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Monday, June 04, 2012

Moving on

I'm strongly contemplating on changing to a new blog. But I'm currently too busy and too lazy. I will, eventually. This blog has collected too much dust that nothing I do can bring it back to its glorious day. I tried and failed and decided to move on to another. This blog has long lost its charm because I am now completely different person than I was when I started it in 2006. I am not sure if I am going to even get a new blog because putting in ads and adding things in it seems to take a lot of time which I prefer spending on doing nothing. But I may get hardworking. =D

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Unexplainable pain

Was having period cramps and was feeling miserable all day. So when I was talking to Daniel in the midst of the pain, I attempted to explain to him the pain. But nothing came out.

It's unexplainable. It's like you are having a stomachache but you don't need the toilet. And it feels like that the whole entire day. How do you explain that? Besides, my period cramps always come with migraine and diarrhea.

I give up. *suffers silently* And I have to rush an assignment. T_T And work. T_T

Let me whine a little. Good things will come. They say we should think of the good and positive side. Well, at least I have that pink panadol. And I got to drink fuchuk cause my boyfriend loves me so much!! =D Can't wait for all these (assignments and the pain) to be over!

Monday, May 07, 2012

How to handle Miss Bossy?

If she is close to the boss - say yes to whatever she asks you to do. Whether you do it or not is another matter altogether.

If she is a reporter *who reports to the boss all the time* - just smile to her and ignore whatever she says. Unless she pisses you off then you give her a piece of your mind.

If she is much older - be glad that you are much younger. Let her be

If she is trying to teach you how to do your work - hint her to take over some of your job and gladly hand it to her.

If she is complaining about other teacher - never hesitate to gently defend the teacher. But ignore her.

If she is scaring your student - use it to your benefit. Mention her name as many times as you can in class for class control.

If she wants to come in and help you to control the class - invite her in whenever you feel like it.

But all in alll, pray that God will help you to handle people like her. =D

Stay safe!

Adventure in the maze

I am famous for my lack sense of direction. I don't drive often and I usually go straight to the place I have to go. No sudden change of plans. I actually have to sit down and think of the place I want to go, imagine the whole route or I will for sure get lost.

So two Fridays ago was a challenge. I was about to go to work when I realized that my car's petrol is emptying. So being a "good driver", I decided to go and get them filled. But it was about 6.30pm and everywhere is sardine-packed jam. I saw cars lining up on the way to the Petronas near Bukit Gambir and decided to take the left turn to Lip Sin. I clearly do not know how to get to work from Lip Sin so I called for help.

Mr. Bf is in Melaka with his friends. So he taught me the right way and told me to get to work and put the petrol later. I said OKAY! And I managed to get to the Sg. Nibong traffic light, about 5 minutes drive from my work place. Then I, being a "smart ass" decided to turn right, thinking that there's a petrol station there and was welcomed with another traffic jam so I took another left turn into housing area and that's when I got REALLY LOST. Almost cried.

With persuasion from Mr. Bf, I finally took up the courage to drive some more though the arrow was REALLY pointing at E now. Lots of right and left turn later, I found myself back to a familiar road. Then I felt my car jerking. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!!

Anyways, my car died down in the middle of the road, while I was turning so I was basically blocking everybody front back left right. I thought the petrol is completely out. I wanted to get out from my car. But Mr. Bf who is still on the phone asked me to try starting my car again. And I did. And it moved. My car stopped because I did not release the clutch properly. Scaring myself for no reason.

Anyways, long story short, I got to work, albeit a longgg way. I got a couple of colleagues to help me lead way to the nearest petrol station after work and even my boss knew my car is out of petrol. I don't know if there's anyone with worst sense of direction than I. I'm not even proud of it. T_T

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


When you want it, it is not there. When you don't want it, it keeps coming. =(

Running in and out of the toilet is no fun. I didn't even drink any milk except for BeetRoot for breakkie. It must be the culprit.

Seriously, why is my stomach so weak? It's big and weak. Lousy. At least small and weak I don't mind. Or big and strong, not as bad. Bah~

Lots of things to do, but am progressing real~~~~ SLOW. Need to buck up and MOVE!!! Else gonna regret it when due dates approach.

I will sign up for a position to be a housewife anytime!! Just learning how to cook and buy fresh fish or something and clean the whole house. Haih, coming out from a future Masters students. Fail max.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Nobody likes exam

When I was a student, I didn't like exam mainly because I will then have to study to be able to answer the question. My inability to stuff everything into my head will result in me having to find ways to hide my report card.

Now I'm a teacher and I don't like exam just the same. Cause setting exam question is so tedious!!! Even if you are just transferring it from some book. I almost got my eyeballs popped out preparing exam questions. And I'm just doing for Form 1,2,3. It's crazy. I'm tired.

Lack of sleep, extended hours in front of the computer. This is SO NOT FUN!

Back to work. Everybody hates exam, even the teachers.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Looking back

Sometimes it felt that much has changed ever since I finished my degree and move on to work and then continue my Masters.

Sometimes I felt that I've grown up a little (tho my family would disagree). I've tried many things, some which I enjoy and some I really can't wait to get rid of.

I've let go of some things and gained some. Sacrificed a number of things, learned new things, took up new responsibilities that I don't even know if I can handle but still persevering. And it's just less than a year ago that all these happened.

Many things I missed doing and maybe I should start doing it again. Maybe I really should try to start blogging again.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Little Poupee

Am currently selling accessories on Little Poupee. The pleasure of buying things and then having people to like it and purchase it is indescribable.

Reminiscing the time when Pao and I were doing The Manni-Queen and we were thinking of ways to improve and promote our page. Now, it's only me. It can get a little boring and sometimes I really need opinions and some 'marketing' ideas. But they are all so busy. I resort to asking Daniel for his valuable input. =P

Anyways, while we are busy thinking of promotion ideas, do help me to spread this page around. Share it with your friends. =) Thankiuverymuchie. cute boh my bunny and crown. =P my idea. /flip hair

ps: Thinking of going to work tonight makes me feel so lazy. =P Ah...the pleasure of having one week's break and the torture as well.

Share Little Poupee with your friends.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year Resolution

I've stopped keeping a list of resolution because seriously, NOTHING WORKS FOR A LAZY ME. Nothing can motivate me to move an inch. Not even a naggy boyfriend. But because I am turning 24 #gasps the horror, I need to be serious for JUST ONE TIME. And I know how this blogpost will come biting me in the buttock when Daniel reads it.

So resolution for 2012.

1. to actually remember to do my devotion daily.

2. Buy less, earn more.

3. Be serious and persistent in what I am doing be it my small business or my studies.

4. Be less critical about things around me, especially about what he does which ticks me off.

5. Cook more, bake more, sew more, read more.

6. Be grateful each an every day for God's providence.

7. Try to exercise. =P Daniel will push me nevertheless.

8. Be more positive and confident in life.

I think 8 is enough lest I get poked for every single thing I do. Now, I really should get some of my stuff done. =)

Lesson Learnt

Do not provoke a busy man.

Do not watch Nasi Lemak 2.0 at night (you will end up googling for the nearest nasi lemak stall.)

Do not buy too many things and then got lazy to do any of it.

/crawls to get some craft done. #lazy