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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My dead MSN

Great. My MSN got attacked and now infected with virus. So, my MSN is dead and never ever accept things from people!!! It appeared as though my friend wanted to send something to me okay?? Together with the personal message okay?? It killed my MSN and if you are infected too, just close the whole thing. Keep selecting yes for the message that are popping up. Then delete ur MSN. Delete the whole thing and if you want to, reinstall. But mine, I am not reinstalling it anymore.

Wayton flat CNN.

This is going to be a post dedicated to my neighbor. She is a quite nice lady because she took care of my grandma although at times, reluctantly. She is a certified CNN in our area because it doesn't matter that she lives in block 3 and the incident happened in block 36. She will know it in few hours. I guess her CNN channel very wide. Easily to receive signal.

Raining? No worries. She is always there to tell everyone that its raining. She is in 6th floor but she can shout to 3rd floor, 9th floor. No problem. To be honest, you can only hear her voice whole day. I am talkative. I talk a lot but only when I want to. I can be very quiet and I am very quiet when I am at home alone or with my grandma because, well, I WANT TO. So basically, I can get dizzy with her voices everywhere. If I were to complain bout her, I probably won't finish today.

I wanted to blog about this because she came in just now and I was pretty pissed with her action. What do you do when you knock at people's door? You knock, call and then if people answers you, you wait right? She doesn't. People ask her to wait, she will wait, but she will continue knocking at the same time. At times, she knocks so hard, I thought my door will fall down and I don't have to open anymore because well, I can't close it right?

So this was what happened.
Knock knock knock knock knock *her hand cannot detect pain I guess*

Me: Tan chit eh.

Auntie: Ah Poh Ah Poh, Ah Poh ah. Ah Poh.
calling for my grandma

Me: ee kun liau
she fell asleep d

Auntie: Oh, wa buek hor ee cheng ji tua
I want to give her the list of winning numbers today

Me: Oh, tan chit eh.
wait har?

Auntie: Ah si ee kun tiok beh hiau kin. Kun hior? Kun tiok beh hiau kin
If she is sleeping then its okay. Sleep is it? If sleep already then nevermind.

Grandma wakes

Auntie: Ah Poh, lu ti kun hior? Kun tiok mien ki lai
Auntie, are you sleeping? If you are sleeping then no need to wake up.

Me: Beh hiau kin la. Hor lu jiang ka ceh liau *Shout until people wake d. =.=" *
Nevermind. Let you shout until wake already

Auntie: Ah si kun wa heh tua mui eh ui.
If sleep already I'll put it at the door.

Granny opens the door.

Auntie: continues talking loudly. =.=" Damn beh tahan her.

And you know what? SHE NEVER FREAKING LOCK THE DOOR WHEN SHE LEAVES OUR HOUSE. If she does that to her own house also, it is a least easier for us to forgive her. But she always lock her own door. She will open our door so that she can talk and look at her house at the same time. And she will walk to the kitchen to talk to my grandma with our door wide open. And then when she leaves, she never locks our door. And she bangs our door until I can feel it shaking you know?

Her house lock always spoil. The other day came and complain to my granny. Eng kai lor. Kena perli.

Granny : You always open close open close sure spoil lo.
She : The other day I dropped it.
Granny: No la. Not because you dropped it but because you always open and close the door all the time.
She: My son always go out then open close.
Granny: Mission accomplished. That auntie left. =P

Blogthings memang keng

You Are Probably Not Pregnant
It seems like you're in the clear, but you should really take a test to be sure.

Like that one test also got? Like this sooner or later, doctor's job will be so much easier. Just let these people sit outside, take a test through blogthings and then get to result in for doctors. =.=" Don't have to buy those kits from pharmacy already. Can save all those money.

Talking to the experts

Today, someone said something and I was pretty upset because of what she said because what she said is the truth. I talked to some experts or those who are more experienced than me.

They are my classmates. Expert in what if you must ask. They are the experts or experienced ones with straightened hair. I was not very happy with the result of my straightened hair because I felt it was not straight enough as soon as I got back. To my horror, it got worst. My hair is almost like it was before I straightened it. Worst still, now my hair are tangled all the time and being the one who hates her hair tangled, I combed it a lot and well, lost a scary amount of hair. I was thinking that I am going to be hairless soon. But heh, my friend said it'll take a long time. Because my hair damn a lot. =P

Anyway, one of my classmate asked if I straightened my hair. I said yes and she told me she thought I just went for treatment because my hair doesn't look like I went for straightening at all. To rub salt into the wounds, my hair is not helping. It just has to curl here and there and makes me feel so uncomfortable because I have tangled hair. I hate tangled hair!!!Some of my friend turned a little too agressive tho.

To name a few, Ah Shan insisted that I demand them to re-do for me with NO CHARGES!!

Yi Lin asked me to put up a fight with them if they refuse to. Yes, that petite girl ask me to put up a fight. The roll up your sleeve, show your muscle flabby arms fight.

Niann Jia, one of my classmates who did her hair for RM300 at some cut throat saloon asked me to tell them that they have to re-do for me and add in free treatment.

o.O I will...hrm...erm....ahem....tell them my problem and work out the solution? I should keep these people's contact number in fingertips. Heh, tai ka che in disguise. =P
So basically, I agree to Ah Leng that my hair looks the same and I hope that I can make it look not the same after this second visit. =( RM150. So much of thinking for years and months to do it because its pricey.

I lost blardy miserably in the hair talk. Basically there's a few reason why my hair is not as straight as I thought it would be.

First is because I used to cut layer and I asked them to cut my hair thinner cause I got lots of hair. So, now that my hair is thinner and lighter, it is harder to let it straight. I can only wait for it to grow longer and stop cutting my hair thinner.

Next is my hair touches shoulder at certain length. Meaning the hair cukup-cukup the shoulder only. Therefore it will not be as straight. So, wait again for it to grow.

Then, I cannot compare my hair to my friends because different people have different hair. My hair belongs to the medium soft hair. So it is harder to be straight. Those with hard hair, it will be more long lasting. And my hair is not dry, just needed some conditioner and oil.

End of story. No re-straightening. No free treatment. No refund. But got a free hair wash with blow. Heee. Today no need wash hair. Luckily bath already only went down.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Addiction kills!!!

Or for this case, no kut. =P If not, I am long dead. I am a little addicted to it I think. But above 50% is pretty a lot. No? I don't find myself an addict. I actually can go days without blogging and that's when I am out of things to blog about. Besides, I have lots of chance to blog but somehow when I started typing, I forgot my initial plan of how to put my words into sentences.

77%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Free California Personals

ps: I can't seem to get to the rhythm to start studying. Like you know when you heard a song, you start tapping to the song? I can't start doing that. And I need to study, LIKE NOW!!!!!!! =(

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Inside jokes

My eldest sis and I got heavy flu today. Both of us are pretty much half dead now. We took our medicines and I had to layan her because I rested in the afternoon whereas she did not. She complain having itchy eyes and I had to put some "ko eok" for her near her eyes. Near and not on. =)

Anyway, she asked for a plastic bag to throw her tissue papers. I passed her the plastic bag and told her not to suffocate herself when she is sleeping because people who are asleep do funny things. No?

Me: Eh, don't suffocate yourself with the plastic bag tonight okay?
Sis: Yaya.
Me: If not you have to change name liau. No more "Da Mei Ren" but become "Si Mei Ren"
Sis: =.=" curse me.

She claims that she is Da Mei Ren, second sis is Er Mei Ren, I am Xiao Mei Ren and mum is Lao Mei Ren. Our surname is Mei Ren. Name is Da, Er, Xiao and Lao. =.="

Friday, October 26, 2007

My love on the 200th post

First of all, this is the 200th post and I just straightened my hair. So, er, xiong hei lam mun or something. Double Happiness. =)

I've got my love straightened. I smell good. The nutri-something they put on my hair smell real nice. It took me bout 3 hour plus to do it. Seriously, it looks like a hair I'll get after I blow dry or do the temporary rebonding with Annie's help. But since this is a permanent one, I am hoping to wake up with such good hair day every day.

I was not overly excited to see my new hair cause I've seen it before when Annie did my hair. At least now my head feels so soft and damn, I smell nice. =P Money fly away liau. So I better love my hair and take care of it properly.

Say nothing but "Wah, your hair so straight!!!!!!!!"

It is quite straight la. Not as bad as last time. I show you last time one pic.
Straightened by Annie. Temporary one.

Messy hair before any straightening.

By my eldest sis. =.=" Mum joined in the fun and answered her before we left for school

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Say goodbye

I know. You've been with me through my hard times and my good times.

You've been with me whether when you were long or when you were short.

I love you just the same.

No matter what I do, I will still love you.

You will still be you and you will forever be in my heart.

I may look you in another way. You may look different.

But that will never change my love for you.

I promise I will take good care of you till the day I die.

And I will never, ever fall in love with others.

Even if I do, I can't I think. I can only admire but not have them.

I have you, and only you.

Your sacrifice is only for me and I will make it worth while.

Bear the pain. I will be with you throughout the whole thing.

Oh, my love.


My dear not-so-straight, a little messy and very hard to handle

Bye bye hair. I am welcoming my new straight hair tomorrow.
Cross my fingers. It better look nicer.

Okay, my hair looks better than I thought it is. But then, I want straighten la.
Can one. Straighten. Okay. Don't say I waste money. I don't like. I never do anything to my hair


How many of you go to a wedding dinner because you want to share the happiness of the bride and the groom?

How many of you go to a wedding dinner as a respect because the person invited you?

How many of you go to a wedding dinner because you plainly looking forward for more sharks fin?

How many of you go to a wedding dinner because that person invited you and you have to give ang pow anyway?

To the brides and the grooms:
How many of you actually know everyone you invited?

How many of the uncles aunties you have never seen before who attended your wedding?

How many of you really wanted those you invited to really join your happiness? (20% of wanting them to celebrate and 70% of expecting ang pow and 10% of parents' wish)

I've noticed something, most of the time, we attend weddings because they are some relative's kids, or some friend's kids, or some neighbor's anaks. I usually attend wedding of people I don't even know. Sometimes, I have never even seen the brides or grooms. That's why I never bother going to wedding dinners anymore. I only go if my sisters are going. What's the point inviting people you don't know? Waste of money and you can't treat everyone equally. Some will get bored because they got no one to talk to. They might be so random, they don't even know the people at the same table as them. Weird isn't it? Why do parents decide who to invite to a wedding when the one getting married are the kids?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jason Chan Pak Yu

I actually have lots of things to post but I cannot post. I can talk about the 988 concert in Queensbay which I attended but I want to do that with pictures and I have yet to get it from Ju-Yen and my exam is coming and I don't know if I can update which I know I can if I want to. =P

I've got like two more events not covered to be compiled into my Journey In Chasing Artiste. And I've got RIMUP coming up which is tomorrow. I guess then I will have more to blog about. I guess I should now just post up some pictures I got from Chun Yiun's blog about 988 concert. I hope she don't mind. Its of Jason Chan. He is the singer of Cantonese version of the One Litre of Tears Japanese drama. He is quite cute and you can get his blog link from my blogroll, if and only if you can find it. =P Its somewhere down there.

Anyway, I decided I want to talk about Jason Chan Pak Yu or something like that. I don't know!!

Jason. He was sick but he sang well.

He stood under the rain though he was sick.

Real hot guy. How come now so many entau and can sing artiste?

I like. But I love Duo Bu Guo more basically cause I can sing along. =P

Below is three different languages of the OST of One Litre of Tears. Which one you like better?

Japanese version by K from Korea. Song entitled Only Human

Mandarin version by Daniel Lee Chee Hun from Malaysia. Song entitled Unavoidable or Duo Bu Guo

Cantonese version by Jason Chan from Hong Kong. Song entitled Stubborn.

I've decided to look up more bout Jason and I got more photos!!!!!!! =)

They even call him the new Hacken Lee. I am so looking forward to hear of him again. =)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You know the day is bad when

You choke on fish bone

and you saw ur enemy in your room, the lizard.

bad bad day.

and you've got nothing to post.


Ignorant, lame or what?

It has been raining since like 8.00 p.m and it was very heavy rain.

Like I say, Garfield and Odie rain (cats and dogs)

And I just heard a neighbor from next block say things like,

" Eh, lok hor la." (Eh, raining la)

So heavy okay?? Has been like an hour and a half, now only you found out? =.="

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I hate creepy people.

I am going to state here once and that's it. I am not discriminating anyone over here. If you were in my shoes, you would probably not get out of your house.

I have a neighbor, he stopped studying when he was in Form 2 I think. Then he went to Johore to work. Just two years ago, he came back, a little not so normal anymore. He started laughing to himself all the time. He also has this weird pervert look on his face. He doesn't want to work, sit at home all day long and gets money from his parents. They said its because he was overdosed with Ice and that he is depressed.

It is bad enough that he is relying on his parents, he keeps coming to our place to look for my elder sis. She is afraid of him because he keeps telling my sis that he wants to go out with her, or that he needs a friend or that he needs a girlfriend. My sister often had to hide when he knocks on our door.

Now, he even looks for me!!! I mean, what la, find me for what? I am the ugly duckling in the house, I should be safe from all these, shouldn't I? At least I can once be happy that I am less pretty. Its not that I am discriminating him because he is a bit not so okay but because he is creepy. He will stand at your doorstep and smile pervertly. And he will say things like, " I want to find your sis. She is not in ah? I want to come in. I want to sit and talk with you." Blardy scary and creepy.

=( He is creepy, I hate creepy people.

ps: Because we lied to him that my sis is not at home, I cannot call my sis "Che" anymore in case he heard us. I have to call her "Xiao Mei". Not as in little sister but little pretty. -.- Death is knocking at the door already, some more can joke. That is my sister. =.="

She corrected me, not "Xiao Mei". Its "Xiao Mei Ren" smacks my head kuat kuat and faint.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I hate lizards.

Benci benci benci. Lizards always act smart. I hate lizards.

Why I say they always act smart? You don't agree with me? They always climb the wall. And then, jatuh from the wall. If cannot steady don't go up! Why do you want to act like you are so cool, climb the walls, fall on people or onto people's car's windscreen and scare the blardy hell out of people?

Cannot make sure that you don't fall, just stay on the ground. I hate lizards!!!!!!!!!!! Or geckos for my case. Geckos are scary. They fall on people all the time and scare the hell out of people. And then, they some more want to be "pek chek" and start flipping here and there and that scares people even more because it might "pek chek-ly" climb onto your legs.

I HATE LIZARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And geckos. And anything else that looks like it! Crocodiles included!!!!

Oh by the way, did I mention why I suddenly talk about lizards? Because it fell onto my mum's car windscreen while we are on the road. I was practically shouting from inside of the car and screaming and screaming until mummy swept it off with the wiper. And it kind of flew to the road and I was and still traumatized over it. =( I know it is unfair to judge them like that and they probably felt sad and cried but I am scared of them.

There was once when I was in the lift and it just have to take the same lift with me. I know I should not discriminate lizards like that but I almost cried because I am really afraid that it will walk to me. It always has this "pek chek" walking styles that scares me. And when I got out of the lift, I just had to run because it might climb up to me any time. To my horror, I saw another one on my way to my house. I screamed and I am so close to crying. The tear is just there, coming out from my eyes. And you know what I got? "Siao ah?" from my sis. =( So inconsiderate. Scare her with rats later. >:)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I am not a total kids hater. I just choose kids to like. Haha. Anyway, my sister has this friend whose daughter is very very very cute. She dislikes going to school and she will say that the teacher told her that she doesn't have to go to school the next day. Or the teacher says tomorrow no school. She will always do the I'm-serious face and utter things like this. At times, she will imitate what the adults do and say things that will never fail to make us laugh. She, herself is a sweetie pie already.

She calls my sister rabbit jie jie because she once came to my cousin's house and my cousin had this cute rabbit which she enjoys playing with. She feed that rabbit with lots and lots of shredded carrots. Anyway, each time she sees my sister, she will ask, "Where is rabbit?" Then my sister will make up stories like rabbit goes to school, rabbit is singing in school or things like that. So cute of her to nod her head and walks away. She is very tiny and seriously, kids like her, I LOVE!

Now that her mother is pregnant, she claims that she is now a big sister. Just the other day, she told her mother that she is a big sister now and that she will eat vegetables. And she did eat vegetables. She ate


So cute. I LIKE!!!!!

On a total unrelated issue, my grandma agreed to go out with my mum for dinner without telling her that she already asked our neighbor to get her food. Plan hangus when the neighbor brought the food before they went out. Her face changed immediately and she said, "Har? Buy already ah?" Haha. And, mum told her that they can still go out for dinner. She is all smiley again. Just few minutes ago, sister called and sister said that perhaps mum and granny can meet her up at hypermarket to do groceries before coming back. She said, "The more the merrier." My hong-so ah ma. =P

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Old people more daring than us.

Just the other day, I had lunch with my family. I happily eating away and I love the curry cause they have lots of tomatoes. Right after I've taken that, I got acute stomachache. It was then my grandma told me that there's coconut milk in that curry. I had no idea. Usually I am very sensitive with the coconut smell. I will know there's coconut in the things I eat.

I have weak stomach whereby I cannot take things with coconut, gas drinks or even things that are windy. I get windy stomach if I skip one meal. Terrible right? Dah-lah bulat, tak boleh nak diet juga. Sebab tak boleh nak skip meals. Anyway, what I want to say is about my granny.

She loves coconut. She will take curry mee, nasi lemak, laksa with lemak curry, kuih-muihs, anything. The scary thing is, SHE EVEN DRINKS THE SOUP!!!! AH MA MAN SUI!!!!!!!!

Are all guys the same?

I will need guys' and girls' opinion on this. Just something I am curious about and I need to know. =P Just for the fun of it.

Are all guys the same? Do all guys have pictures of artiste or other girls (Asian looking porn stars) in bikini in their handphone? And those girls, including hot Jessica Alba will have like their bikini strap falling off their shoulder or their assets not fully covered. I cannot post a look-a-like picture here as it will attracts lots of attention, good or bad and I have my family reading this okay? =P

So tell me, is it normal to find this kind of things in a guy's handphone? Even if he has this blardy i'm-so-innocent face? I am still that conservative. I cannot imagine my close guy friends or my cousins doing those M thing and having this kind of pictures or magazine. I cannot!!!!


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Find this actor.

If any of you watched Over The Rainbow, this will be exciting. I don't care if you know this already. I don't okay? Anyway, you guys know Rex? That cute guy. Yea. This is his picture.

Cute right? Although I like Hyun Jook more.

Now.... Look for him in the below clip.

I couldn't find him. Not without this picture.
Find Rex. Not Ma Sang Mi. I know she is very pretty. Can you find Rex??
He is the guy behind Ma Sang Mi. THAT IS REX!!!!!!!! *WOAH* He looks like Won Bin in that picture lar. No meh?

Darn huge difference. o.O

ps: Below is his MV for the show Over The Rainbow. Why so big difference one? Don't say I stupid hor, but I really couldn't find him. I cannot see him anywhere also. Then I was like WHAT?? Yea. Damn huge reaction.

pps: I love this song.

and I love two of them. I can't help it. I love Ma Sang Mi and Hyun Jook

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Bullshit I tell you. I don't know if I am going to be sued for posting this up but I am just expressing my concern as a citizen in Malaysia and this my dear, is freedom of speech.

My friend got pick-pocketed at Komtar last week. Then she told me she was told that she must only pay RM10 to apply for a new one. She went there and they told her that it is now increased to RM110. Every time you make a new one, they will increase by RM100. Meaning second time, RM210. Baboon is it? We got pick-pocketed, we must take one day leave or travel all the way to redo it and we have to pay freaking RM110 for it?

It may be our carelessness that we lose our wallet to the pick-pocket-ers and the bag snacthers but why are we paying for it only? The theives are all out there, busy doing their crimes and we have to suffer from their action. Why must we pay so much to redo the IC? If we lose it like we misplace it or dropped it, you can do this to us. But we have a freaking police report and this is what we have to pay?

I really don't know. This is getting more and more ridiculous. -.- No eye see. So you know what? Try not to bring your handbags. Take good care of your things cause the rules is no longer siding us. =(

My friend is so cute.
She: I got there and they told me I have to pay RM110. I was shock la. I thought RM10 only.
Me: Then? You paid them?
She: No, I don't have RM110 with me so I told them I will go back the next day. I was so shock at that time, I asked them, "How ah?"
Me: -.- . Then? What he said?
She: He said must pay also la. *shy*

(I changed the conversation a little. )

ps: I am just stating my point of view. If I kena sue, I will sia sui-ly remove this okay? =P Tak mau makan nasi kari.

My cousin say its because our photostated IC can be sold to other people at RM500 and the real one is even more expensive. Then do something to the rules for the IC or something. Why punish us instead? La~~
(Ini bukan menggalakkan hang pergi jual IC ya? Nanti kena tangkap, I tak tau.)


Note: This post is dedicated to Diana who is 19 today.

Happy birthday Diana!!!!!!!! Lup u!!!!!!!!
So how? Old lady liau lu....

Diana has been a real nice friend since I know her in Form1. The Diana that I know...

~She is a little funny and super sensitive. I will forever remember how she complained that her mother does not sayang her anymore because her mother gave her chili tuna or that her tupperware is dirty. -.-
~She has pet snails, she writes the funniest thing in autobook.
~She is the first one who promised to ajak me to her wedding
~She makes beautiful handmade cards
~She gives beautiful names to her teddies
~She is cute to the extend that I suppose guys love to talk to her. She is special
~She is very lovable. But better don't step her tail. She will give you names like kayu,the crow,mandarin girl,tududu and things like that.
~She is such a banana, its even cuter
~She makes such a nice friend and a super gossip partner
~She will hang a dead chicken if I block her in MSN because I owe her money. AHLONG!
~She blocks people she owes money to.
~She gives weird names to her guy friends. -.-
~She is smart, darn smart. She gets damn high marks for Chemistry sampai our Sir loves her.
~She will be one of my bestest buddy ever!!! I may not have best friend but she is close to be one. =)
~She will feel cold when watching "The Day After Tomorrow". *I felt cold too* =P

CFF!!!! Not BFF la. BFF scared quarrel ler. Close Friends Forever!!!!!!!!! Muah!!!

I'll never be able to finish talking about Diana. DIANA I LOVE U!!!!!!
as a friend, not as a lesbian partner. -.-

Friday, October 12, 2007

Why like that?

My close friends should know that I enjoy looking at one of my neighbor who lives in the opposite block. He has this sweet looking baby face although he is probably a year or two older than I am. I met him once when I was small if I am not mistaken.

At that time, I was very very young. Probably 5-7 years old. My neighbor who is now a little "out" due to depression used to go to the playground to play with me. It was then I saw him. I can still remember his face as his face doesn't change much even as he grows older. I really like to look at him. He has beautiful eyes, fair skin and Aaron Kwok hairstyle. The open curtain one. Somehow that look fits his face and I still think he is very cute.

I am not sure the one I like to look at is the elder brother or the younger brother as they look almost alike and having to see them from level 6 while they are at level 1, its not that easy to get a good look at them. I know either one of them has a motorbike with white seating while the other has a black Proton Wira with a teddy dog on his dashboard . I have not seen either of them for quite some time. They even stopped gathering at the bike area for more than a month now. I used to mumble to myself how they don't have to study, free time gather downstairs with their girlfriends and make so much noise. I sound like a nerd I know. How I wish I am one. At least I've something I am good at.

Anyway, I received a very shocking news today. Either one of them is caught. IS CAUGHT OKAY? I thought they work as some mechanic or some factory cause when I am on holiday, at times I see one of them wearing his blue uniform and going to work. Why is he being caught? Or perhaps its the brother. According to the quite-reliable source, our CNN, he was caught because he sell/smuggled ecstasy pills. I have not seen him for weeks now and now he is being caught? Can't you come up with something better like he is married or something? At least he is not a bad guy.

And it really doesn't help when I am have such a moody person now. Shan thinks it exam, Yi Lin thinks its too much stress and I think I am plain crazy. And I hate myself. And now he is being caught. Argh!!! Why is this happening? He is so cute, he can't be doing that right? Even though I suspect he has a Filipino looking girlfriend, I don't wish he gets caught. Okay la. The girlfriend a bit dark and I am a bit jealous. But why? La~ One of them is celebrating birthday soon I think. I remember seeing them having party some time like this last year. So sad. Why like that?????

ps: I am emo emo girl. =( And it really doesn't help with "him" having girlfriend, and him being caught. One is someone I really like and another, la~ eye candy la him. I don't care if others say he not cute. >:-(

Like that also can?

Now I got lots of time to study. But I'll get to that after this post. Today I followed my mum to office again. We bought the Hotcakes from McD which is the pancake. Mum loves it. For me, ok-ok nia la. Couz Vincent ate Big Breakfast.

Anyway, when we reach, I saw one indian lady who does cleaning for my mum's office with her son. Her son is eating fried bee hoon. Now 1st thing 1st. Working bringing your son? Not so right but can be forgiven. Let your son eat bee hoon, also forgiven since he is a little boy. Little boy gets hungry.

As couz Vincent and I was eating our breakkie, I saw that boy walking to my mum. My mum was typing away at the typewriter. I thought, "That's cute, he wants to look at my mummy working." That thought was naive. Mum stood up to take some documents and he simply opens the drawer to take highlighter. Got like that one ah? Where can simply take one? Ask then take, okay. Take yourself? Like wrong leh. Some more not very rapat.

Then nevermind. I walked out and I told my cousin.

Me: Eh, this boy in future not a good candidate to be a husband.
Him: Why? *stares at that boy*
Me: So young already so ganas. Future might abuse wife *stares at the boy also*

You know why? He was playing with his toys. Got motorbike, the "baja hitam" and friends. I am not sure what those monsters and hero are called but they looked like the "baja hitam" at my time. Yea yea, my time and his are quite far apart. At least 8 years. He was very busy smacking the toy's head on the table and literally fought off the monster. It was a little to ganas for a boy his age.

As I was typing this, his mum came in to filled water. Walao-eh. So big bottle, no wonder our water finish so fast. And they come whenever they like. Sometimes few weeks come once like that. Supposingly is every week but she says she is busy. What to do? Couz Jonathan wants to use her service.

ps: Like that also can er nowadays. =.=" I am not stingy but a bit to melebih already. Besides, couz Vincent said sometimes the boy would even use the typewriter to play. HEY! That is my game okay? Shoo~~ =P

Thursday, October 11, 2007

People nowadays.....

I was in lift with my mum just now after she finished her work. We were talking. Then at level 6, three guys came in.

Me: *look at them. then continue talking* Then hor...
Mum: *look at them then continue to listen to me.*

Then at another level, one old man came in. He is a Malay. He came in and talked to the other two guy who came in earlier

Me: *still talking*
Mum: *Stare at them*

Then I saw them bersalam-salaman

Me: *still talking*
Mum: Eh, they so fair, I thought they are Chinese.
Me: Huh? They are not Chinese meh?

People nowadays, Chinese looks like Malay, Malay looks like Chinese, Indian looks like Chinese, Chinese looks like Indian. How to differentiate? No wonder I've been talking to Chinese in malay. La~~ Not my fault. =P

Something not so normal.

Well, usually, I'll hear my mother scolding other people. Be it her customer's worker,her workers,us or just anyone. She is a angry angry lady. =P But she is sweet when she wants to. Just like me.

So today, mummy and I went to settle some stuff at TNB. She was being quite sweet today okay? She talked to the people at the enquiry counter.

She: The person told me that I can do *this* and *this*.
He: Right now you want to listen to that person or to me?
She: Huh? (blur)
He: *stares at her* I will tell you what to do.
She: Oh, okay. I am not sure about the procedure.
He: You just do as I say.
She: *Keeps quiet*
Me: *stare in disbelief* That person mad ah?

It is really rare for me to see people raising their voice to my mother. My mother usually does the voice raising thing. And what's the guy's problem? Don't say sarcastic things to old people can? They don't get it. I think the funniest thing is when he raised his voice and said those sarcastic things, mummy replied him with a huh? Lol. He sounds lame when mummy said huh?Nevertheless, he is a good help. Just a little fierce.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Holiday Mansui

I told my mum I don't want to go to school tomorrow. And guess what she said??? She said okay. But I'll have to follow her to settle the electric stuff. Apadeh. People don't want to go to school so that I can wake later. Mana tau, ala. But she promised dim sum opposite TNB. So, kira okay la.

Anyway, tonight, the angkasawan will once again bertolak. And it'll be on tv1 at 9.20p.m. Sorry to say this and I hope RTM won't sue me. It's just my personal opinion. To me, TV1 is like the aiya-silap-channel's channel. I've never purposely turn to TV1 to watch but tonight, it'll be different. I'm going to watch this wonderful event.

I'll be super dead after holiday. Because this holiday means 6 days off. And that means I am so much nearer to STPM and that means I am so so so dead. And that means I AM BUSTED. Dead dead dead.

*I'll be fine, I'll be fine.*

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I did not expect it.

Horoscope from Facebook says, Aries: When things are going well for you, don't start immediately looking for things to come crashing down. No sabotaging yourself. You're allowed to be happy

I was in a very very bad mood today and I don't even know why. I've been keeping it inside for some time and I have yet to see the need to release it until just now.

I guess 'someone' touched the sensitive and soft spot in me. TWICE! So I guess that's the reason I exploded. I was actually angry. I did not explode for that second only. I can feel blood rushing to my head okay? Anyway, the feeling of i-am-average-that's-why-no-one-respects-me is coming back. Die la. Am I going nuts? Lol, if I am, it runs in the family. Ha-ha to Pao.

I enjoy making fun of Mawi on that brochure cause I freaking hate him. For no apparent reason. You don't need a reason to love a person, so why would you need a reason to hate them?

I am such a freako.

and I really hate it.

Monday, October 08, 2007

None of my classmates in my list is online!!!

And you know what can make them this way? Maths test. Lol. Everyone is practically doing everything they can to study for their Maths. Boil the books, burn them and add some water to drink with it, sleep on the books or a more conventional way, studying for it like a real human do. I got stomachache and a real bad headache. I have yet to complete my Econs okay? In fact I did not do at all. I will revise my Maths a little later. I am sick of it. =( But I have to try. I will sleep earlier tonight. Lazy lar. Hate it.

How I wish I have the kiasuness in me. Perhaps that will make me study for my exam. Because I am not kiasu, I don't mind if I su. You get what I mean? =( I've been facebooking a lot. And I seem to do nonsense more than studying. I cannot wake up early to go PBA to study. I reach at 1pm! And I don't seem to able to concentrate in class. I am afraid my enemy, Mr. Pressure is coming back to haunt me. =( I have this kind of inner pressure whereby I cannot feel it clearly. It seems nothing but then it makes me uncomfortable. Last time, I didn't know these were the signs. I suffered from horrible pressure attack at that time. I was damn stupid okay? (read: WAS)

Can I like stop regreting everything I do??? I hate it!!!!!!!!! I think too much. And I blog nothing. Okay. I better start burning my Maths books to mix with water. I've got a lot of Maths book. Takes some time to finish burning. =)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The House III

Today, I went to our house-to-be again. Once everything is done, we will have that house!!! I began to like that house more now. Its just the second time I am there though. I've decided to take some more pictures for my second sister to see and perhaps think of the decorations for our room-to-be.

Welcome to our room!! Second look, Not as small as I thought it was. =P

Our cupboard. Going to extend a little to fit our stuff.

Can we put our study table here? See the wall sticking out, that width?

Beside the wall sticking out, maybe bout a kotak from the table, we can put our bed.

The window. I was thinking perhaps we can extend the chair longer and we can sit there to read story books or relax

The way to the pool. That is Ms Loo. Her bag damn cool. I likey.

That is Kenny. They are walking to the pool.

The bathing area for those after swimming. I tak berani bathe there kut.

Walking down. There is pool. Che is walking to the BBQ pit area.

The BBQ pit. A bit rusty. But haih, we'll make do with that first.

The pool. I thought it was damn horrible. Not bad la. Nice also ma.

So that's all for the house today. I hope this house will be ours a.s.a.p. I kind of love it now. Feel so like my own house. =) I am a happy girl.

ps: I am falling in love with beatbox or Bbox. Like it a lot. So cool.