of the good food here and let us join in the fun huh?

Nuffnang is proud to hold a simultaneous Premiere Screenings of Mamma Mia! The
Movie in two locations! Please find the details of the Premiere Screenings for
Mamma Mia! The Movie as followed;
Date : 22nd of September 2008 (Monday)
Time : 9pmVenue : GSC One Utama (New Wing)
Hall : 9Pax : 250

Date : 22nd of September 2008

Time :

Venue : GSC Gurney Plaza

Hall : 8Pax :

Isn't it great? Not only is it in Penang, it is in Gurney Plaza and IT IS FREAKING FREAKING NEAR MY PLACE!!!!

Now I can sing along in cinema. What? What? Embarassing? I don't know that word la.

Oh oh, and I am a big fan of oldies can?? Last time we used to own a very lau eah one car with the floor almost falling off the car and well, no radio. My mum used to sing to me every morning on the way to school and I will sing along also. I love those days.

Now? We either don't talk or I sleep. No, mummy don't sleep. Want me to die ar? Mummy driver, mummy sleep, I mati la.

Nuffnang ar, can give me tickets ar??

ps: Don't think I am a fan of ABBA since I am er...young (am I still allowed to say this? XD), I GOT THEIR VCD OKAY??? Can learn dance move sekali. Mum is a fan, I am a fan's daughter, we are the fans. Whatever, I love oldies and I'm going to watch it. =)

I don't think I should come back during my study break

Ok la, this is not study break. But I think I should just stay in USM with the lizards on my study break.

I've been SO UNPRODUCTIVE for the past week. I've been throwing hours after hours in front of television and my petite laptop.

I did SOME research for my assignment, did some studying on phonetics which I think I would have to redo cause it will take LOTS of concentration to memorize their names, placings and sounds, read Oliver Twist for the fun of it and nothing else.

Why do I sound like a loser? Oh wait, I know, CAUSE I AM ONE!!!

I am considering not coming back during my study break. Will do me good. And since I'll be home alone anyway, I should really encourage my friends from other state to stay too.

Don't think they would though. One freaking week leh. Wait I go persuade them when I am back in my hostel.

USM is not fun to stay with horrible food but that's the only place I can get a SLIGHT concentration. I know why, the internet sucks and I don't have television there. We have television, I just don't watch television there.

I'm starting to bore my readers with words. So sien one.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Are we overdoing it?

Since when does serving the dead is more important than taking care of the ones who are still alive?

Are we missing the point here?

Are we overdoing our role to show love to our ancestors?

Oh well, I better keep my mouth shut and talk to the Lord tonight. You know la what month.


If we think the food in USM is expensive, wait till you go have your lunch at Loh Guan Lye or Specialist Hospital. CRAZY EXPENSIVE!!!!!! RM4.50 for rice with three types of VEGETABLES. Siao.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

There is just one thing that have not changed

I might have grow taller. *ok, this doesn't change either*

I grow to be more independent.

I grow OLDER.

I grow to be smarter in choosing friends. *or not*

I am no longer the girl who goes around and know EVERYONE in her school. I can't possibly do that. Come on.

I stopped feeling generous on myself. I am stingy!!!

I basically SPEAK mandarin now. Whether people get it or not, it's another question all together.

I've grown in every single way, horizontally and hopefully a lil vertically.

But there is just ONE thing that have not changed.


So easily get distracted la. Stupid good shows on Star Movies. Tsk tsk.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am Pn KCB

To those who still remember her. T.T

My sis say it's not that bad . . . . once it grows longer, it'll be nice. O.o *pulling my hair violently*


Monday, August 18, 2008


I really need to start studying or doing my assignments.

I am having my mid term next week and if I don't start studying, I'll die in a very horrible manner. lolx, this reminds me of adverb clause.

I'll die horribly. The word horribly is an adverb.

To change it into an adverb clause, I will have to write it this way, "I'll die in a horrible manner."

I am doing my revision, COOL! XD

Anyway, I thought I am done with the mid term for that paper. Chieh.

I am going to Yi Lin's workplace on Wednesday for interview. Then I should go to Mum's office for a day to really sit down and do my assignment. Oh God, why am I so indiscipline? =(

Oh and I cannot join the Nuffnang gift thingie cause THAT PAGE JUST WONT LOAD!!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lee Chong Wei has sad face

I thought Misbun Sidek and Chong Wei has sad face. I mean look at that freaking Lin Dan. He muka so licik but not so sedih looking ma. He got that senyum sinis on his freaking face. Lin Dan I mean.

And then again, maybe it's cause Sidek and Chong Wei are very pressured since well, the score for the second round is seriously quite pathetic, not that I would blame Chong Wei. That Lin Dan guy is really scary.

At least Chong Wei looks less sad when he won other competition.

I would give credit for Chong Wei for winning the silver although he sucked badly in the finals. Lots of mistake made but hey, I cannot play like that, I'll probably look as blue as his energy drink even before finish playing. Out of breath. XD

So WAY TO GO CHONG WEI!!!! =) I'm on a holiday mood. Happy.

I have a life la

I went MNG to buy two tops just now. At least I got a life la hor?


Ok, I went church then went Island Plaza to jalan-jalan.

=) Better than yesterday. I have a life!!!!!! I won't say the same starting tomorrow though.

Getting my hair cut real soon and have to start that facial thingie.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am a pathetic girl

I finally realized this.

Wei Wei and I were talking about our much wasted Saturdays because well, we bumped each other online at 3pm. That means we are stuck at home on Saturday afternoons, with nowhere to go, no one to date, nothing to do, and shit, no friends to teman.

Why so kesian one? Apparently everyone has a life and well, I AM NOT IN THEIR'S. So I am left alone wandering about at home, watching movie after movie on HBO (yes, I watch Ing gu rish movie, I feel so 'atas' now), and eating a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT.

Come on la, I think I should get my assignments and revision started. I really do not want to gain the weight I lost when I'm in USM for 5 weeks in er, 10 days. T.T

I was reading a friend's blog and it's so heartwarming to see someone falling in love and go all smiley smiley thinking of the girl. XD I know, I am such a sucka for love right? Haha~~I love fairy tales, I love sweet love drama.

I am such a person. A person with the warmest heart and always let out a silly smile when I watch such movie or see friends like this. Although I heh, am not thinking of falling in love any time soon cause it takes up lots of time, heart, concentration and hard work. Besides, I don't think I have those love cupid surrounding me. I guess I'll just stick to seeing people falling in love. =) I smile just the same.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just when I needed it





WILL NEVER LET YOU CRY.................




BUT BECAUSE YOU ARE NICE.......................







EVEN IF YOU ARE LEFT ALONE......................






TWICE A DAY....................................






Happy Birthday anakku!!!

We are now 20. I miss those fun times we had back in secondary school (NOT TOO LONG AGO OKAY?) and I miss you terribly!!

Happy birthday anakku.

Though the world may turn you down,
Though he may walk out,
Though new, hotter, better prospect, more gentleman, 1000 times better guy than he is will come,

I want you to know, we stay and MAN I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday darling dotter. May you get a hot, beachy birthday over there and come on, start fishing. XD

Win, life is never easy or the same without you. I know I might make you kembang which I NEVER WANT but really, I MISS YOU!!!!! And it's different. Nothing is the same without you girls. No one understands me better than you girls.

Come back and camwhore with me can?? Here there's no one who is as camwhore as I am. I dare not ask people to take picture with me.

Aiya, happy birthday la... =)

I help you update your link. XD AH WIN's LINK CHANGE D!!!!!! It's now, so go edit.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am going back

and someone is not going to be happy.

Not cause I am going back.

But cause....

I am bringing two luggage that Pao and I brought to Sg the other time. T.T Too heavy to put in one. XD So I put two, which is heavier since the bag is complete with wheels.

I'll be home and Pao'll be ON CALL. SO SUAY.

PS: Not cause I won't see her around much/ see her always moody but because I'll have to follow her. =.=" There goes my sleep-until-sun-shines-on-my-backside-holiday.

PPS: I quote myself. " The easiest way to save money is to spend OTHER'S!!!!!" So mean and unrelated to the post, but oh well.

PPPS: I waved to a junior WHO APPARENTLY FORGOT ME!!! I so easy to be forgotten or she has bad memories? I hope it's the latter.

It's the 600th post and I AM HAPPY

not because of the post. But because of what some people say. I am shallow mellow like that.

Anyway, I am going HOME!!!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, you're only a day a way.

I went QB and saw koko. So glad leh. Makes me feel like I am in Penang. I AM in Penang but it doesn't feel like it when I am in USM la.

I am packing my bag, la la la.

Lame 600th post, I know.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hit your chest and ask your er??? taste?

Direct translation from "tepuk dada, tanya selera". I know, I suck as a translator. I am LEARNING la.

Anyway, sometimes, there are things we think of doing or saying BUT please, let it pass through your BIG and SMALL brain before saying it.

It is very mean and it might hurt people's feelings. AND IT'S FREAKING CHILDISH! So immature. Seriously. Like of no substance and you think you are so very smart to do that.

If you do that, you are all just the same, just as tactless. So STFU. Seriously.

I am an Oral Presentation Survivor

If that word ever existed.

I've finished my oral and now I just want to lag and sit around. And do stupid things like staring at the wall or looking at my finger nails.

=) I am FREE!~~~

SHIT, BM lisan up next.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Sick + Assignments (presentations dan kawan-kawan)

= ?

A half dead Ping Ping.

T.T So tired la. And this is just my first year, my first sem.


I think I am tired cause I'm sick though I am pretty sure Wei Wei will raise both hands and legs to protest. Not because she is not tired, but because she is tired even when she is not sick. She has been complaining of too much work until no time to rest. The last I spoke to her, she was looking for BEST holiday activity to use up her one week holiday next week. WTF right?

I am here, half dead, memorizing my presentation (scare the shit outta me now), and she is LOOKING FOR BEST HOLIDAY ACTIVITY!!! Means she looked for many and now trying to see which is better. =.="

Oi weiwei, we have assignments to hand in and presentation to do after the holiday lor!!!!

Cold blankie cold blankie. =)

WTF??!!!! Wei~~~h, better do something productive lor. Don't read CLEO CAN OR NOT? I will jealous leh!!!!

ps: the kawan-kawan on the topic is NOT my friends, but presentations' friends.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!

Stupid bacterias. I am sick, AGAIN.

Benci extreme. Tomorrow want to skip BM la~~~

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Gifts, I likey

When do you get gifts?

I always get presents on my birthdays (like everyone does.)

I get presents on Christmas.

I DON'T get presents on Valentines (saja)

I get presents whether I do well or not for my exam

I get presents when people go travel.

I get it often. =P

And now, I am going to give someone, this SPECIAL someone a gift.
She has been having hard time preparing for her presentation (she is already working some more got presentation) and also she has not been having good sleep as she is "on call".
What's worst than getting a call to ask you to go back to your work place when you are halfway dreaming with saliva dripping? I've decided to get her something she will need now, especially when her muscles are tensed and she is not happy. =(

I thought of getting her this Gintell Eye-Massager. Let her massage her eyes and make her less "chan" not that she looks very "chan" now. No, I never say she looks "chan". However, after much thought, I guess the one who will get stress relieve is me. Lol, she sure looks funny with this on. I probably will forget all my problems looking at her.

Its function

- Promotes stronger blood circulation
- Prevent the onset of near sightedness
- helps To reduce tension and fatigue
- helps To Prevent eye bags and wrinkles around the eyes (she sure would love this)

Best of all is that it is only RM70. And it helps to cheer me up. But aiya, so mean la, release my own tension on her behalf. So I decided not to get this.

What about this? OSIM uPapa Back Massager is freaking RM770. RM700 more expensive. Good for your back, hips, thighs, calves and feet. But then, she is not having problem with that, she is mentally drained, not physically wor. I am not sure this will release her tension cause when I am tense, I feel it on my shoulder and head. So, no. (Ok, the price does make me have doubt. XD)

THEN!!!!!!!! I FOUND THIS!!!!

Comfort Neck Relaxer only RM109!!! is perfect. And and and, this morning I have stiff neck, too tired or stressed. So this will be good. I mean my sister should have stiff neck and feel burden on her shoulder as she is stressed out too. It will work wonders to relieve pain and stiffness. Now this is good. I need it She needs it.
Oh, did I mention who am I giving it too? I forgot!!!!! She is none other than my lovely sister, Pao Pao, who plans to give me what I have been dreaming to get. I know I am lame like that. Ignore the fact that she is complaining that she is getting fat cause she is going to gym once she is over with her presentations and I no strength want to come back and use machines la.
What? That's the wonder of giving someone who stays and sleeps with you during weekends a present. YOU GET TO SHARE IT!!!! XD So prawn behind the stone hor? (udang disebalik batu)

Friday, August 08, 2008

I guess I am not used to this kinda life

and i told myself, i'll get over it, i'll get immune. I guess I never learn. and I'm tired, I am tired of running away.

I miss Penang people!!!!!!!! Although I am in Penang, it doesn't feel like it until I get my butt back into my own house every weekend. It is different afterall.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I don't know if I've changed

but I know I am tired.

I am tired of thinking,
of running,
of hoping,
of wishing,
of pursuing,
of worrying,
of the tears of frustration that I held back.

I want to let go,
to give up and walk away,
to be relax and let my burden down,
to feel my shoulder less tense,
to feel fresh
to feel renew, rejuvenated.

I need holiday. I seriously do.

Why do I torture myself? Why do I abuse myself like this?

What's all these mental abuse for?

I guess it is PMS or I freaking tak cukup tidur or the chat I had with my neighbour or the pressure that is building up in the air. Nothing much to pressure about but I am pressure. Sigh~~

I guess I'm still the same. I still think too much.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Have I changed?

Have I changed?

Have what I like all along changed?

Has my feeling changed?

Is it still there? The passion, the enthusiasism, the chase. Has it ended?

I don't know, but I can finally feel that I am drifting apart.

Perhaps one day, one day I will go back to THAT very spot in my heart, touch it and see I still feel anything.

When I am brave enough, I would. Right now, I will leave it as it is.

Sigh....I miss the good ol' days.

I miss all of you!!! You know who you are. I am not supposed to mention name, Shan say cannot titi miss. T.T So kesian, miss also cannot show.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Fat Chance

Was reading Swee Win's blog bout her being stuck in the lift (how I don't know, perhaps walk too slow? Tak sempat go in lift. XD), well, will never happen to me.

I had to walk up to my room every day, few times a day (cause I very hiao, 2 hour break also want to go back). I always feel like I am out of breath when I reach and soon enough, when I see stairs, flights and flights of stairs, I get weak knees. So....haiseh, that aside.

I will never have the chance to be stuck in a lift (not because of too fat) with a handsome boy (although he probably will be looking at his nails wtf. Don't even want to see me). And I am glad. You think I so desperate is it? Want to kap zai until got stuck in the lift also rela.


And er today we had to sell something for our keusahawanan project. If I cannot clear my stock, MAMI, rugi I. So I better go kacau my hostel friends to buy. XD

My group. =)

Monday, August 04, 2008


Cause my room got TWO freaking ugly and big lizard!!!

One hiding beside my bed, another one at my room mate's cupboard. T.T I SCARED.....


Why I so "berjodoh" with lizards today. I saw the third one on MY FREAKING CUPBOARD!!!

What if I change halfway then that stupid, good for nothing, skill-less, lau eah, slippery leg lizard lose control of his leg cause his tummy itchy and want to scratch it wtf then fell onto me???

I HATE LIZARDS. It is almost as big as a crocodile okay??? It has a crocodile look. AND IT HAS STUPID SPOTS!!!! Just like the other two.

Oi cicak, you satu keluarga tinggal sini ar? Can hide yourself and not scare me? I like this no need change, no need online, no need do homework, no need sleep. Just sit and be afraid of you la is it? Why you so mean one?

Friday, August 01, 2008

Temptation IS A SERIOUS SIN!!!

Why??? Why was yesterday 31st??

Why Baskin Robbin?

Tell me WHY???

Pocket berlubang.