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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First fox, then flying cockroach!!

I had to endure 2 semesters of lizards and now all these?? Give me a break laaaa...

The fox was featured in Berita Kampus *our own uni's newspaper* and that fox was seen around Fajar Harapan *my hostel* a few times already. AND OF ALL PLACES, IT GOT INTO MY ROOM. GRRRRR...

So I've been keeping my lights on when I sleep. Bo bian, we scared. =(

No mood to blog. Am thinking of changing and go find my lecturer. =P

Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's done and over with

It's over. I don't think I can upload any pictures here tonight cause I am back in USM already.

I'm having a writing block or something and I cannot think of anything to type. So yes, I am not going to blog anything meaningful so you can just click (x) on your top right hand corner. After all, you've already contributed to my page visits. =)

I've got 1 Spanish Oral test, 1 Computer test, 2 presentations coming up the entire week ahead. And then I'll get the rest I needed *though I rest like all the time*, and study for exam. Yes, another sem is ending. Can't believe it. I am about to be a senior, a 2nd year student.

AND MY BIRTHDAY IS AROUND THE CORNER. I AM FINALLY TURNING 21. How scary is that?? I mean when we were 15, we wished we were 16. Ok maybe not for me cause I have bad teenage life and I shudders at the thought of having bad adulthood as well. So all I wished for was for the time to stop where it was. But of course I did wish for school to be abolished or something.

CRAP!!!!!! My friend told me that my room got fox this morning. WHAT??!!! Ok, I am room alone and I am totally freaked out now. =(

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rain after the sunshine

Boo...was so excited and happy happy then I start getting tummy aches and this is not good.

It's still painful even after having this pain for bout an hour plus. =( It started in the morning then got better. But then after I got back from seeing my lecturer, it got worst and now I don't even feel like eating dinner.


Farewell Night is tomorrow!!!!

After all the sleepless night doing fundraising stuff, planning and having fun at the same time, it is finally here!!!!

I love this tradition in PKA where they allow the first years to plan for this annual Farewell Night to celebrate the graduation of their seniors who are graduating. Not only will this strengthens the relationship among the first years, it also helps first years to get to know their seniors more as they'll be seeking help and stuff from the seniors.

I am grateful and blessed to have found these wackos but very kind-hearted people in USM!!! =)) So tomorrow is the day.

Dress -checked
Shoes -checked
Make ups- checked
Stockings -checked
Accesories (bangles, necklace, earrings) -checked, checked, checked.
Skin condition- meh.

I am very excited cause this is the first time I am doing my own make-up to a graduation night after I have quite mastered it in these two years. Ok la, not mastered la. But at least I can put on a decent make-up I hope. Last time my eldest sister used to put for me. And I was wearing specs. Horrors.

And this is also the first time I am wearing a dress since I used to wear baju and skirt cause I was super fat last time. Ok la, now still fat but now I can fit into a decent dress. =) I is happy.

Will post up lotsa photos!!! =))

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I finally know why superman wears his underwear outside!!!

I really know one!!!

Neh, it's on the website. Just 3 words!!!!

“Because I lost!”
~ Superman explaining how he played a game of tennis with Clark Kent that stipulated the loser must wear their underwear on the outside of their pants.

So that's the reason why Superman keeps showing people his bragas!!! It's not a trend afterall and he is not a failed trendsetter afterall.

And Captian Obvious is the best fortune teller in the world woi!!! Damn cun his predictions.

“People all over the world will have to purchase a new calendar within the next twelve months”
~ Captain Obvious on the future

AND SUPER MARIO IS AN ADDICT!!!!!! Oh and his real name is Mary~Oh Antonio von Mario Bros

Mario's addiction problem
"One night, Mario and I went to a bar." says Princess Peach on an exclusive interview about Mario's addiction to mushrooms. "It was around 2:00 AM - Mario asked for a drink, but there was something strange about the bartender. He had a giant spiked-shell, horns and he spit fire. Anyway, he offered Mario a purple mushroom. 'Try it, it'll make ye feel like flying.' he said. After that night, Mario was never the same."

Had such a good time laughing over all these lame stuff I found here. Go see go see. Wei Wei intro one!!! Damn kau good.

ps: Go see teletubbies!! Look at their picture before they do their plastic surgery!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

/bangs head on the wall

LAYes, that's what I want to do right now. I need to close my eyes, scream silently and then get to my work. The workload has decreased a lot but still to have so many things still lining up till end of next week you just can't blame me. How I wish I can get over with it a.s.a.p. I thought I'm free for the next week already. Mana tau. They slowly throw in the time-bomb. They start with CMM test, then Oral Spanish test /igiveup.

I got spanish test tomorrow, then SHE assignment hand in by this week, farewell night this friday, oral spanish test next Wednesday *the main reason my wall got lubang now*, and finally CMM test next Thursday.

Then exam starts two weeks after this week. /runs around the room and knock head on wall. Sorry for all the happy tree friends acts. I stress okay? I'll be fine. Just need to cool down.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My bed is wet

It's NOT YELLOW!!! I never tak sempat go toilet one okay???

I guess the rain in the afternoon was so heavy, the water came into my room from my window and wet my bed. I was about to change my bedsheet when I touched my blanket and realized it's a little wet. Then I touched my bed and /boohoo, it's wet too.

My bed is like super duper near, if not 1/8 under, the window because of the weird design of the room. =s Luckily I have already planned to change my bedsheet and have one ready here in my hostel already.

=( I hates wet bed.

ps: Back in USM. Busy week ahead. =)) I'm looking forward though.

Peranakan Mansion: I thought I was Nyonya.

As I have to get some pictures for my S.H.E assignment, I asked my sis *that Pau* and Mr Lim to bring me to Peranakan Mansion. It is situated in Church Street, just among other shop houses. My sis did not believe that it's there cause we were passing by lots and lots of typical shop houses.

Then there stood Peranakan Mansion majestically. All green and fresh. I thought the tour for the day is over but nope, they brought us around the place.

So after taking happy shots, we joined the guided tour. Above is picture of me with the papan tanda, the beca, and one of the statue that was welcoming us. The above two smaller picture is the picture of the building with beautiful craft work by the China's craftman back then.

The furniture is the most expensive one of all furniture. Cause? It is designed and decorated with Mother of Pearl. ALL OVER THE TABLE K? And the picture is the picture of those Nyonya back in those days with her kids. And the table with papers on it is the Nyonya's favourite past time back in those days.

First picture is the stairs. Second picture is the one with the tainted mirror adapted from the Western countries. Third is their embroidery work. Apparently after they finish doing it (which take years), they will have to kahwin. Cause they can only get married after they have master the skills of embroidery and sewing. Then the table where Kapitan Chung Keng Kew serve his Western friends. And finally the angkut nasi one. =P

This is the bilik kahwin. =P Very China one I tell you. Looks like it's from any other television series from Hong Kong. The super huge camera that will meletup ala Hong Kong movies. =P Then the wash face bin, then the manik embriodery shoe, then cologne, dressing table, kahwin bed, and kahwin topi. =P

Wah, wangi wangi one stuff. Dressing table and the beautiful glass work!!!! I also took two pictures of the ancient radios. So funs!!!! While we were on the trip, they play those 'Wo deng je ni hui lai' and 'Cha Cham Bor' songs. =P

Their kitchen!! You see, they got microwave oven!!!! So power!!!! HAHAHA. Then got the maid's steamboat table. They makan steamboat mia. Then got the alatan like the lesung, mesin parut kelapa and stuff. And their tiffin carrier, so bertingkat-tingkat!!! Cuz they need to serve many people kua. Finally, one faithful Nyonya maid T_T cooking curry in belanga. DAMN SAD CASE.

After being a maid she boh kambuan (tak puas hati) so she 'kau' the tuan and became the puan muda. LOL. And she plays cards with other Nyonyas who came over with their Baba husband who is in the next room chit chatting and buat business. Then I came to my senses and 'tapao' (pack) my bag and leave the place. Of course not without taking another picture with the so-called telephone booth.
ps: It's RM10 per entry for adults and free for kids I think.
pps: There are more than the few rooms I show but I am lazy so I did not show so many. =P Got like 4 or 5 wedding room from different era with different setting and all.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Keep away the confetti

Fun days are over. So fast. -.-" Anyway, time to get back to work.

Will have to finish my S.H.E project and discuss with team mates on how to present our ideas to her. Hopefully can get the presentation done by this Thursday cause I'll have a busy week the next week. Cause... I'll have my LHP classes back again. Me is sadz.

Oh and I visited Peranakan Mansion. I want to blog about it so badly but I am just too lazy. I'll try to put it up tomorrow to mark the 300th 800th post okay? =P

**Correction. It's the 800th post!!!!

Pops the champagne.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Laziness got the best of me

I was supposed to study for my test yesterday night but I just couldn't concentrate. You wouldn't believe how easily I got distracted. Like the shoes I saw outside of the tv room while on my way to toilet (which got me watching the tv with them), or the amount of shoes I saw outside of my neighbour's room which got me knocking on their door and join them. T_T Yes, shoes was the main distraction yesterday. Not literally though.

I don't have like addiction or something to shoes. thankyouverymuch. I do for money if you are wondering. =)) Anyways, the consequence of that distractions is that I just read whatever I can get into my head and go for the test. Luckily the test is not extremely hard although there are many parts that well, I couldn't get into my head when I was studying for it the day before. That's the bad news

But the good news is that it's over. And I am finally seeing some lights *I was buried under assignments before this ma*. So now I see lights la. Thank God I survived this sem. Many more to come.

ps: Play first, worry later. *throws confetti*

Thursday, March 19, 2009

After a gruelling 6 and a half hours

No, I've not gone for a labour. But after a gruelling 6 and a half hour, I've finally completed my assignment. At least for now. I might add some stuff though. And my lecturer decided to postpone the due date of my assignment to Monday. It's okay, at least I've finished doing it and I can have a peaceful and relaxing weekends.

I've S.H.E to do but it's okay. I can take my own sweet time since it's not that tiring with words, words and more words. Seriously, report is the last thing I would like to do right now. I'm so exhausted, mentally and psychically, doing all these reports and research and comparison.

So I'm going home tomorrow to see that poor girl if she is doing well and jumping around *she does, according to mr lim*. =)) The burden is finally off my shoulder.

No picture cause internet connection here is as cranky as me.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I iz not doing very well

Now I am a bit worried. Ha-ha. Finally, I am worried. Cause I cannot write 17 pages for my assignment and I was hoping that I can finish it tonight so that I can go for my CG tomorrow night and then finish up with my another assignment on Thursday.

Seems like it is not happening. So I'll skip tomorrow's CG to get my work done. =))

Initially I can finish it on time but somehow I found out that the other assignment is not as easy as I thought it is. So I will have to spend more time doing it and so, I have to finish up this assignment latest tomorrow. Hopefully I can start with the other one tomorrow night as I need to hand in on Friday.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Mum is alright now

My mum had some blockage in her artery and had to undergo stent and installed balloon. Ok, I don't know what those are but she is fine now. =))

Thanks to all who prayed for her and also who gave me support and encouragements. It meant a lot for her and my family. =)

That poor girl is now resting in the hospital and will be discharged tomorrow.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

They say you'll know

Do we look like sisters enough for you??? No one believes it when we tell them we are sisters. Even worst when we tell them I am the younger one. You should see their eyes. So huge, it might pop out. Serious. So yes, we are sisters and I am the younger one(although according to some metabolic age I am SO MUCH OLDER).
Oh I love my sisters.
ps: Was at a friend's wonderful place.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My sister is being bullied =(

My sister's name is Pao Pao. She is very kesian one. She kena bully today. I mean she is always the blur blur girl la. Well, for one, she always sends in those sms when the girl on television or radio asks her to, hoping that she'll win some money they promised. And obviously she never wins although she spent a lot on them.

But this time they are too much la. So mean la they all.

Adakah patut they call her all sorts of names? First perli her and say she's big, then say she's small (so indecisive). Then say she is kaya (which is good if they don't start asking her to belanja) and then tease her heights by calling her Long when OBVIOUSLY EVERYONE KNOWS SHE IS SHORT! Then they call her Si Pao Ubi la. HUAN CHU PAO. ADAKAH PATUT??? Say she stupid la is it?

But I think the last one definitely made her totally go crazy la. They actually call her BABI PAO!!!! Do you know how insulting and hurtful it is?? Call her babi wor. They know she is afraid of being fat right? They totally ignored her feelings and hurled insults after insults at her. Placing cheap price tags on her all calling her names. It's very mean ok? Serious, I don't lie ok? I've got evidence.




Wait, I find.




It's just somewhere in my desktop.






The power of technology. I got them captured.





Ahhhh... Found it.

Nah. Long Pao only RM0.50. (It's Siu Long Pao anyway.)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I need my alone time again

It's back. It has been quite some time since I last yearn for quiet time. I guess it's because there's so many things happening right now especially the assignments and I just want to have some quiet time to sort out my thoughts. To sort out my plans and my schedule so that everything will finish on time and all that.

I am the type of person though last minute, would never want to end up having to stay up whole night doing assignments and homework. I am glad till now, it has not happened yet but I am not sure if it'll continue that way since I have a lot of homework piling up now.

I am looking forward for my bathing time later. To wash my thoughts and stress away under cold water and do some thinking before coming back to continue other assignments. At the mean time, I have to finish this penulisan ilmiah before I can bathe in peace. =))

Everything is fine and will be fine. =)

Nope, did not get my quiet time cause when I went into the toilet to bathe, this very huge lizard was there, LICKING THE LIPS. Ok la, like licking the lips for the longest time ever. It's like human licking their lips over and over and over again. T_T

I was terrified enough when I saw it's size and it just HAVE TO LICK ITS' FREAKING LIPS!!!!!! T_T It was the second lizard I saw which was heading to my toilet when I decided that I should run out of the toilet. And so I did, knocking the sanitary pad bin on the way.

I got into another favourite toilet of mine and took my bath. Thank God no lizard in sight. But I was terrified enough already. I am sleepy now but I need to do my assignments. So I have to sacrifice my beauty sleep.

ps: I forgive the lizard. He/She probably missed the sentence where I said I am going to have my much needed quiet time alone in the bathroom despite me stating it in every sentence.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Why I love home?

After getting pampered with RM4.5o Nasi Lemak on Friday, mini steamboat on Saturday and Korea Palace (lunch) and Dome (dinner) on Sunday, I am back in USM, eating my mee cup. Haih... Why such a big difference?

Usually I'll eat the rice in the canteen but as it's a public holiday, canteen is closed. And I am not feeling that well to walk out for my dinner. So I settled for mee cup that I cannot even finish. =(

It's ok, Friday is just another 4 days away and I have 2 and a half days of class only before I can go back again. =)) Stay positive. Second sem is almost over and it's going to get tougher. So I have to be tougher myself.

*continues to eat my maggie =( *

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Malaysian Dream Girl is back!!!

I've decided not to believe entirely what's in the video. I remember the last season I was saying how much I hate and dislike Cindy but her blog is the only one I read now and no, I don't hate her anymore.

Malaysian Dream Girl is back with season 2 and I've yet to finish watching the video cause I can't load it in USM. In fact I am watching it now while blogging about this. Anyways, I've looked through all their mugshot pictures and I will blog about who I like just by looking at her picture.
I think this year's contestants are all quite pretty. But if I have to choose 3, I like Dawn cause she looks so sweet, Pinky cause she looks cute and Liana cause she looks bubbly. I have to say Juanita, Natasha and Rajvin looks good too in these pictures. Natasha looks very classy.

I don't quite like this picture of hers. Probably she'll shine though. Black horse ma. But she needs to speak better English though.

I like her once I saw this picture. She looks so sweet and likable. But I am not sure if she can pull off the super model's look though. Too sweet. I love her new hair too!!!

She looks pretty too. I hope she can surprise me with other pictures though. This is not very convincing to me yet. Her hair macam sama ajer.

She got Hanis's lips. No? I think she looks a bit like Hanis though. But maybe she should avoid this angle next time. Ada double chin.

I love her lips and her intense eyes!!!! I LOVE HER NEW HAIR!!!!!

She looks like the one who'll go around talking and be happy and merry. But as the 'stories' change in the video, we'll see.

She looks like one of the Chinese actress in Malaysia-Singapore dramas. I can't recall her name and so I can't find her pictures. =(

I do think she needs to smile but she looks kinda special. She might be able to pull this off actually. Cause models are supposed to look edgy and special and not typical sweet young thing *unfortunately*.

I think she looks like some rich Datin. =P She got real nice eyes though. Me likes. And her face so sharp here. She is pretty to me. And her long hair turns short which is really good cause her long hair is not very cantiks and very susah wanna jaga la. I want to see more of her.

She is just so cute. I like her new hairstyle too!!!But also to the cute type one. I do hope she can pull it off and be something more than just cute.

Another picture in the MDG blog of her is not very flattering though. This looks good but another one. Not very good. =)) Her nose is pretty and she got pretty features here.

I can't see her face properly though. But probably cause I can't see her well, I don't quite like her here. =)) We'll see. This is just the beginning!!!

ps: I am looking forward to 'chase' this season with my second sis!! =P Our favourite hang out time.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Diet? Never happens in my family

Just as I was happily weighing myself and found out that I lost another kg after so many months of not losing it anymore since I am used to USM life, mummy feed me with a lot of food again!!!!!! Nevermind la. =P

Every week when I am back, mummy will cook lots of very good food like bak kut teh, chicken rice, chicken/pork porridge *which is my fav* and this week we are having??? Mini steamboat and fried beehoon!!!! Oh, and every week we will get to drink tong sui or at least barley. I love!!!! =)) I love me mummy.

For my mum to cook, it's actually quite a big deal cause my mum don't usually cook when we were young since she was always busy working to feed us. So my sis will take over the job as the cook. I am so happy I get to eat mummy's cooking now cause I don't know, it just feels good and I don't have to go out and buy. =P

=) One picture to feed my blog since I stopped having interesting things to blog about already. =) I wish I can do the Project 365 since Pao said her blog UV is increasing steadily. Bad USM connection.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I need to focus laaa

I've just wasted my Thursday. =((((( I need to focus cause I got 5 more assignments/task that I know of to hand in. T_T There are lots that my lecturers have not given me.

How to die? T_T Basically I need to focus and get three done by this week. At least half of the huge assignment and finish the two smaller ones. Then I have to focus on my computer one cause it's on the 16th!!!!!

Then I have to arrange to go Peranakan Mansion and then finish up my S.H.E assignment cause I have to hand in on the 23rd. I am stressed as of now.

T______T I just need to focus and everything will be fine. But focusing is the hard part.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Nothingz to blog

HAHA. Actually I want to upload photo that I got headache. Nevermind la. Same la. This feeling more literal I guess. It feels like that. =((
Oh and YAY!!!!!!! Photo!!! In USM!! *refrain self from jumping in fear that building will collasped.*