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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why people look at gays and lesbians differently?

At least in Malaysia. We always hear the not straight ones talk about it, saying how we often look at them with "colored lense/specs" (canto) but we never hear from a straight person why we do that. I think I am straight enough to talk about this huh?

We look at you (the ones mentioned above) differently cause,
1. You are the minority.

And it's always like this, if you are the minority, there's not much of those like you, you get weird stares. Be it lesbians, gays, tomboys, pondans, they all get the same stares. Trust me. Perhaps tomboys get lesser stares unless they are quite handsome as a tomboy because there's lots of them out there nowadays. In Malaysia, lesbians and gays are not acceptable by religions and stuff, so you won't see them walking around hugging and kissing. So lagilah we are not exposed.

2. You are different.

We are all brought up in the country where guys marries girls, guys and girls hold hands, girls and girls hold hands (allowed) , guys and guys hold hands (IF YOU ARE 3 years old). There's such thing as girls kiss girls on the lips in the crowd (when I was young) or grown up guys hold hands (some foreign workers do according to my sis). And if you have a man features but wearing skirts/ femininely or you have female features but dress-up like a man, you are different too!!!

3. We are just plain kaypochee.

Many a times I look at these people cause I kaypo. Saja see nia. Special ma, see a bit won't die one la. And I like to do the spot-the-tomboy games. Like I look at one boy lookalike walk past and I just tell my sis, girl lai. I know, damn kaypo right? Nature la. Or I like to see which toilet they go in. Curious ma. I've once got shock cause when I got out of the cubicle, I saw one boy lookalike. I thought I went into the wrong toilet. T.T

4. You are attractive.

Specially for tomboys, if you are slightly cuter, surely many will look at you, get used to it. Come on, girls will envy your girlfriend and boys will envy you. If you got super hot girlfriend la. And I am sure there are people cursing your partners la. If you are a cute guy with a boyfriend, people curse your boyfriend la, for snatching a potential cute guy off the market. If you are a tomboy have a cute girlfriend, people will say, "Girl don't want to be, go be tomboy, snatch potential cute girl off the market."

5. We are too old to accept such changes.

I am saying this on behalf of our parents. =P Or sisters or family members who cannot understand why people are becoming like this. Especially tomboys. My sis can never understand why. Got "assets" but tie it up until become airport. It's just human nature la. You suddenly ask them to change, they cannot one.

I've said what I want to say as a straight person. =) Habis ranting I. Bukan ranting pokok la. Rant-ing, habis membebel? Same ar the meaning?

ps: Tolong don't come and marah me okay? I am only saying it from my point of view and those who think alike with me. If you don't think alike and you can be sure that you won't take a second glance on gays, lesbians, tomboys, pondans and such, then you power lor! I not ma.


Falcon said...

very good..i like your explanation esp the kaypochee

zeenwei said...

im gay~
i like broke back mountain alot. XD.

Pike-chan said...

nice explanations but in a big city like KL.... these things are not so obvious.... and str8 people and gay people can mix well too....

and i'm definitely cool with gays.. definitely.... rainbow power!! haha

Anonymous said...

gays are gurl's best friend... and at times.. tomboys are so much better looking then the guys.. hahaha!...

Swee Win said...

im fine with them !
but then..its such a waste larr.. hot guys jadi gays.. ohno! like u've said.. kekurangan stock of hot guys di pasaran.. lol.. n kekurangan stock of leng luis di pasaran. but i dnt mind if there is more n more entau TBs... wahahahahahah XD

Mrs Chong said...

falcon: Really ma..I admit lor, I damn kaypochee one... =P

weiz: cool...i am cool with them la..but I do give them the curious stares. =P

pikey: in fact, gays and st8 people are the same bcuz the gays/lesbians will not show it in public but pondans and tbs get lots of stares

meg: SO TRUE!!!!!!! Lol, no wonder nowadays teenage girls go for tbs. =P

win: ya lor..damn tak cukup stok..hehehe..

Anonymous said...

people do look at things/ people that they think is different from them. all of us do. it's like a small black dot on a piece of white paper. i don't believe that people don't take a second look. maybe they really don't look but they trying REALLY HARD not too look. no need to talk about gender and sexual orientation, poeple with disabilities or look different from us oso we look.

but i guess, despite our differences, it is more important that we respect our similarities and diversity rather than use that as an excuse to discriminate