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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Do feelings fade?

16 months passed in a blink of eye,
Our story ended so long but did the flame die?
No matter how convincing I sound, we all know its a lie,
But what do you expect? For me to admit and cry?

Why is it that you are the only one I see?
We all know it has never meant to be,
We were not like honey and bumble bee,
We have even stopped feeling happy.

Each night I find myself reminiscing our history,
How I loved you, your mum and even your family,
How I used to laugh and sounded so contented and happy,
And how I wish that in years to come you will still remember me.

There's one question I longed to ask,
'Do you remember?' if I must,
All those beautiful memories that's so fragile, just like glass,
Though not alive, but they all lasts.

Your disappearance got me all worried and sad,
But your existence make me even more upset,
I don't know what I want or wish to get,
But right now, these feelings are making me mad.

July '07

ps: ignore all those weird weird part. It is not meant to have perfect English. It is just to express oneself. =) and no, don't check my English please. Thank you.

happy birthday che. =) belated one. love you. Hope you like the card I gave you.

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