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Sunday, May 18, 2008

My MSN still down.

I cannot get access to my MSN till now. Whole day I tried, even if I get in, either my message can't be sent across or I get signed out when people reply me.

T.T So sedih can? Luckily got ShoutOut for me to chit chat whole day. Luckily I went out for lunch and luckily got nuffnang for me to innit my blog post and so many people coming in to comment, so I reply and that means I chat too. =P Through comment box and my tagboard.

And also luckily got the fish, the dramatic fish let me tangkap and catch snapshots and post blog. Kesian the ikan mulia, berkorban untuk kebahagiaan rakyat jelata nuffnang yang dikenali sebagai nuffnangers. =P

When la only will my MSN be up? Lama already leh. But haih, when my MSN cannot jalan, there's berpuluh-puluh ribu orang in China suffering. T.T I shall offline now and pray for them before I sleep. People, pray for those people in China okay?

ps: This blogger here lebih lucky. His MSN up already.


3POINT8 said...

Hahaa... msn still down?
Dun worry, there is always tmr.
Btw, I've been seeing your name all over other people's blog. Nice!
Keep it up!

Mrs Chong said... still down..nvm la...yea..commenting on blogs i can relate to lor..thanks for the advice though. =)

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