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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Who is the real attention seeker?

Some say it's teenagers, some say it's those from broken family, some say their pets, some say men, some say women.

I say, OLD PEOPLE! My grandma and my dad are attention seekers. Both often come up with funny theories about their body (normal fever become cancerous or something) and demand attention.

Not that we don't give them. But at times, we get tired of pujuking with the exact same sentences for weeks.

Case 1
Granny drank too much coffee her body can take and was having ulcer or something in her mouth. Doctor checked and told her she might have burned her lelangit (the top part of the mouth) while eating or sometimes her food might cut it. That's why it hurts.

Her theory? She has cancer in her mouth. And she feels sick and weak. You know why? She refuse to eat anything and only live on biscuit and milk. How can? That's why she is sick and weak. And she keep saying if like this, staying alive also no use already. We all know, she was just saying that so that we will say, aiyo, ah ma, don't keep say want die la and stuff like this. Inside, she syok sendiri (just like the Ah Long Pte Ltd show, about the tai lou. -.-")

First few days, okay la, after one week, starting to get bored. In the end, we smile at her and tell her it's ok, she must drink more water. Then one day, sis show face black black, tomorrow she terus no sick already. Tell me, is she attention seeker queen?

This is a combination of many many cases. She goes to my godmum's house and ask her to wash her clothes,cause her hands sakit. We use washing machine one lor. She saja want my godmum to fook si her I think. =P And she loves going to their place cause they always purposely cook for her, help her wash baju, bring her here, bring her there.

After the theft broke into our house, she keep saying she want commit suicide, die die ki easier. Cause no more money liao. Until my sis return her the money she lost only she stopped saying want to die. Damn pressure. Hari-hari ask people to kill her. T.T Some more cannot tak layan her.

Dad. Always call up early morning say he sick, want go to hospital. I also beh tahan. I don't like people calling me and asking me things like eat already? I bring you go out eat la. Especially when I already ate and told him, still bising-bising. And then I don't like people calling for no reason la. I paling tak suka pick up the phone one.

Walao, got two of them, damn sibuk. The dad always my sis layan la. But granny, always I layan. And she paling don't listen to me. Cause second sis is a pharmacist, eldest sis is the banker (pay for her medical and give her money to spend) and I? I am the kaypo chee who is always around to let her complain and give the most tak supportive answer. =P I damn teruk one lor.


Anonymous said...

looks like your granny is slowly influencing you.

Mrs Chong said...

=P I think I influenced her. Ha-ha. I think she is becoming a baby la now. but nvm la, baby pun baby saja la.

Doralin Lee said...

Hahaha! You are more kwai in fact much more kwai then me... if people come and tell me negatives things like that I will layan a few times only and then terus bo layan liau... how to layan waste time, waste energy... bukan dia orang mahu listen to our advice but they only like to hear our advice...

Like that day I argue with my mom on the phone at last I told her you win la, I no energy to argue with you... last time she complaint my dad loves to argue with people but she pun sama... the pot calling the kettle black la tu!! Hehehehehe

Mrs Chong said...

anna chichi: Ya lor...aiyoyoyo..always ask me be murderer. murderer digantung mati one leh...betul betul want me die together. T.T kek si ki...

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