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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Moral Value versus Common Practise

It has been years since this situation took place. It was when I was in Std 4, that's 10 years ago.

During my Moral class, we were having discussion.

Teacher: Ok, soalan seterusnya, apabila mendapati sebuah ambulans dengan siren berbunyi di belakang anda, apakah langkah yang sewajarnya anda ambil?
(What? My BM damn sucky I know.)

We wrote our answers on our book after copying the questions. So letih.

Teacher: Sekarang, baca jawapan anda. Bermula dengan A.

Student A: Bergerak ke tepi dan memberi laluan kepada ambulans itu.

Student B: Berhenti di tepi jalan. (To memberi laluan also)

Student C: Mengekori ambulans itu. (correct lor, every move away for you what. =P)

Student D: Berhenti. (as simple as that) Turun dan tengok apa yang telah berlaku.

WALAMAK! This is what we Malaysians always do. And that's why when there's accidents, there's traffic jam for hours. Cause people ALWAYS go and kaypo and take down the number plate.

Actually, Student C and student D are wrong morally but correct in real life. That's what everyone does. That's what perhaps their parents did. In fact, maybe the teacher did the same. Who can we blame? The kids? The adults? The society? The government? The law? It's their common practise, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

why blame the parents?
Can't we blame student C and D instead?

Mrs Chong said...

bcuz they dun drive mar..their parents drive maybe their parents did the same thing then they follow la... =P but it was damn funny la last time..never expect her to say something like that..