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Monday, March 31, 2008

Sourire Pour Moi《十分笑容》cast in Gurney 30032008

Yesterday, I went to Gurney again to see Lin Yu Zhong and the rest of the cast cause they are going to sing and sign the album. It was supposed to start at 2p.m. but I reached at about 1p.m after my church service.

When I reach time, I met Heng and Frankie but I did not say hie or anything, just walk towards Sushi King to have my lunch. At one point, some where near the stage, I bumped into them. All four of us stand still, sis and I, Heng and Frankie. Then when I see them stand quietly, I continued walking. Damn no give face right? -.- Sorry Frankie and Heng, I know you two are "beng seng". Don't feel sad cause I did not stop for you guys.

Heh, more of Vincent today because I finally feel Vincent handsome. Saturday was the first time see him ma. So did not realize yet.

Frankie, Heng and Vincent singing JJ's Jiang Nan. So kesian Frankie, he caught us by surprise when he asked if they sing well. So, not much people responded.

Heng singing Love is all around, his song in the OST. To be honest, it sounds a little weird. I think he chau imm in a few parts. But good for the first time I guess.
Then Crystal, Jyin and Zax came out to sing Wo Men Hui Zai Jian 我们会再见. I love this song, I love the way they sing it and the way they harmonize their voice. One of the best that day.

Vincent and one super duper blur fans. They were supposed to do various smiles/ laughter like the wicked one, the very happy one, the sheepishly one etc. Vincent had to potray the sad one. He was acting it on the first pic.

Frankie came out to sing Happy Valentine which I love a lot also!!!! I did not know Frankie sings so well. I just subscribe Astro this year.

Then Jojo came out to sing. Jojo sings!!! I did not know this either. =P This is before she sings. She was telling the host that she felt nervous since the day before till the next morning and until that afternoon.

She started singing. I think it was alright la. I mean she was the winner for Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant, not a contestant in ATQ whatsoever. So I thought it was pretty good.

The host shed a tear because she was so worried of Jojo. Jojo told her she can talk on the stage for few hours nonstop, even if people do not want to listen but she is very nervous when she had to sing.

Last to come out. Came out to talk talk and smile smile. =P

Changed his place to stand in between Jojo and Crystal.

Get everyone up the stage for a final chit chat before getting ready for autograph.

Standing around on the stage before the crew get them the table and chairs.

Yu Zhong singing on his own and tapping the table before anyone got up for signature. First picture was of him trying to sit down. =P

The cute Vincent. So handsome can? Took so many pictures of him.

Then of Lin Yu Zhong. Handsome!!!! So cute when he smiles.

Crystal showing funny faces to her fans. I think she knows her fans pretty well cause she kept mouthing words to them and showing hand signs.

Then took picture of Jojo. She is pretty la. But a little too skinny. I think people nowadays love to be that skinny.

Zax, Heng and Vincent posing for us to take pictures. Finally, last picture, they look into my camera.

Crystal showing funny poses again. She is so cute.

The rest of the cast also showed several poses. Heh, see the middle picture, like Crystal and Vincent got road hor? =P Nvm, I like. Haha.

They are leaving!!! Bye bye. When will Yu Zhong and Vincent come again?

Bye bye.

-The End-

10 recent things that made me happy

I was reading Tin Tin's blog and found this real interesting tag and decided to do it. So basically I am suppose to write about 10 things that make me happy. I guess it'll do me good by giving me chance to be grateful for happy things that happened. Even if I have to think like few hours got get a complete ten. =P

1. I have a too-good-to-be-true job and some side income doing what I like, writing- though many people are doing the same and heh, earning even more.

2. I get to do what I like most of the time. Eg: Chase artiste.

3. Though I always find ways to prove otherwise, there are people out there loving me sincerely. Not boyfriend la. My family members. With the love showered to me, I'll be an idiot not to realize this.

4. Have a healthy body and a more satisfying after-school life now. I had a horrible one back in 2005. Health is very important to me, I know.

5. To be able to live in comfort without having to worry about what will be served on the table tomorrow. I am much much much lucky compared to those who don't even have bread on the table. (Despite my big size, I think having food to keep us full is a happy thing)

6. I've been to many places and enjoyed myself. Eg: New Zealand (I MISS NEW ZEALAND!!!!), K.L. (I MISS FISH SPA!!!), Singapore (I MISS THE SHARKS!!!). Before this, due to studies and financial problems, my one and only holiday spot was Pulau Tikus. I believed it was an island till I grew up. I lived in my own fantasy world where Pulau Tikus is not a market place but an island. Stories that mum made up to cheer up the kids. -.-"

7. That I am able to wake up each day to be sick of work, to be angry with my sister, to quarrel with my mum, to complain there's nothing on the television, to worry about what I want to eat- not what I get to eat, to get sore legs due to too much walking, to actually be very much alive.

8. To know that it's 31st today and that means payday??? =P
9. To know that my sister had planned on how to celebrate my birthday although well, she might have forgotten about it after the long hours swimming with fishes.

10. To be sitting here complaining on why I did this thing because I can't think of 10 happy things. =P At least I can get access to the internet and I am literate to be able to write.

There you go, the 10 happy things that happened to me. What about you? Come on, cheer up yourselves. Make yourselves happy thinking about things we often missed out. We don't think when we are happy, we only do the thinking when we are sad. We should count our blessings!!!

I tag Shan Shan, Ah Win, Pao Pao, Ah Leng, Joze, Chun Yiun, Yet Tyng, Akira and you people out there who needs to cheer yourselves up and stop sinking into the emo you.
kam xia eah soh (Thank you Jesus) for providing whatever I need and even more. =D

Sunday, March 30, 2008

TrustSource Cash Advance

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They provide you with information like reviews from the users and ratings for you to compare and see if it fits you. You don't have to go all blur because there's so many choices of loans to take up and you don't know which one you need. This will help you.

Sourire Pour Moi《十分笑容》cast in Gurney 29032008

A brief introduction to the show although last Saturday was the last episode already. Was watching it from Gurney with the casts. Okay, I was there to see them because I a bit sesat with the show. =P Anyway, this show was aired on Astro every Saturday at 7.30p.m. Most of the actors and actresses are from Astro Talent Quest and other Astro's competition and also my all time favourite, Lin Yu Zhong. Kind of fall in love with him after watching Yuan Dian and never stopped loving him. =P

Now, all the supporters are mui mui chai. I used to be mui mui chai before I turn 20. My mui mui chai years have passed me by and I am walking towards my -ties and not -teens. Next Monday will be the day I turn -ties. Damn, I want to stay -teens la. Now, I dare not even shout when I see artiste, because I am so blardy old lor. Mui mui chais will give me weird stares lor.

The cast that came are Rynn Lim or better know as Lin Yu Zhong, Jojo, Crystal, Zax, Frankie, Jyin, Heng and Vincent. To those who did not go, Vincent so cute can? So handsome. They came and talk talk about the show lor. Picture time. Description in between.

The director. Are all directors like this or they just have to act like this? The refuse to talk, act cool, don't like to be interview kind of style.

First to be introduced was Heng. Something something Heng.

The Vincent we like is the one in white. So cute la. I like. By the way, it's Vincent, Frankie and Heng. Lol, my two cousin, Vincent and Heng. Damn coincidence la. Vincent and Heng, my cousins, are brothers leh. =P

Introducing, Jojo, Lin Yu Zhong and heh, Vincent.

If you don't like Yu Zhong, I like. Hahaha, see below. So cute, he was like moving, showing hand signs with the fans, taking picture, playing with mic, sway left and right while the rest were being interviewed.

Yu Zhong ear itchy. =P So cute. And he talks a lot. It's amazing. I used to think he is the don't like to talk one.

Muahahaha, 9 shots of Yu Zhong. Don't be green eye monster. And Jojo is so skinny la. But I like her style.

Yu Zhong standing there taking picture, talking once in a while and look at Jojo, flat tummy. -.-

Jojo and Yu Zhong getting ready for the final episode being aired.

The three late-comers. Zax, last year ATQ winner, Crystal and Jyin

After the show, Yu Zhong, Jojo and Crystal went up to talk about the ending.

Then Yu Zhong sang. I was up there, first floor, watching.

More of Yu Zhong. =P I like.

Ending picture. =)

There is this one part where Jojo talked about how the Director is such a unique person, you will never know what he wants you to do. First, they don't have a script. They only know what their next scene would be when the director describe it to them.

And, his method to tell Jojo of a kissing scene is by giving her a piece of chewing gum first before breaking the news to her. So she happily took the chewing gum and kena trapped.

Yu Zhong who got to the set late was not given a chewing gum but a whole coconut drink. And then, he sat beside Yu Zhong and tell him, later, you jump down the water, get up, and kiss. Ta-da. And Yu Zhong was bising-bising la. So cute.

And the Director lied to Crystal telling her that she won't die in the last episode. Hohoho, this one betul betul die already also don't know what happened. =P

I don't care.

Enough said. Anyway, will post up about Lin Yu Zhong and the others a.s.a.p. After I wash up and feel less drowsy. Next week Superstar will be in Gurney.

If you are going to Gurney on Saturday and you ACCIDENTALLY see me, PLEASE!!! Don't come and say hie. Walao, nowadays all the chase artiste ones are mui mui chai. I stand beside them and get some weird stares. Cis. I look very old meh? Okay la, a bit la.

I was once like them, screaming and waiting to get posters. Now, I am so old already, posters will only collect dust so I don't bother to get them anymore. Throw time damn tiring okay?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl: Cindy still in meh???

I don't know her but from her blog which I wont put up here because I don't want her to earn more money from nuffnang,m uahahaha, kidding, nah take this!! I know you want to click on it. Ya. As I've said, from her blog and from what I see on Malaysian Dream Girl, I don't like her lor. I can't believe she got in and Valerie got kicked out.

To those who has yet to watch Malaysian Dream Girl, go to . To hate Cindy, go Episode 7 Part 3. Damn when she talked to the father. Like she very pah pai (er, hokkien. don't know how to explain, like very VIP like that la.) like that. I don't like others also will vote for them so that Cindy get lowest votes and kena tendang.

If you read her blog, you'll see that she post up damn porn star photos in her blog and hor, her brother take for her one. No eye see. She can't even go in FHM lor. So bitchy. Better go home and cry for many many days for yourself la. See liao also sien.

But then also don't know la. Maybe they ask her to act nia leh? Because want to buat drama ma. But then hor, should be real one la. Read her blog also know she tai siu che already. Hope she leaves next week. Like this call Malaysian Dream Girl ar? Who wants to be like her?
And hor, this one no add cannot. She got 7 Friendster account. You say siao or not? That is like 7 freaking thousand friends lor. Who the hell got 7000 friends and be at the bottom for two weeks continuously? A bit sad case lor

PS: Die, sis's fish mati tong kiau. Cham. Am I in charge of the fishes? I don't know leh. The fish sudah dikebumikan in the dustbin kut. Aiya, we always rear fish all die one ma. Why bother to rear some more?

I was complaining about the hot weather and mum let me on the air-cond.
Me: Hot until want pengsan already.
Mum: On air-cond la you dumb dumb.
Me: Ok. *walks to the window, closes all the windows and doors**walks to the sofa, sit down, turn tv on*
Me: Wa~~~ Still hot.
Me: Hee. No wonder la, lagi hot that just now.

Afalean Lu Xue Rui 卢学叡 was in Penang!!!!!

Xiao Mei (小美) came to Gurney Plaza last night at about 7.30 and he did not leave until almost 9.00p.m lor!!! Before I post up pictures for everyone to drool on and for his fans to find their way in here, I'll talk a bit about Xiao Mei. He is from Xing Guang Bang 星光幫, he got fourth in season one and he just released an album recently. He came over to promote his album.

I did not expect Xiao Mei to look like that. Seriously. I mean in person. He is rather muscular, and he is tall and he seems BIG as in I don't know. Like very strong and you'll be fine with him. Because he is so tall and everyone else are so tiny!!! It's been a really really long time since I last saw anyone like that because Malaysians are either tall but damn skinny or muscular but not so tall. And he has the smoothest face lor!! Taiwan water cleaner is it?

I did not get his album because it's RM40 for 4 new songs and 3 songs from the competition. Lately money hard to earn, no more cash to spare. If he comes again, I think I will buy lor. I a bit regret actually. Because he smiled and shook hands and talked to every one lor not like my past experience with one of the international group artiste. Picture time.

The host. Not Malaysian kut, cause her mandarin damn slang.

He came up and I was like, WOAH!! SO TALL!!!

The second picture is of him dancing with was really really cute. =P

I was so captivated with his smile. Everytime he smiles, I smile. So retarded can die.

As you can see, most of the pictures of him are when he smiles.

There's picture of him smiling, picture of him and his fans and picture of him drinking.

Xiao Mei's muka confuse when they put up wrong song for him to sing.

If you notice a hand on my first picture. There's this one guy waving like mad at the show.

Xiao Mei giving his autograph. Cute nyerrrr.

I have many more of his pictures but I can't possibly post them all up right? So, heee, I am going to develop them. La la la.