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Monday, May 26, 2008

June is coming already

soon I'll move on to another phase of my life, my university life. While preparing my certs-photocopying and arranging, I can't help but to think back when we first left SGGS after Form 5. I thought that's the worst cause my close friends are all scattered in Penang, attending their own college and Form 6.

Never did I think of what will happen now. Now we are not scattered in Penang, but in Malaysia. Friends have left for KL, some waiting to leave elsewhere and what will happen? Will I find new friends in Uni? I hate to be alone. As talkative as I may be, I am only like that when I have close friends. I'll definitely be so quiet, people thought I never talk when I enter uni. =x I hate that.

It felt like yesterday when I entered SGGS. So fast, I am 20 already. I've never think of turning 20 but I am. Time flies as you grow older. When I was in Form 1, man, time moved like snail. It seems like the clock stopped just there and won't move. Then when I was in Form 6, time begin to pass real fast. I miss PBA times!!! Like so fast STPM already. And so fast, it's over and I got my result. And then so fast, the uni results coming out.

Talking about school, chieh, now they holiday, tak ada kaitan with me. I still have to work. T.T Although heh, Wan Mei say, " I don't know why you work like that one. Suka-suka holiday." Bwahahahah. The syok-ness of working with your mum la. =P

Ma-de, was trying to look for cute pictures of kids with their friends, typed in friends and got some "friend's mom" pic pulak. Damn teruk la internet nowadays, people looking for innocent stuff okay?


Swee Win said...

yalo..y u worklidat wan ? then cnt minta more salary ? bwahahahahha.can minta less work ??

Mrs Chong said...

cannot minta more salary...can minta less work...hehehehe

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