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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sudah jatuh, ditimpa tangga

It all started with me flooding my phone in my bag. How would I know that the 'sweat' from the bottle can actually flood the whole freaking bag with everything inside it? So my phone kinda died when I reach Penang (Thank God) and so it's now lying dead on my table.

So Daniel and I had to resort to chatting on MSN or to make lunch and dinner plans. Then my MSN on my laptop went crazy and I had to resort to using my iPod's MSN to talk to Daniel since he hardly on his facebook. Katanya don't want facebook to earn advertorial money from his page.

Then my ipod suddenly shut off and got crazy too. And I had to restore everything to its orginal state. So now I got a dead phone, a crazy MSN on laptop, a restored and empty ipod (with no MSN, email whatsoever) and a boyfriend who still refuse to leave his facebook on lest facebook earns money from advertorial on his site.

So I have to facebook spam his wall (which of course has no effect since he don't ON his facebook anyway). I think I should email him instead. If all fails, I'll have to write him a snail mail that will reach him in 3 days and I have to spend 80 cents.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Saying goodbye

This is what I wore for Farewell Night 


With bii


What I wore for BATI night. With Naqiah

With Sarah


Ended my uni life with two dinner with people I hang out with most - my coursemates and PKA-ians. Both were okay. I kinda regretted not giving a speech during FN. Next time I graduate (in two years time) I will give. CONFIRM. I'll write one and read it if I must. Cause I'll be too scared. And I'll make sure what happened that day won't happen again.

I will be back, PKA-ians. (if you still want me to)

Monday, April 18, 2011

My 23rd Birthday

I need to get a job but there's so many things I want to do this holiday. This long long holiday like learn sewing, do my mini project, write more blog posts and relax. But I still need to get a job so I'll need to go hunting for some tutor job or something. Freelance. I don't want to be in the office from 9-5.

Ok pictures galore from birthday.

We started with a surprise lunch at Soul Kitchen. So sweet of him.

Awesome deco!!!

Then we went Redbox!!!!! Karaoke!!!! Daniel is awesomely cute when he sings. I love.
Me all dressed up. Ok I'm done.

I skipped my Spanish oral for an awesome time on my birthday and a happy boyfriend. Now it's my turn to make his birthday even better /kiasu. He did so much for me, he needs some pampering too!!!

I need pictures from Diana cause they bought me a little cake the other day. SO SWEEETTTT... <3 they love me. Teeheee.... I love my friends.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Shaking leg

Many has happened after my last letter to my lecturer (which still makes me feel dumb).

I skipped the test and class. Had an AWESOMEEEE time with Daniel in Redbox, had an okay Farewell Night. Gonna miss the people in PKA!!!

Then the girls (Emmoes) got me a BIRTHDAY CAKE!! Ping Ping is a very simple girl. She just need her birthday cake. =P But all is well now. I am resting for a few days before studying for exam.

Little Poupee my accessories blogshop is doing okay. I want to bring in more beautiful necklaces and rings!!!! Have to work harder in sourcing those. But overall, life has been great.

I need to get my blogging mojo back. Been lazy on that. Have a little project up in my head but still yet to do it. =) Need to stay focus!!!

And need to get a job. Cause I'm going to be jobless soon. I am currently a student. When I graduate, I'm no longer a student but a jobless young adult. teeheee...

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Not very smart

I just emailed my lecturer to tell her if I can do my oral in the morning because I don't plan to go to class in the evening.

Not very smart eh?

To what she replied, "Sorry, but I have something else in the morning. It is better if you do it during class time."

So now not only I have to attend a class on my birthday, my lecturer knows I have the intention to skip class and I don't think she'll be very happy or very nice to me.

T_T My first mistake was falling sick on the day I'm supposed to do my oral.

2nd mistake, I emailed her to inform her, hoping that she will go all furious and say you don't have to do oral anymore. Mana tau she nicely tell me, "It's okay, you can do it on Thursday." /bangheadonthewall.

3rd, I emailed her again, throwing myself over the cliff by saying, "Can I do my oral on Thursday morning instead because it's my birthday and I actually did not want to go to class?" /bangheadonthewalldoublehard.

I iz the most kurang bijakz person on earth. Now I just throw stones at my boyfriend who had planned everything for me, bang my head twice on the wall and put salt in lecturer's eyes so she won't be liking me very much.


I am tempted to just disappear into thin air.